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Position:Investigation Officer
Orientation:  Heterosexual
Birthplace:Hisssa, Cait
Height:5ft 7in / 1.7m
Weight:152lbs / 69kg
Hair:Greyish white
Eye color:Golden
Played by:Sara Sigmundsdóttir

Caitian Sports

Holo Novels





2357-2361: Starfleet Academy

2361-2364: Master's in engineering Surveyor, Starfleet Academy

2375-2378: BSc Security Specialist

Service Record

2357-2358: Cadet 1st year, Starfleet Academy

2358-2359: Cadet 2nd year, Starfleet Academy

2359-2360: Cadet 3rd year, Starfleet Academy

2360-2361: Cadet 4th year, Starfleet Academy

2361-2364: Ensign, Starfleet Academy

2364-2375: Lieutenant JG, Starfleet Reserve Officer, Cait

2375-2375: Lieutenant JG, Security Officer, USS Enterprise-E

2375-2378: Lieutenant JG, Starfleet Academy

2378-2379: Lieutenant, Security Officer, USS Oneida

2379-2381: Lieutenant, Deputy Chief of Security, USS Oneida

2381-Present: Lieutenant, Investigation Officer, USS Theurgy


2375: Starfleet Medal of Honor


The former Deputy Chief of Security of the USS Oneida, RraHnam, a female Caitian, joined the Crew of the USS Theurgy in its mission to oppose against the parasitic infestation that compromised Starfleet's Chain of Command. In that she sought for redemption for her lost family in the Battle of Betazed. She would eventually serve as an Investigation Officer on board the mighty multivector dreadnought.


Childhood and early youth

RraHnam was born as the third and only female from a litter of four cubs on 07 September 2339. Her parents, Gram, a fleet engineer in the Caitian Militia's 23rd Fleet, and Prri, who was a linguist at her hometown university, were delighted with the child blessing. The Caitian world was laid at the feet of Rra and her three siblings, and they tried to nurture their desires and talents as best they could.

RraHnam, like any other child, attended elementary and later secondary schools. She developed an early interest in technical matters and tried to get to the bottom of every function she encountered. Her thirst for knowledge did not stop at computer consoles or drives of various kinds. She quickly solved the mystery of flight, as well as the background of her physiology. From her point of view, everything seemed mechanical and contrived. A bright future as an engineer was shining for her.

Late youth

Then she discovered sports and her priorities changed. Although her interest in technology never waned, she now spent a lot of time in nearby parks doing physical activities. Like many Caitians, she loved running and was particularly enthusiastic about short sprints. But she also really enjoyed weight training and martial arts. The young girl quickly found that physical exertion helped her with complicated thought processes. So, she combined her learning with sports sessions.

Rra soon became involved in team sports and chose Vra'shan for herself. After initial difficulties in which she first had to find her place in the team, it soon became clear that she showed a lot of talent as a blitzer. The sport, which many people knew as Capture the Flag, existed in many forms in the Caitian homeland, sometimes with a central flag, sometimes with team-positioned flags, sometimes it was three-on-three, in other games it was five-on-five, but they all had challenging courses in common.

As a blitzer, her job was to take the flag from the catcher and bring it to home base to generate a point for her team. In doing so, she not only had to master the respective parkour as flawlessly as possible, but also escape from the opposing blockers. Rarely did a team make it into the double-digit point range, but RraHnam was always eager to achieve that goal. Along with her teammates, she celebrated many victories in the local schools' youth leagues.

It was also during this time that she met her boyfriend and later covenant partner, M'repp. While she thrived in sports, M'repp took care not to stunt her intellectually. He shared her interest in engineering and often compelled her to consume holo novellas with him, even though she often considered this pastime a mere distraction. But she loved to see him absorbed in his various fantasy worlds or detective stories, often that of other species.

