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Personnel FileR-o4.png
Name:Alana Jessica Pierce
Rank:Lieutenant Commander
Position:Chief Intelligence Officer
Orientation:  Conflicted/Lesbian
Birthplace:New Haven, Michigan, Earth, UFP
Height:5ft 9in / 1.75m
Weight:121lbs / 55kg
Eye color:Green
Played by:Leanna Decker

Special Ops
Hand to Hand Combat Tactics

2268-2272: Graduated from Zefram Cochrane High School, class of 2272

2272-2276: Enrolled in Starfleet Academy, class of 2276

2276-2278: Graduated as a Cadet. Assigned to the USS Enterprise (NCC-1701)
Service Record
2276-2277: Cadet, Tactical, USS Enterprise (NCC-1701)

2277-2278: Ensign, Tactical, USS Enterprise (NCC-1701)

2278-2279: Ensign, Intelligence Officer, USS Eagle (NCC-956)

2279-2281: Lieutenant, Intelligence Officer, USS Eagle (NCC-956)

2282-2286: Lt. Commander, Intelligence Officer, XO, USS Eagle (NCC-956)

2380-2381: Lieutenant, Officer, Starbase 82

2381-2381: Lieutenant, Asst. Chief Intelligence Officer, USS Theurgy

2381- : Lieutenant Commander, Chief Intelligence Officer, USS Theurgy
2286: Christopher Pike Medal of Valor Posthumously*
2381: Starfleet Extended Tour Ribbon

Lieutenant Commander Alana Pierce was a person from another time. Originally from the 23rd century, and male, Pierce served on various starships before getting caught in a temporal distortion that pulled her into the late 24th century. Since coming to this century, she experienced a transporter pattern buffer accident which left her the task of adapting to her new life and era. It was Rear Admiral Anderson who tasked her with joining the crew of the USS Theurgy in their fight against the parasitically infested Starfleet Command, and she soon became the ship’s Chief Intelligence Officer.


James Alan Pierce was born in 2254 on Earth in the city of New Haven. Growing up, he had all the advantages that the Federation and Earth had to offer. In his endeavors, he took curiosity to the stars and to discover things that were behind the scenes of events taking place.

Later in life, he joined Starfleet and set the wheels in motion of becoming an officer. Hearing the legendary tales of men such as Captain's Pike and Kirk, he was driven to be just as good in the line of duty. He eventually served with Captain Kirk on the original Enterprise for a short two-year stint fresh out of the Academy.

Eventually, he transferred to the USS Eagle (NCC-956) in late 2278, another of the refit Constitution-class vessels since those were one of his favorite designs. With the change, he switched specializations from Tactical to Intelligence. The need to dig deeper into the missions at hand as well as selections for particular covert operations drove Pierce’s desire for adventure and Starfleet’s peacekeeping mission. As he went up the ranks throughout the years, he eventually became the Executive Officer aboard the vessel at the rank of Lieutenant Commander.

Incident of 2284

An incident in 2284 the USS Eagle had a covert mission to obtain a source for the highly classified "Project Genesis" to be detonated with. Despite the massive failure it turned out to be, the process and concept was a gem. There were many ships on that endeavor that had to source materials, the USS Eagle's task was the protomatter for the matrix to function. The Romulans and the Orions had some contacts to coordinate with to obtain it, all the while having to keep it off the books and off Starfleet's radar. It was ordered by Admiral Cartwright, who was the head of Starfleet Intelligence at that time. He'd set in motion some events that were highly unethical. A friend of Pierce's was killed in the line of duty getting that substance.

Cartwright had the ship on a suicide mission that would have ended with interstellar war in the quadrant. It wasn't as clandestine as they were led to believe. The other nationalities were uncertain why Starfleet needed the protomatter and the quantities therein. As they were about to setup the meeting, rumblings were heard that in the process, Cartwright wanted to test it before giving it to the scientists and Dr. Marcus. An odd choice given he wasn't a scientist, but it was believed that he wanted to test the destructive capabilities of the device.

Pierce caught wind and analyzed the data as it appeared that the USS Eagle was the intended detonation site. Come to find out, Cartwright had planted the Romulans to set the capsule off on a timer. And this type of capsule was unable to be beamed and it had to be moved via shuttlecraft. Pierce managed to use a tractor beam to shove it away from the ship, long before hitting high warp. It detonated and wiped out the other vessels, nearly taking the USS Eagle out with it. It was unknown all that transpired afterward but the ship was saved, as well as the crew and commanding officer.

Cartwright denied the incident of course but Pierce was shelved from intelligence operations thereafter and saved for the more deadly missions after that. He functioned primarily as the XO of the USS Eagle in the interim. It wasn't until 2286 that Cartwright would call again personally.

