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[ The Presence in the Darkness | Somewhere on the USS Theurgy ] Attn: @BZ 
Like a scattered image before his glowing eyes, Lucan didn't just see Eun Sae Ji crawl out of the broken doorway and land upon the cold deck plating one time. No, he saw it happening before, and how sometimes she would run in the opposite direction, and other times towards him. It was odd, however, in how the old images seemed unfamiliar to him, as if with this Cycle, the past ones had been altered as well. What had the Theurgy done to unravel the tapestry of time in such a fashion? Surely the images of Ji, and the experiences of her arrival, would not seem so recent? Through the abyss, he saw it all nonetheless, and he could but wonder how it had come to pass. Had the Theurgy and her crew, in some other reality, managed to escape the virus he carried? Or had something else happened, which had sent ripples down the time-stream?

This Cycle, for whatever reason, Ji came his way, and he just stood there and smiled while she approached.

That name... he thought, the echo of 'Luca' traversing the depth of the dark void, and he realised she'd called him that. The connection to the host body... it had been weakened. The Radiant had got to him, surely. Yes, this is the Ji that came to me in the cell. Was it her reality that set time in disorder? Or is she just a facet of that effect, since I've seen her here before? Hard to tell. Nonetheless, she's here again, which suggests that she might come once more.

The Cycles hadn't ended, and the darkness yet fed.

"Oh, Ji," he said in a soft voice, and he stepped out of the shadow and into the overhead light - his feet making whispers against the deck of the corridor. He could see the glow of his own stare reflected in her big, dark eyes. She would undoubtedly see the layers of scar tissue at the front of his bare torso, knitted together in a cursory was with his dermal regenerator, and she would undoubtedly slowly piece it all together. He expected to see the shock dawning in her eyes, unsure if it would be before or after she could smell him. For he carried the same scent as the flora he'd just subjected her to, like all the other people that had been left behind on the ship. "I am so happy to see you as well."

His next move was one propelled by his disconnect with the host body. The darkness that imbued his frame served to both strengthen and quicken him, phased out of corporeal restrictions as he was. In no time at all, he had closed the distance to her, and caught her by the neck with his tattooed hand. He held her there while he smiled at her - the light from his eyes casting her face in garish glare - and he let her struggle all she wanted. Against him, his scent or her doubts about his nature. Perhaps even her hopes against all odds that he remained the same 'Luca' she had left behind.

"Let me show you," he said, and while he didn't scream, his deep voice had risen to a kind of eldritch scratch against the fabric of their current reality, "what I really wanted to do when you saw me last."

Then his grip around her neck tightened gradually, suffocating her completely. Effortlessly, he lifted her feet clear from the deck plating. Soon, as he continued to squeeze, her vertebrae would yield, and her flesh split between his fingers. If her fight-or-flight response kicked in before then, he'd let her kick him all she wanted. He would even enjoy the pain she might cause the host body. It would be inferior to the experience of the seeds that had sprung through his torso, but pain was still pleasure, no matter how minuscule.

Then, he tilted his head, and the white light of his eyes turned from her face and caressed her thrashing body - suspended as she was from his grip. Was he really about to waste such a delectable opportunity, by breaking this new toy so soon? No, perhaps not. She would likely be more than willing, if he only let his scent turn her to his will. Her compliance was inevitable, if he only exercised a bit of patience...

So he dropped her before she suffocated, yet to have damaged her neck. Oh, how she reminded him of a mewling animal. Another skin-puppet, so easily bent to his will. They were all made to breed and die, after all. A pointless existence, about to cease.

"Look at me," he said to her, and his cutting words flayed the bulkheads. "I am your end."

Then he began to step after her.
Aldea Prime / Re: Day 09 [0700 hrs.] Spy Games
Last post by CorruptedCookie -
PO1 Dyan Cardamone | Aldea Prime | Aldea ]
Attn: @Revan

The Trill was a stubborn one, countering her point and yet while it would usually anger her and end with him suffering at least a broken nose, she was enjoying the fact he was challenging her, others would have accepted whatever she said out of fear by now but no, this one was standing his ground, she liked that. Still somewhere deep down her old self agreed with the Trill, if he had indeed escaped and she had indeed lost him then it would have been on her, something even the new Dyan reluctantly admitted to briefly before pushing the thought aside. No she wasn't going back to her old self, she was weak and failed to protect those she cared for what did she know?

