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Aldea Prime / Re: Day 05 [1307 hrs.] Tan lines
Last post by Nolan -
[ PO2 Riley Patterson | Hondartza Luzea beach | Aldea ] Attn: @Brutus

As closeness was sought ought once more between them Riley could feel Faye's tongue swipe over her lips. It felt good, especially now that the rest of her surroundings became more present again. A soft breeze bringing a cooler caress over her back before the skin warmed up again by the sun burning bright above them. It made Riley chill and she rested her forehead against Faye's as she slowly and carefully slipped her own tongue out to tease against Faye's before she began to nibble at the nurse's lip.

Faye also explained what Imzadi meant, though it seemed like most of it was lost in translation according to the Betazoid. Though the words alone made Riley melt as she felt the hands of the diplomat run over her back before digging into her hair. Riley would giggle lightly before she felt Faye press her lips down hard against hers and she answered the kiss with as much love as she could. Her own hands slipping down the sides of Faye and coming to a stop at her hips as she slowly raked her nails over the sun kissed skin.

She let herself sink onto her back, trying to aim herself to rest on the towel though there was no guaranteed success. Her nails grazing over the skin of Eloi-Danvers as she pulled her down with her, aiming to get the darker haired woman on top of her, yet close against her. Her hands eventually found their way into Faye's hair, nestling into them and tugging lightly as Riley's kisses became more passionate. Tongue darting out to tease her lover's lips and tongue should it be there.

"There's an old Earth saying that fits us... I love you Faye Eloi-Danvers... I love you to the moon and back again..."
Riley thought, not wanting to break away from the kissing and hoping Faye would pick it up as the warm sand was already getting into her hair and she could feel the warmth against her neck and shoulders as she obviously wasn't laying on her towel entirely. She didn't care though, the sensation only fortifying the moment as she kept kissing Faye, never ever getting enough of her.
Main OOC Board / Re: Aldea Anthology OOC Thread
Last post by Auctor Lucan -

I have two more Vacancies to fill for The Inside Man, the current away team looking like this:

- CO of the Allegiant: Captain Ives
- CONN Officers (2, working in shifts): Lt. Daniel Havenborn & Lt. JG Donna Petterson
- Science Officer: Lt. Vanya
- Operations Officer: Lt. JG Kelleshar sh'Zenne
- Security Officer: Lt. JG XamotZark zh'Ptrell
- Tactical Officer: Lt. JG Salem Martin
- Engineer: Vacant
- Medical Officer: Vacant

So, if we have any Medical Officer or Engineer that you wish to be off the Theurgy for a few days, just PM me!


Auctor Lucan
Aldea Prime / Re: Day 02 [0900 hrs.] Adjustment Period
Last post by chXinya -
[Selena Ravenholm | Corridor | Deck 08 | Vector 1 | USS Theurgy] attn: @Stegro88

Following Lorad into his darkened quarters, Selena hid a smile.  His craggy face didn't hide his suspicions very well but he didn't dismiss her out of hand.  He certainly sounded like he needed that drink, and she was more than happy to get one herself.  Cybernetic eyes adjusted immediately when the door closed, cutting off the light spilling in from the corridor, allowing her to see as if it were a perfectly sunny day.  Her steel-grey irises shone blue in the low light making her reflection in the window readily apparent.

When Lorad asked what she wanted Selena had to think for a moment.  "How about a simple Aldebaran whiskey?"  Slipping into one side of the couch she sat cross-legged, a knee pressed up against the armrest.  "The replicated synthehol version will work if that's all you have."  A couple of quick glances around the room gave the woman an idea on how the two Remans had been holding out of late: there wasn't much of a sign that these quarters had been used.  It made sense to her though, from what she'd come to understand (if the scuttlebutt was trustworthy), he'd spent more time on the Apache than anywhere else when not working on something else.

