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[Lieutenant JG Evelyn Rawley, callsign "Ghost" | Fighter Assault Bay | Squadron Briefing Room | Deck 16 | Vector 02 | USS Theurgy] Attn: @Nolan @Triton @Doc M. @Stegro88 @The Ostrich @Fife @Havenborn @patches @Firefox013 @Vox

With Donna stepping away for a word with Tom Ravon, it left Jhoza with Rawley. Rawley nodded at Jhoza's words. The Andorian definitely seemed to be in need of explanations, and Tessa, bubbly lass or not, as one of the original Lone Wolves, can confirm it.

"Oh, aye, something isn't right with the upper levels of Starfleet," she said. "In a nutshell, some of the head honchos of Starfleet are being possessed by these...parasites, for want of a better word. Better details can be provided by the higher-ups, like Commander Ravon, but suffice to say, they've infiltrated Starfleet, and they may have infiltrated our neighbours as well. As to what they intend, it's possible that they mean to destabilize the Federation, perhaps all societies as a whole. As I said, the higher-ups can provide more, and better, detail.

"A prime example of one bloke whose been possessed is Admiral Sankalov. He and his task force have been chasing us for over a year now, and we've had a number of close shaves. And we have another such person, confined in our brig. He's been a trusted member of the crew, and to think he was taken in by one of those still makes my skin crawl. That Doctor Nicander. He may very well have been mucking things up around this ship, to stop us from getting the truth out."

Rawley felt somewhat on edge at bringing up Nicander, and as such, decided to change the subject.

"As I said, some of the higher-ups, like Commander Ravon, will provide better details of the threat we're facing. I'm just a simple bird who can fly, shoot and kick arse.

"Now on your Ushaan-tor...I may now a lass in Security, I'll see if I can ask her to get it, or if she can find us the officers who took it."

Rawley could understand Jhoza's sentiments about her blade, now that she carried a souvenir from the Klingon boarders. She remembered seeing it on Jhoza's person in the days of the Jadestone, and as silly-looking as it was, it was a blade not to be trifled with, and one could say the same thing about some Klingon blades as well.

Of course, she never thought she'd contact the Drone, Six, but the drone was the only person she can put a thought to when it came to the lads and lasses in yellow; she never gave the buggers much thought. She tapped her comm badge.

"Lieutenant Rawley to Ensign Six. No, I'm not calling to insult yeh, lass, I was wondering if yeh could do something if yeh had the time. Some of your colleagues in Security have confiscated a blade from a new pilot who's defected in. If yeh have the time, please inquire about them and see aboot bringing the blade back to her. The blade is an Andorian Ushaan-tor, it's somewhat circular, and dangerous-looking. The officer the blade belongs to is Jhozahosh sh'Avhennes, Andorian. Make sure it's brought back to her, aye?"

Rawley never forgot Jhoza's Ushaan. She always admired that blade, being dangerous as it was. After she finished the call, she showed Jhoza her souvenir.

"Yeh just reminded me," she said. "This is a souvenir from when we took on a Klingon boarding party last night. Dinnae know what we did to get on the bad side of Klingons, and we lost half our squadron in the fight. I got this blade from Lieutenant Garcia," she added, making a nod of indication at Angel. "I believe it's a Klingon mek'leth. If we have the time, once yeh get your Ushaan back, we could try a sparring match, practice blade combat, aye?"

OOC: If I got things wrong in Rawley's explanation of what's wrong with Starfleet, please let me know and I'll make the necessary changes.
[ Lt Cmdr Thomas Ravon | Fighter Assault Bay  | Valkyrie 01 'Kestrel' | Vector 02 | USS Theurgy ]

As the Romulan woman informed him that the most logical choice would be the locker rooms he had seen her envying glance towards the rest of the fighters. He chose not to ask her about it and simply gave a nod as they walked through the bay to the TAC CONN department of the fighter bay. His pace was somewhat relaxed if not casual as they reached the doors of the corridor separating the fighter bay from the lockers, briefing room and mess hall. He stepped through as he heard her ask the question about how big his losses were after the Klingon engagement.

