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Name:Vael Kaeris
Rank:Lieutenant Commander
Position:Chief Science Officer
Orientation:  Hetrosexual
Birthplace:Imperial City, Bactrica, the Peliam System, Alpha Quadrant
Height:5ft 11in / 1.8m
Weight:178lbs / 81kg
Hair:Black, straight and shoulder length, arranged neatly in a formal bactrican style while on duty but left loose when off duty
Eye color:Black
Played by:Lee Joon Ki
Writer:Character Deceased
Extreme Xenobiology
Bioorganic Construction
2358 - 2369: Extensive personal tutoring, Imperial City, Bactrica

2369 - 2372: Starfleet Academy, Earth

2372 - 2374: Starfleet Medical, Earth specializing in Xenobiological Studies
Service Record
2374 - 2376: Ensign & Lt. JG, Medical Taskforce posting at DS9/Bajor

2376 - 2379: Lieutenant, Science, USS Paramount

2380 - 2381: Lt. Commander, CSO, USS Endeavour

2381: Lt. Commander, ACSO, USS Theurgy

2381 - Present: Lt. Commander, CSO, USS Theurgy

Before dying in the Battle of the Houses, Lieutenant Commander Vael Kaeris served on the USS Theurgy. He was born a member of a secondary house of the Royal Family but, discontent with a future prospect of banal public service, he found a deep fascination with alien biologies that would ultimately lead to service with Starfleet and the opportunity to encounter a plethora of new alien life forms.

Vael was the Chief Science Officer aboard the USS Endeavour prior to the destruction of the ship at the hands of the Borg. He abandoned ship aboard the Runabout USS Niger, following the destruction of the Endeavour. As of March 2381, he served on the USS Theurgy, becoming the Chief Science Officer in April of that yet, and aided in the opposition against the parasites that compromised Starfleet Command in the end of the 24th century.


Vael was the third son of a secondary house of the Royal Family of Bactrica which ensured ample opportunity for expansive education as a child, but also the expectation that he would do as his brothers and sister had done; as so many children of the secondary houses did: support the royal family and be the public face of charities and governmental outreach. These, however, held little promise for him.

From an early age, he took a particular interest in local insects and arachnids, finding the production of silk, webs and venoms intriguing. He carried this fascination with him throughout his studies, often convincing his tutors to escort him on off-world expeditions so that he could catalog other specimens capable of creating such excretions as a natural part of their biology. It was little wonder that he would apply to Starfleet Academy when the opportunity first presented itself, and although his family was initial disapproving of this life choice, Vael worked tirelessly to prove his dedication and bring honor to home and people.

Initially, his studies seemed a natural match for the medical program and, indeed, Vael did enroll in Starfleet Medical following his tenure at the Academy, ultimately securing his medical degree. His studies earned him a less than prestigious placement, however, as the Dominion War was in full swing and, with the pyrrhic success of Operation Return, there was a marked need for medical personnel on the front lines of the war. Vael, rather than being placed on a starship, was instead placed with a medical triage unit that was based primarily on Bajor with occasional sojourns to Deep Space 9 or other hot spots depending on the needs of the war effort.

At the conclusion of the war, Vael came to the conclusion that he would never find true fulfillment so long as he remained grounded, surrounded by the medical needs of humanoids.

In 2376, he applied for a position on an exploratory vessel, the USS Paramount, that was scheduled to patrol the edges of Federation space in order to reinforce the borders in the wake of the war. As there were no medical postings available on the ship, he instead took a position with the science division, lending his expertise to the study of xenobiological samples taken from various colony worlds along the border. It was during this time that he began extensive correspondence with the Pathfinder Project, finding the opportunity to review and consult with distant colleagues on a variety of species from a quadrant of the galaxy that he would likely never see. Although the USS Voyager successfully returned to the Alpha Quadrant in 2378 leading to the logical conclusion of Pathfinder, Vael maintained close contact with several of his associates in the project.

It was on the advice of Admiral Paris, commander of the Pathfinder Project, that Vael ultimately applied for the position of Chief Science Officer aboard the USS Endeavour when it became available. In March of 2381, the Endeavour was destroyed by the Borg. Vael was able to escape from the ship aboard the runabout, USS Niger along with the First Officer and a handful of crew and civilians.

After the Battle of the Apertures, he came to serve on the USS Theurgy, and became the Chief Science Officer in April of 2381.

Personality Profile

Vael could almost be mistaken for two different people depending on the circumstance in which he was encountered. On duty, he was highly professional, constrained and analytical -- in fact, he was often mistaken for vulcan by those who could not readily see his ears. Off duty, however, he was polite, affable and warm. These were, however, only the most superficial elements that he displayed and only those close to him could recognize the consistent underlying factors that drove him -- his singular obsession with xenobiology and the natural adaptations that arose from such diverse evolutions.

Physical Profile

As all Bactricans, Vael could easily be mistaken for a Human of Asian ancestry. He was of decent height and, because of his rigorous expeditions as a youth and a well disciplined diet thanks in part to his royal upbringing, he was slender yet extremely fit. His hair was black, straight, and dusted his shoulders, although he often kept it neatly styled in a manner in keeping with Bactrican royal custom while on duty. Because this occasionally obscured the tips of his ears and because of his on-duty mannerisms, it resulted in the rumors that he was secretly Vulcan, which continued to persist even following his posting on the Endeavour.

Special Notes

Vael had a particular fascination in lifeforms of advanced xenobiological complexity (such as the Undine, Aaamazzarites, Changelings, Alasomorphs, Chameloids, Ngultor, Devidians, Elasians, the Wariths of Dakala, the Sheliak, etc.) The reasons varied from curiosity about metamorphic capabilities and the constraints associated with them, to biological excretions and their practical applications and adaptations in the face of technology. He found beings such as the Tholians interesting in an theoretical sense, but preferred organic analogs to their more silicate based biology. He was personally disenchanted with cultures such as the Borg which he felt had cast aside the almost limitless potential of their own biology for technological augmentation and, in fact, his only interest in the Borg was in securing data on the multitude of species that they had assimilated over the ages in the hope that he might uncover some long forgotten biological secrets.


Episode 05: Courage is Fear, Parts 1 and 2 (March 7, 2381 - March 10, 2381)

Interregnum 05-06: Aldea Prime

Chapter 02, Episode 01: Advent of War (April 16, 2381 - <unknown>)