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[ LT JG Derik Veradin | Public Baths | Deck 06 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @Sqweloookle

"Do you like Steam rooms?"

The question...did not come across as just a question. It was without a doubt an invitation, a sincere one, almost...insistent. The Trill watched with unshielded interested as the man climbed back out of the tub slowly. The Master-At-Arms was making a show of bending to retrieve his towel, his member even noticeably moving the band of those small shorts down.

Yet the performance wasn't done, as Adam wrapped his towel around his waist, reached under the cloth, and pulled his shorts off. One of Derik's eyebrows raised, curious as to the reason. He needn't have even bothered wondering. Kingston draped the small bit of clothing over the edge of Jacuzzi, a token, an answer to the helmsman's unasked question.

"When you're ready."

Oh good lord. The Trill thought as the man walked away into to the steam room, his form an enticing sight as it passed.  Derik's lips parted slightly as a huge grin formed across his face. His hand lifted out of the bubbling water, playing with the stubble of his beard. Teasing the man just a minute ago had been a spur of the moment decision, simply to see what would happen. Now he was being actively invited into an even more enticing environment. Adam's no longer just teasing. He's wanting me to join him. And if it was just teasing, why leave his clothing behind? Why not take it with him? Is that an offer for potentially more?

The questions kept popping up like the bubbles in the Jacuzzi, one after another in an endless stream. But a decision had to be made: to accept the invitation or leave it? Derik gnawed at the choice for a few moments, his groin aching for attention. Nothing to lose right? The Trill got out of the tub; the cooler air prickly across his skin. Following Adam's example, he removed his speedo and slipped his own towel around his waist, at least for modesty's sake. 

He slipped into the sauna, Adam in plain sight even amongst the wisps of steam. His eyes were closed and Derik took advantage of it. He quietly made his to the bench opposite the human, leaning up against the wall. Veradin couldn't help but notice Kingston's towel was barely covering his hard organ laying against his left thigh. Deciding to play along, Derik pulled his towel off, covering his crotch and twitching organ only. No need to keep himself covered much longer. One leg rested on the bench while the other rested on the floor, legs slightly spread. He balled the his speedo in his hand when an idea struck him. 

He looked over at Adam, pulled his arm back, aimed, and threw his speedo at the man. It slapped loudly against the man's stomach, jolting his eyes open. With a big mischievous grin, he raised his throwing arm above his head, tucking it behind his head, presenting his entire body for review. "Ready enough for you?"
@Even Angels Cry

"I admittedly haven't given the arm much of a thought, or anything much thought in this regard." The atmosphere wasn't really perfect for this. If he was being honest with himself mind you he could probably find faults in everything right now. Everything except the way Jaya's smile lit up the face, it was infectious and he was glad that she looked at him without rejection. He saw the shock in her face though she didn't openly recoil from him. He really did think that he was more or less the phantom of the opera in this scenario. Perhaps not as psychotic, or mentally obsessive there was a small hesitation when she looked at his twisted eye and arm.

The odd thing was while his hand was cold, he could feel her warmth, he paused for a moment as he felt her run her thumb run over the back of his metallic hand. "The arm has a pretty good sensory system. There are versions with an artificial skin graft but I wanted to leave it open for customization, and this model was one of the more comfortable civilian versions. It's strength is similar to my own hand but has emergency releases.. so it can't accidentally strangle or rip off any parts, i'm still only using my flesh hand, if you want I will take the arm off."

And that lead into the next problem, he wanted to stay with Jaya, but he was no longer the higher officer, in fact he was back with Imperial Intelegence now, which meant he wasn't openly allowed inside of the theurgy. He was working on trying to meet with the captain but he had no idea if he would ever be allowed to step foot on the Theurgy. "I'm working on solutions, but I'm no longer a part of Starfleet, in fact I'm actually with Imperial Intelegence now, technically I always was. I was a spy planted in the academy long before I was ever posted at starbase 84, and for the last four years I have been living at least a partial lie." He shrugged she may as well know the truth of everything.

