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Personnel FileY-o1.png
Name:Inej 'Avi' Avirim
Position:Investigations Officer
Orientation:  Bisexual
Birthplace:Tirei City, Risa
Height:5ft 8in / 1.73m
Weight:145lbs / 66kg
Eye color:Brown
Played by:Willy Cartier
Writer:Character Deceased


Making bad decisions
2368-2371: Starfleet Academy, Earth

2371-2372: Starfleet Intelligence Training, location classified

2379: Conversion course, Starfleet Academy, Earth
Service Record
2373-2378: Intelligence Operative, records classified; Ensign to Lieutenant

2380: Security Officer, Starfleet Paris Headquarters; Ensign (demoted 2378)

2381: Bodyguard, United Federation Embassy, Qo'noS; Ensign


Before dying in the Battle of the Houses, Inej 'Avi' Avirim (pronunciation) was a Security officer and ex-operative for Starfleet Intelligence. After being demoted and resigning from Intelligence, he used his new posting as a security officer at Starfleet Headquarters to feed intel on Starfleet Command to Rear Admiral Anderson, Head of Covert Operations. In March 2381, Anderson instructed him to carry out one final mission before joining the crew of the the Theurgy.


Interview Transcript, 2379

Nosey buggers aintcha? Shit in the reports not enough, y’all gotta hear it from the horse’s? Fine, have at it. Huff my laundry, kinky bastards.

Born in Tirei City, real met-ro-politan, all skyscrapers an’ nightclubs. Call it a city, yeah, ‘cept it’s really just one big fuckin’ resort, whole city designed t’be fun for them visitors, all smoke an’ mirrors so they don’t gotta see behind the curtain.

‘M I bein’ too obvious? Fuckin’ hated the place.

Me family lives in the resort, in this fuckoff massive hotel. Me folks got jobs doin’ them invisible, thankless jobs. Want better for us kids. Brother an’ sister work hard, manage t’snag jobs front of house -- sister’s a dancer, brother’s a receptionist, an’ shucks if we ain’t all so proud. I’m… Well. Y’all know me. Fuckin’ asshole even then.

Me hearin’s dogshit when I’m a littlie, get this op’ration t’sort it. Works for a couple’a years, then starts goin’ downhill again, for good this time. I’m, what, thirteen? Takes me a bit t’notice, an’ by then it’s too late ain’t it. Fuckin’-- thought I was done with that shit, but nah, bad penny. Get me fixed up with aids, an’ they help some, but fuck me if they ain’t just the worst.

That shit ain’t no excuse, don’t get me wrong. Was a fuckin’ dickhead even when me ears worked. Still. Really went t’town after that. All fists an' kickin', that’s me, an’ fuckin’ with rich tourists. Eventually management gets fed up, an’ next thing I know me family’s bein’ fuckin’ threatened. Either I go, or they do.

They spent a long fuckin’ time gettin’ the jobs they got here. Lose that an’ they all gotta move, an’ here’s to hopin’ they get picked up somewhere else -- ain’t nowhere t’live in Tirei if you ain’t got a job. Nah. Out on me ear, ain’t I? No pun intended.

Mostly just get worse, t’be honest. Was a real shithead for a few years there, like what you’re seein’ now is best-behaviour-Ej, this ain’t nothin’. So yeah. Some bad folks, some bad stuff. Get, uh, maybe more involved than I should. Manage t’get meself noticed by some motherfucker, this Ybsin, real skeevy bloke, not the kinda man you wanna be on their radar.

You, uh. Y’all don’t gotta hear details, right?


Important thing is where you folks come in, I guess. New fella starts showin’ up round Ybsin’s place, this Ricci bloke, an’ I figure somethin’s up pretty sharpish. Man ain’t a fuckin’ arsehole, for one. Actually tries speakin’ t’me-- that’s right, sorry, forgot t’say. He -- uh, Ybsin -- he busted up me aids after I tried t’leg it this one time. So there’s me tryna make sense of the mess, tryna figure out the fuck folks are askin’ me to do, an’ it’s fuckin’ hilarious the mistakes I’m makin’, the guys love it, great fun all round. Lipreadin’ ain’t all that, lemme tell ya.

This bloke though, he starts signin’ at me. Takes us a bit, back an’ forth, but we get there, enough t’get ourselves understood. An’ mate, y’all got no idea. Havin’ a conversation, where you fuckin’ know what’s bein’ said an’ can contribute? Madness.

