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[ Lt. Alana Pierce | Counseling Department Offices | Deck 08 | Vector 01 | USS Theurgy ] | ATTN: @stardust [Show/Hide]

She watched his smirk as he delivered this final farewell before she took her leave of him. "Well, I expect personalized casual attire next time, then."

Pierce was still slightly annoyed at the prospect of having to try something new. Hell, it'd been ages since she had been able to be comfortable in her own skin, let alone worry about what to wear casually. Typically, she wore attire that was duty uniform and rarely took time for herself. The thought to experiment was there though and the counselor only gave her more reason to try it if only for the fact that it was basically an order and encouraged.

She nodded slightly as if considering what she would even think of wearing or experimenting with. Might be something to get a fellow female's perspective on. Alana had heard there were counselors who were female on board and recently too. She sure as hell didn't want to be around Tessa for that experiment. "All I can say, is that I'll give it a try. I can't promise I won't come in a duty uniform though. But I will make the attempt to acquire a ...real... wardrobe."

The thought made her shudder. She knew she had the body of a model, but she didn't really care to show it off. Alana waved and stepped out the door awaiting the next time they'd meet.

Episode 01: Advent of War / Re: CH02: S [D02|1215] Voices in the Night
Last post by Griff -
[PO3 Lillee t'Jellaieu | Below Decks Lounge | Deck 28 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @BipSpoon


Lillee giggled at the mention of the monk's neuropressure, unable to help herself. She had heard plenty of rumours about Vulcan neuropressure when in the Empire. True, she had started to learn the truth of the Vulcans since visiting the planet in person, but the old jokes that Lillee had heard as a child were still cherished. She mused that Cameron probably had no idea about any of it, although that was understandable. So few humans actually tried to understand the rihannsu, mainly because that was how the rihannsu preferred it.

"I would be much obliged if you did," she replied, grinning. "Oh Elements, if this battle with the Klingons goes as bad as they say, I think we could all use such an excursion." So long as we survive, came the unspoken next sentence, but Lillee didn't allow herself to dwell on that. Nevertheless, her mind has shifted to more intense thoughts, something she could not avoid.

"I suppose we are fortunate right now," Lillee mused, glancing idly around them at the throng of diners, many of them chatting away over their meals, just like Lillee and Cameron. Of course, the women's food was long since finished. "We are fighting Klingons soon, not Romulans or Federation, at least for now. I have seen how people here are when forced to fight Starfleet, to kill their own kind. It sounds horrible. Necessary, I know, but so horrible."
Episode 01: Advent of War / Re: CH02: S [D02|2100] A Helping Hand
Last post by Pierce -
[ Lt. JG Tessa May Lance, callsign "GoldenEye" | Salem Martin's Quarters | Deck 10 | Vector 01 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @Scratchrat

Listening to Salem's excitement was soothing to the ears of Tessa as she sat back relaxed, seated next to the man. She definitely felt the Ale as it created a fog in her head. The room was very calming to her as she leaned into him a little more. The realization hit her though that as he stated, she was in no state to make it back to her quarters. Finding it would be the easy part. Getting there was another story.

As she heard his suggestion for staying the night, she looked up at him, slightly googly-eyed as she regained focus again. "You know what? ...hic... I think you're right..." She said posing a finger at him and trying to stay stationary. "Methinks I overdid it a little. Been a while since I've drank Ale, but oh boy is it tasty!"

She watched him take a stand and resume the offer to sleep there as he proceeded to head towards his bed. Thoughts swirled in her head. She wasn't sure if he was hitting on her or not but assumed, either way, she wouldn't be in bad company. She attempted to stand and fell over off the lounger. Laughter burst from her as she climbed back up. "Haha, that was a good fall. Some pilot I am. Can't even land on the floor properly." shaking her head, she climbed back to that couch and motioned over to him. "I thinks I'll take that blanket now..."

