Crew Manifest

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Below are the characters of the writers that participate in our story. In order to view each individual personnel file, just click upon each individual entry. If the character you are looking for is not here, then he or she can either be found in the Non-Crew Listing, or on the NPC pages.


M_red_cpt.png Captain Jien Ives Commanding Officer
jien_ives_3_by_auctor_lucan-d8hhay2.gif jien_ives_by_auctor_lucan-d8gpfpo.gif - Writer: Auctor Lucan
M_red_ltcmdr.png Lt Cmdr. Jennifer Dewitt Mission Liaison Officer
dewitt_manfest_by_auctor_lucan-dcol19z.gif - Writer: Auctor Lucan
M_red_ens.png Ens. Cameron Henshaw Captain's Yeoman & Mission Ops Asst.
henshaw_row_03_by_auctor_lucan-d9i51jc.png - Writer: BipSpoon
M_red_blank.png Theurgy "Thea" NX-79854 Ship A.I. Hologram
thea_by_auctor_lucan-dbq6804.gif - Writer: Auctor Lucan

M_red_ltcmdr.png Lt Cmdr. Cross Chief Tactical Officer (V1)
Cross-Manifest.gif - Writer: Ellen Fitz
M_red_lt.png Lt. T'Less Asst. Chief Tactical Officer (V2)
M_red_ltjg.png Lt. JG Salem Martin Asst. Chief Tactical Officer (V3) (NPC)
salemmartin_by_auctor_lucan-dc3ng4p.gif - Former Writer: Scratchrat

M_red_ens.png Ens. Jaya Thorne Asst. Chief CONN Officer (V2)
jaya_thorne_animated_manifest_by_auctor_lucan-dblawif.gif - Writer: redshift316
M_red_ens.png Ens. Lauren Pierce Flight Control Officer
CWO1RED.png CWO1 Larrant Navigational Specialist
LARRANT-MANIFEST.png - Writer: jreeves1701
M_petty_officer_3rd_class_r.png PO3 Lillee t'Jellaieu Chief Support Craft Pilot
LILLEE-MANIFEST.png - Writer: Griff
M_crewman-3rd_class_r.png CM3 Samala Support Craft Pilot
samala_manifest_by_auctor_lucan-dcx94fq.gif - Writer: Stegro88

M_red_ltcmdr.png Lt Cmdr. Samantha Rutherford Chief Diplomatic Officer (V1)
SAMANTHA-MANIFEST.png - Writer: Stardust
M_red_lt.png Lt. Enyd Isolde Madsen Asst. Chief Diplomatic Officer (V2)
M_red_ltjg.png Lt. JG Foval Asst. Chief Diplomatic Officer (V3)
FOVAL-MANIFEST.png - Writer: Number6
M_red_ens.png Ens. Faye Eloi-Danvers Diplomatic Attaché
faye_by_auctor_lucan-dbraunl.png - Writer: Brutus
M_red_ens.png Ens. L'Nari Diplomatic Attaché
L%27NARI-MANIFEST.png - Writer: Nesota Kynnovan

M_red_ltcmdr.png Lt Cmdr. Andrew Fisher Chief Intelligence Officer (V1)
M_red_lt.png Lt. Alana Pierce Intelligence Officer
PIERCE-MANFEST.gif - Writer: Pierce
M_red_lt.png Lt. Jonathan Byrne Undercover Operative (NPC)
BYRNE-MANIFEST.gif - Former Writer: Nolan
M_red_ltjg.png Lt. JG Dantius Thi Anh-Le Intelligence Analyst
DANTIUS-MANIFEST.gif - Writer: GroundPetrel
M_red_ltjg.png Lt. JG Rem Kile Field Operative (NPC)
REM-MANIFEST.gif - Former Writer: Cheshirewild
M_pwo_r.png PWO Selena Ravenholm Encryption & Comms Specialist
ravenholm_manifest_by_auctor_lucan-dbqjerw.gif - Writer: chXinya