Mission of 2286

In 2286, tragedy would arise as he accepted an undercover intelligence-gathering mission in Klingon space. His mission was to gather samples of a rare form of bio-mimetic gel the Klingons were working with for genetic experimentation. He was also tasked with hacking into their database to compile the plans and the formulas for the compound and destroy their database. The Empire in their desire to beat the Federation employed enzymes from key plants on the surface of the Qu'Vat Colony, which was the same place the Klingons created the Klingon augment virus over a century ago. They hoped to succeed where others had previously failed with this new form of a Klingon mutagenic virus. So they attempted to combine the enzymes and bio-mimetic gel with Klingon and Gorn DNA to create the ultimate warrior. Pierce managed to gather a few containers of the material with neither the Klingon nor the Gorn DNA added to it before being captured. Before he set off, Pierce downloaded the information and transmitted it back to Starfleet Command, and set in motion a viral deletion code for the formula to prevent the Empire from taking this to the next stage.

As a result of his escape, he ended up securing the physical materials onboard the shuttlecraft. As a battle ensued, Pierce and his shuttle collided with a Temporal Distortion where he was reported Missing in Action. It was unknown what caused it during the battle, but in his valiant efforts, Pierce was awarded the Christopher Pike Medal of Valor Posthumously.

The 24th Century

In 2380, his shuttlecraft resurfaced in Federation space after the temporal distortion spat out the small ship. He attempted to beam out to any world, ship, or space station he could muster as the small vessel experienced cascading systems failures and a potential warp core breach. Knocked unconscious by a bulkhead rupture, and his precious cargo being compromised, he was sprayed with the bio-mimetic gel enzyme chemicals as he lay sprawled on the deck. Within drifting range of Starbase 82, the transporter officers couldn't beam Pierce off the shuttle to begin with due to interference from the rapidly deteriorating shuttle. The small craft being of such an old design, however, they managed to access the onboard transporter systems remotely and got a lock on the man - saving him before the shuttle exploded.

Due to a pattern buffer malfunction with the compound covering him, however, the bio-filters were off, and the enzyme mutated his chromosomes, which led to a change in his cellular structure mid-transport. Pierce found himself combined with the plant’s enzyme and bio-mimetic gel, forming a new individual. Afterward, it was theorized that this had been made possible by the fact that during transport he would have to be broken down to a microcellular level, and so his DNA and proteins were all in a state of molecular flux. If an enzyme causing symbiogenesis interacted with DNA while in the matter stream, their patterns might then be merged. The Symbiogenesis was a rare reproductive process. Instead of pollination or mating, symbiogenetic organisms merged with a second species to create a hybrid. The bio-mimetic gel and enzymes reacted with the separated microcellular state he was in, thus combining DNA. The enzyme was found to contain the same elements as many plants including chloroplasts, lysosomal enzymes, and cytoplasmic proteins.

As a result, there had been only one pattern, the combined one, which rematerialized on Starbase 82. The biochemical analysis of a symbiogenetic plant from the colony was found to be a contributing factor in the result. The combination was a success, and while the chromosomal layout was entirely changed, it resulted in his body being inadvertently converted to a female version of himself due to the plant’s chromosomes being that of a female’s.

Pierce had no ill effects physically or mentally. Although his genetics were almost identical, his male body was unfortunately lost to him forever, having no prior transporter pattern on file in the modern era of Starfleet databases. His personality and memories were the same as they were up to that point of the accident, and James decided to accept his fate and don the name of Jessica Alana Pierce - going by the name Alana or Al for short.

Bodily Changes

Transporter Accident

With her awakening in sickbay on Starbase 82, the Science Department ran weeks of tests and determined what it was that caused the issue during transport. Unfortunately, the medical staff was baffled and Pierce seemed forced to live as a woman for the rest of her existence. As she began to get around again and was reactivated for duty with a new profile in the Starfleet databanks, she wished to continue her career. She began her re-acclimation and reeducation to the 24th Century, bringing some unique insights from the past century. Given her lack of familiarity with current-century policy and technology, she was demoted to Lieutenant, with the mutual trust in her acclimatizing sooner rather than later with the updated regulations and protocol.

Slowly over the coming year, Pierce formed a friendship with Rear Admiral Joseph Nerva Anderson of Starfleet Intelligence and other officers on the starbase, but yearned for something more hands-on and in the field again over being on a starbase. At the beginning of 2381, she was awarded the "Starfleet Extended Tour Ribbon" for deciding to stay in the ranks and rededicate her life to Starfleet. Soon after the recommitment, Pierce asked to be placed on an assignment almost deemed a no-win scenario wherever he could find it. Anderson sent Pierce and other officers off on intelligence gathering recon missions throughout the Federation. One particular mission, Pierce discovered a lot of unorthodox movements and stationing of personnel and flag officers. She intercepted a transmission that was relayed to Anderson on a secure channel which provided details in regards to the Theurgy’s whereabouts and their proof of Starfleet Command’s infiltration.