"I've been cast out from the theurgy for now, I'm working on solutions trying to get a meeting with Ives, they spared my life and I need to speak with them, but the truth is after this month is over the theurgy will leave Aldea, and I may be trapped here." He was trying to make sure that didn't happen, but he had no power to do so. "I want to aid the Theurgy on it's mission, but no one trusts me anymore."

With good reason, he had pulled a gun on another officer, and taken actions that had destroyed an entire ship, Treason they called it.

"So it really is up to you now. Your choice." he raised his left hand his remaining flesh arm up to her face cupping her cheeks, his thumb brushing under his eye. "I still want to own you, but I'm in flux, I can't know for certain if I can stay with you at this point in time. I want you, and I want to go back, but I also don't deserve your trust, or the trust of anyone for that matter."

"Do you still want to be my pet? Even just for this last remaining month?"

Jaya took in the unfamiliar surroundings. The room felt... cold and not in the temperature way. It didn't take long for Jak to emerge, but something was definitely different. The way he spoke. The words he chose. The pacing of his speech. It was too fast, convoluted, almost choppy. She understood the feeling. He had too much to say and not enough space to fit the words into. It was a problem she had been having herself lately.

He didn't step fully into the light either. At least, not at first. To be fair, while she had listened to his recording, she hadn't been focused on the words he chose to use. His diction. Mental A+ for remembering that word! She had given little thought to her attire or anything else and instead was hoping for a semi-continuation of their last rendezvous. But the more he spoke, it became clear thay tonight would be very different.

She tried not to wince when he stepped fully into the light, but some of the grimace still showed. "Oh.. that, that looks.. You look.. different. ... ... ... Hi, Jak."

It was all she managed to say, and riddled with pauses. But her feet brought her close enough to reach out and take his hands when she managed to mumbe her hello. They felt differnet too. Not the hands she remembered. Granted one was cold like metal, but it was more than that. These hands were unsteady despite his sure grip. She gripped them tightly. He didn't need to be a stoic Vulcan or a macho Klingon.

"This isn't a bad look." She smiled and let her thumbs run over the backs of his hands.  "Very sci-fi war veteran, which is all the rage these days. And hey, now you have a cool 'wanna come back to my place and see my battle scar' story." Her smile lit up her whole face. She let go of his hands and stepped into his embrace. Her arms wrapped around his torso and she pressed her cheek to his chest. "It really is good to see you. Honest. So much has happened.."
Aldea Prime / Day 10 [0800] Taking Flight
Last post by SummerDawn -
[ K'Ren | Fighter Assault Bay - Locker Room | Deck 16 | Vector 2 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @steelphoenix
She'd lost track of how long it'd been since she'd been abducted from her fighter in the middle of a firefight, turned into a lab rat, only to be returned injured, and as she was recovering, kidnapped by Orions, and finally been returned to her normal self, at least physically. She wasn't sure how emotionally ready she was, but she'd been cleared for flight by medical, and she wanted her flight status back. She'd spent the last few days in the simulator, getting her reflexes back, getting her mind into the game that was flight ops. She'd spent enough time that she felt she was ready, at least ready enough to pass her check ride.

It felt good to be back, and she took her time getting back into her flight suit, making sure she followed her rituals of getting ready. She wasn't superstitious, but rituals helped ground her in the present, helped get her in the mindset for flight. As she was getting ready, slipping on the first parts of the exo-suit overtop the under garments that acted as an interface between her body and the suit, she noticed Evelyn Rawley enter the locker room. "Morning Lieutenant," K'Ren said in greeting. She'd never actually met Rawley before, the women had been in stasis almost since the fight at Starbase 84, that'd seen her branded a traitor.