M_gold_ltcmdr.png Lt Cmdr. Kai Akoni Chief Security Officer
KAI-MANFEST.gif - Writer: Trevorvw
M_gold_lt.png Lt. ThanIda zh'Wann Deputy Chief Security Officer
THANIDA-ZHWANN-MANIFEST.gif - Writer: Auctor Lucan
M_gold_lt.png Lt. Valyn Amarik Security Officer
VALYN-MANIFEST.gif - Writer: BipSpoon
M_gold_ltjg.png Lt. JG Adam Kingston Master-at-Arms
ADAM-KINGSTON-MANIFEST.png - Writer: Sqweloookle
M_gold_ltjg.png Lt. JG XamotZark zh’Ptrell Combat Medic
Zark_manifest.gif - Writer: RyeTanker
M_gold_po3.png CPO Mickayla MacGregor Security Officer
mickayla_manifest_by_auctor_lucan-dcmy63w.png - Writer: Stegro88
M_petty_officer_2nd_class_g.png PO2 Kythalie Benmual Security Officer
kythalie_manfest_by_auctor_lucan-dcjr4p2.gif - Writer: Nolan
M_petty_officer_2nd_class_g.png PO2 Kino Taer Security Officer
KINO-TAER-MANFEST.gif - Writer: Lathaniel
Petty_Officer_3rd_Class_G.png PO3 Lorad Security Officer
LORAD-MANIFEST.gif - Writer: Stegro88


M_w-o4.png Lt Cmdr. Thomas Ravon Wolf-01 [Razor] Wolf Leader
ravon_row_01_by_auctor_lucan-dasyoqd.png - Writer: Nolan
M_w-o2.png Lt. JG Logan Hale Wolf-02 [Wraith]
LOGAN-MANFEST.gif - Writer: Nero
M_w-o2.png Lt. JG Tessa May Lance Wolf-04 [Goldeneye]
tessa_row_01_by_auctor_lucan-d7u6mx6.png - Writer: Pierce
M_w-o3.png Lt. Daniel Havenborn Wolf-05 [Salvo]
havenborn_01_by_auctor_lucan-d9mrgkv.png - Writer: Havenborn
M_w-o1.png Ens. K'Ren Wolf-06 [Neko]
k_ren_by_auctor_lucan-d9w3z06.png - Writer: SummerDawn
M_w-o2.png Lt. JG Evelyn Rawley Fighter Escort 01 [Ghost]
d8yqgdd-176e02d0-ace6-432d-a661-045d630e822c.png - Writer: Auctor Lucan
M_w-o1.png Ens. Isel Nix Fighter Escort 02 [Foxfire] (NPC)
nix_manifest_by_auctor_lucan-dccjdlf.png - Former Writer: Fife
M_w-o2.png Lt. JG Donna Petterson Fighter Escort 03 [Chance]
chance_manifest_by_auctor_lucan-dcc0o1u.png - Writer: Stegro88


M_teal_lt.png Lt. Elro Kobol Chief Medical Officer (V2)
ayden_tyre_manifest_by_auctor_lucan-dc9abvx.png - Writer: Sqweloookle
M_teal_lt.png Lt. Amelya Rez Asst. Chief Medical Officer (V1)
rez_manfest_by_auctor_lucan-dcd33la.gif - Writer: Nolan
M_teal_ltjg.png Lt. JG Kate Foster Chief Surgeon
KATE-FOSTER-MANIFEST.png - Writer: Swift
M_teal_ens.png Ens. Vinata Vojona Head Nurse
vinata_manifest_by_auctor_lucan-dbfh67u.gif - Writer: Aharon
M_teal_collar.png V-Nine Medical Android
SAVI-ANDROID-MANIFEST.png - Writer: Auctor Lucan
M_teal_ltcmdr.png Dr. Lucan cin Nicander Infested Informant
nicander_manfest_by_auctor_lucan-dck5hbz.gif - Writer: Auctor Lucan

