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[ Ensign Cir'Cie | Junior Officer's Quarters | Deck 11 | Vector 01 USS Theurgy ] Attn: @Auctor Lucan

Cir'Cie would listen to Liam intently, unable to not fidget slightly when he mentioned how and Ji would often frequent this room to 'vent' their stresses with each other, she couldn't help but wonder what it might be like to have the Adonis like Chief of Deck to herself and she would visibly bite her lip in a uncharacteristically seductive or needy like manner before wresting control of herself. She was supposed to be here to offer comfort, support! Not see a potential chance to satiate her own burning and heightened sense of need. What would her counselors think if she decided to simply throw everything she had learned to get to where she was now.

As Liam continued to pour his feelings out, his questions being presented too her - all she could do was listen and try to make some sense of his own internal chaos that had been troubling him. That was something that always irritated and yet pleased Cir'Cie. She always found it near impossible to reason with her own internal thoughts and yet found it much more plausible and even rewarding to offer order to someone else's thoughts. Once Liam had offered his thanks and seemingly finished saying what he needed to say, Cir'Cie would shift to be slightly closer to Liam, her leg pressing at the side of his own opposite leg facing her direction.

"The Infested have shown they rely on impulse and the corrosion of logic to get what they want... what happened was not your fault." Cautiously, Cir'Cie would reach over and gently take one of Liam's strong and defined hands into her own before placing her other hand on top of it. "From how you describe her, Ji clearly loved you and wanted to do everything within her power to make sure she didn't lose you. However in safeguarding you so much, it seems she lost herself... But she will recover, as all of us have recovered before at the hands of the Niga and the Infested...and she will need your help. Help in realizing she will need to forgive herself, assuming she has regrets about what happened. And if you love her'll make that happen - or at the very least, fight to make it happen."

Realizing her intimate approach and her words might be conflicting, she reluctantly removed her hands from his own but maintained her gaze with his. She couldn't help feel sexually charged around this man and she was wondering if it might simply be better to wish him the best and to leave his quarters immediately... But she did not. She felt determined to show that she had made progress, that she could be alone and close to a man without letting her base wants consume her. So with an exhale and a slow nod she would continue.

"I wish to offer my support to you when you feel you need someone to talk too...or just wish to spend time with. They are many things we could learn from each other, or explore on one of the holo-decks. To share our perspectives and grow stronger from them...that is my hope at least. If you are interested." With a gulp, Cir'Cie would scold herself for briefly allowing her composure to slip - she really wanted to try and step out past her comfort zones. Humans were difficult to work with at the best of times, but Liam was amicable and open minded and she had come to appreciate it. Even if his physical attributes were a test in of themselves to her.
Lt. JG Salem Martin | [ Surgical Suite 02 | Deck 11 | Vector 02 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @Swift

Salem followed the Doctor into the surgical room, watching as the medical team parted like the red sea upon her request and his arrival. There, in the centre of the room, his sister, his twin lay motionless on a biobed. To look at her, he could still see her beauty, her radiance but then as his eyes travelled, all he could see were the devices, the wires, the technology keeping her alive, keeping her safe. It was more than he could handle and he found himself gasping for breath, not quite sure where the next breath would come from, if at all.

Taking her hand in his, Salem looked to his sister, tears starting to cascade down his face as he tried to summon the words through a croaked voice, reminding him of his adolescence. "Vivian...Viv...." he said, before wiping some tears from his face. "You don't deserve this, why couldn't it be me instead?" he asked, gripping her hand tightly. "You're the strong one, the smart one, hell, Chief Science Officer Vivian Martin! That's success. Me? I'm just a victim, a fuck-up, a disappointment. Nobody would notice if it were me on the bed, hell I'm sure half the crew don't even know I exist..." he said, choking on his words.

It was obvious to anyone that Salem felt like he was in his sister's shadow. She'd always been his idol, his role model. Now, she was helpless and so was he.

He leaned down to kiss her forehead. "How dare they use you in their games of politics? I used to sit in the garden and read Sun Tzu's Art of War, remember? You'd be playing with dolls in the sun and there was me, studying tactics. I always admired warfare and the beauty of it, but this isn't war. War isn't bombs in bars, that's terrorism." he said, anger boiling in his blood.

