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Personnel FileY-o2.png
Name:Sinead O'Riley
Rank:Lieutenant Junior Grade
(Photonics, Transporter and Fabrications)
Species:Human (Bringloidi Offshoot)
Orientation:  Heterosexual
Birthplace:Bringloid V
Height:5'5" / 1.67m
Weight:120 lbs / 54 kg
Eye color:Light blue
(Silver-grey in the dark)
Played by:Saoirse Ronan
Terran Origins
Terran Martial Arts
2365 - 2366: Mariposa Foundation Education Centre
2366 - 2370: Starfleet Academy
2373: Lt JG Starfleet Academy’s Technical School
2376: Sorinak Monastery of Inner Peace (Institute of Psychic Development, Vulcan)
Service Record
2370 - 2370: ENS, USS Odyssey
2370 - 2373: ENS, Deep Space 9
2372 - 2373: ENS, Ajilon Prime
2374: Lt JG, Starfleet Corps of Engineers
2375: Lt JG, USS Merrimac
2376: Lt JG, USS Prometheus
2377 - 2381: Lt JG, USS Resolve
2381 - Present: Lt JG, USS Theurgy
2371: Purple Heart Medal, for injuries sustained in battle
2373: Christopher Pike Medal of Valor, and a Purple Heart Medal, for critical injuries sustained in battle
2376: IDIC (a gift from the Vulcans for embracing the Teachings of Surak)

Sinead O'Riley was a Security Officer on the USS Resolve before she transferred to Engineering when defecting to the Theurgy during the Battle of Starbase 84. O'Riley aided in the opposition against the parasites that compromised Starfleet Command in the end of the 24th century.


Born amongst the cave-dwelling Bringloidi of Bringloid V in the year 2350, Sinead O'Riley did not even know much about life beyond the land she lived on. Yet, they didn't completely forget their origins. Since the Bringloidi employed the teachings of Liam Dieghan, a Neo-Transcendentalist who suggested a simpler way of life as the way to go, they possessed little-to-no advanced technology, but memories were passed down orally from the original colonists to their descendants. As the generations passed, more and more of the information of their past was lost or deemed irrelevant and was lost to time, though to an extent, they remembered the Mariposa, and the fact that they would have colonized a world nearby. Hardy and knowledgeable in the land, Sinead was taught by her parents and brothers, learning early on, the aspects and values of farming, gardening, agriculture and even animal husbandry. She was particularly fond of chickens and always took one of the stock animals as a pet, raising it from a chick.

When she was fifteen years old, in 2365, she and the rest of the Bringloidi were shocked by the appearance of a man in a black uniform with a red marker, who introduced himself as William T. Riker, and after warning them of mortal danger from their own sun, tried to persuade them to be transported to his ship the same way he arrived. For the young Sinead, it was an exciting event, and a chance to meet spacemen, something that was thought to be little more than ancient myth and legend. Eventually, she overheard the man speaking to his superior, who ordered him to bring them all up immediately. Sinead ended up being amongst the first of the Bringloidi to be brought aboard the USS Enterprise-D.

Fascinated by everything around her, she was taken by the advanced technology and filled with wonder, asking questions of anyone who would spare her the time among the spacemen, and wanted to learn more. This desire was met by the onboard school, where she was given her first taste of the Federation education system of the twenty-fourth century. Like all the other Bringloidi, Sinead was quite anachronistic, adapting quickly to the advancements of the starship. Her stay on the Enterprise left a distinct impression on her, which would fundamentally shape her future choices. As she was too young yet to have any say in the matter, she and her family were settled in with the Mariposans, the survivors of the same ship that had delivered them to Bringloid V centuries ago, on another planet, to help resuscitate the gene pool of the advanced-yet-failing colony.

Like on the USS Enterprise-D, the young girl adapted quickly to the new lifestyle, and was among the few to be settled directly into the city. As could be expected when two largely different cultures were forced to work together in order to achieve any kind of success, frictions and clashes occurred. Because to the gene pool situation with the Mariposan clones, the Bringloidi were needed to introduce new genetics via natural birthing. Due to low numbers and a shortage of time, monogamous relationships were impossible, and the women bore children from three different men, and vice versa. Before they left, the Enterprise gave the Mariposans an update in technology and history, as well as holodecks and various other improvements whilst simultaneously removing their cloning machines. Sinead and others of her age were inducted into the foundation school, where she quickly absorbed her lessons, proving equally as capable at learning as a young clone. She frequently engaged in altercations with her peers, often being mocked for her farming background, and this led her to an interest in martial arts, unarmed and armed combat, which she learnt from the holodecks.

