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Name:Stellan Arkturo Foster
Position:Asst. Chief Counselor
Species:½ Human ½ Betazoid
Orientation:  Heterosexual
Birthplace:Rigel II
Height:6ft 3in / 1.91m
Weight:192lbs / 87kg
Hair:Dark Brown
Eye color:Black
Played by:Josh Hartnett






Romulan Lute
2351-2352: Elementary School in Nesata / Rigel II

2352-2355: Elementary School in Anchorage / Earth

2355-2359: Middle School in Anchorage / Earth

2359-2360: High School in Navor / Farius Prime

2360-2363: High School in Dalaria City, Betazed

2363-2365: Lo'ren University, Faculty of Applied Psychology in Dalaria City / Betazed - Undergraduate Sexual Therapy

2365-2369: Penn University, Perelman School of Medicine in Philadelphia / Earth - PhD Trauma Therapy

2369-2371: Columbia University, School of Arts in New York / Earth - Undergraduate Creative Writing

2372-2373: Starfleet Academy in San Francisco / Earth - Counseling Fast Track
Service Record
2373-2376: Ensign, Counseling Aid, USS Destiny

2376-2378: Lieutenant J.G., Assistant Counselor, USS Appalachia

2378-2380: Lieutenant J.G., Counselor, USS Theurgy

2381-Present: Lieutenant, Asst. Chief Counselor, USS Theurgy
2378: UFP Medical Exchange Program Medal 2378: Extended Service Citation

Stellan Arkturo Foster the 1st was a human male, an acclaimed writer, studied psychologist and Starfleet officer in the counseling department aboard USS Theurgy, NX-79854. Educated at Lo'ren University on Betazed, University of Pennsylvania and Columbia University on Earth, as well as Starfleet Academy, he possed a varied, theoretical knowledge in the areas of psychology, trauma and sexual therapy, as well as creative writing and poetry.

A highly intellectual man, Stellan had served in theatres of the Dominion War as well as the Romulan Star Empire during a Federation science exchange. Before joining the crew of the USS Theurgy on their soon to be getaway journey across the stars. He was critically injured during the attack of the Jupiter defense grid and put into stasis until the ship anchored at Aldea and new medical personnel facilitate his revival.


Born in 2346 on Rigel II, at the zenith of the star Arcturus, Arktur in Betazoid, which his mother, being a Betazoid, thought of as a sign of good fortune, his father, Stellan I, a well-known entrepreneur (lesser known for his true dealings as a con-man), welcoming his eventual successor and first born son, naming him in his image, Stellan II, with his middle name a concession towards Peras, the mother. It was rumored at the time, that Stellan I solicited the aid of a Romulan scientist for hire, to secretly subject his wife to a non-invasive gene therapy, that altered his unborn child's gender and characteristics, reinforcing some Betazoid traits, like telepathy (to a level higher than usual hybrids), and his intelligence, to name a few. Despite all of it, she eventually gave birth to a healthy boy and the sole familial pride of his father.

As an infant, the world Stellan knew, was confined to his family's house, on the fringes of a harbor town in the temperate regions of the planet. As many things were lost to the young child's perception during that time, mostly just those beautiful memories of a romanticized notion persisted, from his childhood. He did not see how his mother grew weary of the manifesting plot to shape his first-born son into a similar career, eventually making her obsolete, in the process. Yet, before Peras could set a plan in motion to run away and bring her son to Betazed, Stellan I had left her alone on Rigel II with divorce papers and an eviction noticed from their house, which he had sold to an Orion merchant. Meanwhile, he took their small spaceship to earth, settling at a privatized spaceport, not under enforced Starfleet jurisdiction, in Anchorage, Alaska. Knowing the proprietor, a Federation opposer, Stellan I already had made detailed plans, how to use the place for interstellar contraband trade to and from earth.