M_teal_ltcmdr.png Lt Cmdr. Hathev Chief Counselor (V2)
HATHEV-MANFEST.gif - Writer: P.C. Haring
M_teal_lt.png Lt. Stellan Foster Asst. Chief Counselor (V1)
STELLAN-MANFEST.gif - Writer: Stardust
M_teal_lt.png Lt. Rhys Williams Asst. Chief Counselor (V3) (Off Duty)
RHYS-MANIFEST.png - Writer: Juzzie
M_teal_ltjg.png Lt. JG Amanda Ashby Counselor & Morale Officer
AMANDA-MANIFEST.png - Writer: Nesota Kynnovan


M_gold_ltcmdr.png Lt Cmdr. Blue Tiran Chief Engineer (V3) (NPC)
blue_row_1_by_auctor_lucan-dc1vfi0.gif - Former Writer: BZ
M_gold_lt.png Lt. Frank Arnold Asst. Chief Engineer (V1)
FRANK-ARNOLD-MANIFEST.png - Writer: Uytrereee
M_gold_ltjg.png Lt. JG Kala Marika Engineering Officer
kala_manifest_by_auctor_lucan-dcmi8f8.gif - Writer: SummerDawn
M_gold_po3.png PO1 Scruffy Leblanc Systems & Maintenance Engineer (NPC)
LEBLANC-MANIFEST.gif - Former Writer: Griffinsummoner
M_gold_po3.png PO2 Taa'gur Kolla Weapons Technican (NPC)
T%27KOLLA-MANFEST.gif - Former Writer: DaValle

M_gold_ltcmdr.png Lt Cmdr. Natalie Stark Chief of Operations (V1) & 2XO
stark_by_auctor_lucan-d8wo53n.gif - Writer: Brutus
M_gold_ens.png Ens. Liam Herrold Chief of the Deck
herrold_by_auctor_lucan-db8vx62.png - Writer: Auctor Lucan
M_gold_po3.png CPO Eun Sae Ji Head of Fighter Power & Propulsion (NPC)
eun_sae_new_by_auctor_lucan-dbkqnr6.png - Former Writer: BZ
M_gold_po3.png CPO Sithick Head of Fighter Weapons & Ordnance
sithick_row_by_auctor_lucan-dalkz7a.png - Writer: jreeves1701
M_gold_po3.png CPO Victor vanVinter Mechanic/Enlisted Pilot
VICTOR_MANIFEST.gif - Writer: Tae


M_teal_lt.png Lt. Vanya Asst. Chief Science Officer (V2)
vanya_manifest_by_auctor_lucan-dc70p0a.png - Writer: Number6
M_teal_lt.png Lt. Tyreke Okafor Asst. Chief Science Officer (V3)
okafor_manfest_by_auctor_lucan-dc7rnq9.gif - Writer: Elaurianpaladin
M_teal_lt.png Lt. Zephyr Praise Science Officer (Botany & Medicine) (NPC)
zephyr_praise_manfest_by_auctor_lucan-dcd89y0.gif - Former Writer: BZ
M_teal_ltjg.png Lt. JG Sarresh Morali Temporal Affairs Officer
sarresh_human_row_01_by_auctor_lucan-d832xzu.png - Writer: Brutus
M_teal_ens.png Ens. Irnashall ch’Xinya Science Officer (Stellar Cartography)
shall_by_auctor_lucan-d9x3nsj.png - Writer: chXinya
M_teal_ens.png Ens. Cir'Cie Science Officer (Botany)
CIR%27CIE-ROW-01.png - Writer: UltimaImperatrixia
M_teal_ens.png Ens. Kyle Jensen Science Officer (Temporal Mechanics) (NPC)
HI%27JAK_JENSEN_MANIFEST.png - Former Writer: brett620


M_civ_collar.png Zyrao Natauna Klingon Empire Liaison (NPC)
zy_by_auctor_lucan-dbud2i7.png - Former Writer: BZ
M_civ_collar.png Sera vers Aldnoah Explorer/Scavenger
sera_row_01_by_auctor_lucan-d9enrgr.png - Writer: Auctor Lucan
M_civ_collar.png Drauc T'Laus Former Mercenary
drauc_manifest_by_auctor_lucan-dcomhgq.gif - Writer: Auctor Lucan

Missing Characters

These are characters that vanished from the story, fate unknown. Either they deserted, their departure was sanctioned, or they are just missing in action. Time will tell what their fate was. Should the players return to write in the sim, they have to contact the GM.