Fella’s a Fed, figured that much out by now. Ybsin an’ his lot are usin’ the resort t’smuggle all sorts’a shit into Risa, an’ the Hedony ain’t too hot on it. Them useless fucks couldn’t enforce their way outta their own arses though, so gotta call in the big boys, do their dirty work for ‘em.

So I spill me guts to this Fed, ‘cause I’m figurin’, either his lot’ll come down on this place an’ I can finally be rid of fuckin’ Ybsin and his shitty-- yeah. Or, other option, Ybsin an’ co will figure me out an’ just kick me t’death or some shit. It’s like 50-50, an’ either way it’ll be done an’ dusted, no skin off mine.

Turns out Feds kinda know what they’re doin’, an’ next thing the whole fuckin’ place is down an’ out. Not public-like, Hedony’d never have that, can’t ruin their perfect fuckin’ PR. Still. Manage t’convince the Feds t’take me with ‘em once they’re done, ‘cause fuck knows I ain’t stayin’. After all that? Nah mate.

Figure I’ll sign up t’help ‘em out after that, ‘s only fair right? You scratch mine an’ all that. Take a coupla years with ‘em, doin’ a bunch’a shit I can’t put on my fuckin’ resumé or nothin’. Anyway. That shit wears on you, after a time. Leastways, did on me. Maybe just weren’t cut out for it. End up-- Well. Still classified, can’t go runnin’ me mouth. Shit went sideways, words got thrown around, pretty much all you need t’know. Don’t regret it none, but you gotta know, weren’t somethin’ I did lightly neither. Know I look like a fuckin’ loose canon, an’ yeah, ain’t even wrong, but I ain’t a fuckin’-- I’m not off me tits. Not totally.

Anyway. After all that, figure it’s time for a change, yeah? So here I am, bibbidy-bobbidy, reportin’ for duty. If y’all will have me, that is.

File Summary

Avi was a civilian informant for Starfleet Intelligence during Operation Mayfly, a joint effort by the Risian Hedony and Starfleet Intelligence’s Covert Operations department to bring down a weapons smuggling ring working out of Tirei City, Risa. During this operation he formed a relationship with Lieutenant Luca Ricci, and after the operation’s completion Ricci mentored Avi through the Starfleet Academy application process. Avi was recruited by Intelligence halfway through his study and spent several years in Covert Ops as a field agent. He played a role in Operations Blackthorn and Grindstone during this time, as well as working on several smaller assignments.

In 2378, Avi was involved in a quickly-escalating disagreement with Lt Cmdr Luca Ricci who had been his direct superior during Operation Grindstone. This culminated in a violent altercation, which resulted in Avi being court martialled and demoted down to Ensign from Lieutenant.

After this, Avi resigned from Intelligence and returned to the Academy to retrain as a Security Officer, and upon graduation he was stationed to Starfleet Headquarters in Paris. Shortly after beginning this assignment he was contacted by Rear Admiral Anderson, Head of Covert Operations. Anderson persuaded Avi to use this position to feed him information as part of his ongoing and unsanctioned investigation into Starfleet Command. In early 2381, Avi accompanied a member of Starfleet Command on a diplomatic visit to Qo’noS, acting as a bodyguard. However, on receiving new instructions from Anderson, Avi abandoned his post to carry out a rescue mission for the captured crew of the Cayuga before fleeing to Aldea and joining the crew of the the Theurgy.

Personality Profile

Performance Review, 2377

At the risk of sounding like a stuck record, Mr Avirim is both a skilled operative and something of an unknown quantity. Over the past six months he has continued to see a high mission success rate as a solo covert infiltration specialist. The original decision to remove him from clandestine and deep-cover work has seen positive results.

Many of his flaws from previous reports still stand. He takes unnecessary risks, and can be somewhat unpredictable on missions as he will often adapt orders and plans on the fly. He often acts without thought to consequences, but he nevertheless deals with such consequences and does not shirk responsibility for them.

However, I believe that these flaws are specific to his solo work. Since the last report Mr Avirim has been assigned to more dual missions, wherein he has taken the senior position in a two-man team; on the back of these missions' success, he was recently given command of a small team for one mission. After reviewing his performance both as a senior operative and leader of a team, it seems that he takes a completely different approach in these circumstances than when he works alone, and as a result it is my recommendation that he never be allowed to perform solo work again.

