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The following is a listing of all of the named NPC’s in Starfleet Intelligence and the Diplomatic Corps serving aboard the ship during the Theurgy’s struggles against a compromised Starfleet.

Starfleet Intelligence

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Diplomatic Corps

Chief Diplomat's Aids

Petty Officer 2nd Grade Abel J'olan

Abel Del J'olan
Abel J’olan was a male Bajoran of the rank Petty Officer 2nd Grade, serving as the 1st Chief Diplomat’s Aid aboard the Starfleet vessel USS Theurgy. He was 26 years old in 2381.

Having lived his childhood through the end of the Cardassian occupation and the Dominion War, Abel always felt a strong sense of duty and responsibility. That paired with a desire to do his part within the very institution, that had fought for his homeworld’s liberty, he joined the academy in the command program.

Struggling with the demanding curriculum, but excelling in interpersonal communication and analytical understanding, he was swiftly directed into the enlisted bootcamp for a diplomatic career. After serving on the USS Diamondback for one year, he was transferred to Theurgy’s pool of command aids, before being transferred to the diplomatic corps after the Jupiter incident.

He is one of the survivors of the original crew.

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Petty Officer 3rd Grade Fen Chao

Fen Ju Chao
Fen Chao was a female Human of the rank Petty Officer 33rd Grade, serving as the 2nd Chief Diplomat’s Aid aboard the Starfleet vessel USS Theurgy. She was 24 years old in 2381.

Born on Earth Fen grew up in the Chinese province to very traditional and often conservative values. Which lead her to develop a strong sense of morale, at a young age, and the value of people’s customs. Striving to understand many different cultures, based on their beliefs, granted her a special invitation to the diplomatic department of the Starfleet enlisted corps.

Brushing through the curriculum with ease, Fen found herself presented with the option to add another two years at the academy, for an officer’s rank, or dive right in with an assignment on the USS Poseidon. She chose the latter. A jumping board which eventually landed her on Theurgy in the onset of its diplomatic mission to Romulus as aid to the ship's XO, before being transferred to the diplomatic corps after the Jupiter incident.

She is one of the survivors of the original crew.

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1st Assistant Chief Diplomat's Aids

Crewman 1st Class Kass Lourdes

Kass T' Lourdes
Kass Lourdes was a male El Aurian/Human of the rank Crewman 1st Class, serving as the 1st Assistant Chief Diplomat’s Aid aboard the Starfleet vessel USS Theurgy. He was 24 years old in 2381.

Born shortly before, but not remembering the decimation of his father’s ancestors by the Borg, Kass has grown up on the run, never really knowing a ‘home’. That’s how he came to be a blank canvas upon which education could draw an exceptionally objective character.

Joining the enlisted corps of Starfleet, the young man quickly discovered his skill well served the diplomatic route and thus, after graduation, joined the liaison office to the Federation’s foreign ministry. Subsequently serving in several embassies around the galaxy, he ultimately was allowed to join the Theurgy crew on Qo’nos.

He is currently under special observation by intelligence and his access is restricted.

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2nd Assistant Chief Diplomat's Aids

Crewman 3rd Class Jordan Wilde

Jordan Leigh Wilde
Jordan Wilde was a non-binary Human of the rank Crewman 33rd Class, serving as the 2nd Assistant Chief Diplomat’s Aid aboard the Starfleet vessel USS Theurgy. They were 21 years old in 2381.

Growing up in a religious family of the American South, Jordan did not have the easiest childhood. Struggling with their own identity for quite some time, in such a restrictive environment, has taught them from an early age to convey themself in a matter contributive to a diplomatic resolution.

Entering the Starfleet enlisted corps with the intent to apply their skills and personal interests in counseling, the young cadet eventually graduated in teal, joining the crew of the USS Resolve. Eventually being evacuated to Theurgy, they served as a counseling aid before being picked personally to join the diplomatic detachment by Chief Diplomat Samantha Rutherford.

They are one of the few survivors of the USS Resolve.

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