M_w-o2.png Lt. JG Jhozahosh sh'Avhennes Formerly Wolf-16 [Blizzard]
jhoza_manfest_by_auctor_lucan-dcs0a69.gif - Writer: The Ostrich
M_w-o1.png Ens. Krystal Tancredi Formerly Wolf-11 [Meony]
krystal_row_01_by_auctor_lucan-da22tg4.png - Writer: Triage
M_w-o1.png Ens. Zrinka Agaixot Formerly Wolf-08 [Honey Badger]
honey_badger_manifest_by_auctor_lucan-dbjl73h.gif - Former Writer: Josie
M_gold_lt.png Lt. Suq-Reylin-Efreya Xan Former Asst. Chief Engineer (V1)
suq_01_by_auctor_lucan-d9nvu3u.png - Writer: FollowTomorrow
M_gold_ltjg.png Lt. JG Sinead O'Riley Former Holo-Systems Engineer
sinead_manifest_by_auctor_lucan-dbirttf.gif - Writer: Triage
M_gold_ltjg.png Lt. JG Kelleshar sh'Zenne Former Asst. Chief of Operations
shar_manfest_by_auctor_lucan-dc75qdx.gif - Writer: Numen
M_teal_ltjg.png Lt. JG Maya Former Chief Surgeon
maya_row_01_by_auctor_lucan-d7u6n3n.png - Former Writer: Doc M.
M_teal_ltjg.png Lt. JG Hylota Vojona Former Head Nurse
hylota_row_01_by_auctor_lucan-d9bf7ji.png - Former Writer: Zenozine
M_pwo_t.png PWO Heather McMillan Former Science Officer (Xenobiology)
heather_manfest_by_auctor_lucan-dctc9f5.gif - Former Writer: Triage
M_civ_collar.png Dr. Silim Parnak Exobiologist/Academic
parnak_by_auctor_lucan-d9v3uh8.png - Former Writer: Arista
M_civ_collar.png Y'Lev Syndicate Dominus
Y%27LEV-MANIFEST.png - Former Writer: TWilkins

Crewmates in Stasis

In-Character, these characters have been injured to the degree that their Medical condition requires surgery at a starbase infirmary, and have been placed in stasis for the time being. Should the players return to write in the sim, they have to contact the GM.

M_red_cmdr.png Cmdr. Ranaan Ducote Former Executive Officer
ranaan_ducote_by_auctor_lucan-dc3ak2q.gif - Former Writer: Top Hat
M_red_lt.png Lt. Erev-Sae-Reyanad Xan Former Intelligence Officer
EREV-MANIFEST.gif - Former Writer: Hastata-Nerada
M_gold_ltjg.png Lt. JG Khorin Douglas Former Security Officer
khorin_douglas_by_auctor_lucan-dcccdiu.png - Former Writer: Numen
M_w-o4.png Lt Cmdr. Taylor Lucas Former Squadron SCO [Wolf-01]
taylor_01.png - Former Writer: FallenRanger
M_teal_lt.png Lt. R'Rori Former Chief Counselor
r_rori_manfest2_by_auctor_lucan-dcbjpz7.gif - Former Writer: Patches
M_teal_ens.png Ens. Seren Former Counselor
SEREN-MANFEST.gif - Former Writer: Numen
M_gold_lt.png Lt. Alexander Rosek Former Chief Engineer
rosek_01.png rosek_02.png - Former Writer: AronGarrow
M_gold_ltjg.png Lt. JG Nator 159 Former Asst. Chief of Operations
nator_manifest_by_auctor_lucan-dblpisb.gif - Former Writer: Top Hat
M_teal_ltcmdr.png Lt Cmdr. Vivian Martin Former Science Officer
vivan_martin_by_auctor_lucan-daqgcob.png - Former Writer: Kinvarus
M_teal_lt.png Lt. Izar Bila Former Science Officer (Chemistry)
izar_manfest_by_auctor_lucan-dcge4e9.gif - Former Writer: Numen

Dead Crewmates

These are the characters that have not survived, K.I.A. throughout our long story. If you are looking for a complete listing of dead shipmates of the USS Theurgy, you should check out our Memorial Wall, where you might even find links that leads to the scenes in which these characters died.