Selena sat in silence, watching Lorad as he worked the replicator and any stash he happened to have.  She looked for any sign of rejection or maladjustment in his new implants, not that she expected any from Starfleet doctors and tech.  At first glance it looked like the man was dealing with the new gear easily enough but she knew the physical aspect was only one side of the issue.  As soon as Lorad arrived with the drinks she patted the cushion next to her.  "Unless I'm in your spot?" she quipped with a wink.
[ Lt. Suq | Outdoor Markets | Aldea Prime ]

As they walked, Suq listened. He heard the sizzling of foods, and a number of conversations around them. Thankfully no one was speaking about them directly, except one individual somewhere behind them who asked his friend if that was a bearded child or a very small man. He heard Heather speak very clearly, even when her voice lowered.

How dare the Savi try and correct Heather. Or anyone, for that matter. Suq was raised to believe a body was a body, and bodies are beautiful. A natural product, and by virtue of being natural, inherently sacred. She explained further though, and he started to understand. Her life depended on being altered. As they walked, Suq swung her hand gently, aware that he was now touching a Spirit. The first and only Efrosian to ever do so. Historical, fucking historical...

Weirdly, he doesn't remember telling her that Radiants once visited his planet. He doesn't even think Radiants visited, but they resembled ancient Spirits so strongly, that now he had to wonder...Perhaps she really was a spirit? How else would she have known? Those old conspiracies, maybe they were right?

Regardless of what he believed, it was now his turn to play storyteller. Sadly he could not do so in his native tongue. He had a great pair of lungs, so the noise level would almost certainly startle the whole marketplace. Certain factions believed the song to be sacred anyways, so no doubt he'd commit quite the sin. But he could still tell it the best he could, in Standard.

"I'm not really sure why they came. I don't know if they came at all. But it's an old story. Mothers sing it to kids to inspire them to dream. Crazy people use it as proof that their get rich quick scheme will work. But...I'll tell you." And as they walked, he was quiet, composing the song in Efrosian and then translating the meaning into Standard. It would not be as graceful, but it would be accurate.

"This song starts way back when. We were...we were a newly born race. The Spirits of our planet still walked and flew and swam and crept across the perfect surface. Their true names are long forgotten to us now, but we still call them Den, Ret, Suj, and Ya. Land, Rot, Ocean, and Sky."

"One night the Efros were preparing for their hunt. As we sang and beat the ritual drums, we rattled the Sky over and over until a star came loose. Ya saw this and declared the star was not one of the many marks on her perfect skin, but something new. She asked the Efros to beat their drums harder, so we did. Louder and louder, until even Ya herself lent her voice to our song, until the star fell out. Like a loose tooth. It fell from Ya's domain, landing on a hill in the heart in the center of Den's domain."

"Den was delighted. Ya was her lover that she could never touch, and to have a tiny piece of her at last was more than she could ever ask for. She protected the star with a great crater. The soil around it curled up to give it a cradle. Imagine her shock when the Efros came to say this was not a fraction of Ya's sacred body, but some other thing, you know?"
At this Suq smiled. He had fallen into telling a story, just the way the old men of his own village did. What a great honor...As he had spoken, they had finally approached a stand. Suq looked over the menu, gave Heather a chance to order, and ordered something with a shitton of carbohydrates.

"Yes, thank you, we'll wait..." He nodded to the food stand, and as their meals were prepared, Suq resumed the story, a quiet voice just for Heather.
"Ya spoke to her long lost mate through the howling winds and told Den that she must not cling to this alien thing. Den must release it--but Den would not. Despite the wind blowing, the star would not move from it's cradle. Den implored Suj to arbitrate, and Suj, in her wisdom, decided that if Ya and Den could not decide, then she would have it. Her many waters welled up through Den's body, flooding the star's crater. Through all this, Ret, who rides on Den's back and who follows Suj's footsteps, Ret, who comes last in all matters, had begun to creep up on her many walls. She, too, wanted to lay rest to this thing, as it divided her sisters."

"It was Efros who walked among the spirits, and when they could not decide, it was Efros that united them. We could not move the star from it's falling place, so we built a city around this star. We built the star a chamber, deep within the heart of Den, with wells to let Ya wrap her arms around it. The waters of Suj were channeled into a cave-lake, to protect it and reflect it's glory. Humble Ret, who comes last in all things, has the holy honor of living directly on the star's shell. We called the star Aye Tell, the city Nyal'a Tell. These were the names we gave it when we walked among Spirits."

