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Personnel FileT-pw1.png
Name:Heather McMillan
Rank:Provisional Warrant Officer
Position:Science Officer
Species:Radiant / Xenexian
Orientation:  Heterosexual
Birthplace:London, England, Earth
Height:5'0" / 1.52m
Weight:80 lbs / 37 kg
Hair:Hair Colour: Blonde
Eye color:Bright Purple
Played by:Lily James
Old Earth films
Writing memoirs (of anyone other than herself)
Games (computer-based or otherwise)
Novels (romance, adventure)
acting (like a fool)
Singing (completely off-key)
Dancing (ballet, contemporary/street)
Music (specifically: Celtic, classical and 50s era)
History (Earth-based)
Drawing (comic book art)
Cooking (Earth dishes, along with some alien versions)
Christmas (Family! Presents!)
Thanksgiving (it should be givethanksing)
Cold weather
Service Record

Heather McMillan was a Provisional Science Officer on the USS Theurgy in 2381. She was presumed killed on the Versant by the Scion Admiral Semathal, before it was discovered that she could be revived using advanced Savi technology and research. She had been restored, but not as she was, and greatly diminished. McMillan aided in the opposition against the parasites that compromised Starfleet Command in the end of the 24th century.


Late December, 1980...

They came to Earth, hope strong in their hearts. Because they shared the same looks as the humans of Earth, they believed that Earth was home to a lost colony of their own people.

They were highly adaptable to different cultures, languages, societies and so on. Even technology, they were fast learners, it was a gift. So they first attempted to gather information by observing Earth from space.

What they learnt dismayed them, as they realized that humanity was not ready to receive visitors from beyond their world. However, a catastrophic engine failure forced these nameless visitors to descend unto the surface.

They landed in Rendlesham Forest, England, the craft damaged beyond repair. To their fortune, they suffered little to no casualties. With little choice left to them, the survivors gathered what resources they could take with them from the ship and abandoned the craft, which was quickly captured by the humans for study.

Left with no choice but to survive on a planet that was potentially hostile towards them, they began to assimilate into society. Their unusual psychokinetic field of energy was able to easily fool anything from a bioscanner to a weighing machine of the 20th century. But long term plans to safeguard their race had to be made.

They eventually banded together and created an Amish community. As a people who prefered a simpler and more primitive lifestyle, they reduced the risk of exposure towards bioscans and modern trappings. Plus, since they prefered to keep to their own kind, as a means to maintain a pure bloodline of their race, it made it easier that they would live together.

Even so, some chose to remain in the urban areas, and ran a higher risk of discovery, though they subconsciously continued to adapt their abilities to outsmart the humans and their scanners.

For centuries, they continued their lives in relative peace. And as time passed, some secrets were never passed on to the descendants, including the name of their people. Instead, they embraced themselves as no more than unusual humans. Though there were those who used the word "Radiant" as a mark of exception to who and what they were.

And so it was in this time, that Heather was born to Angus and Kelly McMillan. The latest and possibly the last Radiant to be born. An only child, Heather was possessed of a craving for knowledge far beyond anything that could be provided her in the confines of a child's education program.

Graduating at the age of 14, she went to college and began her studies in medicine and biology. Though not the most socially adept person, her friendly and open nature made her easily likeable, but she did not form particularly close relationships, and thus she maintained a strong bond with her parents.

She grew curious about the origins of her people, a people who could not even remember their own name. Could not, or would not?

Heather McMillan disguised as a human

But she had to find out. And this led her to Starfleet. They always needed civilian personal as much as enlisted officers, so she didn't enlist, but joined as a civilian researcher attached to a lab led by a Vulcan. She had made friends, and with their help, they helped keep any doubts on her quiet, having known her long enough to know her to be a peaceful being. Medical reports were glossed over so that they'd show human results for her biological make-up.

It was a chance for her to learn more, practice xenobiology, and also, with hope, uncover the mystery of her people's origins, before the decline of their existence was complete.