M_red_cmdr.png † Cmdr. Nerina Former Executive Officer
XO_00.png XO_04.png XO_01.png - Former Writer: Ascornfilm
M_red_cmdr.png † Cmdr. Edena Rez Former First Officer
rez_row_01_by_auctor_lucan-d90ybx6.png - Former Writer: Kurohigi
M_red_lt.png † Lt. Rennan Cooper Former Chief Tactical Officer
rennan_cooper_01_by_auctor_lucan-d78nql1.png - Former Writer: Gentleman_and_a_Scholar
M_red_lt.png † Lt. Sjaandin Fedd Former Chief Tactical Officer
sjaandin_row_01_by_auctor_lucan-d8bd4um.png - Former Writer: Leonal
M_red_ltcmdr.png † Lt Cmdr. Leon Marquez Former Chief Tactical Officer
marquez_by_auctor_lucan-db0js8q.png - Former Writer: Triton
M_red_ltjg.png † Lt. JG Gideon Drake Former Tactical Officer, USS Endeavour
gideon_drake_by_auctor_lucan-dcn8hod.gif - Former Writer: Multificionado
M_red_ltjg.png † Lt. JG Annika Van den Berg Former Tactical Officer
annika_manifest_by_auctor_lucan-dcjz29h.gif - Former Writer: Trevorvw
M_red_lt.png † Lt. Keval ch'Rayya Former Chief Intelligence Officer
keval_row_01_by_auctor_lucan-d96ydoo.png - Former Writer: DocReno
M_red_lt.png † Lt. Carrigan Trent Former Intelligence Officer
TRENT3.gif - Former Writer: CanadianVet
M_red_lt.png † Lt. Zaryn Arn Former Asst. Chief Intelligence Officer
ZARYN-MANIFEST.png - Former Writer: Revan
M_red_lt.png † Lt. Aisha S'Iti Former Chief CONN Officer
aisha_row_02_by_auctor_lucan-dc5mn4k.png - Former Writer: Iron Ferrox
M_red_lt.png † Lt. Lawrence O. Lance Former Chief CONN Officer
jack_01.png jack_04.png jack_05.png - Former Writer: MasterRat
M_red_ltjg.png † Lt. JG Derik Veradin Former Act. Chief CONN Officer (V1) (NPC)
derik_veradin_by_auctor_lucan-dahz7la.png - Former Writer: Argyros
M_red_ens.png † Ens. Mektari Dumral Former Asst. Chief CONN Officer
MEKTARI-MANIFEST.png - Former Writer: SilverShadow
M_red_ens.png † Ens. Laurel Okhala Former CONN Officer, USS Endeavour
LAUREL-MANIFEST.png - Former Writer: YasyraTrill
M_red_ens.png † Ens. Cale Winterbourne Former Helmsman
winterbourne_row_01_by_auctor_lucan-d7u6muk.png - Former Writer: Auctor Lucan
M_gold_ltcmdr.png † Lt Cmdr. Wenn Cinn Former Chief Security Officer
wenn_cinn_row_02_by_auctor_lucan-da8i2by.png - Former Writer: chXinya
M_gold_ltcmdr.png † Lt Cmdr. David Grayson Former Chief of Security
david_grayson_by_auctor_lucan-daddyuf.png - Former Writer: WyteKnyte
M_gold_lt.png † Lt. Ben Vessery Former Chief of Security
Vessery_05.png Vessery_01.png Vessery_06.png - Former Writer: Escapis
M_gold_lt.png † Lt Diadeniera Drovo Former Chief of Security, USS Harbinger
dee_01.png dee_02.png dee_04.png - Former Writer: Arielle
M_gold_lt.png † Lt. Winter Bannin Former Chief Security Officer, USS Cayuga
wintermanifest_by_auctor_lucan-dc4hufq.gif - Former Writer: DocReno
M_gold_ltjg.png † Lt. JG Zaraq Former Master-at-Arms