Having already passed 1 year of elementary school on Rigel II, let alone the sudden separation from his mother, that seemed to have come without warning, left a mark on Stellan II, that only slowly eroded away as more appeared in the same spot, in the turbulent years to come. Yet, as such, he remained hard to pin down from a young age onwards, always anticipating a switch up of his entire life at any coming morning. And for the first half of his life, that was the cold reality as well. Because soon, his father became enamored with a local boudoir entertainer by the name of Heather. The two got swiftly married the year after they arrived. Fathering a second child at the same time, probably out of sheer carelessness rather than intent, Kate had probably felt the utter insignificance, in the man's dealings with her, time of her life. Which was something her brother, felt forced to compensate for, time of HIS life, though certainly in varying degrees of effectiveness and resentment, associated with it.

While their father was off dealing with his nefarious business off-world most of the time and their mother wallowed in the tragedy of it all, he employed his early childhood sense of fantasy to build worlds for his pals and buddies, among the dreary permafrost of the Alaskan tundra. Sometimes the boys would vanish for entire days, unnoticed, learning about the flora and fauna, before coming back to rummage for dinner, in their lifeless home. Regarding Kate with not much but the scraps of their adventures, as she constantly trailed them like an unwanted appendix. One time even, they faked their tracks across a snowed over pond, that Kate broke into, upon following them once more, that day. It had been meant as a measure of education, from the older to the younger sibling, in the absence of real parental figures in their lives. Yet not having known much about raising a child then either, Stellan himself didn't exactly make the right choices, when it came to imitate the sentiment. If not by mimicking the harsh and controlling measures of his own father's dealings.

At age fifteen, on the cusp of joining high school, Stellan I once more broke off all tents and took his son away to the stars. Leaving behind a divorced woman, though this time with an unwanted child. Traumatized by the separation and the inability to do anything about it, Stellan II's issues with commitment and trust grew from a surgical cut to a full-on flesh wound. He was thrust into Navor, a port town on Farius Prime, the seedy underbelly of the quadrant. A place where is father could, unimpeded from the moral apostles of the Federation, grow his little criminal trading business into a full fledge illegal arms dealership. For one year of hell, Stellan was handed back and forth between Earth, Betazed and Farius Prime, whenever his father felt like he could not adequately have him under control, while he was off on the conquests for his empire. Leaving his son in a perpetual state of loathing and resentment throughout these thirteen months.

So, eventually, he was handed off to Betazed, into the embrace of a woman he had not seen for eight years and had grown somewhat distant from, his birthmother Peras. Stellan I had figured Farius Prime not to be the best place to educate his first born after all, feeling the man drift into a world of fantasy and make belief, rather than the predestined path he had set him out on. Though the young man never really settled in there, nor did he anywhere else after. The only pleasant memories of a home lying behind on Rigel II, when reality could still be held at bay by dreams and fiction. That much wasn't true anymore. But it did not keep the young man from exploring alternative lives in the form of short stories and poems, he never showed anyone, but called upon in lonely nights.

Enrolling at Lo'ren University, Stellan joined the undergraduate program for sexual therapy, an area that had fascinated and puzzled him through most of his puberty, dealing with confusions over his sexuality, as well as sexuality as whole. Peras being able to sell his father the move as an investment into his ability to more aptly continue that illicit legacy one day – which they got the man’s ultimate blessing for. Soon learning how to approach most of it on a more clinical note, which greatly helped the man's anxieties emanating from lack of knowledge. He was, truly, for all intents and purposes, afraid of everything he didn't know. Potentially because those things he didn't know about, were the ones that always screwed up his life the most.

Still not overly ambitious or driven by a larger goal in his future, Stellan ultimately graduated with moderate success, which belied his deeper understanding of the subject matter. Because his issue never was the accumulation of knowledge, since he was also of above average intelligence, but rather the lack of motivation to readily quantify his skills in the form of tests and trials. Intent on following down the path of unearthing the science behind people's minds and motivations, however, Stellan moved to earth to enroll at Penn University in the trauma therapy PhD program. Since trauma was certainly something he intended to figure out, as it was basically the family crest of his heavily branching pedigree.


Stellan returning to Anchorage in 2365

Being back on earth and closer to his sister, he found another person altogether, than the little, dewy-eyed bundle of energy, that had relentlessly followed his every step, when he was a boy himself. He found a woman which, at first, he could not understand. But as his studies went on and as he got confronted with various cases of traumatic disorders and their stories, he started to understand her too. No, correction, he started to be able to quantify and comprehend the deeper implications behind her behavior. Turning their relationship more into that of a scientist and a lab rat, than that of two siblings. Compounded by the death of their father's third wife and their sister Sierra moving to earth as well.

