Caitlyn Murphy

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Name:Caitlyn Elizabeth Murphy
Orientation:  Bisexual
Birthplace:Ireland, Earth
Height:5ft 5in / 1.65m
Weight:120lbs / 55kg
Eye color:Brown
Played by:Luca Hollestelle
Writer:Relatively Insane





2361-2369: Primary Schooling

2369-2375: Secondary Schooling

2375-2379: Starfleet Academy
Service Record
2379-2380: Ensign, Engineer, Spacedock 1, Sol System
2380-Present: Ensign, Engineer, USS Theurgy

Ensign Caitlyn Elizabeth Murphy was a Starfleet Engineering Officer who served on the USS Theurgy in 2381. Having been a recent transfer, she’d only been working a few months before being injured during the ship’s escape from Earth, being placed into cryostasis until she could obtain proper treatment for her injuries. Following her thaw and recovery, Caitlyn aided in the opposition against the parasites that compromised Starfleet Command in the end of the 24th century.


Caitlyn was born in the Irish city of Cork on Earth, though much of her life was spent in the countryside at her Uncle’s farm. Her mother had been out of the picture since she was young, with her father eventually passing during the Federation-Tzenkethi conflict in 2363. With no other living relatives, she was adopted by her uncle Sherman, who treated her as the daughter he never had.

Although the modern era had reduced the need for an actual farm, Sherman kept it more for the peace that you couldn’t find in one of the larger cities. A retired Starfleet Engineer himself, he spent his days restoring and recreating antique technology. From 20th century technology like gramophones and automobiles, to 22nd century shuttles and phasers, Sherman had a passion for older gadgets that he passed on to his niece. For Caitlyn, much of her early engineering knowledge came while working with her uncle on his projects. Though she didn’t understand much, Cait loved the feeling of hands-on work along with the satisfaction that came when everything finally fit together, spending much of her free time after school cooped up in the barn.

When she reached senior cycle during secondary school, Caitlyn began looking at careers to go for after her schooling was complete. Problem was, nothing really jumped out at her. As much as she enjoyed it, she didn’t want to spend the rest of her life on the farm either. She considered Starfleet, asking her uncle for his thoughts, but was shut down immediately. It was almost a month before Sherman cracked, telling Caitlyn about how her father died during his service. With the Dominion War being in full swing by this time, he believed that he’d lose her in the same way he lost his brother. Caitlyn was undeterred, continuing to prod the man. In her mind, four years at the Academy guaranteed that the war would be over, one way or another. Regardless, she couldn’t just sit by and wait. Caitlyn never did get his blessing, though he was just as proud (and relieved) when she eventually graduated the academy a few months after the war ended.


Academy life was far from what she imagined, however, with it being the toughest part of her education by far. While she was nowhere near a prodigy, she managed well enough with courses relating to engineering and history. She cruised through her first year, though by the second, the strain began to catch up to her. Feeling isolated, Caitlyn started reaching out and mingling more with her classmates. She’d meet a fellow 2nd-year, an Andorian named Ettia, who helped to introduce her around their class, the pair quickly becoming friends. By her 3rd year, she was one of the more popular cadets, finding herself in several parties and gatherings, as well as getting into several questionable situations with Ettia often at center. Yet things still went fairly smoothly until the pair participated in a cadet cruise during their 4th year.

Their luck seemed to run out when one of their “hijinks” led to the severe damage of a shuttlecraft, along with damage to several other systems within the shuttlebay. It’s a wonder neither were expelled from the academy, though between the leniency of the captain and their professors vouching for them, they got off “easy.” Upon their return to Earth, Caitlyn faced several hours of community service at the academy, a paper on personal responsibility, and taking charge of repairing the shuttlebay she helped mangle. All while also dealing with grueling coursework in preparation for graduation. Through either determination or a miracle, she managed to make amends, going on to graduate with the rest of her class on time. Being so close to losing everything she’d worked so hard for made Caitlyn realize she had to take it back a notch and focus on what was important. Or at least, “be smarter about the dumb things she did,” as her uncle put it. As a result, she ended up drifting apart from Ettia and their friend group, going back to focusing on her career. By the time graduation finally rolled around, she’d find herself assigned to Spacedock 1.