Luckily his challenging ways had moved on to more fun exploits, evidently he wasn't going to back down in this regard either, the dynamic of their exchange now moving into the game of flirtation, something she was great at and certainly wasn't going to back down from now. Smirking at him as she pressed herself harder against him, smelling his scent.

"I can handle anything and in more ways than one." she replied, her face inches from his "If anything I don't think you could handle me...assuming I were to let you of course, I prefer to be the one doing the handling after all, it takes quite the person to change that..." she added, her eyes locked on his as they continued the dance, feeling her arousal continuing to jump higher with each breath and exchanged word.
Aldea Prime / Re: Day 08 [2007 hrs.] Second Chances
Last post by AlyFox -
[ LT. JG Jovela | Locker Room | Upper Gymnasium | Deck 06 | Vector 02 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @Auctor Lucan

Hearing Ida call for her to enter, Jovela stepped through the doors into the dimly lit quarters and couldn't help but scan the room with her eyes, pretty standard quarters all things considered from what she could see, although her gaze was more drawn to the spot where she was to be painted. The fact it was illuminated with the easel just outside the brightness was the give away.

Before she could say anything, she spotted Ida and the way she smiled at the sight of her, noting how her antennae rose and smirked at her words. "Who says I don't but I'm pretty sure there are regulations that forbid walking naked through the halls of the ship, despite the fact I'm sure nobody would mind the view so I figured a sexy dress was the next best thing." she grinned. "As for whether I'm in the dress or out of it is entirely up to you." she winked.

Shaking her head at the offer of food as she crossed the room, closing the distance between them the Risian couldn't help but smile seductively at the Andorian Chief, pausing before the woman "So how do you want me?" she asked, lowering her voice into a husky tone before stepping past here and into the light where she was meant to pose.
[ LT Daniel Havenborn | Deck 08, Holodeck 01 | USS Theurgy, Vector 2 ] Attn: @Argyros

Daniel look confused as his friend spoke, he knew what kind of person he was, knew that he was comfortable in the uniform.  If he was given a choice he would wear what he liked.  Hearing Derik comment that he seemed more worked up than on the Resolve wasn't entirely inaccurate considering the past couple weeks they had.  He wasn't sure how his friend was so completely relaxed given their current situation.  Daniel almost would have preferred to spend another three years in what had become dubbed as Hell Sector than the current situation he found himself in.  "How can you not be more wound up?"  He asked angrily.  "We've been declared traitors, the whole of the Federation wants us dead and..."  Daniel said as he clenched his fist tightly turning his back on his friend, that outburst wasn't like him maybe Derik had a point after all.  "Never mind."  Daniel said as he unclenched his fist.

Daniel turned back just as Derik had called for the exit and was about to leave.  "Wait."  Daniel said.  "What would be more appropriate, I don't quite know what people wear to the beach.  There aren't any beaches in the Domed Cities and during my trip down to the planet I wore a Chlamys the entire time."  He left out the part where he got soaked; he wanted to help his friend, he just wasn't really sure how to do it, artistic nudity was a foreign concept among his people and his experience was limited to only what Derik had shown him.
[ Doctor Lucan cin Nicander | Brig | Security Center | Deck 07 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @BZ 
Embracing her in turn when she hugged his waist, Lucan was still not able to wrap his head around how much Eun Sae Ji trusted him. It did seem that she, beyond what many of the crew might, had faith in him and believed him more a victim than a facet of the enemy they faced. So standing there with his arms around her, he quarrelled with his own doubts in her - trying to see what it was she saw in him that the others didn't - but inevitably, he reached the same conclusion. That she didn't care about what had happened to him.