"Centuries passed. I'm not sure when this third song takes place. Auntie always said when we first mastered steel, and tribes warred against each other, but her wife always said it happened shortly after the star landed. An Efrosian man thought that the star was the most beautiful thing that had ever come into existence--and he was right in this. Aye Tell surpassed the beauty of Efrosia itself, some say. He dared brave Ya's howling fury, Suj's quiet power, and Den's mighty womb, but when he came to the star, Ret had covered it with moss and fungus and algae and the things that creep, so as to hide it's beauty. This man implored Ret to please allow him to see the star, but she would not until he proved worthy. So he sat with Aye Tell for five years."

"At daybreak of the fifth year, Ret took pity. She warned him that what was contained within was precious. A treasure. Within was a Sixth Power. The Spirit of...This isn't an easy to translate word, Heather, but the best I can do is Eternal Kindness. Anyway, Ret said he must not lay hands on the Spirit's form. He must not see her directly, for she was far more frail than any Spirit of Efrosia. The man, filled with love for this Sixth Spirit, wanting to welcome her to Efrosia, agreed."

"Ret, humble, merciful, she opened the star. Within was...Well, we're not sure. The Efrosian man did not look, no one save for Ret did. But it was light, light of all colors, light so powerful that the whole city of Nyal'a Tell lit up. It was visible for thousands and thousands of klicks. That moment, the blind were cured, the deaf, hearing, the mute, singing and weeping at the glory that had blessed them. Like all Spirits, her true name--which was never spoken out loud--has been forgotten. We call her Alata, the Sixth. This man could not see her, but he was immediately filled with love. The kind of love for lovers. He wanted her to bless this Efrosia, but he also wanted her to himself."

"For five moons, Nyal'a Tell was blessed. For five moons, this man courted her. He brought her all manner of treasures. He composed music and sang to her. He shared with her all the secrets of our peoples. On that last day of Alata's blessing, he reached out to her, to hold her hand...but just like that, she was gone. Her light, fractured. Vanished. Never again would the Sixth grace our kind."

"This is why Efrosia was never graced with that...that Eternal Kindness. That enlightenment. It was because of men, and it is why those of power are always female on my planet. All the males still carry that sin on their souls. So that's it. The whole story." He nodded.

Somewhere in the story, their food was done. Suq had taken both their food items, offered Heather hers, and was leading them someplace else, someplace with less people. By the time he reached the end, he had led them to a secluded alley, between two building. Delicate vines draped from the roof of one, the smell of fresh baked goods wafted through a window from another.

"...I hope you understand, storytelling such as that is a great ritual on my planet. Also very dangerous to share with others, but...I figure if I didn't share with a Spirit, it'd be a sin too. Please don't  share this with anyone else..." He offered her an apologetic smile, and then took the first bite of whatever he had--some sort of flattened bread rolled up into a roll, smeared with custard.
Aldea Prime / Re: Day 08 [1425 hrs.] Anomaly Detected
Last post by CanadianVet -
[ Lt Carrigan Trent | Conference Room 02 | Deck 07 | Vector 01 | USS Theurgy | Aldea ] Attn: @Stegro88 @trevorvw @The Ostrich @lisavw

The first question to be spoken was an obvious one.  One might be tempted to take offence when a softball like this was tossed one's way, but not Trent. For one thing, he knew that this was also a bit of a test; after all, he was one to ask questions after he'd hand out detailed briefings when he had been in charge, to make sure others had listened, that attention had been paid to details.  And, those administrative details, he would normally have left them to the on-site commander, but since he was the one put in the hot seat..

"That is correct.  So far as anyone on the surface is concerned, there is no Starfleet presence here and we keep it that way.  Attire will be appropriate civilian clothing, with tactical gear as required, and nothing uniform if it can be avoided.  We have plenty of Aldean gear on hand to see everyone properly equipped.  Anyone unfamiliar with the gear at hand, including weapons, will have time to be familiarized before the mission begins." 