"We started the sortie with eleven fighters. Five Valravns, Five Mark III's and a single Mark II. When you found us, I lost four Valravns, a mark III and we lost a pilot after landing. So that would bring the grand total of losses at five ships destroyed and ten pilots gone. Hopefully we'll recover Krystal along the way... But... I have to say this has been a rather rough command."
he admitted as he walked further to the locker rooms and opened the door. It looked ghastly empty at the time and he pointed at the occupied lockers "Those are in use, you 're free to pick yours." he informed her

"What brought you on the ship when you got injured?" he asked her as he crossed his arms and remained at the door.
[ Pardus | Orion Syndicate Auction ] Attn: @Stegro88 

The reaction Max showed was certainly unexpected and it clearly shocked the Trill as she was ushered back against the wall in the room. With a bit of a thud she ended up against the wall and she let out a painful "Oof." There was confusion as well as a tinge of fear in the look of her eyes. The growling of Gentry didn't really set Pardus at ease as she knew she had screwed up to some degree at this point.

Max's hands moved up to the Trill's zipper and pulled the thing down all the way till the end. She swallowed hard and nodded quickly "I-I-I'm s-sor-ry..." she said with a soft broken voice, though the whimpering soon stopped as Max reached into the jumpsuit and felt up on the well formed breasts of the Trill. She gasped and formed her hands into fists before flexing them entirely as Gentry pinched her sensitive nipples and tugged on them to pull Pardus' breasts effectively out of the jumpsuit. To say it was painful would not cut it as it stung. Badly!

The sensitive nipples of the woman caused for the pain to reach all the way to the insides of the Trill. It was as if her lungs were in pain along with the muscles of her entire torso and perhaps even shoulders. Once both her breasts were out, Pardus sobbed before she was dragged back through the room and thrown into the bed. She bounced on top of it and looked at Max as she removed the rest of her clothing, Unveiling herself entirely besides the bra she wore, Pardus knew she was serious, this entire OP was serious. She  had to be reminded of it and if anything Max was perhaps saving her life by doing so?

There wasn't much time to think or act to it as Gentry mounted the Trill on her bed and straddled her, the warmth of her bare thighs pressed up against her breasts and the heat of her core against her diaphragm. Pardus looked straight into Max her eyes as she held her jaw in a tight grip as she demanded to know who she was and who Max was.

"Y-Your name.. Is Mistress... Mistress Gentry..." she said with a trembling voice "M-My name is Pardus... Your slave and property..." she continued before swallowing "I-I won't forget mistress... L-Let me please you... Let me... Make amends.." she almost begged as she avoided direct eye contact, her eyes instead moving over the perfect shaped body of the human.
[ USS Theurgy "Thea" NX-79854 | Machine Intelligence Labs | The Versant ] Attn: @BZ @Fife @patches 
The organic named Blue Tiran assisted Thea readily enough, and in short order, Thea could remove her positronic brain from it's stand and the severed cabling. She wrapped her hand around the cut trunking, and approached the present group, literally carrying her own brain next to herself. She tilted her head and watched the one named R'Rori take care of Tiran's wound, and listened to Albert talking to the woman. Despite the loss of Kae, and the dreadful situation she was in, she did give the metal owl a passing smile.

"Indeed," she said to the owl, "I may have been confined here, but I have learned a great deal about the systems that this species use, just from with the access I've had to this lab alone. I am positive adaptation will be swift. I must ask, however, who is this 'Moby'?"

After she had heard the answer, she nodded, but in the end, she took a few steps towards the exit. "If I require additional access, I will make sure to contact 'Moby'," she said, not in a dismissive way, but appreciating the fact that there were was an ally aboard. It also put the situation in a new perspective for her, since she had not thought the Savi capable of collaborating. She had not even known parts of her crew were aboard, having made calculations in regard to the best means of escaping alone. The inquisitive aliens had not hurt her beyond trying to understand her, keeping her imprisoned. They had held little interest in her projection, the sophistication of her sensory mapping a passing curiosity. Their true interest had been in the program itself, it's processing capacity, and the storage properties of her brain.