Lucan knew he wasn't fair in doubting Ji at all, but after the treatment he'd suffered since his true nature had been revealed, it was rather easy to assume the worst of his captives; the crew he had once been responsible for when it came to their health. With fading disbelief, he had run his tattooed hand through her hair during the embrace they shared, while his metal fingers rested against the small of her back. Eventually, however, she had withdrawn from him and gone to sit at his bunk. It appeared like she was a bit contemplative, and who could blame her? It wasn't like he was sure what had gotten into them either, throwing propriety and sensibility out the airlock. It was as if some... primal affection had got into them. Some animal drive beyond their reckoning.

Her question brought Lucan back to reality, however, referencing the indefinite captivity he endured. He had no idea when, or if, he would be released.

"Yes," he said in his deep voice, a frown touching his brow as he glanced towards the forcefield that separated him from the rest of the ship. "At least until then, I would think."

She'd said she didn't know how often she might be able to visit, and by the winds, that admission - after being deprived of lasting company and having experienced what he just had - cut him deeply. He stepped over to her where she sat and helped her her hair down with his fingers. He smiled to her, even if he knew there might be some time until she might return, which would allow them to speak at length about... whatever it was that went on between them.

"Regardless, I look forward to it," he said quietly, honestly, and glanced towards the reading she'd brought him as a gift. "Meanwhile, it seems like I have more than enough reading to pass the time. Thank you. Not just for that..."

It seemed such bitter-sweet thing to say it. Regardless, it was the truth. "But for giving me hope." Having said this, he ran his hand down from her hair and to the side of her neck. He put his metal hand on the bunk as he leaned down, and kissed her.

He hoped she might return sooner rather than later, but if she had to leave, then at least a kiss seemed the proper way to say good bye.
Aldea Prime / Re: Day 15 [0930 hrs.] Trials and Trillations
Last post by Nolan -
[ Lieutenant Amelya Rez | Whetstone lounge| USS Theurgy ] Attn: @Revan

"It is nice to see you as well mister Arn." she answered, deliberately using his new surname on him as she had to admit that it quite fitted him. She had to laugh as he had mentioned that he was happy to not have met her in Sickbay and she nodded understandingly as she gestured to the seat besides her for him to take a seat. She looked into his eyes as he asked how she had been and she shrugged lightly "Nothing special, work and relaxation are in balance at the moment, which is a welcome change than just work." she offered him before she looked at the bartender "So no, I haven't implanted anyone with new hosts if you must know. If I did though, we might be able to start a club for Trill rituals." she joked and snickered a little before taking a sip from her drink.

She looked back to Zaryn as she thought about it for a moment yet asked regardless "I have ordered myself a meal just a few minutes ago. Would you like to join me for it?" she suggested, not sure if the man had anywhere else to be or had other obligations to attend to. If not, the two could perhaps talk without her having to see him as a patient. She still knew very little of Zaryn besides what she had learned from his medical graph. It never hurt to get to know more people.

"What about you? Any special intelligence stuff going on?" she asked with a slight smirk as she sipped again from her drink. She took  more relaxed posture as he sat there with her and let her eyes move over his features. Whilst he talked, she let her eyes wander over him subtly. Whilst she and Daniel were trying out dating, the Trill seemed to not be adverse to looking what other male figures roamed the ship. A thing Amelya Duv might not have done in the past, yet with the Rez symbiont, there were these small differences that usually went unnoticed to the blonde woman.
Aldea Prime / Re: Day 27 [2300 hrs.] Of Shadow and Memory
Last post by Fife -
[ Ensign Isel "Foxfire" Nix | Adisia's Personal Quarters | Deck 14 | Vector 01 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @fiendfall
[Show/Hide]"You know, darling, you didn't have to bring that nasty thing. If you wanted some fun you could've just asked. "Please" gets you a long way."

Isel smiled behind the Orion's back, amused by the flippant defiance the woman showed in her current circumstances. The admonishment she received as she discarded the tech she'd found on Adisia's person made her grin. "Worth more than me? I suppose that depends on who you're asking, darling." Given how vindictive Analla had been throughout the years Isel had worked for her, she could imagine a sizeable sum placed on her hide.

Not-Adisia made more protests, insisting she wasn't claiming to be anyone. She again insisted she wasn't Adisia, nor a member of the Orion Syndicate. The repeated claim was followed by an underhanded comment which insinuated that Isel was an idiot.