When she was sixteen, and of a marriageable age by the standards of the new Mariposan society, Sinead instead opted to leave Mariposa in favour of pursuing an early career in Starfleet, before she could be tied down by family, something she ironically desired and yet did not feel ready for. Since their discovery, the Federation began to have starships and cargo transporters pass through the Ficus Sector, delivering goods, trading and acquiring produce from Mariposa, so she made her way aboard on one of these vessels, which brought her to her ancestral homeworld, Earth. Shortly after a visit along with a small handful of other Mariposans, Sinead immediately enrolled in Starfleet Academy in 2366, where she studied both Engineering and various martial arts, particularly Judo and Dim Mak. Despite her extensive cross training, she decided to go with her combat training and graduated as an officer in Starfleet’s Security department. Her first assignment aboard the ill-fated USS Odyssey was cut short by the interest of Section 31, in particular, Luther Sloan, who was looking for someone without a history in known space. She was selected for a special project to create a soldier capable of matching the ferocity of the Jem'Hadar.

An incident on board the Odyssey left her critically injured, opening the doorway for Sloan's little project. Citing neurological and muscular damages that required permanent artificial assistance in order to continue functioning normally, Sinead had the implants installed in her, no one any wiser as to the true intent and purpose of the implants. Including her, four other individuals had similar implants. Still in a weakened condition by the time the Odyssey was ordered to confront the Jem'Hadar warship, she was amongst those offloaded at Deep Space Nine, along with other civilians and non-essential personnel. As such, she survived and witnessed the destruction of the first of many Starfleet vessels that would perish during the onset of the Dominion War. While the implants did nothing to improve her physically, or even mentally, she would become one of a handful of Federation ground combat personnel who would be known as living weapons in the truest sense. During the engagement with Klingons on Ajilon Prime, Sinead had become separated from her fellow officers, including two personal monitors from Section 31 disguised as Starfleet military, and tried to sneak past a division of Klingons, but due to her sensitivity to bright sunlight and a terrible discomfort with heat hindering her stealth, she was caught, subdued and about to be executed when the monitors managed to locate her and attempted a rescue, but they were similarly overpowered, and as they were about to all be killed, she blacked out.

When Sinead came to, all Klingons and Federation officers lay dead at her feet, and she began experiencing nightmares and flashes of memories of tirelessly fighting for her life. She earned a medal of valor as well as her second purple heart while rescuing injured civilians and personnel on Ajilon Prime, at the battle of Tananda Bay, where, despite a direct shot through her back, she assisted with moving another officer before finally succumbing to her wounds. She required a liver transplant due to the injuries sustained. Section 31 learnt of the events and it appeared, for all intents and purposes, that the project was a failure as Sinead couldn't differentiate friend from foe. After being brought back to Deep Space 9, she was again present for more violence with Klingons, and experienced another blackout during an altercation, while still recovering from her last injuries. Due to her actions in combat, she was promoted to lieutenant (junior grade) and was rotated back to Earth and spent a few months at Starfleet Academy, to study engineering, specifically warp technology, and photonics, especially hard light holograms, which she took a keen interest in from the time she was introduced to holodecks. She had been aware of the projects revolving around the new Theurgy-class starships, and hoped to one day serve aboard such a vessel.

Meanwhile, as the prototype warrior project was a failure, Sloan took over personally, meaning virtually only he remained aware of the project's existence, and he decided to continue it, to perfect it, although he sought to deactivate the implants in the five test subjects first. This however, failed to come to pass, as Sinead and three others still have their implants active when Sloan perished. Two had been assigned to low-stress positions well away from mortal danger, but Sinead and one other remain exposed to constant danger, and thusly a higher probability of blacking out and turning uncontrollably violent and combative until suitably subdued or no one around them is moving any longer.