That there were organics aboard to liberate made all her plans moot, the odds of success unknown.

She waited for her saviours to finish up, picking up a hand phaser from the floor, and left her prison behind - not giving the lab a second look, but having to keep herself from looking at Kae once more. She did not need another emotion-feed overload at the moment, so she tried to keep herself from allocating any processing power on the past, Kae, and all the things unsaid. There was only the present, and the objective. To save the crew, and leave the Versant. At the given moment, it was unknown what factors would play into the accomplishment of the objective, but at least she was able to gain access beyond the stand-alone lab.

Once they all left the Machine Intelligence Labs, Thea could see the aftermath of her liberation, and the fallen Starfleet officers in Savi suits on the deck. At that point, however, more Savi had arrived to the scene, and Thea wasted no time in raising her phaser towards the seven Antecedents. Her aiming program compensated for the dim lighting, and she had already been told to not use lethal force. She did not have a natural propensity towards inflicting bodily harm, her program a product of Starfleet and the Federation, so she had not held any inclination towards using the kill setting to begin with. So, when she fired, her arms and her eyes moved between the targets without delay, her gaze not even lingering on those she hit before changing target. Since her aim compensated for moving targets as well, she also hit a Savi that had almost left the corridor through a pair of sliding doors.

"I need a control panel," she said, her projection not winded in the slightest, not required to breathe even if her chest rose and fell in mimicry of the function. Nor did she have any heart that would beat fast from the experience of the brief altercation. She kept the emotion feed from affecting her operations, even though she hadn't deactivated the chip. One of her saviours suggested an adjacent room instead of the corridor, which she deemed prudent given the tactical situation, and moved with them, still carrying her brain in her free hand and having her phaser raised against potential threats ahead.

The area they entered seem like just another lab, and Thea held little interest in what kind of experiments had been preformed before they entered. Four more Antecendents were present, and Thea stunned two of them in rapid succession, the first one not even having looked up from his tablet. Her eyes scanned for an access point, and she found it in the back of the lab.

"Lieutenant Commander Tiran," she said, looking at the Human with the blue in her hair. "While I have no access to my database, I have gathered that you are an Engineer. Would you please connect my brain to this access point and power it up, using the local power supply?" No more had she asked, until the sliding doors parted, and armed Savi pushed into the lab. Thea's head turned their way and her phaser was already up, firing against them.

"It would seem that time is short," she said, almost conversationally, while the flare of her weapon lit her dispassionate face. "As soon as I have access, I will be able to protect us more efficiently."

In contrast to her deadpan tone, it seemed all the weapons fire had drawn the Savi in full force.

Thankfully, there was no Scion seen just yet, but the graviton weapons the Antecedents carried tore the lab apart.

OOC: Seven days begin now, and my next post will be the last one in this thread. Have fun writing this final stand, and get Thea connected. I have left some pointers through my post with blanks to fill in, where your characters can tell her things or do things as you see fit to progress the scene to this point where they are in the last lab. :)
Director's Cut / Re: USS Theurgy: What if - The Public Baths
Last post by Nolan -
[ Thomas Ravon | Public Baths | Deck 12 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @Griff @Triton

The human was all too glad to see the Romulan woman plant herself down in his lap. While the gesture had been subtle and inviting, it seemed like the woman took the offer with both hands and clearly stood open for a more close and physical contact besides the flirting exchange of words they had shared at the bar earlier on. Thomas his hands moved over her back and came to rest on her hip, just out of reach of whatever butt came to sight as he placed the other on the opposite side resting on her lap, his warm hands able to feel up the muscular yet soft skinned legs of the woman.

As he talked to Marquez and Alessia, Thomas couldn't help but feel the heated body of the Romulan against his skin. The way their sweat mixed as her hands were a different story all together. Was she teasing him purposely as she felt up his torso, running over his abs before returning up to his chest and tweaked at his nipples. When she did so the pilot stirred lightly underneath her, giving her a heated look as he managed to barely keep the conversation going at a regular tone. "Alessia, baths don't hold rank so please do call me Thom." he smiled as he gave a nod to Marquez.

