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Will ahve ane xample caracter ready for a look see soon.

In the meantime


They are an organized, militaristic totalitarian Zeonic state based somewhere in the Asteroid belt orbiting Sol, our sun. Little is known of them other than they follow a woman who goes by the War Name. "Purple Meteor."  No one knows what she looks like as she never takes off a helmet equipped with a full reflective surface faceplate. the only visible detail she let anyone see was her flowing fiery red hair.

She is an ace Mobilesuit Pilot and feared by friend and foe alike due to her Berzerker nature in battle. Rumour ahs it tehyve commandeered a large scaled abandoned repair and construction yard for warships, a holdout from the 2nd Zeon war. The Children of Night have reactivated it and are construction a warfleet here.

it is rumoured they are building a group of warships unlike any seen to this day, with offensive and defensive capabilities that are off the charts. they can not be allowed to launch even one of the 6 ships of this type being made, not to mention the two dozen smaller warships.

[ LTJg. Sephiria "Scylla" Arn | Cockpit of the Mk.I Valravn Wolf 10 | Azur Nebula near Borg Aperture]

((A few minutes prior to the following segments))
As Scylla attacked with the others, Whiteout noticed something on their sensors. "Scylla, we got a Klingon ship taking a lot of fire and she looks about to blow, i'm reading a lot of Klingons aboard, no borg, we should maybe show good faith and help?" He stated matter of fact like. Sephiria looked at the sensors and nodded. "Scylla to Meerkat, that Koro'T'inga at zero seven seven mark 3 is hurt and there's a bunch of Klingons on it that need help, I suggest we break off and take the Cubes weapons node there out, give them a chance to save their people." She transmitted the data and it also showed another cruiser, a Vor'Cha closing on the stricken one. "Maybe we can give that other cruiser a chance to beam them out?" She asked Meerkat.

Scylla's hands flew over the controls, Whiteout hanging on for the ride with an evil grin as he monitored contacts and brought target points up for his pilot while firing on others on the queue, her eyes moving, the iris movement following targeting system of the built in HUD of her Combat Flight Armor , weapons triggering off once lock-ons are confirmed, the agile Valravn dodging and weaving through debris, allied fighters and Borg weapons fire, getting a bit cooked here and there but, miraculously only 1 solid hit and her shields held.

"Shields at 35%, recharge cycle online, were good!" Spoke Whiteout as he checked their systems, while Scylla rolled around some debris, firing micro torpedoes and canon shots with uncanny accuracy, many of them hitting their marks in rapid succession. She turned to whiteout over her shoulder for a second as "Chasing the Angels" from Brother Firetribe started playing. As the Music flowed, Scylla kept dodging Borg fire and returning accurate bursts of weapons fire in a series of arabesque like pivots, twists and turns. "Roger that Flight leader. " Came her reply to Meerkat's orders. The Fighters sleek form moved as if possessed by some angry deity of flight and fury, the veteran Pilots skills becoming fully apparent as she held nothing back, employing every ounce of her mind, body and soul in the fight.

She heard Meerkat's instructions as the Song came to it's conclusion, she rolled her bird out of its last attack run, arching around as multiple afterblasts occured after her last few hits, there was quite a bit more slag than Borg cube showing where many of their weapons nodes were. A cleared Koro'T'Inga cruiser hull was being destroyed by the Vor'Cha that saved its remaining crew, brave warriors who would live to fight another day for the empire and Chancellor Martok. The Valravn barrel rolled and dove, arching back around to form up to the right and back a bit of it's flightleader's own Valravn. "Wolf 10 has your wing team leader, shall we go find our wayward team mates and our charge?"

In the back seat sat a dazed and thoroughly terrified Andorian, he had only been assigned to Scylla during the final flight test phases and not ever experienced his pilot unleashing her whole arsenal of skills in a fight, he now knew, the stories of what she did during the Dominion war were not exaggerated, they just couldn't be. He sat there breathing slowly, trying to stop shaking as relaxing instrumental music plays while they flew towards the Allegiant.
AU Character Profiles / Re: Star Trek: ISS Paw
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Name: Eliska Bremmer
Rank: Civilian
Position: Head security contractor, ISS Paw
Species: Human
Age: 27
Gender: Female
[ Lt Cmdr Vael Kaeris | Bridge | Deck 01 | Vector 1 | USS Theurgy ]

There were distinct moments in his career, but none more so than this, when Vael regretted that his training ensured that curse words were not the go-to of his vocabulary.  Still, they had their appeal, whether it be in response to the seeming incompetence of some, the thunderous assault that hammered against the hull, or the outrage that some species would have the audacity to undeservedly presume his subjugation.