"The Captain won't let this stand, Viv, a sentence WILL be carried out, justice will be sought, I promise you...and when you wake up, because you will wake up, you're gonna see a whole new Salem Martin. Someone you can be proud to call your brother." he said, proudly, kissing her once more before turning to Kate and nodding. "I'm ready." he said, placing her hand back on her chest and turning away. He left the room slowly, turning just once more to look back. "Goodbye Vivian".
[ Lt. Alana Pierce | Public Baths | Deck 12 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @Griff @Juzzie [Show/Hide]

Lillee was certainly a skilled individual she thought to herself. Meanwhile, her hands seemed to have a mind all their own as it brushed the back flesh of Rhys. The heat was burning in Alana's loins as she stood there in a situation she never expected nor thought she would be in since her transformation. But something about how Lillee intercepted seemed to have...altered the deal.

She peered over Rhys and around him to see Lillee reaching for his manhood and giving it very gentle, yet subtle teases that if she were still a man, it would have made her grab the Romulan woman in lust. The look on the woman's face told Pierce exactly what was going down and while she stood there still massaging his back, she wanted to lean into what the two were clearly about to endure.

Disturbed from her reverie, Alana heard Lillee ask a very pointed question on whether she was up for participation or not. "...I am sure that Alana would agree to the same, yes?" was all Alana heard and nodded. "He's safe, I feel safe, and we know you feel safe Lillee." She chuckled sweetly which startled her at the sound. The suggestion was planted by Lillee for Rhys and she could tell he was down for whatever came next. "Careful Lillee or you're going to get bit by that..." she smirked knowing full well what Lillee was planning.

Alana reached around Rhys chest, holding him close to her flesh. His body was incredibly warm as she held on to his back, breasts smashed against him tightly creating a somewhat awkward hold on him. She held him a little tighter not sure what angle she was headed yet as she watched Lillee go for it.
[ Lt. Alana Pierce | Brig | Security Center | Deck 07 | USS Theurgy ] | ATTN: @GroundPetrel @Argyros @Auctor Lucan @Sqweloookle [Show/Hide]

Pierce looked around the room as she waited for Nicander to work his farsight technique. In the meantime, she could feel the eyes on her from around the room. Clearly, the thought of coming clean with Dr. Nicander wasn't sitting well with the others in the room. She turned around, hair flailing around her and resting upon her shoulders as she brushed the red out of her eyes.

"I can feel the room isn't all that keen with the idea of me spilling some of the conflicts. Nothing about it is classified. The side missions themselves are not open for discussion. That being said, I wanted the good doctor to feel at least somewhat included and part of this crew still since it's his life on the line too with Klingons surrounding the area."

She took under advisement the statement made by Lt. Kingston about focusing on the Chancellor and High Council members. It struck her thoughts to ask another pertinent question related to it all.

"Also doctor, in case you missed it, in particular, the people we'd like to know more about are the Chancellor himself, the High Council members, and Gorka or his close associates. If you don't mind."

Alana shook her head and looked back at her PADD as she waited for Nicander to answer.
Aldea Prime / Re: Day 25 [1600 Hours] Contemplations
Last post by Havenborn -
[ LT Daniel Havenborn | Deck 08, Daniel Havenborn's Quarters | USS Theurgy, Vector 3 ] Attn: @Nolan

Daniel watched as she first removed her shoes then as she removed her leggings and underwear he couldn't help but admire her finely shaped body.  He did enjoy watching her breasts bounce as she removed her leggings, he could feel himself becoming aroused as she slowly got naked.  He watched as she flung her leggings across the small room near the replicator.  He wasn't sure if she had aimed at the replicator or not but either way she had good aim.

Daniel listened to what she said about the sonic shower and as he was thinking of a reply he stared at her shapely form as she walked towards the washroom.  He watched as she removed her bra and before it even hit the floor he had made up his mind.  "My sonic shower has been acting odd lately, I may need to give you a hand.  Just in case."  He said as he removed his pants and boxers in one swift motion before walking into his bedroom and removing his jacket and undershirt a moment later and tossing them onto his bed following her into the washroom.