It was in his third year at U-Penn, that his already catalogued indices were readily proven by the characteristic coloration in Kate's eyes, that indicated her abuse of the drug Felicium. Starting to write his senior thesis on her case, in the form of an unnamed subject, it was however overshadowed by the death of his nine-year old half-sister Sierra, at the negligence of Kate's care. Leading to her second stint in rehabilitation. Scrapping his entire thesis, Stellan felt an incredible amount of guilt, quenching his desire to even move on with his studies. Ultimately, he barely graduated on an entirely new case, he studied and researched over the remaining three weeks before the deadline, dealing with survivor's guilt. A thesis paper that still garnered the attention of some people at Starfleet, despite its modest academic appraisal for bad form and unsubstantiated quotes.

Subsequently, Stellan felt like he was done with psychology, on a scientific level at least. So, touching back on previous measures to deal with his daemons, Stellan enrolled at Columbia University's creative writing program, in an attempt to hone his skills in putting thoughts to paper. In his time there, he penned seven fiction novels, narrating his journey in a metaphorical capacity, while coasting through the unchallenging curriculum, and out of those, five eventually got published, to critical acclaim. Having become somewhat of a recluse at this point, suffering from a mild form of persistent anxieties, triggered once more, this time by his sister's recovery and new-found direction, he needed to find a way to give his life an endgame too, if he wanted to live beyond thirty and not reverse rolls between the two of them. To potentially go the way of many gifted artists or over-intelligent minds. Because ironically so, during this time, Stellan had dabbled in Felicium too.

Having been approached by Starfleet repeatedly, since graduating U-Penn, however, in the onset of frictions between the Federation and the Dominion, the need for qualified people in the field of mental healthcare was ever rising. And after almost a year of being courted and coaxed, Stellan submitted his application to Starfleet academy. Unbeknownst to Kate. Something she would not realize until they met in their first class together, as Stellan had gotten fast tracked to the last year, given his prior studies. Leaving only Starfleet procedures and command on his plate. Something that, undoubtedly, reignited that flame of contentiousness between the two siblings, while Kate figured that he could get everything he wanted on a silver platter without even trying, as she struggled for everything by the skin of her teeth. Eventually moving on to Starfleet Medical for her specialization program, Stellan already transferred to his first assignment.

His first posting was aboard the USS Destiny, an intrepid class lazaret vessel, where he supported the counseling department as an Ensign. His rank not accurately mirroring his knowledge in the area, but rather his level of practical experience. He hadn't worked in the field before, let alone in the wake of a developing war, that the Destiny followed diligently. In anchorage around Starbase 257, the crew of the destiny aided escapees of the Deep Space Nine capture by the Dominion with medical and mental health issues. Stellan's first touch with real cases and real trauma. Something that greatly intrigued him, abstracting the victims in a clinical way, like he even had his own sister. It became clear rather quickly, that he was a valuable asset to the Destiny's counseling department. Though, despite his rank, he would be put on more challenging cases and even got to plan his own therapy approach on less serious cases, under supervision.

One year later, as the Dominon war was in full effect, the Destiny was based out of Starbase 310, along the Cardassian border, assisting ships that limped back from battles into safe territory. Later that year, the ship joined a relief mission to the Bajor system, to lend support to the heavily war-stricken world and its traumatized inhabitants. Dealing with severe cases of returning trauma and PTSD, the counseling department was many days working 3-4 shifts in a row. The emotional load turned out too much for many younger counselors, yet Stellan's factual and scientific approach aided him exceptionally well in abstracting the damage and not letting it get to him personally. Much like he had done in order to not let his family drama get to him in his past. A coping mechanism in its own rite.