Starfleet Academy

Encouraged by her parents, RraHnam joined Starfleet at eighteen years old. She initially attended the academy for four years, graduating with a specialization as a field engineer and the rank of ensign. However, RraHnam was not yet satisfied and decided not to take a job on a Starfleet ship, but to go back to school. In the years that followed, she earned her master's degree in engineering and trained as a technology expert. Her diligence and additional training were rewarded with the rank of Lieutenant Junior Grade.

Since then, Starfleet had intended her to be a recruit for the Starfleet Corps of Engineers, but two things spoke against it. First, the Corps' next active ship was months away. Even though she could have stayed in San Francisco and pursued her duties at Starfleet Headquarters, she felt it would be a waste of her talents to be a janitor. Secondly, her interest in sports had never waned. Rra had played Vra'shan regularly during her training years as well, even though Starfleet's standard for the game was much lower than what she was used to from Cait.

Rra had received an offer from a national team in her homeland to join them and play in one of the Caitian leagues. It was an offer she could not refuse. RraHnam agreed. She requested a suspension of her duty, which was approved after some back and forth, and she has since been listed as a Starfleet Reserve Officer. She never forgot that gesture. The only conditions placed on her were that she had to attend regular reserve drills and her permanent residence had to be within Federation space. Beyond that, she could be called up for active duty at any time. Everything else was none of Starfleet's business after that. She could do whatever she wanted. So, she went back home and became a Vra'shan professional.

Career as a professional athlete

Back on Cait, she began training quickly. The time on Earth had not been good for her skills. It took Rra a long time to be able to compete on the pro level, but her trainer's patience paid off. After a rather mediocre season in which the Va'kass team was nearly relegated to a lower league, the turnaround came the following season. Rra, back in her old position as a blitzer, found her feet again and helped the team finish in the top three. They later moved up one league at a time.

The many victories of her team brought her a certain fame and RraHnam was recognized by many people on the street. She was often stopped and asked for a photo or an autograph. Supposedly, she made it palatable for a new generation of Caitians to jump back into team sports. But she dismissed that as a silly rumor. She liked her sport, and she loved her covenant partner. After a short time at home, she gave birth to a cub herself. The girl was in perfect health and the pride and joy of her parents. Rra, M'repp and their daughter L'Sap, enjoyed life to the fullest and a few years after childbirth, she made their happiness perfect by winning the Va'kass championship in Vra'shan for the first time. For RraHnam, things could not have gone better.

Dominion War

But the whole thing changed when they visited Betazed. The small family just wanted to have a few days of vacation and to relax. So, the three of them went out into the universe and agreed to visit Betazed despite its proximity to Cardassian space and the current tense situation.

On Betazed it was peaceful. One noticed nothing of the tensions only a few systems away. RraHnam enjoyed the day and even more the free time with her partner and the little L'Sap. They walked along the promenade of a busy coastal town and happened to meet a delegation of federal ambassadors. They had claimed a small area, with what was supposed to be a fantastic view at the sea, for a smaller conference. Guards blocked it off. However, little L'Sap wanted to get in there badly and wouldn’t gave it a rest. So Rra tried her luck and approached the guard captain. After she identified herself as a member of Starfleet and a few placating words from one of the members of the delegation, he finally relented and allowed them in. The girl was incredibly happy and enjoyed the sight of the sailing ships on the water that reflected the sunlight.

Shortly after they sat down in the shade, the situation changed abruptly. The Dominion had surprisingly launched an invasion. The attack came without a warning and the security forces were simply overwhelmed with the situation and the superhumanly strong Jem'Hadar. Within hours they had taken the planet and caused horrendous damage to the infrastructure.

The guards ordered the delegation to flee to a safe room and RraHnam was summarily ordered to active duty by the officer on watch. He pressed a phaser pistol into her paw and ordered her to join the others in providing security for the delegation. Rra did not like that but couldn't really fight it. They had, in effect, already been defeated. Entrenching themselves had been their only way to survive. They had to wait for reinforcements from Starfleet and hold out.

