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Image: Planet N9GA Majoris, catalogued "Niga"

Planet N9GA Majoris - also called Niga - was a verdant and uninhabited M-Class planet in the Mahéwa System.

In order to restore food storage and scavenge for other means of supplies, the USS Theurgy located Niga in January of 2381. Science and Security personnel were beamed to the planet's surface to collect whatever could be found to aid in their cause. The female Andorian Deputy, ThanIda zh'Wann, was raped by a tentacled plant whilst on the planet, and infected with its pollen. The female Vulcan Ensign by the name Cir'Cie was also raped by the same kind of plant and after she regained consciousness, she soon infected her senior human Science Officer before they - like the Deputy - were also beamed up to the Theurgy.

The infected became vectors for a parasitic virus with the intent of interplanetary pollination – the spreading of the infectious flora. A plant that used its parasitic pollen to propagate itself within the vector's body - spreading itself through the vector's bodily fluids to new vectors. During the night, the infected spread their proverbial pollen over the ship. They managed to do so since the Ship A.I:s surveillance sensors had a programming flaw of non-disclosure - making her unable to report sexual activities of the crew.

In the end, the timeship USS Relativity showed up and stopped the outbreak with an antidote that the CMO and his Medical Assistant had managed to develop. It had taken the Relativity months to scavenge the chaotic aftermath in the Galaxy in order to secure the antidote and the notes needed to prevent the outbreak from happening. As it turned out, an unknown enemy, from present time or from the Temporal Cold War in the 29th century, had planted the virus on the planet Niga many millennia ago, only to be – with future technology – triggered just before the Theurgy arrived. It was unknown by whom and when the incursion was made. The infected, with their minds affected by the virus, only hazily remembered the time when they were infected with scarce fragments of recollections which served to help many of the crew come to terms with the events.

After supplies and materials were taken from the planet with extreme caution, Captain Ives ordered the uninhabited planet Niga destroyed.

Story Excerpt 01: Pollination (NSFW)

Captain's Log, Star Date 57505.5. Starfleet has yet to find us, and we believe our trail has gone cold. While we have restored propulsion adequately, we are still in great need of both spare parts and energy in order to repair our ship. Therefore, we have decided to transport a team of scientists to the forest planet of Niga in the Mahéwa System. Apparently, Niga is a mostly unexplored planet, but expeditions three years previous to our arrival have revealed a rich abundance of plant life - including several new types of flora that exist nowhere else. Yet most important for us on board is the hidden deposits of deuterium that our sensors detected below the foliage of the eastern continent – hidden just underneath the undergrowth. Our ambition is to harvest whatever we can in means of water, food and energy from this planet before we regroup for our journey back towards Earth – bearing the truth to the ears that needs to hear it.

- Captain Jien Ives, Commanding Officer, USS Theurgy

[ USS Theurgy | Main Bridge | Deck 01 ]

Jien Ives tapped a key - wearing his male form - to end his log entry, and then left his Ready Room. "Approaching Niga now, sir," reported Lt. Lance from his station at the helm once Jien stepped out on the Bridge.

"Good," said Jien, greeting his First Officer with a nod. Nerina took her position at the Mission Ops console, and Jien seated himself in the Captain’s chair. "Plot a standard orbit."

"Estimated arrival in fourteen minutes," said the deep voice from Hendricks, the Chief of Operations.

"Acknowledged, any contacts?"

"Negative, sir,” said the new Chief Tactical Officer – Lieutenant T'Less – from her station, her Vulcan intonation void of feelings. “Scans show no ships in this vicinity."

"Hardly surprising," said Jien and folded his fingers underneath his eyes. "We are a long way out." He swiveled toward the communications console. "Signal the research team to begin their preparations. Also, send a security team to accompany them to the planet's surface and ask Dr. Nicander in Sickbay to send someone down there too. They probably won't be needed, but a little extra caution never hurts."

Too much was at stake to leave anything to chance.

[ Niga | Planet Surface | Drop Site | 1500 hrs. ]

As Deputy, Ida beamed down to oversee the deployment of security to the different teams. It was all a huge undertaking, with plenty of personnel splitting up in search of deuterium deposits and other usable resources for the Theurgy. Yet once everything was organized, Ida was left standing alone at the beam-down site.