"We could also use the water option if you'd prefer to get wet."  He said.
[ Lt. JG Kate Foster | Holodeck 02 | Deck 08 | Vector 02 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @Pierce

With a genuine sense of deep relief, Kate exhaled as Tessa stirred from her momentary unconsciousness, calming the heart which had beat with rapidity within her chest. Gently resting one of her delicate hands against her friend's abdomen as Tessa gradually leaned up on her elbows, Kate settled back until her slender legs scooted out from underneath and she plopped down unto her behind in relative exhaustion. "I don't... umm, some bigger gun?" she said unknowingly of the guard's AK-47 that had unloaded on poor Tessa's chest a few seconds earlier. "Me? Oh I'm fine." Letting a little giggle escape her at the absurdity of it all, she enjoyed the echoed sentiment that had been afforded by the Love Wolf. Though at the suggestion of revisiting the program again, Kate nearly did a double take. In a way, it had been an exhilarating experience to go through at the side of such a fun-loving hellion as Tessa, even if the night had gone in such an awry direction in comparison to what had originally been intended. The danger reminded Kate of her own enjoyment of more extreme sports like wing-suiting, or cave-diving. There was an inherent adrenaline rush associated with each activity, and Kate had felt that rush just a minute or so earlier when she thought that Tessa had been legitimately injured in a grave manner.

"Yeah... maybe we can do that some time. I think I'd like that." She smiled sweetly, very happy to have made the invitation to Tessa in the first place.

Once Tessa tossed the metal server's plate that she'd improvised as an armor vest, it having been dented in a dozen places where the bullets fired had impacted against it, Kate held out a hand to help her to her feet. Standing beside her, she admired Tessa's shirt riddled with torn bullet holes, and couldn't help but chuckle at her having had yet another top destroyed. "Remind me to never lend you a blouse." Teasing, Kate approached one of the dispatched guards and retrieved his AK-47 and hoisted it off to Tessa. "Well, from the sounds of these... pricks..." she kicked one of them "...I'm thinking this 'King' asshole is up in his bedroom, waiting for our arrival so that he can be a total creep." Grabbing another discarded weapon, Kate looked it over as she held it in her hands, though she had little understanding of the functionality of what was clearly an UZI submachinegun. "So. Shall we go be badass and put and end to whatever chapter or episode we're in the middle of?"

Holding her gun up with in arm, she placed a hand at her waist and did a little pose as in the background she could hear the adaptive programing pipe in with a music to build in anticipation.

OOC: Next song that is playing as Kate is posing=>[Show/Hide]
[ Lt. K'Ren | Aft Compartment | USS Thames ] Attn: @Brutus @Havenborn
"You sound proud of them Major," K'Ren remarked, "My cubs are not nearly so old. Our eldest son is six years old, our second litter, a boy and a girl, are four, and our last litter, two girls, are two years old. Development and age wise, Caits and Terrans tend to develop at the same rate, at least mentally. Physically, cubs are more agile then a comparable terran child." She grinned, "But a lesson in comparative development wasn't what we're discussing."

"I have to agree that my family has been worth the effort. Distance has been hard on my relationship to my mate, but I go home as often as I can." She glanced at Stark, "I don't judge the choices of others in that regards though. Unlike Terrans, Caits are biologically driven towards larger families, society is built around the family and clan, and for females the urge to reproduce and parent is far stronger then other species. And to answer your question about resentment, while I miss cubs something fierce at times, I do not resent having them, nor do I resent Starfleet for keeping me away from them. I knew, we both knew, when I first met my mate that there would be times Starfleet would pull us apart, sometimes months or even years. It is hard, for sure, and that is why I am looking forward to my transfer, I will finally be assigned to a place I can be close to my family, and a transfer to our defense forces means I'm no longer required to serve full time, giving me more time to spend with my cubs."
[PO3 Lillee t'Jellaieu | Public Baths | Deck 12 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @Nolan, @Pierce, @Juzzie


The kiss was a surprise, but a welcome one, and Lillee luxuriated in the taste of the other woman's lips upon her own. They were not the first lips she'd tasted that day, nor, she reflected upon looking at Rhys's strong back, would they be the last. The impish thought elicited a merry giggle as she let Alana go, before marveling at the human's body. Lillee was no telepath, but nevertheless she could sense the erotic anticipation building within Alana, and indeed Rhys...although for the latter, that was no secret. for anyone watching.