Then, after Akoni detailed the teams and confirmed they would be well-armed, he asked a question of his own that was, frankly, odd.  Had he been paying attention at all while Trent had been speaking, or was he hoping to catch him selling them information that did not exist as to prove to everyone the former XO was indeed a barely competent loose cannon? "Sir, this is meant to be a reconnaissance operation, to acquire the data the sensors at our disposal can't without having boots on the ground." If I knew what was down there, we wouldn't be here; if it was something I didn't think was significant, I would have gone down there myself to take a look, not have to draw up a proposal to the Captain to send a landing party down there, he thought somewhat uncharitably; his current situation of having to ask, if not downright beg, for support was a recipe for an intelligence failure by making sure he would never have constant access to the resources he would need to do his job...

He had kept his tone polite, but he was hardly pleased at having to state the obvious in such a case. "What I can say, though, is that the recurring energy spikes' structure and recorded power levels would require access to a substantial amount of energy; sensors are not picking up  a functioning power grid within the city, so I would surmise there would be a standalone generator in the areas we are unable to scan.  Based on the spikes' geometry," he was not about to go into the details of Doppler shift, side lobe strengths or how quickly the transmitter generating it would go from rest to full power transmission; this kind of analysis had been for him to justify requesting the away mission to the Captain, irrelevant to the ground teams.  But there was something he could add. "I would say the suspected signal is originating in this general area," with  few button presses, the map zoomed to one particular sector, "and it is being sent from a high-feature; there are a number of high-rise buildings in the area; between the shuttle's and rover's sensors, your tricorders and the equipment you will need to emplace at the marked locations, a precise set of originating coordinates should be pinpointed, and the spike properly identified.  And given the close proximity, I assess whatever is disrupting orbital and airborne sensors should only have minimal effect, and readings on that effect should be sufficient to allow us to compensate and maintain surveillance from orbit."

He then took a deep breath.  This was going to be the moment of truth.  Do or die, go or no-go.  "In short, this is meant to be a quick in and out reconnaissance mission to emplace sensor equipment.  No heroics, any sign of real danger, pull out.  I will be monitoring constantly and be in contact with team leaders.  The next occurrence of the spike will be at approximately 2200 hours, ship's time.  The Tesla's flight plan has already been entered, and she is slated to depart at 2100 hours.  I am obligated to inform everyone here this is a strictly volunteer operation and you have until you board the shuttle to decide, unless Commander Akoni scrubs the mission.  If there are no further questions, this concludes the briefing and operational control is turned over to Commander Akoni.  If you have any further questions, you can ask them off-line.  Otherwise, I would recommend you prepare as you see fit for the operation.  Thank you all."
[Ens. Irnashall "Shall" Ch'xinya | Medical Lab 1 | Deck 11 | USS Theurgy] attn: @Numen

Shall had seen the look on Shar's face a dozen times before.  No matter the species or background of the poor soul who'd found themselves on this cursed ship it was always the same.  Guardians knew that he had the same when it became apparent that there was no escaping Theurgy, no way to leave it behind, to return home.  He watched her in silence as the shen broke off from him as if he were a leper, deftly sliding the stasis unit into his arms at the same time.  When she went to the replicator for a moment he thought she was getting a drink, something to drown the new horrors with, but in the agonizing minutes of silence she kept her back to him.  He watched, curious as to what she was doing, but also worried that it could be something less than benign.

Thrusting a PADD into his hands, Shar would not look at Shall.  It was a bit of a juggling act for Shall as he tried to look at the information she'd given him, shifting the incubator up to cradle in the crook of his arm.  The tremble in her voice made him look at her for a moment, worried that she might fall apart.  She managed to hold together thankfully, and he returned to the small screen.  A planetary address and some letters were stored within the PADD, recipients clearly marked.  The chan had never been to Thonolan but he knew the colony.  If they could keep his involvement in the delivery a secret Shar's family might just escape the parasites's attention.