She looked around, and while her Andorian body preferred the cold above the tropical climate, she – as an artist – did see the quality of beauty found on the planet. Not the least inclined to beam back aboard and face her new Chief, David Grayson, she stepped into the jungle instead of beaming up.

Ida admired at the lush foliage as she walked through the forest, taking occasional glances at her tricorder to make sure she was assisting in the exploration - even though it was for her own sake she had strayed. After being confined to the small rooms and narrow corridors of a starship for the last months, this vast green wilderness was like paradise to her sense of artistry.

She spotted an unusual reading on the tricorder, and stepped that way – her curiosity getting the best of her. She pulled out her phaser pistol, just in case.

As she reached the location indicated on the tricorder, which showed a concentrated abundance of life readings within a relatively small clearing, she put the phaser away. There was no canopy overhead to keep the sunlight from warming the ferns and flowers that surrounded her. Their sweet smell was everywhere, and she inhaled deeply, allowing the floral aroma to fill her senses. Her antennae lifted appreciatively. Beauty is indeed not all in the sense of sight...

There was a patch of beautiful violet flowers nearby, and she knelt down next to one of them, bringing her face close to the petals. The first sniff brought a smile to her face, despite everything that had happened lately. Such a lovely fragrance; this was definitely where the scent was coming from. She closed her eyes and took another sniff, then another, then another. Intoxicating, she thought. Ida kept breathing it in, enjoying the exotic scent. After a full minute of incessant sniffing, she began to feel dizzy, and decided to lie down on a blanket of grass, right in the middle of the flowers. All manner of crazy thoughts came to her, and she closed her eyes to focus.

The pungent aroma was all around her; it permeated the air like a cloud of perfume - making it hard for her to think clearly. She slowly became aware of a familiar sensation stirring in her body. Her heart was beating faster, her breathing grew more rapid, her nipples tingled and... her sex was starting to come alive. What is happening? Had the flowers done this to her? She wouldn't have thought it possible - but there she was, growing more and more aroused by the second. She could feel herself opening her legs, her labia beginning to throb and pulse with excitement. At this rate, it would not be long before her juices would stain her uniform.

Ida found herself smiling dreamily. It would be at least forty-five minutes before she was due back for anything important. More than enough time for a little self-gratification, she thought, surprising herself further with the idea to... Could she really? Still, she put away the tricorder, laying it down next to her.

She tugged her jacket up along with the under-shirt and then unfastened her bra at the front. The sunlight bathed her azure breasts with golden warmth as she pushed her hand down her toned abdomen, past the hem of her uniform trousers, down into her Starfleet-issue panties. Finally, she was allowed to feel it, her fingers reaching her itching folds. Desperately, she tugged her trousers and panties down a bit more for better access.

It took only seconds for her to become wet. She had never felt so sexually famished before in her entire life. She stroked the fleshy folds of her sensitive labia, vigorously massaging herself with one hand. Her other moved up to caress the firm, globated flesh of her left breast. Its nipple was already stiff and swollen, and she pinched and tugged at the taut blue tit, sending erotic tingles through her entire body. Pretty soon she was panting, making soft little moans as she lay there, eagerly pleasuring herself amidst a sea of sweet-smelling flowers – rolling and panting against the grass.

Ida found herself wishing one of the away-team would find her here, one Adam Kingston for example, and that he would see her lying there on the ground, feverishly masturbating. Being the gentleman that he was, the pinkskin wouldn't want her to be in such agony, so he would promptly remove his own clothes. Then he would lie down on top of her, his hard cock dangling against her skin. She wouldn't protest; she wouldn't even say anything. She would simply spread her legs for the human, inviting him to enter her, to shove his penis deep into her. That's what she wanted - to feel a big meaty phallus, sliding in and out, in and out, ravishing her, making her squeal and groan. She bit her lip in anguish and rubbed her sex even harder, her mind focused on what that handsome, imaginary man was doing to her. Was this really her, doing this? She had a vivid imagination, being an artist, but her thoughts were never so... fervid.

Then she felt it - something soft, slithering against her leg.