It was not long before Jem'Hadar troops reached them. The Caitian was now forced to stand her ground against an overwhelming enemy, who was merciless and unrepentant against her people. Secretly, she was glad that her mate and her girl were safe with the ambassadors. Along with a few other guards, she held the door to the entrance into the makeshift shelter. While the noise of battle swelled outside, inside they erected makeshift barricades out of all sorts of objects.

A tremble hit the building and RraHnam watched powerlessly as debris from the ceiling buried several delegates, as well as her mate and daughter. For Rra, the world collapsed. Forgetting everything around her, she rushed to the rubble to rescue her family. Her paws dug into the rubble, removing one piece of debris after another. A few of the other delegates helped, but it was no use. More and more debris kept sliding in. She dug her paws bloody. Some of her claws broke off in the process.

The Caitian hadn't noticed how the Jem'Hadar fought their way forward and entered the room. As the remaining ambassadors raised their hands and moved away from the pile of rubble, her instincts took over. Two Jem'Hadar soldiers approached her from behind and forced her to stop digging. It took them a lot of force to stop her. Finally, a Vorta declared that all those still alive were prisoners and should comply.

RraHnam was beside herself with rage and anger. She wouldn’t comply. Not in front of Jem'Hadar, not in front of the Vorta, and certainly not in front of the murderers of her family. The soldier tensed her body, steeled by decades of training, and surprised the Jem'Hadar who tried to pin her down. She forced his weapon arm toward his comrade and pressed one of her claws, which had not yet broken off, through the man's finger to pull the trigger. The other soldier was instantly killed by the breaking disruptor shot. Surprised, the soldier released her, which gave her the opportunity to throw herself against his throat and took it out with a hearty bite.

Pumped full of adrenaline, she jumped at the third and last soldier who stood guard with his master, the Vorta. But the last Soldier recognized what was about to attack him. Still, his weapon arm was too slow. However, he managed to turn away from the Caitian's initial attack in time. RraHnam instead bit into his shoulder, giving the Jem'Hadar an opportunity to fight back. He grabbed the attacker's muzzle with his free hand and forced her to let go. In the process, one of her fangs broke off and lodged in his shoulder. The Jem'Hadar lifted her with great effort. RraHnam's foot claws kept the soldier busy, trying in vain to get through his body armor. With one powerful blow, he broke her jaw, tearing off a piece of her lip. He then threw her against the wall. Dazed, the Caitian fell to the floor and lay motionless. The textured wall tore her face open, causing to form a large pool of blood on the floor.

Apparently, that was enough for the Jem'Hadar, who complained that he still had not found a real challenge and that his two comrades had died through a toy. He paid no further attention to the Caitian and thus did the last mistake of his life. Meticulously making as little noise as possible, she crawled over to one of the fallen other Jem'Hadar to seize his weapon. She set the disruptor to its highest level and struggled to straighten up. With disgust in her eyes, she pulled the trigger and killed the last soldier threatening the delegation and protecting the Vorta, who was once again trying to make his position clear to the ambassadors' present. RraHnam made short work of him as well.

Someone from the delegation told the group that they had discovered an escape route through the catacombs and helped the Caitian to escape with them. But one thing had been clear to her: She would never see her mate and daughter again and this realization pained her bitterly.

Together they survived for quite some time in the underground and were able to escape from most of the Jem'Hadar. Eventually they were rescued by a small contingent of Starfleet soldiers from the USS Enterprise-E. On board they were thoroughly treated by the ship's doctors. Her poorly healed injuries were tended to, and her missing teeth and claws were replaced with duratanium alloy implants. Her lost left eyesight was restored. RraHnam, however, refused to have her face cosmetically restored. She wanted to keep the scars as a reminder and a warning. For this reason, her implanted tooth has been gleaming under her left lip ever since. They informed her that there were various members of the rescued delegation going to nominate her for the Medal of Honor. After all, she had gone through special ordeals to ensure their survival. In fact, she had not been able to bring everyone through. In addition to her partner and daughter, thirteen other delegates lost their lives until they were finally rescued.