The man beat him to it to mention that the two of them met before, be it briefly during their academy days. Not much more then sharing certain classes or crossing one another on campus at the Academy. As they talked about the Dominion war, Thoma couldn't help but chuckle lightly and nod in agreement "Rough days would be calling it short frankly..." he listened to the two of them as they simply seemed to be made for one another as Lillee proved to be quite a distraction "Sorry to hear that the Fleet tore you apart in a way... Glad on the other hand that you've found each other again here."

When Lillee laughed with Alessia's cheeky pun Thomas saw it fit to get a feel of the woman himself. His hand tracing along her leg, sliding down to her knee with just his fingertips before sliding back up over the soft skin. He stopped short just at her thighs, only to switch leg and conduct the same slow move. He didn't get much further though as Lillee's words caught his attention. She hadn't been intimate for quite a while? How in the stars was that even possible?! A dashing woman like herself?

The eyes of the blonde glanced over at Thomas as she asked him that they were truly enjoying one another, Thomas could only nod in agreement "That they are... Though I have to say that I'm quite enjoying my company as well." he whispered to the Romulan as he kept his eyes locked on hers. To say that he was truly enjoying Lillee's presence was rather obvious, underneath the Romulan pilot, the arousal of the fighter pilot had developed slowly. Not having reached a full erection though, the swell of his semi hardened member would undoubtedly be felt against the buttocks of the slender Romulan.

Just like that though Lillee raised herself off Thomas as she stretched herself which reminded him of the Terran species of cats when they'd wake up after a nap in the sun. He gazed at her form and watched the swimsuit sling onto her shapes in the humid room. His eyes followed her as she walked over to the couple in the room, telling Alessia and her lover that they had the privacy they required should things go further and that both Lillee as Thomas were friends in this regard. It brought a smirk on Thomas his face as he gave a nod and leaned back a little, watching Lillee kiss Alessia innocently (to a certain degree) on her shoulder before returning back to him with a smile that Thomas always considered to be a kind of wicked.

She informed Ravon of the inconvenience of the swimsuit in the steamroom and asked him to help her take it off. The pilot gave a nod and stood up with no objection or shame. While Lillee would probably not be able to see Marquez or Alessia might be able to. By standing up, Thomas left the bathrobe on the seat behind him, standing in his natural glory and with his semi erection on display. He wasn't ashamed about his body nor was he bothered by it for other people to see him naked. Having spent most of his career in coed locker rooms, nudity there became more of a way of life. Nothing more or less.

He walked up to Lillee and quickly enough found the zipper as he pulled it down slowly, hearing the audible sound of it as he lowered it all the way down. With the fabric splitting open and showing the nude back of the woman to him, Thomas moved his strong hand over her back, giving her a nice slow rub all the way up to her shoulders as he brought his lips next to her pointy ears "Shall I help you out of these miss t'Jellaieu?"
[ Ltjg Jhozahosh "Blizzard" sh'Avhennes | Fighter Assault Bay | Briefing Room | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @Multificionado @Doc M.


Following the fiasco in the shuttlebay, Jhozahosh received orders to report to the briefing room lower down in the bowels of the ship.She had removed her flight suit, and was clad only in the light uniform shirt and trousers that she wore beneath it. She was mildly annoyed that her weapons had been confiscated, but understood their reasons for disarming the defectors. That hadn't stopped her from threatening all manner of nasty things to the officer who had collected her weapons if he managed to misplace her Ushaan-tor. The walk to the briefing room was a short one, and easy due to the helpful guiding lights.

Jhoza slipped into the back of the room and listened quietly as Commander Ravon addressed them briefly. She was slightly annoyed that their reason for being branded traitors hadn't been explained yet. She had defected on a hunch, something had seemed off about their relentless pursuit of the Theurgy, and she needed to know why. Her antennae angled forward showing her unease. However she wasn't given much time to muse as she was approached by a shorter, human woman calling her name. It wasn't until she introduced herself and mentioned the Jadestone that Jhoza recognized the woman. Her antennae relaxed and stood tall on her head as a small smile crossed her face. "Hello Rawley. Old times indeed. I didn't know you were aboard this ship."