That same month, the USS Destiny was recalled to Deep Space Nine to assist the transport of the Dax symbiont back to Trill for rejoining, after the death of its previous host, Jadzia. Being the only ship in close vicinity with the necessary medical facilities and personnel, the choice had been made easily. Being put on psyche evaluation of the symbiont, together with Ensign Ezri Tigan - Stellan because of his telepathic ability and Ezri because of her knowledge of Trills - the two of them spent a lot of time together with the symbiont, until its vital signs deteriorated, warranting an immediate joining. Being the only Trill in reach, even though having decided against being joined years prior, Ezri underwent the procedure to become Ezri Dax. Having a hard time adjusting to the newly formed compound character, Stellan took the possibility to hone his telepathic skills in determining the border between the symbiont and the host, on their onward travel towards Trill. Over which he would write a dissertation later, after the war had ended.

After delivering Ezri Dax to Trill, the Destiny subsequently returned to put in for supplies at Deep Space Nine and then joined the Seventh Fleet in the offensive to retake the Kalandra sector. After the devastating news of Betazed being taken by the Dominion. Not having been able to retain contact with his mother, Peras, since his first deployment, Stellan had attempted to get a hold of her on numerous occasions, following the invasion. Putting off the worst-case scenarios, in light of duty, he would not know of her fate until after the system was liberated by 2375. So, he spent another year, focused on his duties, treating the mentally wounded of the war, until it came to a conclusion that same year. Subsequently taking three months leave of absence to travel to Betazed.

Finding the world in ruins, with Millions dead, the young man was overwhelmed with the pain and suffering of all the people, invading his mind. So, while he tried to find his mother, he spent most of his time helping out in field lazarettes and Starfleet relief posts, counseling the traumatized and disillusioned, while following the breadcrumbs to Peras' demise. Sadly having to conclude the visit with a Betazoid passing ceremony on Lake El-Nar and another chapter closed.


Stellan's promotion portrait after Theurgy's return to Earth

Having impressed a few people at Starfleet medical, during his voluntary work on Betazed, Stellan was promoted to Lieutenant J.G. and transferred to the USS Appalachia, as an assistant counselor. The ship's next mission being of scientific and intercultural nature. The steamrunner vessel was ordered to the Romulan border, to partake in a medical exchange program, used to mend deteriorating political relationships, by establishing scientific ones. Thus, Stellan spent two years on Romulus, cooperating with other Romulan psychologists on theses over interspecies brain biochemistry similarities, touching back on the 'preserver principal', of all galactic species having been evolutions of the same base genome, seeded millions of years ago by a preceding super species. Theses that were later attempted to be intentionally weaponized by either side.

In the onset of the tensions within the Romulan political arena, the Appalachia and its crew were recalled to earth. Having excelled in his duties during the exchange, Stellan was awarded the UFP Medical Exchange Program Medal and, due to his four years of untainted service, the Extended Service Citation, at the same time. It was ironic, as the duality of their relationship went, that just in that time as well, his sister Kate got court-martialed on earth, for her relapse with the narcotic Felicium, on duty and in surgery, no less. Stellan was called to the stand for a testimony, due to his psychological expertise and his personal connection with her. And as he approached her, just like he would any other patient and officer, he found her behavior to be irrational and endangering of the life of others, unbefitting of a Starfleet officer, and voted for her dismissal from service. Also, because he believed that her relapse was due to the insurmountable stress of her assignments, an occupational hazard Starfleet officers should have been equipped to handle, thus protecting her too, in his advisory.

Ultimately, his clinical appraisal proved to be an unpopular one, as the general consensus and the lack of medical personnel, warranted her reinstatement under penalty, instead. With court records transpiring, naturally, it did not remain a secret with Kate, and their subsequent argument the two shared, in progress of his next assignment, the two parted ways for good. The words "Fuck off and die!" being the last ones spoken between them.


Stellan in his counselling office during a session

Being assigned to the USS Theurgy as a counselor, Stellan decided to focus on his duty, rather than the wayward nature of his sister, whom he judged irredeemable, at this point. In the wake of the Reman uprising, Theurgy was ordered on a diplomatic mission to Romulus to reassess the political situation, for which he, naturally, was quite well qualified for. He still knew a lot of scientists and politicians on the planet, whom he would coordinate with and aid in addressing mental health issues of the general public, in the light of a de facto civil war brewing. It was not a very popular side mission by Starfleet judgments, but one that garnered him increasing appreciation by his immediate superiors. So, at the end of the mission, upon Theurgy's return to earth, Stellan was promoted to the rank of Lieutenant, for his selfless efforts.