His efforts at remotely replicating the jamming relays was hampered as someone hamfistedly deployed some sort of cloaking device.  He could only presume that the device was unauthorized by Starfleet as there were precious few exceptions made to the Treaty of Algeron, but the subsequent power failure that cascaded through the ship's systems merely punctuated the incompatibility between the two systems -- one that any reasonable engineer should have safeguarded against.  It only took him two weeks aboard the Endeavour to convince the captain of the necessity of bulwarking portions of the power system to allow the crew to isolate damaged or corrupted systems.  But, he supposed, they had been tasked with a very particular mission that necessitated such precautions.

The power systems rebooted, the lighting on the bridge returning to some semblance of crimson-tinged normal even as others around him vented their particular flavor of slang and epithets.  Vael opted to allow the others to express his own frustration rather than open his mouth.  The second relay had failed as a result of the disruption, forcing him to begin anew.  The ship rocked as another assault from the cube tore through the ship.  If anything, the ship was in dire need of repairs even before he and his fellow refugees had been lured on board, but given their status, there wasn't a starbase or outpost within a hundred parsecs that would give them safe haven.

Chaos swallowed the bridge once more as another drone attempted to reassert itself.

Time was an asset they were rapidly running out of and everyone seemed too focused on the short term goal.  "Engineering, I am transmitting schematics and a deployment grid.  One relay is already in place," he stated, "these need to be replicated and released as quickly as possible.  No less than twenty but the more you can manage, the greater our advantage.  Advise the bridge once complete.  Kaeris out."

One task delegated, he moved towards the Theurgy's CSO, inclining his head slightly so as not to seem as rude as he might otherwise seem to be in such dire circumstance.  "Allow me," he said, calling up the parameters on the neighboring screen, his irritation at the mangled calculations hidden beneath the implacable expression on his face.  His brow furrowed slightly, the corners of his lips drawing tight as he began to review the scanning frequencies, rapidly filtering through the errors with an almost preternatural awareness.  The Romulan had managed to make a good many corrections to whatever tangled mess the Cayuga had been trying to implement and transmitted the corrections back, but there were still some elements that could stand further refinement.   "Good job, lieutenant.  Here are some additional variables to assist in narrowing our scan field," he said with a nod to Vanya.  "Thank you."

Someone announced the arrival of another ship -- but his awareness was subsumed in his work, interfacing the protocols to the Theurgy's sensor grid, the nascent apertures lighting up faintly across the navigational consoles.  "We've located the network.  Now we need to disable it before the situation becomes untenable."  His dark eyes moved from those nearby him, to Ducote, and finally to the dark skinned Bajoran who sat in command.
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Once you go blue, you'll always stay true.   ;)
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Ooooh, a combat medic. Nice! :D
[ Dr. Silim Parnak | Yeoman's quarters | Deck 10 | Vector 02 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @Nolan 

Aside from her suddenly calling halt, there was nothing that was going to stop him now. He had tasted too much. Felt too much satin skin against his. Parnak often thought about many topics simultaneously, he was constantly working. The next job. The next quip. The next meal. There was always something; Yet, in this moment he was hers and hers alone.

 No doubt the human could feel his scaled skin as he moved, kissing up the inside of her thigh. Silim wondered if it would be strange for her, or erotic, as if he was ribbed for her pleasure. Teasingly, he stole light, little pecks as well as longer, sensuous kisses as slowly, he progressed upward.

Eventually he arrived. Her sweet, heady scent filling his nose. He moaned a deep guttural groan as his eyes turned to look at his destination. Her most intimate area was so close, hidden by a small amount of cloth. Parnak quickly flicked his vision upwards, to see her face. He wanted to know what he did was both welcome and wanted. Carefully, he reached in to move the barrier aside. Then, his lips met hers, kissing her softly before letting his tongue reach out and take his first taste of the nectar she produced. He dragged his tongue up from her entrance towards her clit. Silim paid her gentle yet expert attention, withdrawing only long enough to speak.

"I guess we could call this a form of 'Dress relief'." He jeered with hungry, watching eyes and a wide, toothy grin.
[ Lieutenant Junior Grade Zark | Security Center | Deck 07 | Vector: Combined | USS Theurgy ]

Zark had been present at the security briefing. Listening from some were off to the side. She had been helping out in sickbay until they were nearly on station then reported to the Security center. Upon filling in those present on whom she was, where she was from and what she could do, she'd been rolled into the active security group.