Considering she’d joined to travel the galaxy, Caitlyn was more than a little disheartened. Hoping to make a good impression, she did a bit of everything. Taking on duties no one else wanted, overtime hours, and even doing some things considered more surreptitious, though she tried to limit that kind of work. Cait quickly grew a reputation of being a dependable individual, both on and off the books, though it was offset by a rather unseemly nature. This was accentuated while she was assigned to a team working to refit a cruiser. While she was good with the workload, Cait often butted heads with her superiors over the best way to do the job. Her request for a transfer would eventually be approved, though she ended up being passed over for a promotion. The reasoning for both of these being that while she had a great work ethic, she needed to mature a bit as an officer before getting on track for a leadership position. Caitlyn was just happy to get off the station at least, being posted on the Theurgy before it departed for its mission to Romulus.

During the ship's later escape from Earth, Caitlyn had been working in engineering when she was thrown from the elevator while descending from the upper level. Landing on her back, Cait suffered critical injuries to her cervical vertebrae as well as parts of her upper thoracic vertebrae rendering her paralyzed and unconscious. She was stabilized for the time being, though without the means to properly treat her injury she’d face permanent paralysis. With no other options, Caitlyn was placed into stasis until such a treatment was possible. After several months of stasis, Caitlyn underwent a procedure developed by V-Nine, utilizing Savi tech to update a procedure used for a previous crewmember to replace the damaged parts of her spine with synthetic pieces. She’d awake not long after, having a short recovery before finding herself thrust right back into the fight.

Personality Profile


Caitlyn was a bit of an oddball, being just as comfortable alone in her room with a book as she would be in a social gathering. A fan of all things old, Cait enjoys spending her time listening to older music, reading physical books, and spending time on the holodeck working on things that would be considered ancient by current standards. She enjoys traveling; seeing new worlds, their cultures and history, and especially the food. Her adventurous spirit has had some drawbacks as well however, leading Cait to find herself stuck in sticky situations in the past.

While on duty she maintains a team player mindset, willing to lend a hand if someone needs it even if she’s already swamped with her own work. Building off of that, she also doesn’t like talking about her own issues, being one to suffer in silence rather than admit she needs help. This can lead to impulsive decisions in her personal life, or even outbursts depending on the issue she’s dealing with. Caitlyn is also rather informal, often seen with her sleeves up and collar loosened while busy at work. Although it’s not always possible given the nature of the USS Theurgy’s situation, Caitlyn tries her best to stay within the morals she was raised with, following most orders aside from those that would harm herself, her crewmates, or others without a good reason for doing so. She also tries to treat everyone she meets with respect unless they give her a reason not to. Relating to that, she has had issues with authority in the past, in the sense that if she believes something can be done better, she’ll voice her opinion on the matter. The problem with this being that the way she expresses her point of view, while perhaps acceptable with other ensigns/LTJG’s, may come across as disrespectful to a superior officer.

Physical Profile

At first appearance, Caitlyn is a slight figure standing at 5’5” even. Despite this, she’s deceptively strong with a toned, athletic build. She has ginger hair, often worn loosely down to her shoulders when off duty. Following her procedure she has a scar centrally on her spine, running from the bottom of her shoulder bones to the nape of her neck. Aside from this, no other scars or tattoos yet, with the only other markings being the freckles that seemingly cover her head to toe.

Special Notes

Caitlyn was raised as a Protestant Christian, and still practices her religion to the best of her ability.

Despite the surgery for her injuries being a success, Caitlyn still suffers from nerve damage. Mainly brief episodes of a tingling numbness along with the occasional migraine, both of which she is taking medication for.

Last but not least, Caitlyn also has an Irish accent that she tries to hold back. Whenever she’s stressed or emotional, it gets thicker and comes out more.