Tessa waited for him to get the blanket. When he returned however she grabbed it a little more forcefully than she thought and pulled him down with it. His body landed partially on her face to face. She stared at his eyes and to be honest, she rather liked the sensation. But she wasn't sure if it was her inebriated state or that she just realized how handsome he was. Either way, she pulled him in close grabbing his face, and planted a deep kiss on his lips, smashing her soft, plump lips onto his. As Lance let him go, she looked at his face again and smiled. "You're really nice... you know that?" She then lost control of her limbs and began to pass out.
[Ens Katherine Locke | Sickbay | USS Oneida NCC-78497] attn: @Stegro88

Soft brown eyes widened at the sight of those burns marring the Klingon's skin, the raised puckered flesh that pulled away from her top. It was sad, but burns were one of the most common injuries you could see on a ship, especially when it came to engineer emergencies. The warp core was a wonder of engineering that allowed them to hop and skip across the face of the galaxy, warping space at will to move these miniature cities they'd built. Engines built on powerful contained energies, restrained by the intricities of the warp system...and when it broke those energies were unleashed on the ship.

Katie had never yet seen a major shipboard emergency, had only seem the effects of those wounds in the holographic scenarios which they had trained on, but that had been enough to never wanted to have to deal with that again. Mickayla's injuries didn't seem to be that bad, but the wound on her arm was worse than anything else that the nurse had dealt with while she'd been serving on board the Oneida. Not beyond her ability to handle, they'd trained them for this but still, not something she'd wish on anyone.

"I'm Katherine, Katherine Locke but everyone calls me Katie."

The young Nurse practitioner turned her full attention onto Mickayla, eyes settling on her face as she lifted a hypospray, pressing it against the woman's neck. There was a quiet hiss as the medicine stored in the hypospray flooded into the Klingon's system, a cool feeling that seemed to radiate out from the cool metal pressed against her skin.

"This will help with the pain and the soreness while we work on the arm. So, you're one of our guests from the Theurgy right? What do you do over there?"

One of the first things she'd learnt was to engage with her patients, to get them talking about something they cared about. Anything to distract them from the medical procedure...but even saying that...she was curious, she was very curious about the Theurgy, about what they'd uncovered. The brunette couldn't think of one person onboard the Oneida who wouldn't want to find out more about them.
[ Captain Ives | Bridge | Deck 01 | USS Oneida ] Attn: @Hope @Luciain @Nero @chXinya  @jreeves1701 @Stegro88
Entering the Oneida's bridge in his male form, Captain Ives looked around the present faces, and given the gravity of the mission at hand, the faint smile he wore was just skin-deep.

Still, he was among officers who had been briefed about the truth of Command, which was a rare occasion. After months of being persecuted by Starfleet, and having survived the mutiny of Captain Vasser of the Harbinger, it seemed surreal that the Oneida had actually seen through the veil placed over the eyes of their brothers and sisters in the Federation. It was only natural that he would have quiet reservations given what he and his crew had endured when encountering another Starfleet vessel, but for the time being - knowing that Admiral Anderson had yet to fail them - he had given Captain Jackson and his Senior Staff the benefit of the doubt.

"Attention," said the Commanding Officer of the Iroquois-class ship when he sat in his command chair, "this is your Captain speaking. You will have to pardon the trope, but I have some good news and some bad news."

Listening, knowing what Jackson was about to say already, Jien folded his hands behind his back while the other Captain continued. "As you already know, we have cut all subspace communications with Starfleet and faked the destruction of this ship with a false distress call, because we have learned that even before we left Earth, in the middle of last year, Starfleet Command has been compromised. We had our suspicions before we were contacted by 'King' - an Starfleet Intelligence officer that goes by that moniker in order to protect his identity from the enemy. An enemy, that has come to possess our Admiralty, and seek to undermine and tear down all that we stand for. Parasites, that possess our fellow officers and make them do the bidding of an extra-galactic phenomenon. Sentient or not, this dark void seek to devour everything on our star-charts, and those possessed by it have come to be called the Infested."

Jackson briefly turned to Ives, giving him a glance before he continued. "Our first priority was to seek contact with the Theurgy, because Captain Ives and his crew have carried and protected this truth since November last year, when Starfleet Command falsely accused them of being Romulan defectors just so that they could silence them. Today, advised by 'King', we have made contact. Captain Ives is standing right next to me on the bridge, having personally set out to escort High Chancellor Martok to Qo'noS. Martok has also learned about the Infested, fought one in person in a recent battle, and it is of highest priority that he reaches the Great Hall in the First City. His chancellery is challenged, and besides the continued stability of the Klingon Empire, the Chancellor can aid us in our mission ahead. These were the good news. Captain Ives?"

