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Personnel FileR-o5.png
Position:Formerly First officer
Species:Human/Klingon Hybrid
Orientation:  Heterosexual
Birthplace:Quo'Kon (Klingon Neutral Zone)
Height:6ft 3in / 1.91m
Weight:105lbs / 48kg
Eye color:Brown
Played by:Jennifer Love Hewitt
Writer:Formerly Ascornfilm, now NPC
Earth History
Qo'noS History
2372-2375: Starfleet Academy, class of 2375.
Service Record
2375-2377: Lieutenant Junior Grade, Starfleet Attaché, Federation Embassy - Qo'noS

2377-2378: Lieutenant, Docking Manager, Deep Space 4
2378-2380: Lieutenant Commander, Night Shift Commander, Deep Space 4

2380-2381: Commander, Executive Officer, USS Theurgy
Citation of Conspicuous Gallantry

Commander Nerina was the Executive Officer of the USS Theurgy in 2381. She was succeeded by Edena Rez and later Carrigan Trent after she was put in stasis - sustaining a fatal neck injury after a fall in Stellar Cartography.

She was abducted by the Savi later on, her body taken from her stasis unit, and upon the Versant, she led the abductees in the efforts to escape. Unfortunately, she was killed in action before she could reunite with Captain Ives once more.


Nerina was born on Quo'Kon, a small planet in the middle of the Klingon Neutral Zone. Her mother, D'Lina was a member of the House Of Qo'Konth, and was, as a young female warrior, betrothed to a young male warrior, Kot, from the House of Gor'Qon. While the two were on a mission to track down a rumored Tribble breeding colony, their group was attacked by Breen raiders. The Klingons were able to fight them off, but Kot was killed in the skirmish. D'Lina managed to keep herself in check and finish the mission, but when she returned to Qo'noS, she found that the Houses, which had rejoiced in their love, now insisted the marriage continue, with D'Lina marrying Kot's older, lecherous uncle Borkon.

Being a proud and stubborn woman, she refused, and then when she was banished from the houses and forced off of Qo'noS, she managed to be stubborn enough not to commit suicide but travel and find a new home. She found it on Quo'Kon, which had on it a few hundred displaced, banished and otherwise unwelcome Klingons, as well as a couple hundred other beings of various races. She quickly rose up what little ranks there were, becoming Governor of the planet, such as it was, in a short period of time. The settlement grew slowly, as while the land was extremely fertile, it was mostly covered in jungle, so clearing land for farming was dangerous, due to the tools available and the wide variety of deadly plants and animals there.

But things changed when a shuttle crash landed in the middle of the area of jungle she had decided to clear next. Inside was a young human male, badly injured but stable. He was rushed to what little medical facilities they had in the settlement, and she soon learnt his story. He was Andrew Braiat, a human male who was an 'accountant' by trade. He was superb at adding up numbers, and working out percentages and other business skills that the Federation had no interest in. So he travelledAndre the galaxy, trading his skills for money, food, whatever. His shuttle crashed after he was brought onto a Ferengi Marauder, and asked to straighten out the finances, since so many people had been sticking their fingers in, it was impossible to tell just what was going on. He managed, after '3 days of almost pure bliss of work' (his words) managed to work it all out and issue a report to the captain and the FCA. He was given a good meal and a handshake and then sent on his way, at which point his shuttle malfunctioned and crashed on the planet. He assumed one of the underlings had sabotaged his ship. (He never found out, prior to his death, that it had in fact been the Captain who sabotaged the ship, since he filed a report to the FCA as well, thus denying the captain ripe blackmailing opportunities).

While recovering, he made a passing reference to how they could improve their efficiency in farming. D'Lina, who while a superb motivator and good leader had little idea how to run people, then made him her second in command. With their combined skills, the community flourished, going from barely surviving to having enough food to begin trading with the outside world in a mere 15 years. During that time, the two, to their own surprise, fell in love, and were soon husband and wife, or rather wife and husband, as D'Lina was clearly in charge. They had the one child, Nerina, and were very happy.