Before much more could be said a voice from beside Jhoza distracted them with another introduction, it really seemed that today was a day for new names and faces. Jhoza accepted the hand and shook it as her antennae focused toward Goldeneye. "Jhozahosh sh'Avhennes, they call me Blizzard when I'm flying, and people seem to prefer Jhoza when I'm not. It is a pleasure to meet you."

With introductions, and re-introductions out of the way Jhoza felt that now was the best time to broach the two topics weighing on her mind. "Could either of you lovely ladies tell me exactly what is going on? I kind of defected to join you on a hunch. Something is not right in the upper levels of Starfeet and I feel like you know something about this/ I cannot say how I know, it is just a feeling in my antennae." Her hand moved to her chest as she spoke and she began to fidget with her Shapla pendant through her shirt. "Also, I don't suppose either of you could help me to get my Ushaan-tor back from the security officers, it is very...sentimental...and important to me."
Chapter 03: Supplemental [Day 06 | 0901hrs] Final Pieces

[Lt. Commander Wenn Cinn | Turbolift | Between Decks | USS Theurgy] attn: @Auctor Lucan @BZ @Brutus

Yet again, Cinn wondered just what he was doing.  All throughout his fight with the Cardassians that was the standard refrain just before launching another insane plan to knock the spoonheads back a bit. He had wondered the same as he left Bajor to join Starfleet, another time after Thea deposited him on the bridge of Vector 2.  Now, here he was again, riding a turbolift to the Main Bridge of a recombined Theurgy but instead of resuming his old security station, he was going for the center chair.  Just what happened over here? he asked for the dozenth time.

Riding the turbolift with Stark at his side, the Bajoran seemed to be staring at the door with an impassionate face.  In reality, he was listening to the ship.  Underneath the turbolift's hum there was a subtle groan from the hull.  Seriously damaged and subjected to stresses close to the design limits he prayed it would hold.  If the captain were still alive they'd bust both vector captains down to ensign and relegate them to plasma conduit scrubbing for the rest of their careers once they were reunited.  But, if Dr. Nicander was right, Captain Ives and all of the others that were taken were dead, leaving only the crew they had, their guests from the Endeavour, and Captain Ziegler's Cayuga to keep the Borg on the other end of the apertures.  Cinn hoped things were going well for Ziegler, the window for their arrival at any given time.

Slowing to a halt, the turbolift finally opened, revealing the current state of the bridge: minor chaos.  Cinn could make out the phaser burns, scorch marks, and bloodstains denoting recent combat.  Several turned towards the lift, but Dewitt was the only one to stop what she was doing.  Standing out of the center chair she made the one announcement that Cinn never wanted to hear about himself: "Captain on the Bridge."

Sighing, Cinn stepped out of the turbolift and went for the chair.  "As you were."  There was too much to do, and not enough time.  "I'm assuming you'd like a briefing?" Dewitt asked, nodding towards the ready room.  Cinn nodded.  "Stark, you have the bridge.  Current vector senior staffs are to continue for the time being but have them coordinate efforts between each section.  I'll make my decisions on a new senior staff once I have a fuller understanding of our situation."  Punctuating his remarks, the hull groaned again, and this time it was accompanied by a minor shudder, bringing pause all over the room.  Hold together Thea...  Looking around the bridge before leaving for the briefing, Cinn spotted a new face: a black haired woman that while in uniform, had no rank indicator.  "Who are you?"

The answer raised the Bajoran's eyebrow.  "Were you present when Commander Dewitt assumed command?" This, Zyrao answered in the affirmative.  "Join the commander and myself then."  She was probably as close to a disinterested third party as they could have on board.  Next, Cinn saw their Diplomatic Officer, helping out with something.  "Ensign Eloi-Danvers, would you join us as well?  Your skill may be needed."  He wasn't sure why, but he had a feeling that the Betazoid might have something to contribute as well, not just because of her species, but also her profession.

Gesturing towards the ready room, Cinn braced himself for what is bound to be the beginning of a very long day.