RraHnam served as a security officer aboard the USS Enterprise until the end of the war, before transferring back to the Academy at her own request. She was offered a position as an engineer aboard the ship, but she thankfully declined, feeling by now that her talents could be better used in security.

After the Dominion War

RraHnam went back to Starfleet Academy once more after the war ended. After she discovered a knack for forensic work aboard the USS Enterprise-E, she took several courses on security and forensics. RraHnam graduated after three years with a Bachelor of Science degree and a promotion to Lieutenant. During the graduation ceremony, she was presented with the Medal of Honor by Federation Council representatives on behalf of the President of the United Federation of Planets for Conspicuous Gallantry and Fearlessness in the Face of Danger to Life Far Beyond the Line of Duty in an Action Against an Enemy and in Recognition of her Wartime Service.

For RraHnam, this was a bitter pill. She didn’t want the medal. But she did not want to create a scandal by refusing it at such a ceremony. She felt tricked and lastly, she didn't want any more attention. RraHnam had her mind set on being transferred to the next ship and helping people. She wanted to prevent something like what happened on Betazed from happening anywhere else. But the council representatives would not leave her alone. So, she reluctantly accepted the piece of metal. Maybe someday she could see the medal not as a taunt to her deceased family, but for what it was: a thank you. A thank you for saving the lives of many others that day, even if she had to pay a more than expensive price for it.

After she graduated, she hadn’t wait long to be assigned to a ship. RraHnam was transferred to the USS Oneida. There, she served as a security officer and began a new journey with her new colleagues. Over the years, she earned herself a reputation for being reliable, fair, and objective. Even though she often felt like a nanny, she was sure she had chosen the right path for herself. Many interesting things happened in space, and as a security officer aboard a starship, she had her paws full of work that wouldn't become boring. From repelling boarding parties, to leading boarding parties, to planet-side murder investigations. Her variety of tasks was extensive. Her previous training as a technical expert was more than useful. Not only could she lend a hand to the engineers on board when they needed help, it often made their various investigations easier. Her outstanding work ethic and knowledge eventually helped her to become Deputy Chief of Security abord the Oneida and when she heard about the new threat to the Federation, she quickly realized that she would face it as well. She agreed with the assessment of Captain Jackson and her superior Lieutenant Rodrigo Rivera, and when the opportunity arose to transfer to the USS Theurgy, she jumped at the chance. RraHnam wanted to be back amid the action. She wanted to be there when they need help. Just like she was at her own and tried to protect the ambassadors back on Betazed, she knew she had to be there for the crew of the Theurgy, so they weren’t alone in their fight.

Personality Profile


RraHnam was quite a bright personality who often seemed very thoughtful. As an athlete, she was outgoing and learned to inspire others, while technical studies stimulated her intrinsic values. She was fluently in Cait, Federation Standard, and Klingon. Also, she spoke a bit of Romulan and tried herself in learning Tholian but without much success.

She was a social creature and often sought the company of others. Spending time alone was not easy for her after losing her mate and daughter. So, she tried to find meaning in each task to help someone else, so that one day she could forgive herself for having failed her own family.

RraHnam refrained from wearing shoes or boots unless they were absolutely necessary, such as on a spacewalk. She found footwear burdensome and hindering

Physical Profile

RraHnam wore grayish-white fur. A thick, ugly scar adorned her face and ran from just above her left eye down to her chin. Parts of her left lip where missing, causing her implanted duratanium alloy tooth to shimmer through.

The Caitian stood tall at 171 cm (5'7'') and weighted 69 kg (152 lbs). Her physique was especially impressive with many well-defined muscles. In her left ear she wore a piercing, which came from her bonding ceremony.

Special Notes

Special Reference: Implanted Fang [1]


Writer: Nero

Star Trek: Theurgy | Season 2 - Episode 01: Advent of War

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