Ashley Kerina

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Name:Ashley Kerina
Rank:Lieutenant Junior Grade
Position:Science Officer
Species:Romulan/Orion Hybrid
Orientation:  Bisexual
Birthplace:Tavros, Vondem, (Orion)
Height:5ft 8in / 1.73m
Weight:124lbs / 56kg
Eye color:Green
Played by:Nicola Cavanis
Water Sports

Time Travel & Theory

2357-2369: North Mars Institute
2369-2372: Starfleet Academy
Service Record
2372-2373: Cadet, Science, USS Cochrane (NCC-59318)

2373-2376: Ensign, Science, USS Challenger (NCC-71099)
2376-2381: Lt. JG, Cybernetics, Science, USS Eagle-A (Galaxy Class)
2381: Leave of Absence, Romulus

2381: Lt. JG, Cybernetics, Science, USS Theurgy

"Ashley Kerina" was a Starfleet Science Officer who was born of a rather unique set of circumstances being of Romulan and Orion descent, raised by humans, and brought up in their footsteps. She was on a leave of absence when the struggle between Romulus and the other global powers began. In her attempts to get back to Starfleet, she stumbled upon a few members from the Theurgy when she was on leave who she then joined in their fight with The Infested.



Born on the Orion colony of Tavros, Vondem in the year 2351, Kerina was a protected secret by her Romulan father who was a member of the underground Reunification movement which was already drawing attention and scrutiny from the Tal Shiar, and her Orion mother who was skeptical of their respective governments and the fear of losing their daughter to the slave trades, since she was a refugee of the organization. To make sure that their governments didn't discover her or capture her for use against the Federation as they were apologists to the cause, Kerina's father had connections within the Federation, namely Ambassador Spock, who reached out to the Nichols specifically for the safe passage of their daughter.

At this time, she was around 2 years old. The poor girl screamed for her parents and became despondent for some time as she didn't understand the reasoning for her parents dumping her off on some random human family. After taking her back to Earth, they took her as their own giving her the name, Ashley Kerina Nichols until the day she could restore her Orion heritage and break free as her own person.

Meanwhile, Ashley was stubborn and kept herself away from her adoptive parents until her father gave her a telescope and taught her how to use it. Spending much of her evenings stargazing and taking in the sights of the universe with a telescope where her father pointed out constellations and the intricate naming structures and how things operated drove her to want to go abroad on a starship to learn where she could on the universe. She grew a close bond with him and the study of the unknown. This created a psychological need for her to find meaning and to draw close to those who could help her develop her knowledge, and the pursuit of something greater than herself, to be an explorer.

As Kerina grew up, she discovered that she was not like those of her parents' friends but that most treated her kindly enough. Unaware of the extent of her hybrid heritage, she followed in the Nichols footsteps with an intense curiosity in the Sciences. Things like time travel, stellar cartography, and cybernetics really piqued her interest. Especially since her adoptive father had a cybernetic prosthesis on his lower leg below the knee due to an accident. But there would always be this hole related to her needing to know more about where she came from.

Starfleet Academy

As she graduated high school and entered the Academy, she didn't realize that it wasn't common for a Romulan and Orion, two of the Federation's consistent problem species at this time, to join Starfleet.

Due to that, she also gained a fair amount of teasing and bullying during her time there despite making some friends along the way. The teasing and digs from some of her early classmates caused her to dig deeper into her books because they were xenophobic against the two problematic races. So she made a deeper connection with her relationship with the pursuit of knowledge, not wanting to trudge into the conflict of it all.

Still dealing with the trauma she had as a child of being given up and not knowing her parents, Kerina found it difficult to make true friends. She did have a few friends along the way but none that she kept contact with after graduation.

After graduation, she was acknowledged as the first Orion/Romulan hybrid in Starfleet and was also able to have her permanent record reflect her true name. Her adoptive parents encouraged her to take off the Nichols name but she opted to keep her adoptive first name of Ashley, to be known as Cadet Ashley Kerina. Mostly kept it because she was proud of the effort and care they put into her and her education despite not being of their own flesh and blood. Something that also drove her to become a member of Starfleet to explore the unknown.

Time in Space

Kerina spent the better part of her early career serving in the science departments of larger exploration vessels. One of her favorites was serving aboard the USS Challenger as an Ensign where she was able to learn in a ship dedicated to exploring the great unknowns. That was however before the Dominion War took hold and she was forced to use her skills for peace and knowledge to that of trying to protect those of her shipments.