She's got guts, I'll give her that. Isel mused, though she'd see how long that nerve held.

Not-Adisia was talking again, giving another name. Xelia. The name rang some bell in the back of Isel's mind, but she couldn't place it. The fact that an Orion's name had such an effect did little to convince Isel that the woman wasn't a Syndicate associate, however. Neither did Xelia's claim that she was aboard the Theurgy because it was the right thing to do. The claim elicited a dark chuckle form the Vulpinian. The Orion's nerve continued to hold, as the woman went so far as to claim it was her turn. She claimed that Isel wouldn't use the phaser, asking what she had hoped to accomplish by coming here. Apparently she thought that something about Orion's scared Isel.

"Well, if it's constructive criticism you want..." Isel spoke the words softly, running her hand gently up Xelia's back. "I've got a few points for you..." A quick motion left Isel with a firm grip on Xelia's long, dark hair. She pulled it backwards, using the phaser to press Xelia forward to that the woman ended up in a rather strained position. "First of all, never tell someone holding a phaser on you that they won't use it. I've got an itchy trigger finger, and I'm just dying to prove you wrong. The only reason you're alive at this point is because I want to know how many contracts Analla handed out, and how much the bounty on my ass is." Isel's hand released Xelia's hair, but rather than providing a reprieve it reach forward to grasp the woman's throat, the tips of her pointed claws pressing into the soft green skin of the Orion's neck. "Second point. I don't need the phaser to kill you. All that moisturizing you obviously do means that these claws will have an easy tiny opening your pretty little throat, darling." Isel pressed herself against Xelia's back, digging the phaser in deeper between the Orion's ribs. "Third point. It's a mistake to think that a fear of Orions would be something that would benefit you. Fear would make me more likely to finish you off quickly. Luckily, I'm not afraid of Orions, as you seem to think. Though after being sold on your fucking slave markets, I can't say I'm a fan of them, either."

Isel pressed the claw of her middle finger against the soft, tender skin of Xelia's neck, sliding it so that a small drop of blood beaded on the scored flesh. Isel pushed herself up on tiptoe and leaned in, then darted her tongue out to taste the beaded blood. "Lastly, darling, as you said. "Please" gets you a long way. You might want to think about begging for your life about now. Or..." Isel loosened her grip on Xelia's neck and used the hand holding the phaser to force Xelia around to face her. That done, Isel's grip tightened on the green woman's throat again, forcing her to bend back over the sink. Isel leaned in close, her heterochromic eyes peering out of her white furred face to bore into Xelia's dark grey eyes. "You could just tell me how much Demetria's hide is worth. I'd love to know how much Analla hates me." The furry white muzzle split into a grin, exposing long, sharp teeth which hovered just inches from the Orion's throat. At the same time, the phaser pressed into Xelia's ribs. "I still don't know how she survived, but if she's sending assassins after me, perhaps that's a mistake I'll have to go and remedy..." The furry white head tilted to the side, the green and blue gaze holding a look of dark amusement. "What do you think, darling? Should I go kill Analla after I take care of you?"
Aldea Prime / Re: Day 27 [2300 hrs.] Of Shadow and Memory
Last post by fiendfall -
[ Xelia | Xelia's Quarters | Deck 14 | Vector 1 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @Fife

Well, none of this was turning out how she had expected. She'd only managed to do half her face! And now there was a phaser pressed against her back and a hand getting very familiar. Really, the intruder couldn't even let her finish up?

She leaned backwards into the phaser. 'You know, darling, you didn't have to bring that nasty thing. If you wanted some fun you could've just asked. "Please" gets you a long way.' As did payment, but she knew how to pick her battles.

There went her dagger. Void, she'd been relying on that. Now she really was defenceless. Not that she expected to get murdered here -- she was on a Federation vessel, they had rules and morals and no backbone -- but still, sometimes a good knife could make the difference between a terrible evening and a brilliant one.

The visitor -- it sounded like a woman's voice, but it was difficult to tell with all the growling going on -- dug the phaser into Xelia, forcing her over and hiking up the skirt of her dress. Oh for pity's sake, here? Bent over the basin? The bed was three feet away! Even with those awful sheets it'd be better than this.

