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Personnel FileY-o2.png
Name:Kelleshar “Shar” sh'Zenne
Rank:Lieutenant Junior Grade
Position:Assistant Chief of Operations
Orientation:  Pansexual
Birthplace:Shepherd moon OM-12 (Thonolan IV)
Height:6ft 0in / 1.83m
Weight:171lbs / 78kg
Hair:White and short
Eye color:Pale blue
Played by:Madison Paige
Writer:Formerly Numen

Body Combat (Kharakom, Hleshvalath, MMA)
Ushaan-tor Combat

Andorian Blues
2368-2372: Imperial Guard Cadet Program
2374-2378: Starfleet Academy, class of 2378.
Service Record
2378: Cadet Cruise aboard the USS Elcano. Promoted to ensign.

2379: Assigned to the USS Dauntless 2380: Promoted to Lieutenant Junior Grade. Assigned to the USS Endeavour.

2381: Assigned to the USS Theurgy

Kelleshar “Shar” sh'Zenne was an Andorian Operations Officer on the USS Endeavour. She went missing in action after Starfleet lost contact with the Endeavour in late February of 2381. As of March 2381, she briefly served on the USS Theurgy, aiding in the opposition against the parasites that compromised Starfleet Command in the end of the 24th century. She eventually deserted the ship, however, while it underwent repairs at Aldea.


It was said that keth Zenne had been blessed by the Star Guardian: in a declining race they had been able to carry out four healthy daughters. However, what from the outside seemed a blessing, for Shar it was always a nuisance: Not as smart as her two older sisters, nor as charming as her younger sister, she struggled from an early age to find her place in the world. And especially from stopped referring to her as "The middle-child, the tallest-one."

Shar was born and raised in a small mining community on one of the moons of Thonolan IV, where in recent times her charan had discovered an important Pergium deposit. Due to the instability of the compound and the tectonic fragility of the moon, orbital extraction was impossible, which promoted the creation of an underground mining post, where workers and their families created a small but united community.

Shar grew up there as a boisterous and rebellious girl, with no interest in the activities of the mine or studying, but dragging her younger sister, Layiss, to "adventures" that used to end up with scraped knees and elbows and damage to machinery. When this irresponsible attitude was extended to her teen years, the concern of her parents began to become evident. While Zharran was already studying in Andoria to become a geologist, Setev began to prepare her exams to enter the nursing school and even the little Layiss had already declared her intention to join the Starfleet to explore the galaxy, Shar was limited herself to get into fights, too hot-heated to think about her future.

However, an unexpected event oriented the life of the young Shar more than any talk she could recieve. It was when some pirates attacked the outpost with the intention of getting an especially large shipment of pergium, the Imperial Guard was forced to intervene. Seeing the performance of the soldiers fascinated her. From that moment, she put all her energy (until then wasted) into preparing for the entrance test to the Chekthora. Thus, the year she turned 16, she passed the entrance exams and traveled to Andoria for the first time.

The training in the disciplined Andorian Military Institute was hard at first for the rebel Shar, especially when her peculiar appearance (too tall and thin for her age having grown up in a low-gravity environment) made her a perfect target for the jokes of bullies of her class. The animosity between her and her classmate Thelian th'Valrass was extremely prominent but, unlike other cadets who ended up expelled for letting themselves drag themselves into unallowable duels, they became rivals, standing out above the rest in their personal competition to overcome the other. So on, when the fourth year of training was about to end, their rivalry had become a kind of mutual respect or a friendship slightly misunderstood. Both were predicted a bright future and, secretly, they hoped to be assigned to the same destination to continue with their personal competition.

But that promising future was truncated when a subspace call, shortly before graduation, informed her about Layiss's death: Her younger sister, following the custom she had learned from Shar of wandering around the mines, was exploring one of the abandoned tunnels when a landslide collapsed. Hours later, when they realized her disappearance and managed to find her, it was too late. Shar was shocked at the news. Worse still, Thelian had the bad-timming to cross her when she returned to the bedroom, and tell her one of the mockeries that he used to dress up all their encounters. To this day, Shar still doesn't remember what he said, only that an indescribable rage gripped her, fueled by the pain of losing her sister. When she came to her senses, she was in the infirmary: according to what she was told, four cadets had been needed to subdue her. Thelian was not so lucky: where she had only lost an antenna, he had lost his life.

