Arcorn Neotin

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Name:Arcorn Noetin
Rank:Lieutenant Junior Grade
Orientation:  Heterosexual
Birthplace:Amakoon, Ash'kara
Height:163 cm
Weight:135 lbs
Hair:platinum, with streaks of light green across the back and behind the ears.
Eye color:Cyan, with hints of deep sea blue and algae green mixed in.
Played by:Benjamin Eidem
starship technologies
planetary sciences
Starfleet Academy, class of 2336.
Service Record

Arcorn Noetin was an engineer who was killed in action. Before his death, Noetin aided in the opposition against the parasites that compromised Starfleet Command in the end of the 24th century.


Arcorn was born on the Ash'reem home world of Ash'kara, in the industrial city of Amakoon.

Coming from Amakoon it wasn't surprising that Arcorn entered the more physical sciences instead of the more psychological and biological sciences most ash'reem drift toward. When he turned forty he entered the work force and began to study on the side. Advancing his understanding of physics and metallurgy well working in the surface forges. He worked them for nearly seventy years before joining the theoretical science research division of Alkani Labs, he worked on the early groundwork for the FLT Drive core program.

After forty years he ended up working closely with a young ash'reem scientist named Amatras who was part of the rail launch program. The two began to see each other regularly, an oddity amongst Ash'reem couples who often change partners weekly or monthly in an attempt to maximize the chances of baring offspring. When they succeeded in launching their first probes off world, it was Arcorn who worked out the basics of the Kymira research complex. He oversaw its construction using remotes controlled from Ash'kara's main space complex and then moved himself and Amatras to the complex to begin work on the next jump in Ash'reem technology.

Over the next few years he and Amatras worked out the kinks in the theory behind anti-matter/matter reactions, and space/time warpage. Sadly the final product of their efforts were not completed by Ash'reem hands alone but rather by the unexpected discovery of aliens infiltrating their compound. After the negotiations to enter the United Federation of Planets were complete Amatras and Arcorn attended one of the Federations military academies. They trained to serve aboard the various vessels available at the time and then began to serve.

Aboard the USS Celicus their daughter Amikris was born and they have begun to serve on the USS Theurgy in the last few years.

Personality Profile

Arcorn still feels the fundamental drive to reproduce, unlike his mate, having a single child has not been enough to curve the fundamental sex drive that pushes Ash'reem every moment of their lives. He has enough self control to keep it in check and not degrade the image of his species to much but he is prone to failures of will from time to time. He spends much of his time with his mate and child, and the rest in engineering or at a terminal researching advances in warp technology over the years, various alloys the Federation uses and the history of various races in the Federation.

He recently came across the theory of time travel in the Theurgy's archives and has spent several nights working out the details on how this fits into physics as he understands it.

Physical Profile

Arcorn was a typical example of his species, with large eyes, full lips, and moist bluish green skin.