zaraq_row_01_by_auctor_lucan-d7u6mu3.png - Former Writer: Auctor Lucan
M_gold_ens.png † Ens. Ryuan Sel Former Mistress-at-Arms
sel_row_01_by_auctor_lucan-dcc0vxo.png - Former Writer: Absinthe
M_gold_ens.png † Ens. Inej Avirim Former Investigations Officer
INEJ-MANIFEST.gif - Former Writer: Fiendfall
M_gold_ens.png † Ens. Connor Matthews Former Brig Officer
connor_row_01_by_auctor_lucan-d8b8lxr.png - Former Writer: Endeavour
M_gold_ens.png † Ens. Six Former Forensic Science Officer
Six_Manifest.png - Former Writer: Multificionado
M_gold_ens.png † Ens. Marija Ferik Former Security Officer
MARIJA-MANIFEST.gif - Former Writer: Bastila
M_new_cadet_g.png † Cdt. Scosche Bellde'side Former Asst. Security Officer
Scosche_01.png Scosche_03.png Scosche_05.png - Former Writer: Taguiera
M_gold_po3.png † PO1 Varder Ridun Former Security Officer
varder_ridun_manifest_by_auctor_lucan-dbkio7v.gif - Former Writer: bajor1763
M_gold_po3.png † PO1 Dyan Cardamone Former Security Officer
sar_unga_new_by_auctor_lucan-d9shqx2.png - Former Writer: CorruptedCookie
M_petty_officer_2nd_class_g.png † PO2 Eliska Bremmer Former Security Officer
ELISKA-BREMMER-MANIFEST.png - Former Writer: CanadianVet
M_w-o4.png † Lt Cmdr. Miles Renard Former Fighter Pilot [Wolf-03]
renard_row_01_by_auctor_lucan-d8vwoti.png - Former Writer: Cleric_Kyan
M_w-o2.png † Lt. JG Alessia Garcia Former Fighter Pilot [Wolf-08]
ALESSIA-GARCIA-MANIFEST.png - Former Writer: Shandala
M_w-o2.png † Lt. JG Devyrie Okhala Former Fighter Pilot [Wolf-15]
DEV.png - Former Writer: Lorelai
M_w-o2.png † Lt. JG Fasha Former Fighter Pilot [Wolf-03]
fasha_manifest_by_auctor_lucan-d8uoov7.gif - Former Writer: RosariaRosette
M_w-o2.png † Lt. JG Sephiria Arn Former Fighter Pilot [Wolf-14]
scylla_manfest_by_auctor_lucan-dcpy3lb.gif - Former Writer: Firefox013
M_w-o1.png † Ens. Nathaniel Isley Former Fighter Pilot [Wolf-04]
isley_romulan_manifest_by_auctor_lucan-dcb0dpz.gif - Former Writer: TheSithChicken
M_w-o1.png † Ens. Hannah Slaverton Former Fighter Pilot [Wolf-10]
slaverton_row_01_by_auctor_lucan-d7u6myf.png - Former NPC
M_w-o1.png † Ens. Kanti MacTavish Former Fighter Pilot [Wolf-02]
kanti_by_auctor_lucan-d9qlbxa.png - Former Writer: Drana
M_w-o1.png † Ens. Minjae Soh Former Fighter Pilot [Wolf-14]
minjae_by_auctor_lucan-dbt0ryq.png - Former Writer: Esyel
M_w-o1.png † Ens. Skye Carver Former Fighter Pilot [Wolf-02]
skye_row_01_by_auctor_lucan-d7u6mzi.png skye_row_02_by_auctor_lucan-d7u6mz4.png - Former Writer: Searcher
M_w-o1.png † Ens. Christopher Slayton Former Fighter Pilot [Wolf-06]
cj_row_01_by_auctor_lucan-dbt0rfa.png - Former Writer: DocReno
M_warrant_offier_w3.png † CWO3 Liliana Walton Former Fighter Pilot [Wolf-13]
meerkat_manfest_by_auctor_lucan-dcp4gzt.gif - Former Writer: AmberStarfyre
M_mcpo_w.png † MCPO Axius vel Onea Former Fighter Pilot [Wolf-04]