When the Dominion War officially started, Sinead was placed in the frontlines serving alongside combat engineers, duty that often brought her in direct contact with the Jem'Hadar. Although her combat implant enabled her to survive encounters, she was often unable to tell if she had been responsible for the deaths of her own friends as well, as she was often the sole survivor of those encounters. She was eventually transferred away from the war front after she began to develop a reputation as being something of a bringer of death for anyone who worked with her, and became a pariah, some even calling her the “Grim Reaper”. Her superiors found it impossible to even force other personnel to work with her, so she was briefly assigned to the USS Merrimac, a starship serving in the Beta Quadrant far away from the war. The war had a profound effect on her, and she was diagnosed with acute PTSD.

After the Dominion War, Sinead operated as holodeck maintenance and transport control on board the USS Prometheus. However, the recurring nightmares began to impede her performance, and led to multiple emotional outbursts while on duty, until her captain, at the recommendation of the ship's counselor, approved an indefinite leave of absence for the young woman, and she departed for Vulcan, as a last ditch effort to overcome the Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder. There, she found solace in the teachings of Surak, and was given assistance by a specialist, who convinced her not to have her memories of the atrocities wiped, but instead to accept them, and learn to ignore the fear that she felt. When she returned to Starfleet, Sinead O'Riley was a changed woman, and became far less emotional than she used to be, having learned to embrace the Vulcan way of thinking and self-control. Thanks to her personal interest in biology, linguistics and technology, Sinead had enough skill to be a field medic, communicator (if translators ever failed) and a repairman, though her skill with languages were limited to basic and simple sentences, and she could not perform critical surgeries like a trained medic.

She was later assigned to the USS Resolve , in the position security (in favour of her combat experience with her skills in Engineering a secondary quality), reporting directly to Keval ch'Rayya, with a chance for a new beginning, until the ship was stranded in the Unknown Regions, far from home. During the long, hazardous journey home, Sinead barely avoided having blackouts during combat or high stress encounters with hostile forces, but managed to maintain the secrets of her past, keeping them from surfacing, though she attempted to casually uncover the mystery behind those holes in her memory. She also began to harbour a strong attraction to Captain Kendrick, a love that went unrequited, and quite unknown. When they returned home at last, she considered early retirement and returning to her family in Mariposa, perhaps starting a family, but that was not to be, as she was drawn once more into conflict and a new threat. She barely escaped with her life from the Resolve after the Battle of Starbase 84, and joined the crew of the Theurgy, interestingly the very ship she dreamed of serving on. When she learnt of the new threat to the Federation, all thoughts of retirement left her as she rationalized that this danger would consume Mariposa and her family, so she decided to stay and fight this enemy to the bitter end until either she or they were dead. Plus, she really wanted to spend time getting to know the glorious vessel better. To that end, she had been assigned back to Engineering on board the Theurgy, to report to acting Chief Engineering Officer William Robert O'Connell.

She briefly participated in the effort to stop the uprising by the Cult of Morali, where her friend, Suq received severe injuries while trying to repair the dreadnought. After this, she met Selena Ravenholm and Thea, where the three of them worked on Lin Kae's project concerning a specialized holoemitter that would give Thea far greater mobility and a closer connection to her own humanity. On the day that they encountered the Savi, Sinead had met with Captain Jien Ives, with whom she personally felt bonded to in a sense of duty, as she partially blamed herself for Captain Kendrick's death, and vowing not to fail Captain Ives in such a manner that would result in hir death, she tried to build a rapport with the Chameloid, potentially building something more as well, due to her Bringloidi nature. When the captain was abducted by the Savi, Sinead had leapt directly into hir transporter lock, getting herself beamed along with hir. On board the Versant, she was subjected to ruthless testing on the chip in her skull, where she was made to murder Rihen Niyah while she was helpless to stop herself.

She then joined the other captives in the holodeck in an effort to escape their prison, and they would have died if not for Echtand qi Versant's timely intervention, creating perfect transporter duplicates that were fed to the Savi recyling machines. Now aware of a malignant chip in her brain, Sinead had begun to isolate herself from those she considered of key importance to the survival and success of the Starfleet prisoners' survival and escape from the Savi ship, fearing that she can be controlled by the aliens and made to kill her own people, while she would be powerless to stop it. She'd begun to hallucinate a evil version of herself, which she had taken to quitely conversing with except when she lost control of her emotions and would shout, hinting a potential bout of insanity, and they were still stuck on the Versant without much of a plan...