Starfleet was compromised.

The ship she was on board, the USS Theurgy in 2381, commanded by the Chameloid Captain Jien Ives, a most impressive being, if more than a little imposing and perhaps intimidating, had made a most horrifying discovery.

She had been able to send one last letter to her mother and father, but they were not able to send anything back to her before the Theurgy was forced to leave Earth. She tried her best to keep smiling, and to hold on to faith, hope, that things will get better.

Feeling wary, she hid out in her quarters during the incident(s) at Niga, in the Mahéwa sector. She watched with sadness as the planet was destroyed. Sorrowful, but necessary.

She grew intrigued by the Ishtar being (who's influence she managed to escape), when she picked up on the scuttlebutt about it's glowing eyes, a quality her people could certainly emulate. But the powers she heard the Ishtar had in addition to being able to create light, now that sounded far beyond something her people could manage even on their best day.

She tried to speak with those who had made direct contact with the Ishtar, but the unfortunate encounter with the Calamity left everyone far too busy for a mere biologist like her. She took shelter on Theta Eridani IV, and joined with other doctors to aid the wounded. The events finally catching up to her, and the girl was as close to a breakdown as she ever would be.

When the Calamity found them once more, she was one of the luckier individuals to make it back to the ship alive, with relatively light injuries. Then came Task Force Archeron, which once again, the ship miraculously escaped from.

She missed the Festival of the Moon as she tripped over the threshold of her quarters and hurt herself enough that she decided to forego leaving her quarters for the day.

And now, the Captain of the Harbinger, Vasser, was staging a hostile takeover. It remained to be seen where and how the young woman planned to handle this latest turn of events, perhaps it was time she made a connection with someone, or some people.

She teamed up with Lucan cin Nicander and Hylota Vojona in their efforts to subdue the mutineers. The mission was something of a success, and Heather finally revealed the truth of her non-human origins. Shortly after the events of the mutiny, she was officially inducted into the crew under Simon Tovarek, with the rank of Provisional Warrant Officer.

Shortly after this, she met and became quickly infatuated with Carrigan Trent, who seemed to reciprocate her feelings, and the two began to explore a mutual attraction with one another, that quickly blossomed into a hearty romance. Shortly after this, she assisted with the events leading up to and during the attack of Starbase 84, once again assisting Dr. Nicander, this time to try and stop Sonya Acreth from escaping. Unaware of the reasons why, Heather felt a fury she had never felt before (most negative emotions are impossible for Radiants to feel), and shone her light with reckless abandon, blinding Sonya, and nearly causing harm to Nicander's eyes.

Guilt-ridden, Heather ran to Trent, seeking comfort, befriending F'rell along the way. She then followed an away team to the Coreless Moon, where she discovered a great deal of her people's origins, or at least, a splinter portion of her people, but she began to succumb to the illness (from being exposed to Virus 117 back during the escape from Starbase 84) which affected her more strongly due to her species' weak immune system.

She was beamed back aboard the Sabine, which, upon returning to the Theurgy saw her being abducted by the Savi. On board the Versant, Heather began to experience anger and fury once more, due to the proximity of possibly one or more parasite-infested hosts, and she began to shine brightly, until she exhausted herself.

Before blinding one of her captors, she had foolishly divulged to the Savi and Semathal that the last known surviving colony of Radiants was located on Earth, the repercussions of which could be utterly devastating to the entirely pacifistic folk.

Semathal, in effort to torment Jien Ives further, had Heather transported before hir, and then promptly vapourized, ending her existence, but the timely intervention of Echtand qi Versant had given her a second chance at life, albeit with some rather drastic changes to her physiology and facial features...

Personality Profile


While not a personality, Heather acknowledges her clumsiness as a part of her life, and sometimes speaks expositionally about it as a means to forewarn people close to her that they were in danger of being crashed into by her once she starts walking.

She loves the cold weather, snow, Christmas and Thanksgiving, despite the fact that she turns blue with even just cool weather, let alone cold weather.