Then again, it seemed like the intruder did really just want to search her. They were terribly thorough, but there was a clinical edge to it. Like they knew what they were doing. Someone who worked in security, perhaps? Or maybe just paranoid. They went about stealing all sorts of things from her, the little thief.

'Careful with that, it's worth more than even you my dear,' she said as her various pieces of tech were thrown unceremoniously into the next room. Really! As if the indignity wasn't enough!

Still, the visitor's protest that they didn't have any 'cat friends' was odd. Because if they weren't here for revenge after what happened with that little kitten, and they weren't here for a bit of fun, then what in the void here they here for?

But she wasn't the one with the phaser, so she didn't get to ask the questions. Ugh.

And they weren't even good questions! Who was she claiming to be, and what really brought her here? Boring. She'd answered both already, before she'd even been allowed to set foot on the ship! Not that this person had been there, clearly, but still. It was boring to have to repeat herself!

She did her best put-upon sigh, a little tricky considering she was still bent over the damn sink. 'I'm not claiming to be anyone, darling,' she said. At least, she wasn't anymore. Ironic, really, how she'd been worried people wouldn't believe she was Adisia, and all along it was people not believing she wasn't Adisia that was the more troublesome. 'I'm not Adisia, and I'm certainly not in the Orion Syndicate. Not all of us are, you know. Just like how not all Federation citizens are idiots, I'm sure.' Although she'd yet to see evidence to the contrary.

She tried to straighten up, testing to see if she would get pushed back again. 'My name is Xelia,' she said with a tasteful amount of dramatic flair. There was always the chance of running into a fan. A slim chance this far from Vondem, admittedly. But still. 'I'm here because it's the right thing to do.' She didn't even gag when she said it! The real test of a good liar.

'Now, I rather think it's my turn sweet pea, don't you?' She watched her assailant in the mirror, trying to read their face.  'We both know you aren't going to use that phaser. So what did you think you would accomplish by coming here? Is there something specific about Orions that scares you or is it just the whole concept of us that you don't like? Really, be honest darling, I love constructive criticism.'
Aldea Prime / Re: Day 27 [2300 hrs.] Of Shadow and Memory
Last post by Fife -
[ Ensign Isel "Foxfire" Nix | Adisia's Personal Quarters | Deck 14 | Vector 01 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @fiendfall
[Show/Hide]"Oh, well aren't you gorgeous?" Not exactly the words Isel had expected from someone seeing a stranger training a phaser on them. Still, it also wasn't the strangest thing she'd ever heard. The Vulpinian's canine features twitched into a slight grin at the words, though her eyes remained cold.

The Orion claimed Isel must be confused, and that she was not that nasty witch Adisia. She also claimed not to be involved with some horrid business with a cat, claiming to have only arrived on Aldea after the fact. The Orion stared at herself as much as Isel as she spoke, as though enjoying the sight of herself talking. Isel chuckled as the greenskin made the claim that Isel shouldn't judge people like that. There were all here for the same reason after all, weren't they? Saving the world or whatever.

Isel took a step forward, moving in behind the Orion woman and pressing the muzzle of her phaser into the small of the Orion's back. "Word of advice, sweet pea..." Isel said as she pressed the phaser harder into her target. Her other hand snaked forward, frisking the Orion in search of any hidden weapons which might be brought to bare against her. "Tacking the words "or whatever" on the end doesn't make for a convincing lie, pretty as you might be while telling it." Isel's hand continued it's search, pausing on the Orion's thigh as she felt a familiar shape beneath the fabric of Adisia's dress. "And I think it's you who's mistaken. I don't know anything about any horrid business, and I don't have any cat friends." Isel pressed the phaser harder into Adisia's back, forcing her to lean forward over the vanity. With her free hand she hiked up the dress that Adisia wore, retrieving the dagger from it's sheath strapped to the Orion's thigh. "I don't think you'll be needing this, sweetling." Isel cooed as the Orion, tossing the dagger out of the small bathroom so that it landed somewhere off in the shadows.