She was expelled with dishonor from the Military Institute, returning home ashamed of her failure and numbed by the mutilation she had suffered. The long months of recovery that followed were a blur for Shar, mourning her dear sister and her failure. Even more so when the letter of admission from Layiss arrived from Starfleet Academy. If she had only lived a few more weeks, Layiss would have fulfilled her childhood dream. When her physical recovery was nearing completion, the young Shar was also determined; since her future in the Guard had been prevented, she would fulfill her sister's wish and join Starfleet, that way Layiss would live through her.

She passed the entrance exams with the minimum grade and, a year and a half after being expelled from the Chekthora, she traveled to San Francisco. At the Academy she tried to maintain a low profile, still scared that a sudden outburst could truncate her future again. As part of her admission to the Academy, and due to the profile referred to from the Chekthora with behavior problems, she had to go to weekly sessions with a Counselor throughout her training. It was there that she was recommended to deal with her excess energy through the practice of combat sports. Although she could have excelled if she had oriented her training towards Seccurity, she focused on the more technical classes, quickly finding that (although she struggled with theorical engineering) she had ease for repairs, and that she focused her mind enough to allow her to deal with her moody being. She graduated with a profile suitable for the Operations department.

She made her cadet cruise aboard the USS Elcano, an Excelsior-class starship under the command of Captain Sobok. The Elcano was one of the oldest starships in service, having served the fleet for 70 years. Right then, she was under the command of the Vulcan, even though he was not her first captain. This particularity of the ship, together with the unnusual personality of the old captain (who sought the greatest variety of species and personalities aboard his ship in search of the best characteristics of rational and irrational species) allowed Shar to shine with her own light for the first time in her life. In a ship that seemed to have more patches than original pieces, the cadet was everywhere, always attentive to her next assignment and contributing tirelessly to maintain and improve the starship operations. When Captain Sobok promoted her to Ensign, he added the following note to her profile: "complicated personality in peaceful situations, tireless and excellent worker. Highly recommended for away teams and starship in risky missions"

The brief but favorable recommendation of the Vulcan led her to her assignment on the USS Dauntless. The small crew of the Akira-classes allowed Shar to establish friendship ties with part of the crew, as well as assume responsibilities superior to her rank. Despite this, after a service of barely a year, Starfleet Command requested that she must be transferred to the USS Endeavour so her position could be filled by a higher ranked and more experienced crewman. Shar had been serving in this last starship for 5 months when it was attacked by a Borg cube.

Personality Profile

Having had to strive to stand out in her large family from an early age, Shar developed a intense and remarkable personality, very difficult to ignore. She had an especially strong and changing temperament, telegraphed almost continuously by her restless antennae. After the shameful experiences that led to her expulsion from the Andorian Military Institute, she fought continuously to maintain her violence and tendency to outbursts controlled.

She was especially tenacious, both professionally and personally, being often unable to stop what she was doing until she had completed it or passed out. She valued especially the sincerity, being able to seem abrupt in excess; nevertheless this worked in both senses, respecting the one that preferred a sincere and hard comment to a sweetened one. With people who managed to ignore her changing and harsh character, she was extremely loyal, showing a high sense of duty and firm and immovable values. She had a soft, familiar-driven nature that she tried to hide.

Shar gave the best of herself under pressure, transforming a touchy and cantankerous Andorian into an efficient and decisive crewman. When everything seemed to break down is when her character was more focused.

At an interpersonal level, she expressed herself in a very physical way, she was a touchy-feely type of person.

Physical Profile

Shar was tall and lanky due having grown up in a low gravity environment, however this appearance of fragility hid some sinewy muscles and considerable strength. She needed to let her excess of energy out in a physical way, usually through controlled combat, so her physical form was excellent.

In general her appearance was quite androgynous, choosing to wear short hair and neutral clothes when she was out of service.

The antenna that she had lost just before being ejected grew in a different color from the other one, and never ended up being equals. This was evident even for non-Andorians.

Special Notes

Shar had to visit the ship's counselor (or the nearest starbase counselor) weekly to verify that her temperament was controlled due to her file. Since joining Starfleet, her profile was impeccable, so these visits were especially tiresome for the Andorian.

She also maintained regular contact with all the members of her huge family.



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