Aldea Prime / Re: Day 10 [2000hrs.] Next to me
Last post by BZ -
[Lt. Zephyr Praise | You're Up to Something | What are You Hiding? | First Date - Never Too Late]

He was hiding something, she could tell, he was being cagey in his mind.  Not actively, but he was all amped about something and she wasn't invasive enough to dive into his mind and get it.  One, because she liked surprises, she was one of the few girls that could admit that was the truth.  Also because it was a breech of trust and not something she would do unless she had his permission or certain circumstances arose.  Right now though, for something this small, it would be nothing that was necessary and Zeph found herself liking those unknown moments.  The ones that she could look back on in the future and remember when.  If she knew all the secrets before hand she would never be surprised, never know the art of his plans fully coming to fruition, and never know how it felt to be in a relationship where they were both equal.  No, she allowed him his secrets, but she knew that they were there.  Sitting in his mind, the anticipation so heavily played on his mind she could tell that he was about to burst.

He was adorable.

As he moved towards her, he bumped into a rolling cart of her plants and samples.  Her thoughts of his secrets flew from her mind as Zeph lurched forward to catch and stabilize her cart before all her hard work, fresh seedlings, and babies could crash to the floor.  Zeph could tell that he was a bit embarrassed about himself but this lab was full and there wasn't much room in it for him to come in and be present.  But, she was glad he was here and wouldn't have it any other way.  She just hoped that none of her plants were accidental causalities of his visit.  So far, so good.  He finally reached her fully, and Zeph looked up at him.  Now that he was close, their height difference made her need to look up quite a bit to close the distance.  He still held something behind his back and she wondered what it could be but was excited all the same.  He had not given her a gift since he had come back with the cuttings from the Savi ship.  Those were all being used at the moment and she appreciated them more than she could say, but something was behind his back and it was too quiet to be Jasper.

Khorin mentioned that he believed she had done more than enough work today.  Zeph couldn't help but feel a chuckle bubbling out of her lips and sounding in the lab.  "You do, do you?" she teased waiting for whatever was to come.  He told her that he had come to release her from the chains of her servitude to the machines and plants alike and invited her to dinner.  Her brows rose, because oddly, despite everything that had runt through her mind she had never expected him to come to hr and ask her to dinner.  Not for a real date, claiming that they hadn't had one yet and he wanted to amend that tonight.  He wasn't wrong though, they had met on the Versant, and fallen for one another there.  Moved in together immediately upon coming onto the Theurgy when he needed her heart and soul to help heal his own, and now, they were just together.  There had been no romance, no build up, nothing of the sort, and she was kind of glad that he had realized it and decided to at least give them some memories they could make together.

"I would love to ha-"

A plant was pulled out from behind his back and Zeph gasped in mid sentences.  Immediately, she was absorbed in her new found plant.  In the sway of the tall beautiful flowered limb and the long leaves, the way that she could tell already that it would get quite a bit bigger than it already was.  Already, her mind ran through with all the possibilities of what it could be, what it could do, what it was, and what she could do with it.  He told her it was called the Tower of Jewels, causing her eyes to break from the beautiful red blossoms and to the man that had made sure it was given to her as a gift for their first official date.  She took it from him and carefully turned placing it on her work station.  Releasing the bow from it's haphazard and crooked state, the ribbon fell down as the paper began to fall away from the plant.  She moved what was left of the crinkled and rushed, but sweetly wrapped paper, and put it to the side to observe the plant.

Khorin assured her that flowers was the way to go for a first date, but he had decided on live ones instead of those that would die quickly and be left with only a memory.  Zeph turned and smiled at him, giving him a nod.  "That's true." she said a bright smile taking over her face.  He told her that he had booked them a fancy restaurant down on the station and her brows rose. 

"Well.... I'm still in my uniform, can I change first?" she asked curiously, hoping that he wouldn't mind.  She shooed Khorin out of the room and closed the door leaving it locked as she went to the replicator and got herself something simple.  A simple black dress that came down to about a couple inches before the knee.  Black heels to match.  The dress was off her shoulder and had a lace trim that accented the pale skin peeking through it.  She wore no jewelry as she didn't have any of note, and she didn't really want any tonight.  So she pulled her hair up in a quick single twist behind her and pinned it into place before she felt ready to go and looking much more like she was going on a date. 