"I...have an idea." Shall finally admitted, antenna twitching along with his nervousness.  "Aldea is a border world, traders from both sides coming and going.  I've heard from Jay about how some would be willing to slip items across for the right compensation.  I'm sure I can find one who would be willing to bring our thei to your clan."  Gently setting both items on the table, Shall reached out to take Shar into his arms one last time but stopped himself at the last moment.  Curling his fingers into loosely balled fists and forcing them to his side he fought to allow her her privacy.  "He will remain here until I'm satisfied that the courier can be entrusted with this, and I will not move him a millimeter outside until you give your assent."
[ Ens. Isel "Foxfire" Nix | Spearhead Lounge | Deck 14 | Vector 2 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @patches
Isel sipped her alcohol-laden coffee as Meerkat talked, explaining her reasoning for the recent defection. Isel couldn't help but agree with her that the feeling aboard the Dauntless had been different from what a typical Starfleet vessel had felt like, though Isel hadn't clued in to the fact at the time. Isel supposed she had been a bit preoccupied, what with the sudden transfer, being reunited with Donna and the subsequent blackmail which had brought her on this little adventure.

Meerkat went on to mention the other Valravn pilots defecting at Starbase 84, which had caused her to take the feeling that something was off seriously. Isel had heard about the defection of half the White Wolves, though she had been transferred to the Dauntless as a replacement pilot shortly after the battle at Starbase 84, and so had mostly just heard rumours and propaganda. Isel chuckled over the rim of her mug as Meerkat commented that she doubted the other pilots had defected because they liked Romulans, returning the other woman's smile. That smile faded slightly as Meerket finished, asking the question as to why she and Donna had chosen to defect.

You should have seen that one coming... Isel chided herself, knowing she had opened up the avenue of question when she had asked her own.

"Why did we defect?" Isel asked, echoing Meerkat's question. "That... is a bit of a long story. But, you told me yours, I guess it's only fair I tell you mine." Isel took another long sip, swallowing the bitter and burning mixture before letting out a soft sigh. "Donna and met at the Academy, and we used to be pretty close. At first I thought it was great when we both ended up being transferred to the Dauntless as replacement pilots, since I got to see her again. I always had a bit of a thing for her." Isel gave Meerkat a lop-sided grin as she spoke the words, then continued. "Turns out our little reunion wasn't gonna go so great. She had a message she needed to deliver to Ives. She needed someone to watch her back. I was someone she could blackmail." Isel chucked and shook her head, then glanced up at Meerkat. "Typical Earth romance movie kinda stuff, you know?" Isel put her now empty cup down on the table and leaned back in her chair. She pulled the leg that wasn't propped up on the third chair towards her so that her heel was perched on the seat, then wrapped her arms around her knee.

"To be honest, I never really noticed the weird vibe from the Dauntless or Starfleet until I was aboard the Theurgy and thinking back." Isel confessed, leaning forward and resting her chin on her knee. "I was just sort of swept up in the transfer, the new ship, seeing Donna again, and then trying not to fucking throttle her when she pulled her coercion shit on me. Looking back, it's all a bit of a blur." Isel shrugged, grinning at Walton. "And here I am!" she finally concluded, using the same words Walton had used in her own conclusion.

No need to tell her I wasn't Starfleet's #1 fan before I defected form the Orion Syndicate... Isel thought to herself, If she's a career Starfleeter I doubt that little tidbit would go over too well...

"There's just one part of what you've said that I don't get..." Isel pressed on, eyes narrowing at Walton in an almost accusing manner, "how the hell can you be a morning person?" Isel's accusatory glare broke down as the Vulpinian giggled, lifting her head from her knee and leaning back once more. "I hate mornings. Beds are comfy, I'm lazy, and I'm useless without coffee. I don't get you morning people. It's like you're from another planet or something!" Isel gave Walton an idiotic, toothy grin as she raised a hand and waved to the barman to get his attention, then pointed to the two cups on the table between herself and Meerkat to indicate they needed a refill. Seeing the barman's nod she turned her attention back to Walton, half expecting the other woman to be rolling her eyes at Isel's silly comment.

OOC: I'm so sorry for the delay in posting!
[ Lt. T'Panu | Corridor | Deck 8 | Vector 01 | USS Theurgy ]

T'Panu had just finished an online training session highlighting the dangers of using Morphenolog on certain patients. She was lost in her thoughts as she walked down the corridor, still in shock at how well done the presentation was.