That prompted a thought that slightly woke Lillee up, her conscious mind reasserting itself. She glanced around the Baths, which seemed as full as ever as crewmen passed back and forth. There was still no sign of Thomas, but Lillee spied Natalie Stark and Samala in their own little alcove, enjoying a small tub. Moving on, Lillee tried to gauge if anyone was watching the developing situation with judgement, irritation or dismay, but she found nothing. Most of the bathers were either minding their own business or enjoying other company, and none seemed to mind the erotic massage showcase by the pool. Some might watch whatever occurred next for other reasons...and what of it? On another day, Lillee might've opted to be less of an exhibitionist, but now...oh stars, she just wanted to keep having fun!

With that, Lillee relaxed once more, smiling lazily at her playmates, damp blonde locks falling over her eyes. She noted that Rhys still seemed embarrassed even under Alana's touch, and she duly took a gentle approach. Lillee took one of Rhys's hands, encouraging him to straddle the lounge chair as she straddled it too, facing him. She was so close that her knees touched Rhys's, their skin in distant but sensual contact all the same. Lillee looked over Rhys's shoulder at Alana, smiling at the buxom human who had succumbed so beautifully and was now treating Rhys much as he had treated her. The competition was long forgotten, the "prize" now irrelevant; they were all about to be winners.

"Do you feel good, Rhys?" Lillee whispered in deliberate echo of her previous words, and as she spoke, a hand dipped down between them. Carefully, gently, she raked the back of her hand up and down his throbbing shaft, her knuckles grazing the sensitive skin all the way from the tip to his warm testes. Lillee looked into Rhys's eyes then, her words soft. "Know that whatever happens, you are safe. You are comfortable. You are free to do whatever you wish without consequence. I am sure that Alana would agree to the same, yes?" Her eyes flicked up to Alana with shared mischief before returning to Rhys's more innocent eyes, and then she spoke the final words.

"Do you want this, Rhys?" she murmured, sweat still dripping off her crennalated forehead, her blue eyes fixed on his, her knuckles still grazing his hardened manhood.
[ Lt. JG Kate Foster | Main Sickbay Waiting Lobby | Deck 11 | Vector 02 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @Scratchrat

Kate felt as though her heart were breaking as she saw the contemplation in the anguished man's face. How she hated delivering bad news to good people, but it was part of her job, and to an extent she was used to it by now. But given the relative parallels drawn between herself and poor Salem, this one was a little more painful to go through. And even though it technically wasn't the worst possible prognosis she could have delivered, the uncertainty of it was likely just as difficult to cope with as if she had.

Still, she could see the courage wellspring up within Salem as he looked to her and with confidence made the decision, which she knew was the right one, even if it meant he would be without the presence of his sister for an unknown length of time. It provided the best chances that Vivian had at ever making a full recovery from her injuries and living a normal life again. Similarly, Kate wondered what Stellan might have decided for her if the situation ever came to a point which dictated it. And despite all of the anger, disdain, and even hatred that existed between herself and her brother, she felt a great deal of sadness in imagining him having to go through what Salem was now. Aware of where such a train of thought would lead, Kate washed the thought from her mind and reached out with a delicate hand. "Sure." She affirmed while helping him stand to his feet, ready to lead him back into the attached chamber where her team was already working to prepare Vivian for stasis. There had been a chance that Salem would've rejected her recommendation, but she was counting on him making the right call.

And he hadn't disappointed.

[ Surgical Suite 02 | Deck 11 | Vector 02 | USS Theurgy ]

As they soon arrived in the sanitation chamber which led directly into where Vivian lay unconscious with her back exposed, a series of devices attached to her olive skin running the length of her spine, Kate nodded to Courtland before she opened the door which led into the suite. "Would you umm... guys give us a moment?" Likewise, Courtland and the others gave a somber nod as they one-by-one cleared out of the small room, leaving only Kate and Salem standing in the midst of the unconscious woman. "Go ahead. I'll wait just out here to monitor her readings." Stepping aside, she knew that it was a personal matter, but that there was still the likelihood that he might need some form of emotional support, or that Vivian's condition changed and necessitated her presence. So, as a compromise she could at least keep an eye on things from the decontamination chamber and move in if it came to it.

She watched the man patiently, willing to give him whatever length of time he needed before calling her people back in to make the final preparations for Vivian to go into stasis.

"Take as much time as you need."