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Name:S'Iti'Atukkuchi Aisha Oklahomma, Prefers to go by: Aisha S'Iti
Position:Chief CONN Officer
Age:Mid 30's
Orientation:  Bisexual
Birthplace:“North-East” arm of what would become the Cardassian Federation DMZ
Height:5'6” / 1.71m
Weight:137lbs / 62.14 kg
Hair:Dark Brown
Eye color:Brown
Played by:Jamie Murray
Choctaw culture, religion, language, heritage
Terran zoology
North American cuisine
Service Record
2373: Assigned to the USS Grant for rear echelon duty.

2374: Assigned to the USS Draco as part of Operation Return.
2375: Assigned to the USS Rapier.

2378: Assigned to the USS Harbinger
Class of Excellence.

Before her death, Lieutenant Aisha S'Iti was the Chief CONN Officer on the USS Theurgy. She died in the Battle of Starbase 84. She originally served aboard the USS Harbinger before its destruction in 2381 and aided in the opposition against the parasites that compromised Starfleet Command in the end of the 24th century.


S'Iti was born during the early stages of the Cardassian Federation wars in the mid to late 2340s. Early on in the wars both of her parents were killed as two of the many casualties on both sides of the war. As such she was orphaned at an early age. Upon the capture of the outpost by Federation forces she was found and was taken in to be cared for at Starbase 310. She found adoptive parents in a pair of two Native American Colonists who along with others of the Choctaw Tribe were on their way to settle on Dorvan V. A small planet where a few previous tribes had already settled. Having had no family or real name before, she was adopted into the Choctaw tribe as S'Iti Alla, meaning Snake Child in 2354.

Her parents made a living in the trade lanes of the Cardassian Federation border. As such she learned the ropes of transport flight at a young age while retaining much of her adopted cultural roots. Upon becoming an adult she took the new name S'Iti Homma “Red Snake.” She continued work in her parents trade and became a very proficient pilot in the process. Life changed for her drastically in 2370 when Dorvan V was ceded by the Federation to Cardassian occupation.

The Maquis resistance began to grow and S'Iti was one of the colonists who joined the resistance. Upon joining she changed her name to S'Iti'Atukkuchi Aisha Oklahomma, meaning “Snake to protect the refuge of the red people.” For convenience she often shortened her name to Aisha S'Iti. Within the Maquis she piloted ships of many roles and on various mission types from fighters to raiders. She eventually commanded her own Maquis Raider which she also piloted.

In 2373 the Federation sent out a distress call to any who would answer upon the discovery of a Borg Cube heading directly towards Earth. Her ship was operating near the Badlands at the time and it was the closest Maquis ship to reaching Earth. She felt that if she sent herself to help Earth in its desperate time of need then the Federation might to reconsider the Maquis' status as outlaws and come to their aide. In trying to reach Earth the ship was pushed too hard. The engines malfunction resulted in ship being discovered by a deep space sensor outpost of the Federation. Days later they were picked up by a Federation scout ship and were arrested as members of the Maquis.

S'Iti and her crew were unable to be held as criminals of the Federation however due to the lack of any actual Federation commission in their history. All of them had came from Federation colonies who had been declared ceded to the Cardassian. As a result they were effectively refugees and as such had committed no crimes against the Federation and on their behalf SIiti had requested asylum as fleeing a genocidal and oppressive government. Helping their case were the logs showing the reason for the ship's malfunction was an attempt to aid the Federation despite the risk that afterward they would have been arrested anyways.

Within months the Cardassian Union joined the Dominion and quickly eradicated the remaining Maquis. With the Dominion War beginning S'Iti requested to enlist in Starfleet. Due to her species and her recent affiliation with the Marquis she was denied acceptance into Starfleet Academy. Her insistence on joining the war effort and her paramilitary experience however convinced the Federation military to accept her as a crewman recruit of the command conn division specializing in flight control. Upon finishing boot camp her first assignments were piloting shuttles on civilian aide missions.

With the taking of Deep Space 9 and the outbreak of the Dominion War, she was called to serve aboard the refit Miranda class USS Grant patrolling the Sol system as 3rd shift Conn and shuttle pilot. This tour of duty saw her promoted up to Petty Officer 3rd class before being requested to be transferred by the ship's First Officer who had been offered his own commission.

The second starship she was stationed aboard was the USS Draco, a Centaur Class Destroyer. It was mobilized with a large fleet to take part in the Federation, Klingon offensive “Operation Return.” Based on her performance aboard the Grant she was entrusted with piloting a shuttle tasked with landing on Bajor and aiding in the retaking of the planet assisting Bajoran Militia. Due to her role in the mission, she was promoted to PO2 and given the role as secondary conn specialist of the Draco.