Axius_row_by_auctor_lucan-d8crmif.png - Former Writer: Axius
M_mcpo_w.png † MCPO Soo Young Seung Former Fighter Pilot [Wolf-05]
soo_row_01_by_auctor_lucan-d7u6my5.png soo_row_02_by_auctor_lucan-d7u6mxx.png - Former Writer: RosariaRosette
M_teal_lt.png † Lt. T’Panu Fromer Asst. Chief Medical Officer
t_panu_manifest_by_auctor_lucan-dc6ayxi.gif - Former Writer: Lisavw
M_teal_lt.png † Lt. Eve Jenkins Former Head Nurse
jenkins_row_01_by_auctor_lucan-d7u6n4a.png jenkins_row_02_by_auctor_lucan-d7u6n46.png - Former Writer: Searcher
M_teal_ltjg.png † Lt. JG Miko Dauntless Former Chief of Surgery
miko_dauntless_by_auctor_lucan-daqc99f.png - Former Writer: AkiraRevile
M_teal_ltjg.png † Lt. JG Jovela Former Head Nurse
jovela_by_auctor_lucan-db3jh92.png - Former Writer: AlyFox
M_teal_ens.png † Ens. Lahkesis Saugn Former Medical Officer
Lahkesis_banner.png - Former Writer: Absinthe
M_t-c1.png † Cdt. Amikris Neotin Former Asst. Medical Officer
amikris_01_by_auctor_lucan-d78nxjl.png - Former Writer: KittyKat
M_teal_collar.png † EVE Program AK-1 DMSA-656 Former LMH (Deactivated)
eve_lmh_by_auctor_lucan-dbi5g75.png - Former Writer: TrexelCat
M_teal_lt.png † Lt. Hayden Quinn O'Connor Former Chief Counselor
hayden_row_01_by_auctor_lucan-d7u6n56.png - Former Writer: The Counselor
M_teal_lt.png † Lt. Garen Nelis Former Chief Counsellor
garen_01.png garen_02.png garen_04.png - Former Writer: WyteKnyte
M_teal_ltjg.png † Lt. JG Zelosa Ejek Former Asst. Chief Counselor
ejek_by_auctor_lucan-d9xt453.png - Former Writer: LostInTheForrest
M_teal_ens.png † Ens. B'Nila Former Asst. Chief Counselor
b_nila_2_by_auctor_lucan-dblqw4e.png - Former Writer: Absinthe
M_gold_ltcmdr.png † Lt Cmdr. Nicole Howard Former Chief Engineer
nicole_howard_by_auctor_lucan-dbc6wav.png - Former Writer: Absinthe
M_gold_lt.png † Lt. Tatiana Marlowe Former Chief Engineer
tia_row_01_by_auctor_lucan-d7u6mw7.png - Former Writer: TheBanshee
M_gold_lt.png † Lt. Kaylon Jeen Former Asst. Chief Engineer
kaylon_manfest_by_auctor_lucan-dc9x2dh.gif - Former Writer: DaValle
M_gold_ltjg.png † Lt. JG Arcorn Neotin Former Engineering Officer
arcorn_01.png arcorn_02.png - Former Writer: KittyKat
M_gold_ens.png † Ens. Lin Kae Former Holographic Specialist
lin_kae_row_01_by_auctor_lucan-d7u6n3z.png - Former Writer: Kurohigi
M_gold_c4.png † Cdt. Ester Hamburg Former Asst. Engineering Officer
Ester_01.png Ester_02.png Ester_03.png - Former NPC
M_pwo_g.png † PWO Rihen Neyah Former Engineering Specialist
rihen_row_01_by_auctor_lucan-d7u6n1a.png - Former Writer: Auctor Lucan
M_gold_po3.png † MCPO Nolak Kalmil Former Chief Engineer
nolak_kalmil_row_1_by_auctor_lucan-dalcpei.png - Former Writer: MasterRat
M_gold_po3.png † MCPO "Billy Bob" O’Connell Former Chief Engineer