Nodding quietly, Jien continued where Jackson left off. "Right now, Martok's challenger - Gorka, son of Margon - is pursuing the Oneida in an attempt to stop us from reaching Qo'noS. We have a head start, but judging by long range sensors, Gorka will arrive not long after the Oneida reaches her destination. He commands House Mo'Kai's flagship, the IKC Ta'rom, Negh'Var-class, and it is escorted by three Vorcha-class attack cruisers. Once they reach Qo'noS, the Oneida will be their prime target. That is, however, not the worst of it."

Not too keen on being the bringer of bad news, Jien nonetheless continued. "There are ships belonging to Gorka's loyal Houses in the sector of where we're headed, so we will likely face opposition even before Gorka reaches Qo'noS. Fortunately enough, there will also be ships loyal to Martok there as well, so the Oneida will not have to face this opposition alone. As we speak, Chancellor Martok is rallying his forces to convene at Qo'noS in order to grant us as safe a passage as possible. Regardless, in ninety minutes, Jackson will sound the Red Alert."

Nodding, Jackson resumed talking, having put his hands in his lap and taken a deep breath. "Indeed. Stand ready, prepared, for we will do whatever it takes to aid Chancellor Martok once we reach Qo'noS. That is our top priority as of now, and when we make it through this day, we will determine how we best cooperate with the Theurgy in order to restore the Admiralty to being themselves again." Jackson paused, before switching topics.

"The Oneida might be fast, but she is just a small long range explorer, and we can only do so much when facing adversity. The Theurgy... Well, you have already heard what kind of ship she is. As I have already mentioned, Captain Ives and his crew have not been able to hide behind a false distress call - like we are - but suffered grave losses at every turn since they fled the Sol Sector. We, however, have a surplus of officers since our last mission, so it is only natural that we seek to replenish the ranks of the Theurgy when able, for sake of the grave mission at hand. I will be opening up for transfer requests eventually, and saying this... you should know what I am proud of you all, and will not judge you if you seek to volunteer for service under Captain Ives. Until then, however... let's save the Klingon Empire from falling apart, shall we?"

The immediate reaction from the bridge crew stalled any further words from either of the two Captains.

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[ Cadet Katherine Locke | Turn-of-the-Millennium Technology Lecture | Starfleet Academy | Earth ] attn: @Fife

The girl couldn't help but smile at her companion's observations, letting herself sink lower down in her chair to avoid their professor catching sight of her as she held up her PADD to cover her face. It was one of the most useful elements of having a tablet like this for class, it provided a useful protection for those times when you didn't want to let a teacher see your face.

"Oh, not too much, it's ok, I missed getting to the gym today, so you know I really needed to get the swimming practice in."

Dark brown eyes twinkled playfully as the student leaned forehead, letting her eyes peer around the classroom for a moment. It seemed that they weren't the only students struggling with the lecturer's soporific tone, all around the pair students had slumped down at their desks, dozing or playing on their PADDs rather than maintaining that bright-eyed and bushytailed look that you always saw in the media when they talked about Starfleet Academy. Bright-eyed perfect students cutching their PADDs or engaged in deep conversation as they made their way from one class to the other. And, it had been a little like that while she'd been here. Katie had never experienced a scholastic atmosphere like it anywhere before, but then...there were other elements to school here that she hadn't been expecting.

There were the parties, nights spent drinking an relaxing, something the girl ha never really seen before. It was...heady, enough to blow you away and she could empathise with her new friend, when she'd first arrived there were nights she'd stayed up way too late drinking before stumbling into class bleary-eyed and barely aware. It was a trial that everyone went through, trying to find a balance between work and play, something that would no doubt serve them well as they moved on to positions later on ships and stations. Although, that perhaps wasn't the only thing they were teaching them. That grin pulled up the edge of her lips as she leaned closer to Isel, a finger flicking up to point at her.