Zeph stepped out of the lab, and closed it behind her, knowing that it would lock and her research would be safe while she was gone.  She turned to see Khorin waiting for her.  As he extended his arm to her in awe, they headed for the transportation room to  the destination he picked out.

"Thank you for coming to get me.  I'm really quite excited about this whole endeavor." she admitted smiling brightly up at him.
Aldea Prime / Re: Day 10 [0900 hrs.] Stopping A Stray Bullet
Last post by BZ -
[LCdr Blue Tiran | I Like Your Style | Straight to the Point | Get to Fucking Work | Tiger Koala]
@Brutus @DaValle

The man looked as though he was either going to shit a brick in her chair, which she didn't really wish to clean, or that he was going to faint.  She would prefer the latter option, but she found that she had hoped someone that had worked in the higher echelon of Starfleet would have a bit more hair on his ball sack.  A bit more swing for his swagger, and all of that.  But, instead she found him a bit meek and a quite a bit more nervous than she had expected.  But then, she was Blue Tiran and her reputation was something that proceeded itself.  She knew the rumors, and she didn't turn them down, she knew what people said, and she didn't try to change their minds.  Those that tried hard and worked their asses off as much as she did; saw a different side to Blue Tiran.  Those that were wastes of time, space, energy, and should be assigned to transportation bugger malfunction goo chambers.. would know a completely different one.

He said that he would start with his name, and Blue waited, watching him with the crystalline blue eyes that had earned her the name she carried.  Well, partially anyway.  His name was Taa'gur Kolla, and she totally and completely heard Tiger Koala.  Of course that was how it was now branded into her mind and no amount of convincing was going to change it at this point.  Still, he began to list his qualifications.  Some years being a shit for someone else and following someone else's command, then some decades on a ship doing whatever the fuck he did there, and then two years researching some new shit that was for weaponry for our government.  But then, not theirs, of course because they were on the fucking run, but she caught the drift. 

"What kind of weapons?" she inquired.

He then jumped into three interstellar conflicts.... Blue was about ready for a fucking nap at this point. It was like being in history class all over again, if he started throwing names and dates at her she was going to catch a really good fucking nap.  One of those kind that you didn't want to wake up from and you didn't dream, just full on solid fucking sleep.  She was half fucking asleep with her eyes opened when he finally got to the, I'll do anything you tell me to.. I'm a soldier kind of shit.  Her eyes shifted over to Stark who was still in the office, probably as a bodyguard, or a liaison when Blue used too many fucks in a sentence and they needed to be removed for the layman.  She stood up from her desk and put the PADD that she had been given over to the side, one that she could pour over later, form her own hypothesis, and begin formulating her own thoughts to the matter.. but for now, she needed to get this newcomer out of her office and put him through his paces.

Instead she reached over and handed out to the man a new pad.  "Here Tiger." she said as she held it out for him.  "This is a list of the sheer amount of shit we need to get done.  Not all in one day mind you, I don't want you to kill yourself, that'd look bad on my fucking record and it's already dark enough.  So, you can start at the top of the list and get what shit you can done.  I imagine you know how to do shit and you don't need to be babysat.  Until you prove otherwise, I'm going to let you go forth and make shit work again all on your own.  If you need me, hail me, otherwise, welcome to my deck."
Aldea Prime / Re: Day 08: [1900 hrs.] Cross the Sky for You
Last post by BZ -
[LCdr Blue Tiran | One Small Step for Most | One Giant Leap for Tiran Kind | At Least the Guest List is Short | Don't Need an Audience, Just Him]
@Top Hat

As the doors parted, leading the way to enter the Conferrence room, she spotted him.  In his white dress uniform jacket, it fit in all the right ways.  Ranaan might be a bit older than her but he had never let himself go.  She didn't think, for a moment, that she had anything to do with it.  She had met him in the shape he was in and he had never let go.  She hadn't either, but she had lost some of her muscle tone back on the Versant, and yet now, she was getting it back.  As proven by the plunging neckline of the dress that allowed her to remain modest in the way she had always been but give a slight nod to her future husband's blood line as well as the newfound confidence of knowing that she was his and his alone.  The room had only been seen by her, for the times where she was in the senior staff meetings and trying to omit some of the cursing to help Ducote's already poor blood pressure.  But, now, it would hold different memories for her, pleasant ones. 