As leader he seems considerably more measured, and takes greater care with the lives of his subordinates than he has previously been known to with his own. He was able to take the long, mission-wide view and consider tactical approaches further in advance. His subordinates respect and trust his leadership, and despite some difficulty the team saw success with mission completion and a 0% friendly casualty rate.

It is on the basis of these recent developments that I recommend Mr Avirim for promotion to Lieutenant. I believe he has proven himself as an excellent operative and a capable leader.

--Lieutenant Commander Annabel Livsey, Starfleet Intelligence

File Summary

Avi was agreeable and lighthearted, if a little rough and ready, and made a good drinking or sparring partner. He relied on humour and flirtation in his interactions, the latter with varying levels of sincerity. Although usually laid-back, his moods could change swiftly and if pushed he could become defensive and combative; however this would only last a brief moment, and rarely escalated to violence.

Despite his background in Intelligence, Avi was surprisingly honest and open. He was a cheerful misanthropist, a jaded realist who believed the worst of people but without holding it against them. He avoided getting involved in other people’s business, and went out of his way to affect indifference when it came to their opinions of him. In general, he was uncomfortable with emotional sincerity of any kind, whether his own or that of another; however in rare moments he could be unexpectedly astute and respectful.

Avi was active and energetic both on and off duty, and enjoyed sparring, drinking, and playing poker. He also had a healthy, if uneducated, appreciation for nature. He was allergic to dogs but refused to let that hinder him, and had his lifestyle allowed he would’ve adopted at least one St Bernard by now.

Physical Profile


Audiologist’s Report, 2368

Patient: Inej Avirim, Risian, 18 years (DOB 2350)
Medical history:
2351: Diagnosed with moderate hearing loss
2353: Cochlear restoration surgery completed at Tirei City Hospital, Risa
2361: Hearing deterioration reported
2363: Patient issued with hearing aids
Symptoms: Patient reports hearing loss of up to 50% in both ears and is unable to hear sounds below approximately 60 dBs. He is also unable to differentiate between sounds, meaning that although he can often hear speech he is not able to identify it as such and cannot make out individual words by ear.

Diagnosis: Moderate-to-severe hearing loss
Treatment: Intra-cranial cochlear bypass

Post-Treatment Evaluation: Patient reports a greater range of hearing than previously achieved. He still experiences difficulty filtering sounds out from one another and has poor directional hearing; however he is able to comfortably follow speech with a high degree of accuracy and reports a high level of aural clarity.

File Summary

Avi appeared human, of averge male height with a wiry frame, and was physically fit out of necessity rather than vanity. He had quick reflexes and was dextrous rather than particularly strong, although he could hold his own in a fist fight.

His general appearance was rather scruffy. His long hair was usually loose and fairly unkempt, and he rarely made an effort to tidy himself up. The most attention he paid to his appearance was in the jewellery he wore both on- and off-duty, consisting of necklaces and many rings. Out of uniform, Avi wore loose-fitting clothes designed for the warm weather of his home, often including low-cut vests and flowing skirts. In uniform, he wore the trouser and skant variations interchangably.

His hearing aids were detachable, fitting into the inner ear and connecting to implants. The devices caused him some discomfort to use and he preferred to wear only one at a time, and left them out when he could while off-duty. When wearing an aid, he would tuck his hair up behind that ear; if he wore both at once, he would tie his hair back to get it out the way.

Special Notes


Avi was raised bilingual in Risian and Federation Standard, and he was fluent in both languages by the time he lost the majority of his hearing. His family encouraged him to practise speaking and as a result he sounded very natural, using inflection and speaking with only a slight accent, which in itself was masked by the ‘city accent’ he refused to eradicate. He was more comfortable in Federation Standard and avoided speaking orally if he was not wearing his aids.

After leaving Risa, Avi also learnt Federation Standard Sign Language, which he was proficient in. He tended towards vocal communication but was also known to use sign-to-speech devices on occasion. He could also lipread both Risian and Federation Standard, and would use lipreading to supplement his hearing. It was possible for him to follow speech through lipreading alone, although with a low level of accuraccy; it was also extremely tiring and so he tried to do it as little as possible.


The last letter in ‘Inej’ was a Risian-specific character called ‘ej’ and pronounced like the S in the English ‘treasure’, or the J in the French ‘je’.


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