oconnel_row_01_by_auctor_lucan-dapoiwa.png - Former Writer: Doc M.
M_gold_po3.png † CPO Morgan Song Former Maintenance Chief
morgan_song_animated_manifest_by_auctor_lucan-dblawhz.gif - Former Writer: Jmjs7125
M_gold_po3.png † PO1 Melissa Wright Former Weapons Maintenance Officer, SB84
melissa_wright_by_auctor_lucan-d9pccyd.png - Former Writer: Drana
M_gold_ltjg.png † Lt. JG A’vura Zeshryr Former Asst. Chief of Operations
a_vura_row_01_by_auctor_lucan-d9tc55i.png - Former Writer: Vystori
M_gold_ltjg.png † Lt. JG Akel Isavid Former Asst. Chief of Operations
AKEL-MANIFEST.png - Former Writer: JediMaster
M_gold_ens.png † Ens. K'Lara Halliwell Former Operations Officer
K%27LARA_MANIFEST.png - Former Writer: AlyFox
M_gold_ens.png † Ens. Vereyn Kiiz Former Transporter Specialist
kiiz_by_auctor_lucan-dblff5q.png - Former Writer: Jfiddle
M_warrant_offier_g1.png † CWO1 Sten Covington Former Chief of the Deck
sten_row_01_by_auctor_lucan-dc1ts6j.png - Former Writer: CanadianVet
M_gold_po3.png † CPO Ekon Okotie-Eboh Former Operations Officer
ekon_manfest_by_auctor_lucan-dc8z0ks.gif - Former Writer: Fife
M_teal_ltcmdr.png † Lt Cmdr. Vael Kaeris Former Chief Science Officer
VAEL-KAERIS-MANFEST.gif - Former Writer: Steelphoenix
M_teal_lt.png † Lt. Amatras Neotin Former Chief Science Officer
amatras_02.png amatras_02.png amatras_03.png - Former Writer: KittyKat
M_teal_lt.png † Lt. Simon Tovarek Former Asst. Chief Science Officer
tovarek_row01_by_auctor_lucan-d7u6mvu.png tovarek_row02_by_auctor_lucan-d7u6mvp.png - Writer: Nolan
M_teal_ltjg.png † Lt. JG Hieronimus Smith Former Science Officer
HATS-MANIFEST.png - Former Writer: CanadianVet
M_civ_collar.png † Deacon Former Lounge Proprietor for Below Decks
deacon_manfest_by_auctor_lucan-dcaj9qd.gif - Former Writer: Steelphoenix
M_civ_collar.png † William Bill Regal Former Lounge Proprietor for Below Decks
william_regal_01.png - Former Writer: Ascornfilm
M_civ_collar.png † Rory Callahan Former Lounge Proprietor for Below Decks
rory_row_01_by_auctor_lucan-d7u6n10.png rory_row_02_by_auctor_lucan-d7u6n0u.png - Former Writer: Searcher
M_civ_collar.png † Lt. Valkra Former Combat Engineer
VALKRA-MANIFEST.gif - Former Writer: Top hat
M_civ_collar.png † Narik Cinsaj Former Engineering Consultant
cinsaj_row_01_by_auctor_lucan-d7u6n63.png - Former Writer: PapillonBeryl
M_civ_collar.png † F'Rell Former Warp Field Specialist
f_rell_by_auctor_lucan-d91l8fv.gif - Former Writer: Absinthe
M_civ_collar.png † Xelia Former Software Engineer
ADISIA-MANIFEST.gif- Former Writer: Solena
M_civ_collar.png † Otheusz Formerly Enlisting in Fighter Bay Ops
Otheusz-MANIFEST.gif Former Writer: TWilkins
M_civ_collar.png † Sonja Acreth Former Infested Prisoner
acreth_row_01_by_auctor_lucan-d7u82tq.png acreth_row_02_by_auctor_lucan-d7u82u1.png - Former Writer: Auctor Lucan