Shortly after the retaking of Deep Space 9 the Draco was tasked with being part of the defensive force operating out of Starbase 211. This force's main task was being a defensive net for the Betazed System as part of the 10th fleet. Unfortunately, the Dominion fleet attacked while the group was undergoing training exercises leading to the capture of Betazed and its surrounding colonies. In the ensuing battle, she was able to pilot the ship out of the system after the retreat was ordered but she always felt that she had failed the people of the sector they had been tasked with the defense of. Based on her actions in the emergency situation and actions at the helm during the battle, she was promoted to PO1

Shortly after this tour of duty she was she was transferred to the USS Rapier, a Sabre class vessel with 4 Talon class Scouts stored in the forward bay. While aboard this ship she learned the intricacies of the smaller Talon class scouts noting their similarity to the earlier Federation Warp Fighter which she had piloted many times as a Marquis. She was promoted up to Chief Petty Officer and was offered the opportunity to enlist into officer training, per the recommendation of her CO. She declined stating that she had taken a liking to the enlisted ranks, claiming that she preferred to take orders and focus on piloting and plotting courses to the idea of giving orders as an officer. Despite her declining the invitation to become an officer her CO chose to not only shoulder her with the responsibilities as chief conn officer but also put her in charge of drawing up flight paths for the ship's 4 talon class scouts.

Very little could be stated of note at this point other than multiple notes by the ship's CO regarding why she was declined officer training while so readily being able to take the responsibilities that said rank would likely hold.

By the end of the Dominion War she had attained the rank of Senior Chief Petty Officer.

In 2378 the Rapier was called to emergency stations after the discovery of an opening transwarp conduit less than one light year from Earth. Upon the emergence of a large Borg sphere her ship engaged the sphere along with 25 other ships as part of this emergency fleet. To the fleet's surprise the sphere detonated from the inside and the previously lost USS Voyager flew out of the debris.

After this mission the Rapier was ordered back to Earth for a multi-year long full systems overhaul. Siti initially requested that her next assignment be to the Voyager for its relaunch. She cited her reason for the request being a desire to serve under two of the few remaining former Marquis as Chakotay had been promoted to Captain and had appointed Tom Paris its previous Conn Officer as his XO. She felt it would be an honor to serve as Tom's replacement at the helm. Her request was declined and instead Akolo Tare was given the post.

S'Iti was instead assigned Chief Conn officer to the USS Harbinger, an Akira class starship in early 2379. Recently the captain of the Harbinger discovered the hidden plot within Starfleet Command and their ship began its exodus from the Federation. Fleeing the Federation has been far from an easy task but S'Iti has managed to deal with the hardships quite effectively.

The Harbinger had been involved in multiple encounters with Federation forces since leaving their good graces. In the process S'Iti had to rekindle many of her old Marquis tactics in order to aide their escapes. Most notably was utilizing a small flight group of the starfighters in an old Marquis formation to deliver effective blows against a capital ship much like she had done many times in engagements with Cardassian capital ships.

Another tactic she devised was specifically developed to counter a perusing group of multiple Defiant class starships. In the engagement they were dealt, multiple small escorts attacked lead by a Defiant class. The tactic was to disable the Defiant class's forward shields and detonate the warhead module specific to the Defiant class. The detonation of the warhead module created a a shrapnel laded shock wave that damaging all of the other ships of the pursuing fleet destroying four of them, and crippling the rest.

To escape she piloted the ship into the Devolin Asteroid Field and using one of the larger asteroids as a means to hide the ship. Since that incident the ship has been traveling towards the Romulan neutral zone having advised the captain that the best place to hide would be making a run for the Bassen Rift as it would be would be an ideal place to hide themselves until full repairs are made.

Personality Profile

For lack of a better term she prefers order and regimentation as she seems to be less a officer and more a soldier at heart. That being said, she has a soft spot for food and native culture and a deep rooted almost familial protective streak towards the crew she is a part of. She has no respect for those who implement rules and will not follow them themselves. She prefers the life of a soldier with clear orders that follow established rules. She also dislikes receiving orders that do not conform to proper established standards of conduct. Despite the stereotype of Marquis being against rules and regulation she has shown a very strong aptitude to preferring strong regulation.

Of particular note though are multiple CO remarks particularly from her captain onboard the Rapier. On multiple occasions there were addendum made to her personnel file regarding the question of why she avoided the officer path while everything about her personality profile shows that she would likely take that path given the opportunity. on multiple occasions said captain remarked about how his requests on her service record pertaining to the Marquis conflict had been denied and in the end the captain resigned himself to the assumption that something must have happened with her in the Marquis that had given her an aversion to wanting the authority that came with being an officer.

The reason for her declining officer career path was due to threats made by Starfleet court-martial prosecutors during her and her crew's trials. It was heavily implied that should she attempt to follow an officer career path rather than staying a noncom she would find herself shipped off to the front lines and her former crew would be equally punished for her "insubordination." This among other things has left her though still believing in said structure very disenchanted regarding her opinion of Starfleet's willingness to follow their own rules and regulations. in short though she prefers said order she is becoming increasingly resistant to follow them due to the perception that if those in power within Starfleet don't follow the rules then why should she?

Given the mutiny by Vasser her own treatment by Starfleet proceedings, she is very reluctant to believe that Captain Ives actually follows the rules and regulations he touts. It isn't that he mistrusts him in particular but given what she has recently dealt with there is hardly any incentive she has to trust those in authority positions.

Physical Profile

At nearly five and a half feet tall and 137 pounds she is about average height and weight for her gender and species. Her strength is slightly better than the average human of her size due to the more stocky makeup of Cardassian physiology