As the information and orders were passed out she'd adjusted the fittings on the shiny new EXO Suit. She had not taken it into battle and the fittings were still being adjusted as others spoke. The fancy rifles were handed out to some other security members, but she was not one of them. That didn't surprise her.

Her suit had the standard gear that the others had. The Type II Pulse pistol was holstered on her left thigh. She had double checked the pouches. Her suit had more than the standard. As she carried not only combat gear, and a full issue of it, but medical gear as well. A back pack rested between her shoulders with additional medical supplies. Yes, medic's had to carry more gear and it was a bitch, but that's why they got all the best mates.

As orders were given she picked up the unique helmet for her ExoSuit and slid it on. Her Antennae sliding into the advanced triple layered sleeves protruding from the top. Glancing up she gave an experimental wiggle of her antennae, to ensure a good fit. This wasn't the best option in all the worlds but it was better than not having a helmet or having one and having antennae sheered off. With the helm on the suit's internal workings adjusted the temp to much lower than ambient room temp for Federation starships. Zark was Andorian and she liked it cold.

Her helm and suit also projected an encrypted IFF (Identifying Friend or Foe) Designation as Medic. This couldn't be seen by foes and only by friendlies, but would tell other security officers and crew who to call out for, for medical assistance.

When the squads started heading out she'd lifted her Type III rifle, checked the magazine and nodded. Time to hit the ice.


That had been some time ago. Things had not expressly gotten better aboard Theurgy. Hits had been taken and the shield grid had given up enough of a hole for beam through from the Cube.

The Borg, where among them.

Zark had been given three crewmen under her as a roving squad to assist as needed and provide medical aid when possible. They had been moving fast, clearing corridors and patrolling. Clearing a corner in a 'pie' maneuver she swept the corridor into view and crouched down to a knee. There were Borg there and they looked to be entering the security center. Her antennae flattened back against her helmet, and she spoke lowly to the crewmen with her.

"Borg are taking the security center. We're coming up behind. On my mark, let um have it. We need to overwhelm them before they adapt."

The security crewmen nodded to her, looking scared. In truth she was scared too. This was nothing like patrolling the Cardassian border. Sure she'd seen action there but this was all together different.

Pulling her Type III up she gave hand signals and two of the crewmen crossed the hall. Then she and the other moved forward. Leap frogging two by two till they were out side the security center. Then a count down.




She gave the signal and was first through the door. Just as the lights went off in the security center and darkness descended. Behind the security force-field, there was a shimmer. THAT... was not supposed to happen. Borg inside, their red electronic optics sweeping. Zark's Antennae flicked and she brought up her rifle. The HUD of the suit lit up lowlight and thermo overlays as well as Life sign tracking. This would keep her from hitting friendlies... that's the hope anyway.

Phaser bolts flew forth from all 4 members of the squad. Lighting up the security center's darkness. Zark had indicated one drone and all four security members lit it up, blowing it away quite quickly. Then switching to a second. It too fell but then the third took a few hits staggering back before slowly falling. The fourth's shields pinged off the phaser bolts.

"Adaptation! Modulate! Spread out, make it choose a target!"   She dove and commando rolled behind a console. Letting the rifle swing down and back on it's strap she drew the Type II Pulse pistol from it's holster and popped up from behind the console a trilling laugh escaping her. Her own nervous tick displaying itself at all the wrong times as usual.  Zark tracked for a target and yelped as it flung something at her. She ducked back down behind the console as it rang with the impact. WHANG.


Touching the side of her helmet. "Lieutenant Zark, to Security Forces. Security Center breached! Drones present. High Priority Prisoner just poofed. Repeat: High priority prisoner is in the wind! Requesting assistance!" 

Across the way one of the crewmen fired around the bottom of a console and cut the legs off a drone.

"LT! Their shields are down??"

Zark didn't have to be told twice. "MOW UM DOWN!!!"

She popped up from behind the console and gripped her Type II Pulse pistol on both hands. Antennae laid back against her helmet and she started peppering the drones hard and fast. Pew pew pew! Pew pew pew! Pew pew pew!!