"Alright, miss Not-Adisia..." Isel spoke as she continued her search, her hand moving over the various parts of the Orion's body where one might conceal weapons, or anything else they wanted to hide, with an almost invasive thoroughness. "Who are you claiming to be then? And what really brings you're here?" Her continued search uncovered a small PADD, a pair of data crystals, and what appeared to be several recording devices, all of which Adisia was relieved of and which joined the dagger in the shadows of the next room. Satisfied, Isel listened to Adisia's next attempt at an explanation, still not believing a word which came out of the woman's green lips. In truth, a part of her hoped that this wasn't Adisia, though she would have a hard time believing it. The odds of a Syndicate Venator showing up on the planet below, accosting one of the crew, and then an different Orion showing up on the Theurgy, quite out of the blue, seemed too long to bet on. Add to those odds the fact that Demetria likely had a sizeable bounty on her head, and the threats made by Admiral Asshat, and Isel didn't expect to find herself overly inclined to take that bet.
Aldea Prime / Re: Day 14 [1300 hrs.] The Fox and The Fool
Last post by Fife -
[ Ens. Isel "Foxfire" Nix | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @fiendfall
Isel grinned into her whisky as Avi commented on his luck at her low standards, expressing his appreciation for her "scraping the bottom of the barrel". "Hey, even us Commanders like to slum it every now and then!" Isel said with a chuckle. Then, raising her glass in a mock toast. "But you're welcome!" Isel clinked her glass against Avi's tankard of piss with a wink and a giggle, then took a slug of her whisky.

Avi's comment about switching from the dark side brought another laugh, though this time the sound and smile were tinged with a hint of bitterness. "Yeah, I guess you could say that. Though dragged from the dark side might be a bit more accurate." Isel shrugged, peering sideways at Avi. "However you put it, here I am! And I'll have you know I'm plenty popular! Making friends left right and center!" Isel leaned over and nudged Avi with her elbow. "And apparently picking up strays." She chuckled as Avi gave her some questionable advice on how to make friends. "That's how you go about making friends, huh? No wonder I found you all alone and confused!" Isel leaned over and ruffled Avi's hair with a giggle, though her efforts didn't leave any noticeable trace in the man's already dishevelled mane. "Though if it's wild parties you want, I hear the Sec parties on this ship are pretty fun. Bunch of cowboys whippin' out rulers to measure each other or some shit. You should have a great time!" Isel winked at her new friend and took another sip of whisky before leaning back in the seat.

She considered Avi's question for a moment before answering, taking her time and pulling another sip of her drink. "My idea of a party?" Isel echoed the question, her mind casting back to her old life and some of the wild times she'd had. "That might be a little too wild for a you, deary. Let's just say that these fleeters might find them to be a bit much for their delicate sensibilities..." Another wink punctuated the statement, accompanied by a sly grin.

Her feigned worry about Avi's level of intoxication prompted a protest on his part, accompanied by the insistence that he wasn't sloshed yet. He went on to claim he was neither sloppy nor handsy, though turned the tables on her with his next remark. "Oh, I can be plenty handsy, princess." Isel informed him with another grin, ending the statement there and leaving Avi to make of it what he wished.

His next question a moment later surprised her. "Why Tac CONN?" Isel leaned her head back against the cushioned seat of the booth and mused over the question. "I didn't join for the parties, no. Not really for the speed, either. I guess I just loved flying. Wanted the time in the cockpit without the mundane life in a shuttle. Little more control over my own fate, I guess." Another sip. "You can probably guess hwo well that's been going..." Isel rolled her head to the side and regarded Avi with eyes which had begunt o show the slight haze of early intoxication. "You've not wrong though. This ship is a fucking shit magnet, even in the fucking spacedock!" A shake of her head before turning her gaze out into the room. "I can't wait to see what kind of clusterfuck we find ourselves in next."

She laughed as Avi made his little comment about a proper bed, roller her gaze back to him with michief written all over her features. "Oh, I bet you miss Qo'noS! Those Klingons probably fucking loved a pretty little thing like you, eh?" Isel's shit-eating grin made it impossible to miss what she meant. "I bet you were a hit with all the boys!" Isel chuckled, then changed her course. "So how long were you on Qo'noS?" Isel's eyes narrowed. "Was that a Security gig? Or Intel?"

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