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Rank:Lieutenant Commander
Position:Chief Counselor
Age:117 (mid 50s)
Orientation:  Pansexual
Birthplace:Raal, Vulcan
Height:5ft 8in / 1.73m
Weight:135lbs / 61kg
Eye color:Hazel
Played by:Julianna Margulies
Writer:P.C. Haring
2294-2298: Shirkar Academy
2300-2304: Starfleet Academy
Service Record
2304-2314: Ensign to Lieutenant, USS Providence
2314-2321: Lieutenant to Lt Commander, USS Theseus
2321-2336: Chief Counselor, Starbase 313
2336-2356: Chief Counselor, USS Damascus
2356-2380: Professor of Psychology, Starfleet Academy
2381 (briefly): Researcher, Starbase 84
2381 (briefly): Counselor, USS Bellerophon
2381: Chief Counselor, USS Theurgy
2366: Vulcan Scientific Legion of Honor

Lieutenant Commander Hathev was a researcher and counselor. She was briefly assigned to the USS Bellerophon in 2381 before it was destroyed and she was brought aboard the USS Theurgy. After being convinced of the true nature of Starfleet Command, she joined the crew of the Theurgy as Chief Counsellor.


Early Life

Hathev was born in 2264 in Raal, Vulcan. She was naturally studious and excelled at the Shirkar Academy, where she studied psychology. She continued her education with a postgraduate study which led her to Earth for research. However instead of completing her dissertation, she decided to enroll in Starfleet Academy.

Active Duty

USS Providence

In 2304 Hathev graduated Starfleet Academy and was assigned to her first position as a counselor on the USS Providence. Naturally ambitious, she found this assignment difficult as it was her first real practical experience and it took her some time to settle into her role. She served on this ship for ten years, rising to the rank of Lieutenant during this time.

USS Theseus

In 2314 she was reassigned to the USS Theseus. Although the size of the crew on board did not require a ship’s counselor, the nature of its long-term deep space research gave Starfleet cause to assign one, not only to provide for the crew’s mental health needs, but also to study the effects long term deep space assignments on a smaller crew. She served aboard until 2321 when an accidental explosion on board ship caused the death of four crewmen, injured a dozen others including Hathev, and left the USS Theseus so badly damaged it had to be towed to Starbase 313 where it was eventually scrapped.

Starbase 313

After her recovery at Starbase 313, Hathev was offered a promotion along with command of the station's Counseling department., and after a promotion in 2321 she was given command of her own department on Starbase 313. Although she stayed in this posting for a decade and a half, her career stagnated, causing her no small amount of frustration as she found Starbase life far more predictable than her time aboard starships. Despite this, Hathev remained at this assignment, having begun a relationship with a civilian who lived aboard the satiation, running a bakery. Ultimately she remained at Starbase 313 until 2336 when internal restructuring made it possible for her to leave.

USS Damascus

Following her assignement to Starbase 313, Hathev trasnfered to the USS Damascus. Here, she found her work rewarding. At the time, the USS Damascus was a ship of the line and as a result was often a first responder vessel in many diplomatic, tactical, and scientific operations. It was an opportunity that satisfied her until 2356.

Tenure at Starfleet Academy

Hathev had been reluctant to give up her position on the USS Damascus, but she found she enjoyed the opportunity to return to her more studious roots as a teacher and researcher. She was even able to finally complete her dissertation for the Shirkar Academy, and her subsequent research papers earned her the Vulcan Scientific Legion of Honor in 2366.

The main purpose of Hathev's career move was to allow her to live with her wife and their young son, Kireil, and for the first few years it was idyllic. As Kireil grew older, however, he began to reject Hathev's teachings of Vulcan control, her high academic expectations, and her attempts to reach out which he saw as her treating him like one of her patients. Hathev struggled to connect with Kireil, and as their relationship deteriorated she began to spend more and more time at work and less at home.

In an attempt to submerse her son in their shared Vulcan heritage, Hathev encouraged him to engage with others of their species. To this end, at Triss' suggestion, Hathev reached out to Kireil's father Selv, who was teaching Comparative Sociology at the Academy and who, until now, Hathev had studiously avoided coming into contact with. However the two families met only a few times, and Kireil's interactions with his father and half-brother only served to push him further away from Vulcan traditions.

In 2377, after dropping out of university and trying a number of jobs unsuccessfully, Kireil enlisted as a non-commissioned officer in Starfleet. Any relief Hathev might have felt was quickly destroyed, however, as during his very first assignment Kireil was radicalised and left Starfleet for the [Maquis].