With the infestation from the changelings and the consistent cloak-and-dagger battles, she was done with war, but still had a role to provide. She was able to discern those who were replaced by changelings however based on a rather complex scanning of their cellular structure using a specialized add-on to the tricorders produced from positronic technology. Frustration grew in her as she didn't sign up to be part of all of this and threatened to resign her commission as she didn't want to get into the thick of things despite being already deeply involved.

Her mindset was still too young and she didn't understand the greater cause despite the war ongoing, she decided to leave the front lines, even if it meant to a civilian vessel. Her yearning to know more about her heritage and possibly find her parents were paramount to her and while things were dire on the galaxy side of things, the hole continued to grow for her.

Taking a short leave of absence, she went to a Starfleet research colony away from the frontlines to heal and to stay away from battle, or at the very least to lessen the likelihood of it. It wasn't long before the war ended and her time at the colony was at an end as she requested to be reinstated and find a new vessel to explore the stars on.

After her time there, she put in for a transfer to the USS Eagle-A, another Galaxy class vessel where she was promoted to Lieutenant Junior Grade and given the opportunity for more specialized research. Research where she was able to gain more knowledge into cybernetics looking at the remnants of B4 as it was being transferred to Daystrom Institute after the battle of the Bassen Rift when the Enterprise-E was scuttled.

While this research appeased her at the moment, she knew it was a matter of time before she would grow bored again. When Ashley felt she'd begun repeating similar duties and opportunities too similar to her time on the Challenger, Kerina again requested some personal leave of absence to further explore her Romulan heritage as she grew bored with doing the same duties day in and day out. Likely something she had discovered during the Dominion War times.

Leading Up To The Theurgy


Unaware of the galaxy being in disarray, she was on her own operating as simply Kerina, and undercover as well as off the books, on the Romulan homeworld as she attended some museums, classes and attempted to find her birth family. She decided to start with the Reunification movement.

That was when she'd begun to hear of a rather interesting tale of a possible war with the Federation, the presumed Romulan Thalaron bomb destroying Paris, and Donatra heading to Klingon space of all things. The scientist and detective nerd part of her found intrigue causing her to begin sniffing out leads while still conducting her own side quest. Soon thereafter, she was apprehended for supposed questioning by the Tal'Shiar Internal Security department before meeting up with the secret away team from the USS Theurgy.

From that moment, Ashley knew where she was needed and would likely get the yearning she strived for. Still not giving up on the hope of discovering her birth parents, she knew in time she'd unravel that. But for now, she planned to help the crew of the Theurgy as they continued to battle The Infested across borders, despite her distaste for war. But without her joining the fight she may never discover her parents or be safe enough to explore ever again. Her love of Science she knew would be key to helping discover ways to free The Infested individuals and stand for a purpose higher than her own.

Personality Profile

Ashley is intelligent and naturally curious in the sciences as she explores things that consistently boggle her mind. Sort of a bookworm but also not totally aware of her natural beauty despite knowing it's there, sometimes she needs to be reminded because of the lingering comments from her time at the Academy. She sometimes mistakes an individual's interest in her not knowing if it was for her thoughts alone or her beauty due to this.

Kerina is often puzzled by the notion of her not knowing her history despite delving deep into what she could in school on the cultures and Starfleet's history. Oftentimes, she can be soft-spoken, and others warm and gentle, or intense depending on her excitement level.

Her mental state after the Dominion War caused her to be a little more outspoken but she was still a bit shy for not wanting to delve into a conflict with others, afraid they'll ship her off somewhere despite doing that to herself at times. So while insecure, she spent the better part of her time studying or attempting to make friends.

Physical Profile


Physically fit, strong, beautiful, and alluring to the eye with the sheen of Orion skin and the prestige of Romulan ears, she stands a step above most in beauty. Thankfully due to her Romulan DNA, she doesn't exhibit the Orion pheromones and doesn't need to be inoculated to protect the crew. In addition to her slender form, she has a great bust and an impressive beach body, with athletic tendencies. No tattoos or body piercings.

Special Notes

Ashley is a vegetarian preferring to eat leaner for health reasons rather than anything else.


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Kerina's Quarters | Junior Officer’s Quarters | Deck 8 | Vector 2


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