GM Note: Posting order is 1) @BZ follorwed by 2) @Brutus and then @Auctor Lucan. @Brutus will sort out the situation on the Main Bridge while the talks in the Ready Room take place. If possible, it would be awesome if there's opportunity for the writers of the present characters on the Main Bridge to leave for a duration of the In-Character hour to come. I will also be posting with Sera vers Aldnoah, coming to the bridge and telling people A'vura is dead. Here is the present bridge crew:

Commanding Officer: Wenn Cinn (Ready Room)
Executive Officer: Natalie Stark (Main Bridge)
Tactical: Leon Marquez, Jonas Arisaka (NPC) & Tarsi sh'Zhan (NPC)
CONN: Derik Veradin
Operations: Nameless NPC replacement for A'vura
Science: Vivian Martin & Morwen Angharad (NPC)
Engineering Station: Lavar Manfredi (NPC)
Communications: Faye Eloi-Danvers
Director's Cut / Re: USS Theurgy: What if - The Public Baths
Last post by Griff -
[PO3 Lillee t'Jellaieu] | Public Baths | Deck 12 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @Nolan, @Triton


The human, Thomas, was remarkably bold in how he kept hold of Lillee's hand as he sat down, inviting her wordlessly to sit in his lap. It was an offer with a mountain of subtext. She could just as easily decline and sit beside him, a more tame stance, slowing down their heat that their flirting had sparked. They could sit in the steam room a while Alessia and Leon had their fun, flirt some more with each other, then they could leave. They could meet again the next day, or the day after that,  to build upon their flirting. Such things were how relationships began, a gradual procession of steps in which Romulans and humans were little different, save for the more elaborate nature of Rihannsu courtship.

But Lillee had been starved of intimacy for nearly a year. She was hot, the steam and the potent human scents driving her thoughts wild. And, there was no denying it, she was powerfully aroused, both by her partner and by the others' naked affection for each other. Her breasts were sensitive, her heart was thudding, her blood was on fire...and so Lillee was impatient.

So she accepted Thomas' invitation, sitting in his lap, her buttocks perched atop his muscular thigh with surprising comfort. Half turned as she was, Lillee's right arm and shoulder pressed against Thomas' torso, their sweat intermingling on their warm skin. The fluffy robe that he had let fall was a pleasant feeling on Lillee's bare thigh (although the night-black swimsuit wasn't especially comfortable now), but there was a vulnerability for Thomas. The fallen bathrobe pooled at his waist, concealing his manhood, but if it became erect...well, not even the white cotton could conceal that.

Thus, as Thomas and the other pilots chatted, Lillee traced a slender hand along his abdomen. She traced his sculpted muscles, his belly button (but no further...that would be cheating, after all), then up further, to his pectorals, gliding her finger over his skin, relishing the sensation. She even played with his nipples, lightly teasing them, tweaking them, all while her eyes followed the conversation. Her hand merely kept moving, an innocent idle gesture hiding nefarious intent.

Then Alessia unleashed that terrible pun and Lillee couldn't resist laughing, the sound seeming oddly loud in the small steam room, acoustically insulated as it was against the rest of the baths.

"Alessia, sweetie, that is the worst pun for my species that I've ever heard," she laughed. Alessia had her back to Lillee and Thomas now, straddling her soon-to-be lover as she was, and Lillee's laugh faded into a happy grin that was as pointed as her ears as she beheld her friend. Oh, that fiery grin that Alessia flashed back over her shoulder...she was a happy woman, and Lillee realised that by all the fires of Eisn, it wasn't just Thomas and Leon's powerful, handsome bodies that were sparking her. It was Alessia, too, that she found herself attracted too. The woman wasn't just beautiful objectively. She was genuinely affecting Lillee's arousal with that Spanish flair of hers, that cheekiness.

This could get very complicated, very fast, or it could get very wonderful, very fast.

"However, if I follow the idiom correctly...yes, I most certainly intend to 'get my Romul-on', my friend. It has been a very long time, you know..." Lillee stopped talking, simply focusing on breathing before she glanced back at Thomas. Her partner-in-crime, as it were, her teammate, whose thoughts, she suspected, strongly mirrored hers. "They are truly enjoying each other, are they not?" she murmured, her brown eyes looking into his green. "It is wonderful to see. In fact..."