Starbase 84 & USS Bellerophon

After Kireil betrayed the Federation, Hathev's life fell apart. Angry and in pain, she could not contemplate forgiving Kireil for his actions and considered him no longer her son. This was the subject of many, many arguments between her and Triss, who held out hope that Kireil could still come back to them one day. Eventually, Hathev found it impossible to be at peace in their house in Torgny and she took a research position on Starbase 84. She served aboard station for barely a week when she answered the request from the captain of the USS Bellerophon for all available counseling personnel to be transferred to their vessel. A week after that transfer, the USS Bellerophon intercepted, engaged, and was destroyed by the USS Theurgy. Hathev was one of the handful of survivors rescued by the Theurgy´s Ranger configuration.

USS Theurgy

Hathev's introduction to the USS Theurgy was littered with doubt and mistrust. Like most of the rest of the Federation, Hathev believed the lies that had been spread about the ship's hijacking, and subsequent defection and with that information she was prepared to oppose any detante made by the crew. However after meeting with Captain Ives and mind meleding with Cir'Cie, she became convinced of the truth the Theurgy carried, and agreed to willingly join their cause, knowing it would brand her a rebel.

Personal Life

During her assignment on Starbase 313, Hathev pursued a romantic relationship with Triss Liebrecht, a human woman who ran a bakery on the base. Although, Hathev remained on the base, in 2334 Triss returned to her home in Torgny, Belgium, Earth, after the death of her mother. The two maintained a successful long distance relationship and leave in 2339 Hathev and Triss were married on Earth.

Hathev always made it a point to return to Earth as often as possible to be with her Wife, especially when she had to endure the pon farr. However, in 2347, circumstances prevented her from leaving the Damascus and she was left with little option but to purge the Pon Farr by mating with another Vulcan aboard ship.

When the Damascus returned to Starbase for re-supply, she found Triss waiting for her. After reconnecting, and obtaining the consent of her son's biological father, Hathev arranged for Triss to move on board ship so the couple could to raise him together and in the proximity of his Father. However, as the boy grew and his father transferred off the ship, the couple found it difficult to provide for the child's needs. In 2356 she applied for tenure at Starfleet Academy and the family moved to Triss's family home in Torgny.

When Kireil defected to the Maquis, Hathev found it difficult to cope, though she tried to do so for a number of years. Tensions rose between her and Triss as their marriage became more and more strained. Eventually, Hathev came to conclude that the only way for her to find peace would be to seek out a new perspective and return to active duty on Starbase 84, a decision vehemently opposed by Triss who refused to go with her. Despite this, she took the assignment.

Personality Profile

Hathev was naturally studious and academic, with a sharp, inquisitive mind and a laser focus for the things that interested her. As with most Vulcans, she was painstakingly logical and collected, and sought to be in control of herself and her surroundings whenever possible. Even so, Hathev often found it difficult to suppress her emotions and despite her best efforts, her emotions were known to bubble to the surface. It is this which she attributed to what prompted her to pursue her relationship with Triss in the first place. Despite this, she was ambitious and could be somewhat manipulative, but she also lived by strict rules and a stalwart sense of duty and ethical conduct. She had little patience for time-wasters or those without clear purpose, and she could be harsh in her judgement of such people.

Despite this, Hathev had a strong belief that everyone had the potential for greatness and saw it as her responsibility to nurture this potential wherever she could. She could be very wise and supportive, and placed great emphasis on communication and mutual respect, both in her counseling and in general.

In her personal life, Hathev enjoyed the study of languages, having a mastery of at least seven languages, and a working knowledge of a dozen more. She was an advid reader, raised cacti and bonsai trees, and a proficient swimmer. Especially as she grew older, her tolerance for cool temperatures lessened and she could become irritable if the weather was too cold, and she would combat this by keeping herself warm as much as she could. She also had a sweet tooth, and could often be found reading in her quarters, enjoying a latte and wrapped in a blanket.

Physical Profile

Hathev had a swimmers body: lean, with some definition in the shoulder and upper arms. She was shorter, but moved with a fluidity that spoke to a sense of regalness and grace. Her strength was somewhat weaker than many Vulcans but she was still safely above the human average. She carried herself with confidence and poise, and had a sharp, discerning gaze. Her hair was long and black, and she usually wore it either loose below her shoulders or swept back elegantly.

Her attire was usually functional and stylish, and she presented herself impeccably at all times with a neat and tidy appearance. When not wearing her uniform, her taste in wardrobe tended to comfortably fitted garments that complimented her natural shape and were either just one or two colors as she considered anything more flamboyant to be excessive. The only people who had seen her any differently were very close to her indeed.

Special Notes


Hathev's Quarters are located on Deck 10, Vector 02


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