With Pierce’s new appearance, she was able to create ways of infiltrating compounds that as a male, she’d been unable to pursue. She had discovered on one particular data gathering assignment that the thalaron bombs were not merely isolated attacks, but an orchestrated chess game that made each faction a pawn that would eliminate each other. She determined that this would allow the Infested an easier route to taking over the galaxy. Moreover, rumblings of a coup in the Klingon Empire took place to steal the seat of and overthrow Chancellor Martok. Pierce transmitted the data on a secure channel up the chain to Admiral Anderson that he’d caught intel from Captain Ives of a bomb going off in the Spearhead Lounge Bomb on the USS Theurgy, as well as other isolated incidents that seemed to not be connected but were in her opinion a multiple front distraction to keep each team from succeeding.

A New Chapter

Anderson tasked Pierce with the mission of discovering who in the Klingon Empire wanted to overthrow Chancellor Martok as well as discover who was to blame for the bombing on the Theurgy. Anderson decided that with Pierce’s background and need for something dangerous, that she should be assigned to a mission worthy of her talents. With the Theurgy lacking in the available crew, he assigned Pierce to the vessel in the hope that she could help the ship's Intelligence Department determine the plotted machinations behind these acts of destruction.

Pierce was sent towards Qo’nos on board the Daqchov to rendezvous with the Theurgy as they were attacked and left adrift near a star. An away-team with Lt. Izavid, Lt. Lance, and Lt. Veradin arrived at the Daqchov, who managed to retrieve Pierce and the remaining Klingon officers. However, she was not too forthcoming with the Klingons or the crew. The crew was suspicious of her, as she awaited her eventual arrival to the Theurgy with the intention of speaking with Ives or her new Department Head before she joined in their fight.

After the Battle of the Houses, Alana was serving aboard the Theurgy as Asst. Chief Intelligence Officer, and when Lieutenant Commander Andrew Fisher was KIA, she succeeded him as the ship’s Chief Intelligence Officer. At that point, Captain Ives gave her a field promotion to Lieutenant Commander - her old rank reinstated.

Personality Profile


Pierce was a highly intelligent, tactically minded Starfleet Intelligence officer. She learned surprisingly quickly how to conclude on particular situations, so she could be slightly arrogant. Due to her perceived intelligence, and knowledge of the past, she held a fierce distrust of Klingons due to the time period she came from. With her newfound appearance, she used it to her advantage. While she used to be a ladies’ man, it's left her with a conundrum of re-evaluating her personal interests due to her present condition.

While she was originally male, it created a situation where she had to deal with learning the ins and outs of not only the 24th Century but being female instead. With knowing things of the past that could help in the modern-day, and the frustration she had with her current situation, she had to just come to terms with it. Overcome with the loss of her era, her old body, and the state of the once-proud Starfleet in this era, she adopted a mission-first attitude. Everyone she knew being dead now left her a loner of sorts, but trust in the structure of Command and camaraderie.

Due to her time period, and before Kirk's epic standoff at Camp Khitomer, Pierce had a difficult time trusting and wanted to be even near Klingons because of the events that landed her in the 24th Century. She would essentially be suspicious of any interactions with the Klingons despite some good workings with them. Not trusting the Klingons led her to investigate them more thoroughly whenever they're part of the strategy or mission at hand.

Physical Profile

After Pierce gained her female form, she had a decidedly beautiful body from the accident. She had flowing red hair and a strong athletic build bordering on model-like. She had a remarkable bust at 34E, and a swimsuit body to die for. Pierce’s situation allowed her to dress up, and play multiple parts in espionage missions due to her good looks and sultry displays. Her voice was sexy and slightly southern in tone. She had no tattoos or body piercings.

Special Notes

Although capable of Commanding a Starship, she preferred to follow in the steps of Spock and Riker in learning as much as possible with capable leaders, hence either being sidestepped for command opportunities or not accepting them unless as a temporary status. Her status of being from the 23rd century would be either shrouded in secrecy per Anderson or due to herself not wanting it disclosed unless to a trusted friend. Her records of events have been sealed up and fabricated for recent events for the official record.

Also, due to her recent change, she tended to inadvertently watch her figure more and eat more of a plant-based meal plan. Although she was more than capable of devouring a nice steak dinner on occasion too.


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Quarters Location

Pierce's Quarters | Department Head Officer’s Quarters | Deck 10 | Vector 2


Personal Logs

Parallel Universes - "What if?"

Director's Cut

Season 02, Episode 01: Advent of War

Season 02, Interregnum 01-02

Season 02, Episode 02: Cosmic Imperative