"You know, I think you might be right there, I bet this class is secretly some kind of special test by intelligence. Trying to weed out the students with the potential to be spys, or to withstand torture, cause let's be honest, it doesn't come much more cruel and unsual than putting us through something like this. I mean, it's got to be against some kind of convention or the other right?"

She leaned back for a moment, letting soft brown eyes check on the lecturer before twisting around to look at the white-haired student.

"My pleasure, besides, I'm sure you would have done the same for me. We torture victims need to stick together right?"

A wink as she shifted slightly in her chair.

"I'm in the Medical Academy, so I guess I really don't need to be here, but I figured it would be a good elective to take, something unusual that I'm never really gonna be able to find out about right? Show's me for trying to be clever.doesn't it? I should have gone for something more reasonable, like...well anything outside on a day like this. What about you? What ended up dragging you in here?"
Episode 01: Advent of War / Re: CH06: S [D03|0900] Doubtful Counseling
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[Ensign Kyle Jensen | Counseling Department Offices | Deck 9 | Vector 2 | USS Theurgy | Aldea] Attn: @P.C. Haring

Kyle turned to look back out the window again. Thinking about what Hathev said he turned back towards his seat and took his seat. He looked down down at his drink that he had barely touched since getting it from the replicator, he took a swig of his coffee. "A thought exercise...", Kyle said. "Lieutenant Commander, before I go into all the details, I need you to understand that this information has been classified by the Captain and is not to be recorded in any official documents, and also I understand that as a Counselor you have an obligation to keep the following information confidential."

Kyle sat back in his seat trying to relax and remember where this all began. "It all started the day before going to the Coreless moon with Commander Trent in his office. He was 'interrogating' me in regards to the incidents on Starbase 84 and the circumstances that lead up to my former commanders death. " Kyle paused for a moment taking another drink from his cup. "Commander Trent was already suspicious of me and it eventually came down to me either being locked away in a brig for not revealing what happened on Starbase 84 or telling him what was going on, I waited until he turned off his monitoring equipment and disclosed what he wanted to know. I told him that I was an Imperial Intelligence Officer for the Klingons. Commander Trent told me that he was going to reveal all this to Captain Ives."

Kyle took another sip of his coffee and paused for a moment trying to recant all the events without including now known details.

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Main OOC Board / Re: Holograms and Sex
Last post by GroundPetrel -
It depends entirely on if the hologram is based on a sentient AI. 

If it's nonsentient, it's basically masturbating to pornography.  If it's a sentient AI, that's a thinking creature and therefore cheating. 
Aldea Prime / Re: Day 10 [2130 hrs.] AWOL
Last post by Fife -
[ Woof | Bark Bark | Bark | Arf ] Attn: @Stegro88
[Show/Hide]Isel shook herself as she materialized next to MacGregor on the surface of Aldea, her thick white fur flailing about momentarily as she did so. She followed the Klingon woman holding her leash as Mickayla led them into a small alleyway and away from prying eyes, though Isel noted that very few people seemed to be looking at Mickayla. She supposed that a Klingon was a normal enough sight on the planet, even if one wouldn't usually have a canine companion in tow. It also occurred to Isel that few people were likely to question the Klingon openly about it, Klingons being Klingons.

Isel sat on her haunches as Mickayla drew up in the alley, the Vulpinian's tongue lolling out of the side of her mouth in amusement as Mickayla fished Blizzards underwear out of her pocket and held it out for Isel to sniff.

"Alright, do you thing."

Isel couldn't laugh in her current form, which was just as well, as the situation would likely have sent her into peals of laughter otherwise. Isel, keeping her muzzle well enough away from the underwear, sniffed the garment several times, making sure she had the Andorian's scent, then looked up at MacGregor and gave a soft woofing noise.

The scent in her nose, Isel turned away from the proffered panties and raised her nose, sniffing the air first in one direction, then the other. No luck. Isel looked back at MacGregor, woofed softly again, then led the Klingon woman back towards the beam-down site, sniffing intermittently as she went. Aldea was unfamiliar, it's scents unusual to her, which Isel hoped would serve their purpose. Alien scents could make picking out the familiar smell of the Andorian all the easier.