Oddly, she had always expected that Amasov would be the one that would be standing beside Ranaan.  The old Captain with a grin on his features as he was finally allowed to wed the two officers that created the most stellar scuttlebutt on his ship.  Of course, he lived for it, even though it sometimes made new wrinkles appear on his weathered face, he wouldn't have them any other way.  Blue had quite enjoyed serving on the Endeavour and hoped that she would find the Theurgy much the same, but Ives seemed like an enigma and Blue wasn't sure that she would ever feel as comfortable with the s/he. 

Her eyes though, for the moment, were for Ran and Ranaan alone.  As she stared over towards him, not needing to look up quite so much with the added height of her heels, she couldn't help but let the warmth of her feelings for him fill her eyes and face.  He had rescued her from loneliness and had helped her heal in ways that she would have, years ago, been real fucking sure she didn't need fixed.  He hadn't come at her as though she needed to be fixed, never once had he asked her to be anything but who she was, however just over the years of being loved and accepted had done wonders for her psyche.  Reaching over, Blue slid her calloused and scarred hand into his own.  His too, was calloused with age, wear, and the fact that neither of them seemed to find it of import to go to medbay for every little thing.  Blue was really the worst of it, a bandaid suited her fine when stitches would probably be more necessary.  But, even still, right now, all those scars told a story and each one brushed against his skin as together they turned to Ives. 

On his tongue was the sound of her name, and her smile deepened.  He knew her real name, she had once confessed it to him, the whole thing.  But, he also knew that she had left that name behind a long time ago and it had been too many years since she had ever considered herself that person.  She was Blue, Blue Tiran and would answer to nothing else.  She supposed it made little sense to keep her father's name as her own, and yet, she had because it was Arthur's name.  Ranaan told her that she amazed him, and a blush of color took over her quite pale cheeks.  She was well known for being pale, almost sickly white, because of all the time as a child spent indoors bent over a work table, and all the times that she spent alone surviving.  The lack of sunlight in space hadn't helped, and she had remained pale. 

Blue, for once was speechless.  She amazed him?  But .. how?  Why?  When?  Now?  Suddenly?  What had she done differently?  Was it the dress?  Was it the slice of flesh down her chest?  Was it Albert and his get up?  Was it .. that she remembered to show up for once?  A million and a half questions peppered and assaulted her mind, because that was precisely how Blue's mind worked.  Problem initiated, program began to test through all the various solutions, the variables, and their outcomes.  Pick the most likely, the one with the best statistical percentage of success, and go with that one.  Yet, here, she was betting her life on him.  But then, that was nothing new, honestly, she had bet her life on him years ago when she let him in.  When she fell asleep beside him, when she moved into his Quarters, when she came home to him installing shelving for her mess, when he fixed her favorite bag, when he would back talk Albert before he could actually defend himself, and then; when he could.  Blue had given her life to him, this was only the paperwork to make it official, to everyone, to the ship, to the universe, to the world, to them.

His voice invaded her mind, and she smiled softly, glancing up at him with that knowing grin.  She, not for the first time, wished that she could answer him in their secret little way.  The day he stopped calling her Trouble, was the day everything was over.  She gave his hand a little squeeze and shook her head just enough for him to tell.  Not on his life, was she walking out of this room without this ceremony going off.  Not on his life, was he getting out of this so easily.  No, he was in it for life, they both were, this was the fucking day that most people dreamed of.  Blue had never dreamed of such things.  Even when she had, it was years after she had been with Ducote.  Even then, she had never really thought it necessary.  That was until the Versant had changed her views on what she found important and the closer she could be with Ranaan, the better.