Even though she has only limited experience with social interactions and making friends, Heather is a very friendly, naive and cheerful girl, making her easy to approach. Though she is prone to awkward statements that might be considered inappropriate to speak of in crowds, or speaks with completely no brain-mouth filter.

As she was raised in England her whole life, she speaks with a clear British accent of London.

Generally a pacifist, Heather prefers to be involved with as little conflict as possible, a tough situation considering the current circumstances.

Like all her other people, she can adapt easily to situations, learn languages and imitate accents and behavioral patterns wherever she went.

She likes the colors blue, for its placid calm, green, for the forest, brown, for the wood, and gold, for its regality.

She generally dresses prim and proper almost any time of the day.

Personal Log

My name is Heather McMillan. I am human, and I am not. I used to wonder what that meant. How could I be human, and at the same time not be? My parents tried their best to help me understand. They said I was too smart even for them, but they said that with pride.

They brought me to the Amish camp one day, and they told me that the whole town was full of people like me. Human, but not.

Since I was younger, they always pointed out the greatest and most sacred rule of all: Tell no one.

When they taught me how to turn my body into light, I understood that my life would never be the same again. Ever curious, I always asked the town elders all sorts of questions, and tried to know more about where we came from. But they never could give me the answers I needed, and so I began to look to the stars.

At first, they tried to discourage me, said maybe I won't like what I find out there.

Maybe, maybe not.

I had to find out either way, so I took a big gamble, and risked everything. I got into Starfleet. Mum and dad came to see me off. The first Radiant in centuries to take to the stars once more

Physical Profile


Heather, though human in appearance, is anything but.

She is the latest descendant of an unknown race of peaceful aliens that has been hiding in plain sight on Earth for centuries since 1980.

They are very frail, not only physically, but they are highly susceptible to sickness and toxins. It is unknown why they are so weak, that a human child could easily kill an adult member of this race with but a touch.

To compensate for this extreme frailty, they have developed psychokinetic and photokinetic abilities. An invisible field of energy surrounds their bodies, from both the inside and out, to increase their durability, making them almost as durable as a normal human, but only a little. They feel a punch more keenly than a normal person for sure. This protective field seems to work on a deep, subconcious level, that even when asleep or otherwise incapacitated, their protective field would continue to work.

They are also very light. Nearly half the weight of their appearance, due to a significantly lighter bone structure. They have greatly increased speed, agility and an impressive jumping distance as a result. Their muscles, especially around their limbs, are particularly developed, and even a child of this race can perform impressive feats in reflexes and jumping.

Photokinesis, that is, the power to manipulate or generate light, is one of their most beautiful gifts, though the descendants of this race on Earth can barely fathom the true extent of their potential. As of now, they can generate light from their bodies, including their eyes and hair, as well as exhale a small amount of vapor that glows for minutes at a time.

Theoretically, between their psychokinetic and photokinetic abilties, it is plausible these people can manipulate light for offensive and defensive purposes, and also bend light around them, turning them invisible. The energy that surrounds their bodies has phase qualities, though it does not give them intangibility. This is possibly a subconscious ability they developed to allow them to be better able to blend into Earth societies, camouflaging their energy readings from scans. However, since very little of their origins along with their historical records is preserved following the crash on Earth, they do not know what other abilities they and their descendants might have. Plus, having to live amongst people who generally do not have abilities beyond what one can see, most of them do not dare practice their talents too openly for fear of exposure.

A common trait that can be used to identify them is how they, especially the females, tend to walk on tip-toe, because they're so lightweight, and how their hair can almost float behind them with the slightest movements, making them have an almost ethereal effect, especially when they start glowing.

Heather's most distinguishing feature personally is her impressive ability to trip over her own feet every five steps.

Her clumsiness is likely the result of her underdeveloped telekinesis, causing her to frequently trip and fall because she cannot control the field of energy and channels it unknowingly.