As they approached the beam-down site, Isel sniffed more frequently. She sniffed the ground, vendor stalls, and benches, all to no avail, until...


Isel turned her muzzle up to peer at MacGregor, letting out a slightly louder bark before turning in the direction the scent was heading, lowing her head and raising one paw just like one of the hunting dogs she'd seen in an old painting in one of the corridors back at the Academy, though she held back from baying loudly as that floppy-eared hunting dog had seemed to be doing. Once sure she had Macgregor's attention, Isel began to move at a quicker pace, her head kept low as she followed the scent the Andorian had left as she walked. Isel had to pause every now and then, either to make sure of which direction the scent turned, or to avoid running into people. On two occasions she failed to avoid such collisions, on both occasions receiving a scratch behind the ears and some cooing words from those she had bumped into, causing her tail to wag. If there was one thing Isel enjoyed in both her Feral and Natural forms, it was ear scratches.

Setting off after her second collision and scratch session, Isel was drawn up short by her collar, the other end of the leashing having stopped moving with her. Isel turned and peered along the pink leash to the hand that held it and saw that Mickayla had stopped at a vendor's stall as Isel was indulging the most recent stranger's desire to pat her. Curious, Isel moved back to Mickayla and pushed herself up on her hind legs, resting her paws on the counter of the stall and peering at the counter's contents. The stall owner laughed, seeing the white head of an unfamiliar canine-like creature suddenly inspecting his wares next to the Klingon, though the amusement in his face was quickly replaced by a look of puzzlement as Isel growled softly at Mickayla, who was inspecting a piece of jewelry. The Vulpinian growled again as Mac looked at Isel, then pointed her muzzle at a different piece which would probably suit Mickayla's features better, letting out a soft yip as she gestured. The store owner laughed once more as Isel watched Mickayla pick up the piece for inspection, then once more dropped so that all four paws were on the ground.

Sitting on her haunches, Isel scratched at her collar again, unused to wearing the thing, and waited as Mickayla browsed a bit longer. Then, getting impatient, Isel took a loose loop of the leash in her mouth and gave it a tug, letting out a low, impatient growl as she did so.

Once they were on the move again, it didn't take long for Isel to track the scent to it's destination, the Vulpinian stopping outside a set of doors which led into a shuttle hangar. Stopping at the doors and giving the area around them another sniff to make sure that was truly where the scent terminated, Isel turned to look at MacGregor, gave a soft whimper, and scratched at the doors to indicate that Blizzard had entered the building.


[ Lt Cmdr. Jennifer Dewitt | Breen Patrol Ship ]
For all good it had done to stand her ground and make the Breen officers on that patrol ship heed her, to agree beaming her aboard and spare the lives of her crew in exchange of hearing her warning about the threat to the Hall of Heroes, Jennifer Dewitt hadn't had the time to say her piece. Much less speak to anyone of import.

The Allegiant had fired straight down into the Breen Condeferacy's capital, dealing an orbital strike right next to the Federation Embassy and subsequently the Hall of Heroes. This, at a time when the Breen Council had convened. Eyes wide, she'd seen it happen from aboard the patrol ship. The Breen officers had begun shouting in their distorted voices, leaping at the task to destroy the Allegiant as soon as it began to move and power up its weapon systems. They had made the mistake of beaming Dewitt to their small bridge, however. Seeing what was about to happen, Jennifer was certain that what T'Less and Thorne were doing had to be affiliated with their mission. So, she had followed her gut instinct. Knowing it might compromise her further, perhaps even jeopardising the chances of speaking with the Breen leadership, she just couldn't stand there and see the Allegiant destroyed.

Using the moment of distraction, she had disarmed the Breen that had a disruptor rifle aimed at her, struck him to the deck with it, and screamed at the bridge crew to not open fire. One of them hadn't listened, so she'd shot his console to make her point. Then, the Allegiant had cloaked once more... and it had made a cursory smile cross Jennifer's face, knowing that her small crew had made it. She'd surrendered her newly acquired weapon, putting it down on the deck, and raised her hands in submission. This... might not have looked so innocent, she thought, but she'd really not had any choice, had she?

One of the Breen had struck her across the head from behind, and then everything went dark.