Ives began her speech.  It wasn't for the masses, this ceremony was small, quaint, and perfect.  But, it didn't matter to Blue, Ives could have said 'ya'll married now fuckers' and Blue would have been happy but she appreciated the class given to the once in a life time situation.  Blue listened to the words, knowing that Cross supported her, and that Albert in his own logical way knew that Ranaan was good for her.  She would have, at the very least, had a much longer rap sheet without him to keep her sane and full of twinkies.  Ives began throwing some shit around about how love made people stronger and some shit about how it was a thing to be shared and yet separate lives.  Blue toned out some of it towards the end, as she started to get antsy.  How she made it through the whole Academy was sometimes a bit of a shocker, but she was able to come back to attention when he said his and her name.  Stating for them to look at one another and holding hands.

Blue turned, the silk of her skirts swished around her brushing against the floor as she shifted.  Her hands taking his.  Some brides would have lovely nails to match the day, Blue was pretty sure there was residual grease underneath her nails and in the nail beds from all the work she did.  Of course, unknown to her, there was a small almost inpercetable grease stain on the dress just above the black fade where she had brushed up against something on her way to the ceremony.  Ives called out to Ranaan to ask if he would take this bride as his wife.  Blue's brow rose in a silent question but a playful grin on her face because she knew what his answer would be.  Once he answered, she found her eyes staring into his as it became her turn.  The wrinkles on his forehead deepened as he returned the silent question earning a little chuckle from her. 

"If no one else will have him, I guess I will keep him." she chuckled earning a bit of a grin, feeling a bit playful on her own, before she grew more serious.  "I know I'm really fucking bad at talking about my feelings, but, I love you, Ranaan Ducote.  You have been my foundation and my home.  Where ever you are, is home."  Blue looked over at Ives a moment and nodded.  "I do."

It was time for rings and all the formalities and what not.  She looked over at Cross and removed one of her hands holding it out to Cross so that he could put the wooden and metal ring into it.  Once the warm metal hit her hand, from Cross' body heat, she closed her first around it to reposition it better in her fingers before she held it up to him. 

"So ... I needed something that would remind you of me.  Something that would stand the test of time, and something that would suit you.  I couldn't find what I wanted down on that fucking planet, even when I went by myself on a non weather station repair job cleverly disguised as a vacation" she teased, earning her the smile she was looking for.  "So I fucking set up a fucking micro-forge and fucking worked my ass off to work the metal, and get it just right.  Then, I found this beautiful piece of wood down on Aldea, and I paired them, and sanded them together for a seamless ring.  It's you, and it's me.  I always think of you as a strong sturdy tree, with your roots heavily thrusting through the ground, unshakable even in the strongest of storms, standing strong against all else.  I know I'm fierce, sharp, rough around the edges... so I thought, in a way, this represented us the best." she stated as she slid the ring into place on his finger, a little bit of a oh-shit moment when it caught on his knuckle but a slight push, and it was home on his finger with a little room to spare.

"Thank you.  For giving me a chance, for seeing the real me, and for bailing me out of the fucking Brig more times than is probably normal." she smirked softly, allowing him to take the spotlight now.
[Lt. JG Alessia Garcia - "Angel"  | Alessia's Quarters | Deck 16 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @Auctor Lucan @Griff 

Watching Rawley's naked form as it crossed her room to the replicator and back again, Alessia too had failed to notice that their Romulan companion had fallen asleep on her, her attention fully focused on Evelyn until the woman pointed it out to her.

Glancing down at the sleeping blonde on her she chuckled quietly and nodded "Evidently so." She replied, watching as the Brit put the drinks down briefly to grab their sister wolf's wrist and gently roll her over, freeing Alessia who shuffled slightly over to give herself some space.