Personality Profile


In her early years, Sinead was much like all other Bringloidi, who were similar in culture, upbringing and personality to the twentieth-century Irish. She was very emotional, and seldom hid her feelings. She did retain a sense of wonder and amazement at new things, especially when introduced to Riker, Picard, Worf, and the rest of the Enterprise, and this continued on even to the latter years, just prior to her largest event in the Dominion War, where she did not know for certain if she had killed all of the Klingons as well as the Federation Officers that had come to her rescue. After the numerous violent engagements, she became moody, brooding, and buried in her work, often remaining at her station long after she was supposed to be off duty, until co-workers or superiors often had to coax her to leave. Sleep deprivation affected her judgement, and often made her aggressive or jumpy. She began to experience survivors guilt and post traumatic stress, leading her to consult the Vulcans on their world. After embracing the Teachings of Surak, Sinead returned as a significantly more tempered and calm person. She no longer demonstrates emotional outbursts and was far removed from her old self. Though she still did not smile very much, she at least did not show anger or hostility any longer. While she still had nightmares and had holes in her memories, she had since learned to calm herself even in her sleep, allowing her to maintain serenity and balance. Nevertheless, sufficient provocation can lead her to an outburst, like calling her a monster or a freak, was a surefire way to get on her bad, potentially murderous side.

Although she had adapted well to modern technology, she was still more of a hands-on type of person, and occasionally forgot that she can talk to computers to get tasks done. As a Bringloidi, and New Mariposan, she had a rather open view about relationships and marriages, and had an almost Denobulan manner in this regard. She found monogamy to be amusing or odd, something that was a bit of a joke. Generally, she was approachable, friendly, and socially active, and was quite open to new things or trying new things, as long as they did not hinder her from exploring onwards. She did not enjoy staying down to one place for long, and thrived in constant change. She was smart, dedicated and quick to learn, something that served her well during her years as a security officer, and later as an engineer, where she got to learn all she could about transporters, photonics and holographic technology. She was also familiar with ship weapons, shields and ground fabrications, all thanks to a constant desire to learn more. It was how she was able to learn numerous martial arts over the years.

Physical Profile

Sinead stood at five feet, five inches, and weighed on average a hundred and twenty pounds, had straggly red-gold hair, freckles, a sharp nose, and thin lips. She had a hearty appetite most times, and took care of her diet. Farm life was hard work, and kept her as an active person all her life. As such, she developed a lithe, slender, yet strong body that was deceptive in its fragile appearance. Many often misjudged her true strength and calibre when they glance at her. Short for a human of the twenty-fourth century, this could be attributed to the Bringloidi not having some of the modern medicinal advancements now available. Sinead had a unique attribute thanks to a phosphorous edible moss that grew in the caves of Bringloid V, which gave all consumers mildly glowing eyes that showed a radiant silvery colour that was most visible in low light or darkness. Due to generations of living in caverns and lowlight environments, the Bringloidi of the 24th Century had superior night vision and a resistance to the cold; but in turn their eyes were sensitive to bright sunlight, requiring them to wear protection in order to see properly, and they did not handle heat well.

Special Notes

Like most Bringloidi, Sinead maintained knowledge on how to handle ancient tools and technology, and even how to mix drinks. It could be theorized that ancient Mariposan crew had dabbled in some measure of genetic tampering, considering that the latter descendants utilized cloning as a means to survive, it was possible that even the Bringloidi retained an exceptional talent for adapting to technology very easily. However, while they were quick to learn, they did not necessarily master these skills, and often fell back to familiar old ways. Sinead proved this with her incredible speed of learning, yet she could not reach expert levels in most things save for one or two subjects in specificity. And often times, when she lost her nerve or self-control, she could be seen trying more unorthodox methods of accomplishing things. Even going so far as to employ medieval techniques.

For her tendency to knock sparring partners unconscious, Sinead earned the nickname "Knockout", "K.O. Riley", or simply "K.O."

She earned the nickname Grim Reaper due to her always being the sole survivor of violent encounters between Starfleet and the Jem'Hadar in ground battles. Many began to see her presence as an omen of death for whoever went with her. This nickname didn't carry with her to the Resolve fortunately.