Spending a few days on earth, pending Theurgy's resupply, he visited Anchorage and the graves of both his stepmother Heather and his half sister Sierra. Putting down holographic flowers and a micro subspace beacon that would always be tied to the receiver he kept for himself. A filament-thin tether through space and time. The only connection to family he had, and wanted to have.

Upon returning to the ship, a new development had burst from the shadows, a parasitic takeover of the people in charge at Starfleet. A plot unearthed by a crew that now became public enemy number one. Fleeing orbit, Theurgy was ultimately ambushed by the Jupiter defense grid, resulting in heavy damages to the ship as it limped away. Stellan, being in the counseling department at the time of the surprise attack, was struck by an exploding energy relay, behind a bulkhead next to him, vaporizing the dura-steel into tiny high-velocity fragments, that punctured his torso, causing minute tears and lacerations to his internal organs, which at first didn't seem that severe. As he tended to other wounded in the department, however, he soon found himself growing dizzy and weak, eventually collapsing on the scene.

The diagnosis, in the wake of the events, was that his thoracic aorta had suffered a microscopic tear and was leaking blood into his chest cavity. A condition that required a highly skilled surgeon to fix, or cause certain death. As there was no time and manpower available at the time, the swift decision was made to put Stellan into stasis, until such a procedure would become feasible. He would eventually slumber for several months, until Theurgy had limped all the way to Aldea, over the course of many adventures, in dire need of repairs, as well as an influx of new crew. And as it so happened, among them was his sister, having turned into a skilled surgeon despite his recommendations at the court martial.

So, in the end, it was almost poetic, that she would be the one to safe his life. As their sibling duality shifted once more, making her the hero and him the saved. A status that, undoubtedly, would remain in constant flux, as time would go on.

Personality Profile

Stellan was a calm and collected individual that rarely raised his voice. He was a little bit on the grumpy side, everything considered, so many might have considered him perennially cranky. He didn't care too much about what others would consider driving motivations in their lives, so he seemed to float along aimlessly, at times, pretty much.

However, his calm nature also had a way of (maybe through his telepathy) grafting onto other people, which made him pretty qualified for his job, despite not being the most upbeat, or uplifting, person. He just never expressed his emotions very flamboyantly, though he could experience them rather colorfully, on the inside.

Time of his life he had struggled to compensate the lack of parental guidance, steadiness and parenting, by educating himself to the highest standards in schools and universities - albeit only in a mostly theoretical fashion and non that was readily quantifiable by tests or trials. Thus he always had an opinion or scientific remark on the ready, no matter the topic.

Stellan is suffering from mild anxieties in relation to his aimless nature which manifest in overcompensating efforts to find reasoning, at times.

Physical Profile

Stellan in his favorite pair of sweats

Stellan was a tall, handsome, brunette with characteristic black, Betazoid eyes. His hair was lusciously spread across his scalp, with a silky shine, though on the thin side in its structure. His face was marked with gently sculpted features, thick brows, dark lashes and moderate beard growth, that mostly accumulated on his chin and upper lip.

Possessing the body of a masculine genealogy, Stellan sported broad shoulders and a v-shaped torso, naturally sculpted by efforts of moderate exercise and Betazoid meditation techniques.

Not having been in any major accident or conflict, his body did not yield any major scars except a few faint lacerations from his childhood that, albeit having grown alongside him in size, had faded into thin lines across his skin by adulthood.

The accident at Jupiter did not leave permanent, superficial scars.

Special Notes

As a side effect of his genetic alteration invitro, Stellan has a condition that makes his Betazoid eyes sensitive to certain wavelengths of direct light, that can cause migraine and dizziness. An irreparable ailment. So, most of the time, he wears glasses with polarizing filters, to compensate.

Additionally, Stellan has a distinctive birthmark on the lower right side of his larynx protrusion, just above his right collarbone, that can sometimes be visible above the undertunic of his uniform.


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