The young Andorian didn't know how long the shields would be down but every second meant more fire could be poured into the Borg and that couldn't hurt. She hoped someone up the chain heard her. That prisoner had 4 guards on him when this all started and now he was gone.
[ Lt. JG Sinead O'Riley | Bridge Module | Precept-ship Versant ] Attn: @Auctor Lucan, @steelphoenix & @Patches
Her alternate idea was ultimately rejected, and she saw the logic in the decision. Nodding, the auburn-haired woman knelt down once more, allowing V-Nine unhindered access to her scalp. "Do what yeh mus'," said Sinead.

There was a brief sensation, a sharp pain, and then nothing. She felt numb. There had been a joke about numbskulls once, but she couldn't quite remember. She was unconscious, and yet, she didn't know or sense when that was true, for she still saw all around her, only she couldn't be awake for the surgery, surely.

"Welcome back, Sinny," said her wild pure Bringloidi self, and Sinead scowled.

"I have had enoff o' yeh." said the woman as she stood up in the dream world. The other woman lunged at her, claws raking at her eyes.

Normally Sinead would have grappled with her, held her until she submitted and made the process of absorbing her into herself, taking full control of her emotions, but this time, Sinead allowed her anger to get the better of her and as she did so, her wild self grew larger, more feral, and stronger. "Aye, keep goin'h!" she said, egging Sinead on, "At last yeh will be destroyed an' I will be freeh!"

Sinead knew this would not end well, but she fell back into her training in various martial arts, and suddenly flipped the larger form over head. Wordlessly, she approached her adversary, herself, and as the other woman rose, she kicked her in the abdomen, knocking the wind out of her. "Time an' again,", said Sinead, "I tell yeh th' simple truth, tha' we are one an' th' same, but time an' again, yeh refuse t' accept that yeh no be a prisoner in me. We are both free."

When she screamed and lunged forward, Sinead ducked to the side, lifting her right leg to trip the woman up, and she grasped the upraised ankle, and twisted, snapping the foot right around. A shrill cry pierced and nearly broke Sinead's skull from the volume, but she kicked her other self in the back of the neck, "I reject yeh as a part of meh. No longer will I be assaulted by yeh. I am Sinead O'Riley, an' yeh be nothin' but a lost girl in th' recesses of me mind. But now, begone. I have no need of yeh, and it is time yeh be locked away forever, to rot...and die."

She snapped limb after limb, and tore her own reflection to pieces with her bare hands, then threw them into a box and shut the lid, locking it. By sheer force of will, she created an ocean that she stood upon, carrying the box in her hands, and she cast it into the ocean, where the screams of her own self was stolen by the waters. She felt peace at last, no longer doubting she was who she was by will of her own choosing. She looked upwards and saw a bright light, which she willingly ascended to...

...and she was awake once more. V-Nine asked her how she felt, to which she responded by feeling her head, and she spared a small smile to the android and the captain, "It be quiet in me head now. I am free."

She stood up, ready to perform her duties as needed once more.

[ PWO Heather McMillan | Medical Bay | Precept-ship Versant ] Attn: @FollowTomorrow & @Absinthe
Heather had since curled up, settled down close to Nathaniel, and hugged her knees to herself. She shivered, not sure if she was cold or just thoroughly unnerved, but either way, she knew she wanted to leave this dreadful ship. She felt this fundamental change that took place within her, and it was not yet finished. Part of her was lost, never to be regained. Something new was given her besides life, but was this a boon, or a dreadful curse?

With a sigh, she realized that she could not just sit there and wait for them to be done. For everyone to fight the battles for her. Sure, she could not and would not pick up a weapon to join a battle...could she? No, she couldn't. Besides that, warriors were not the only things a crew needed. She was a biologist, a student of medicine and physiological understanding and improvement. The next best thing after a doctor. So, despite her initial plan to stay put and wait the worst out, she slowly got up, still unsteady, but slowly regaining enough strength to at least walk. She nodded when Lakhesis and Nathaniel spoke, "Rather unfortunate business, that," she said.

"How did it happen?" She asked, and as she listened, she began to sort out the supplies nearby, forming a kit for herself whilst looking Nathaniel over. She might just have him examined to see how badly hurt he was, "I'm going to see about making a kit. I'm...I remember that I am something of a doctor, and while I'm quite...uhm...averse to holding a weapon, I can do something about wounds..."
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Congrats on the new character!

I just wanted to give a shout out to apologise for getting a little behind on some threads. Work has unexpectedly gotten very busy and has been kicking my ass.

I aim to try to get caught up ASAP. Thanks for your patience and sorry for those who are waiting.