Once liberated the Spaniard watched as Evelyn joined her on the bed with her drink and wrapped her free arm around her waist. Picking up the glass of water, she smiled and clinked her glass against Rawley's "A fine celebration indeed. While not exactly something I had planned it was most definitely fun and something I might have admittedly needed more than I would normally confess too." She replied, smirking when Rawley said that it might not be over yet.

"First you sneak into my shower and now you've finally had me, you want more? Greedy, aren't you? Or have you just wanted me for that long?" she chuckled as she took a sip of her drink.

Before she could say anything else however Rawley kissed her on the lips, which she returned. When they broke Alessia found herself nodding in agreement. "It certainly is."
Aldea Prime / Re: Day 03 [1500 hrs.] Sun, Sea and Sand
Last post by Revan -
[Lt. JG Alessia Garcia  | Hondartza Luzea Beach | Aldea ] Attn: @Lorelai

Alessia held Dev and listened to her as she spoke, feeling a mixture of anger and sadness at what her friend had been forced to endure. As if being strapped to a table and having half of her DNA removed was bad enough but to then be drugged and raped on top of it and gave her a gentle squeeze. She had heard about the events that had happened on the ship but Alessia had no idea that something like that had happened, although given everything she had heard about the Savi it certainly didn't surprise her. The fact it had happened to her friend however angered her greatly, but she tempered that anger because it wouldn't help her friend at the moment.

"I'm so sorry Dev, that's awful." she whispered softly, continuing to hold her as she moved the conversation onto her escape, where it seemed that life wasn't done beating her down as she told her about how her sister had died. "Hey no Dev, you didn't kill her, you had no way of knowing what was going to happen and keeping her there by the sounds of it was the safest place she could have been, I probably would have made the same decision if I was in your position." she added, rubbing the woman's back. "And I'm sure your sister wouldn't hold you responsible, nor should you, it was those Savi bastards that are responsible, for everything that happened to you."

Aldea Prime / Re: Day 09 [0600 hrs.] Arrested Development
Last post by Revan -
Lieutenant Zaryn Kolari | Brig | Deck 7 | Vector 2 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @Auctor Lucan

Zaryn paid close attention to the Captain....his new Captain as he spoke, evidently he would have to ask Andersson why he had been picked for this Op, as for Ives it was good to know that the Captain had at least a few ideas in how to use him, anything from field work to surveillance task aboard the ship, two things he could do with few problems, although he would always choose field work first if given the opportunity. For now however it seemed that he would be helping the Aldeans with the protection of their ghost cities from the pirates. He caught the faint smile the Andorian Security Chief had made at the shift in the conversation, although she remained silent and stoic next to her Captain, not that that surprised him too much.

The Trill couldn't help but chuckle slightly at the irony of that considering he had been one of those very pirates raiding those old cities just a day ago. "Of course Captain, I'll do whatever I can. Although it is possible that a few of the Aldean Security Forces might recognise me as one of those very pirates but I'm sure I can talk my way out of any trouble." he replied. He also made sure to note the fact that the Theurgy currently lacked Intelligence Officers which might very well mean he'd be thrown in at the deep end.

He was relieved to hear that Ives would allow him to contact Andersson from wherever he wanted, including off the ship, not that he showed any reaction of course, beyond a simple nod of understanding as Ives continued to tell him about the Astral Eddy and subspace buoy the Admiral had setup, a standard practice but one that certainly added to the validity of the Captain's claims. The final nail in that coffin came when Ives told him his mission abort code, something that only Andersson would know.

"Thank you Captain, I'll be sure to do so." he said then paused for a moment thinking as Ives said about using his information to protect Aldea. "Well I can certainly use the knowledge I gained on the pirates and how they operate to help them."

Standing up as Ives stepped out of the cell, he nodded when he was told that the Lieutenant was to escort him to the transporter room and have him beamed down to wherever he wanted to go, as well as the instructions for when and how to report back once he was done. He gave the Captain a small smile when he welcomed him aboard "Thank you Captain." he replied before turning his attention to the Andorian.

"Nice to meet you Lieutenant." he said as he slowly stepped forward and out of the cell.