When Nerina was 14, a Federation crew came to visit the planet to begin negotiations to trade, as did the Klingon Empire (given that the planet was in the Neutral Zone, a deal was struck that the colony could trade with whichever side they liked, as long as the other was given fair access to make their own pitch, a deal struck thanks to Andrew's advice and D'Lina's force of will). Nerina helped her parents out by guiding the visitors around Kot, the 'capital'. She was 14, but since her mother's genes were dominate (see below) she was already fully formed as a young woman. The Klingon delegation, knowing the speed of Klingon children, treated her as a child, while the Federation delegation treated her as an adult, with one of the minor aides suggesting she apply to Starfleet, not knowing she was underage. But impressed by the pitch, she studied, sat the exams, and passed, heading to Starfleet Academy when she was only 16, with her parents blessing, both wanting her to have more than life on a farming planet.

While at Starfleet Academy, she was quickly involved in an incident that saw her future career change somewhat. The Klingon ambassador was to tour the Academy, and as she was half-Klingon she was asked to be his guide. She agreed, and after a little unpleasantness when the Ambassador asked which House she was from, the tour was going well, when Romulan Assassins attacked the group. The Ambassador's bodyguards were quickly mowed down, but Nerina picked up one of their weapons and managed to take out all of the rest of the assassins, saving the Ambassador's life. She was quickly sped up the Academy slightly thanks to the good will her actions had brought, and thankfully she had inherited her father's brains and thus was able to keep up. She graduated at age 18, although she was 19 when she left as she remained behind to finish two works, “South East Asian Nation State Politics In The Lead Up To The Eugenics Wars” and “Evolution Of Architecture From Khaless The Unforgettable To Mur'Eq”, both of which are still regarded as premiere resources in their specialised fields.

Nerina was quickly promoted to Lt. jg, and transferred to the Federation Embassy on Qo'noS as a Starfleet attache. However, her time there was brief, maybe a year at most, as the Ambassador found out his secret lover was in fact a Klingon spy, and he went into a rage, attacking the other diplomats. He managed to take down just the one before Nerina subdued him. She was quickly bundled off the planet while the Federation did clean up (the Ambassador had suffered a heart attack after a heating system blew up, injuring another diplomat).

After this she was transferred to Deep Space 4, and got a promotion for stopping the Ambassador quickly and quietly. Lt. Nerina worked as the docking manager in DS4, acting like an air traffic controller of the 20th and 21st century, directing shipping, checking manifests and the like. But once again, to her slight annoyance, she gained a promotion via violence, as she stumbled upon a smuggling ring and was kidnapped. She managed to escape her bonds, overpower the crew (via releasing their cargo, a large supply of a powerful psychedelic drug) and returned to DS4 before anyone had realised she was missing.

She received a promotion, and the new Lt. Comm Nerina, one of the youngest in history at just 22, then spent a couple years running the night shift on Deep Space 4, finding the work challenging and interesting, enjoying herself as she kept the station running smoothly as the main crew slept. Eventually her hard work paid off, as she received a promotion at 25, and was transferred to the USS Theurgy to become their new XO. She had only just come on board as the ship was in dock for some R&R when they found out a dark secret...

Personality Profile

Nerina was a somewhat upbeat, pleasant young woman. While not naïve, she truly believed that rules and regulations were important, and that if you followed the rules, then everything would work out, since that's what the rules were there for. She could be at times a little direct, showing flashes of anger if people slacked off or flaunt the laws, and this pointed to her internal struggle. She was constantly fighting back anger and other strong emotions, as her Klingon blood boiled. When faced with a challenge, the first instinct was always to attack, to fight, and she had to fight it down every time. As part of this, when she was on duty, she always carried a large datapad, and a small input stick that she designed herself, allowing her to manipulate and control data and command controls from her pad. No-one had pointed out to her that she held the input stick like a dagger when she was not using it. However, on the surface, she was calm, controlled, and focused mostly on the paperwork. Unless someone made a crack about her weight...

Physical Profile

Unlike most Klingon/Human hybrids Nerina's internal structure was pretty much all Klingon (as her mother would often say, 'As much as I love the man, even your father's genes are meek and mild-mannered'), in that she had three lungs, the enlarged heart, and so on. Despite being a tall, slender woman, her body was tightly packed and thus she was heavier than she looked, much to her annoyance. But she was a strong, fit young woman, as her time in the gym showed.