With that, Lillee stood up, stretching her arms up into the air with languid grace. The sweat glistened on her skin, making the tight black swimsuit rather uncomfortable, but she ignored it as she moved over to the two lovers. She grasped Alessia's shoulders from behind, smiling.

"The door is locked and you are among friends," she said softly. "You need not restrain your passions. Embrace them, should you desire to." Then she planted a delicate, chaste kiss on Alessia shoulder before returning to Thomas, still smiling that mysterious, engimatic smile that none but the Romulans had ever truly mastered.

"Thomas, my swimsuit is not ideal for appreciating the steam," she said before turning around, showing him her back. "There is a zip at the top, at my neck. Would you be so kind?"
[PO3 Lillee t'Jellaieu | Fighter Assault Bay | USS Theurgy] Attn: @Triton

Focused as she was on inspecting her own Valkyrie, from the tips of its nacelles to the fighter's prow, Lillee tuned out whatever was happening beyond her. It wasn't like manning the CONN, after all, where any intelligent pilot kept a weather eye and ear on their surroundings on the Bridge, to be ever-alert for any change in circumstances or anticipate the orders of the captain and XO. Now that the Theurgy had been reunited, Jaya Thorne had that job. Now, the blonde Romulan could simply focus on her own small craft, assess how its previous occupant had maintained it, and learn how the Valkyrie would fly. The as-yet unknown Meony, whoever she was, was evidently a very different kind of pilot to Lillee, so a careful inspection of the Valkyrie was crucial.

Of course, Lillee's focused concentration was not helped by the constant string of swearing from her neighbour. Some of the words were familiar (one did not serve as an NCO in Starfleet without a thorough understanding of human swear words), although others were downright strange. Even as Lillee sat in the cockpit, checking the balance of the impulse engines, a part of her mind was finding perverse enjoyment in her neighbour's increasingly inventive cursing. The Klingon swearing was indecipherable, sounding downright bizarre in the woman's Spanish accent, but the Rihannsu swearing was downright hilarious.

'Fuck your mother sideways with your leth'ken's prick'? 'Stuff a poker up your ass and do a spit-roast of incompetent fuckery'? It was language fit to make even the most stern centurion chortle, especially with such mangled pronunciation despite the accent that was so similar to common Rihannsu. Despite herself, Lillee was smiling as she worked in her cockpit.

Then the shrill whistle jolted Lillee out of her half-meditative concentration, and she glanced down at the source to see a human woman calling for help. An blasted EPS manifold rupture!?

"Fucking Reman ass!" Lillee swore under her breath, scrambling out of her cockpit onto the wing, then jumped clear over the wide gap onto her neighbour's Valkyrie before rushing into its cockpit. She hurried to power up the fighter and redirect the electroplasma flow away from the damaged manifold, her hands flying over the controls.

"The electroplasma is redirected!" Lillee called down below her to the woman below. "How does it look down there?"
[ PO3 Lillee t'Jellaieu | Fighter Assault Bay  | Valkyrie 01 'Kestrel' | Vector 02] Attn: @Nolan

At the SCO's question, whether Lillee would prefer to look over her fighter or get the administrative work over and done with, the Romulan sighed. Ducking her head out of Ravon's fighter, she looked longingly out at the few other fighters in the FAB, although the far larger Allegiant in the center of the bay did overshadow them. It was horribly tempting to take the commander up on his offer, as spending more time on a Valkyrie (her Valkyrie) sounded like a wonderful way of relaxing after a stressful few days, but common sense unfortunately intruded.

"The lockers would be the more logical place to start," Lillee said reluctantly, and so she went to follow her new boss to the areas reserved for the pilots. "I remember at Earth, when this bay was full of shiny Valkyries. Your losses must have been catastrophic in the past few months to be reduced to this. Even during the war, such casualties were rare outside the most bloody of battles." She paused. "The last battle. We came in at the end, after you had returned to the Sword, but there were still Klingon fighters on the ship's tail until we destroyed them. You lost many Wolves to those beasts?"