She rounded the corner, rounded another, walked straight down the hall. She nearly walked right into a few people before she realized she should really pay attention to where she was going. She pulled out her PADD and stopped, making a few more calculations to conclude her research. A few calculations and dosing experiments later, she had what she needed.

Just as she was concluding her research, she heard this odd noise coming from...down the hall? She looked behind her, but found nothing there. She thought she was hearing things as she began to turn around. Just then, she saw this giant ball of black barrelling down the hall towards her. She startled, not expecting anything else to be here! Her PADD fell to the floor as the creature was flying towards her! The hallway was a mixture of screeching from this creature and clanging from her PADD hitting the floor.

At the last second, she realized what it was. "How did a bat get on board?!?!?" T'Panu shrieked, as the bat flew straight towards her. At the same time that she ducked, the bat dove straight towards her head in a majestic like stance. Its wings tucked in beside its body as she watched as its fangs came out towards her!

She practically fell on her own head trying to barrel away from it! She somehow managed to dive to her left, narrowly out of its way as she fell on her shoulder and crashed into the bulkhead. The bulkhead made some clanging sounds as she landed, followed by banging. The bat took off above her, spreading its wings nearly as wide as the entire corridor before flying around the corner, out of sight.

Just as T'Panu was recollecting herself on the floor, a blurry green figure came running out from around the corner. He was yelling something unintelligible as she was brushing off her uniform, realizing she was safe...for now.

"What in the hell just happened??" T'Panu asked.
Aldea Prime / Re: Day 04 [0708 hrs.] The Spirits that Be
Last post by Triage -
[ PWO Heather McMillan | Outdoor Markets | Aldea Prime ] Attn: @FollowTomorrow
She made no attempt to withdraw her hand from Suq's as she briefly lost herself in thoughts and feelings. Thoughts about what was going on, about why Suq looked at her the way he did, about why she was feeling so overwhelmed when once she would have been eager to be amongst Aldeans or any new culture, especially one that was as friendly as theirs. To learn of their songs and to share her own with them. She felt out of her depth, lonely, terrified, but also elated (now that she was in familiar company), and more than a little relieved. Still, the feeling of fear did not leave her completely.

She nodded idly as he spoke to the shopkeeper about payment for a garment he was buying.

She scampered alongside him as they made their way towards the food district. It was a most lovely market. Then he began to ask some questions, but why did he sound nervous? He was a god, what did he have to fear from someone like her? It couldn't be her that made him nervous. Perhaps it was someone else or something else on this planet? Yes, that was probably it.

"Well...not completely," said Heather, she took in the scent of various dishes and meals, they were all captivating and somehow blended together in harmony, "w-when the Savi attempted to reconstitute me, so much of my original matter was lost in the disintegration...process..." she lowered her gaze to the ground as they walked, and she sounded forlorn as she remembered what happened not more than a few days ago, "...according to accounts from others, Ectand qi Versant saved my life by adding Xenexian DNA and mass to replace what could not be replaced. So...I suppose you could say I'm half Radiant, half Xenexian now." She turned to look at Suq and brought to his attention her almost-glowing purple eyes.

She smiled wanly, it was so sweet that he was so concerned about her physical wellbeing when he made contact with her. But maybe he overestimated how fragile she was even when she was fully Radiant? "I'm not so fragile that a mere touch would have killed me even if I were fully Radiant..." she lowered her voice a little as they drew closer in quarters to other people. Merchants, hawkers and restauranteers were coming within earshot of the two.

"Also," she raised her hand, still holding Suq's in it, and grinned, "you haven't let go since that shop back there...I...I think that answers your question, doesn't it?"

She allowed the hand held by Suq to glow in shifting colours, making sure it was only a soft glow and only the part of the hand that Suq could see. "Would you tell me again about your people and how they met one of my kind?"
Main OOC Board / Re: Main OOC Thread
Last post by CanadianVet -
I'd like to throw Hats towards weaponizing Heather's light, if there is still a slot open.