Her eyes flew open, and she looked downward to see a greenish purple vine beginning to wrap itself around her thigh. She screamed and tried to back up, but the tendril was deceptively strong. Her leg was trapped. As she tried to pull free, another vine slid out from the foliage, ensnaring her left wrist. She managed to pry the vine away, but not before two more of the tangling strands had grabbed hold of her other arm, pulling it above her head – away from the handle of her phaser. Both of her legs were trapped now, and yet another creeper was starting to entwine itself around her free arm. She screamed again as the leafy tentacles quickly fastened themselves to her body, twisting around her arms and legs, making it impossible for her to move.

"Help! This is Ida, please, anyone, help me!" she called, but to her horror, one of the writhing vines had happened to push off her combadge in the struggle. She was all alone. Helpless.

Like something from a nightmare, a snake-like tendril slowly rose up from the ground between her legs. Its 'stem' was about four centimetres wide, and at the tip she saw a larger, purplish bulb, shaped like a flower that had not yet opened. Ida watched in horror as the penis-like vine descended toward her. It touched her calf and began to slide upward along her inner thigh, tickling her through the fabric of her uniform. As it slithered its way toward her waist, the purple bulb kept weaving back and forth, as if trying to track down some elusive scent. She held her breath, her heart racing as she watched the plant move closer and closer toward her crotch. When it finally got there, it paused, its bulging head hanging poised at the entrance to her womb. It is smelling me? thought Ida, paralyzed with fear. It smells my juices.

Without warning, the vines holding her legs suddenly pulled them apart, spreading her thighs wide open. The purple bulb moved forward and began to poke against her, skirting around the hem of her askew panties - tentatively prodding her slick flesh as if trying to figure out how to get inside her. And then... it discovered how.

Ida gasped as the plant-like intruder slowly pushed its way past her distended nether lips and began to squirm its way into her. She didn't want to enjoy it. She wanted to feel horror, disgust, and revulsion - but as the vine slowly worked its way inside her, she knew she was in trouble. It felt like a male organ - a large, thick phallus, massaging her inner walls, sending waves of erotic stimulation through her groin and up through her belly. She was getting raped, but there was no way for her to block out the pleasure of being filled. The alien weed began to move, slowly pulling out of her...then sliding back in again. She couldn't do a thing to stop it. Her sex was betraying her; she imagined it whispering, This feels exquisite...this is exactly what I want... don't fight it... give in to it... just lie back and enjoy the invasion...

"No!" she whimpered as the alien squirmed back inside her. I have to think of a way out of this! The tendrils covering her belly writhed continuously, their leaves tickling her naked skin. "I can't just lie here and let this thing ravish me..." But as the tentacle plunged back into her steamy crevice, her defiance began to wane. "I can't just..." It shoved inside her again, filling her with its satisfying hardness. "I have to..." In it went, slithering into her juicy love passage. "I...I..." With each thrust, her willpower grew a little weaker. She knew it wouldn't be long before she just gave up, allowing herself to moan and writhe as if she was an animal in heat. It just felt too good... too good to resist. Her legs opened wide, the alien organ pulsed in and out of her frothing entrance, even using the hem of her open trousers for leverage. Just surrender... Let it take you... Feel what it's doing to you... You know you're enjoying this...

It was true. The serpentine tentacle was pleasing her, and she was helpless to resist the erotic sensations that coursed through her body, threatening to consume her. She could feel the alien writhing inside her, filling her up, burying itself deep within her. Unstoppable. She announced her surrender with a lusty moan, arching her back as the thick rod skewered her yet again.

The violet flowers surrounded her. All of their petals had turned to face her, as if they were spectators who had come to witness the seduction of this Andorian female. Their intoxicating scent was as strong as ever; the aroma just kept pouring into her nose, into her mind, loosening her hold on sanity. As the plant continued, she gradually lost the capability for rational thought. All that mattered to her was the pleasure emanating from those firm thrusts into her. It wasn't long before her hips began to buck against those thrusts, welcoming the alien invader into her.

She could feel the smooth vines moving all over her body, stroking her face, her breasts, and her thighs. Ida moaned softly as the tentacle continued to plow into her, incessantly pumping with its hard, rubbery stem. It seemed to be getting larger, slowly swelling in girth as it drilled her with deep, rapid strokes.

It finally proved to be too much. Ida groaned as her orgasm erupted, causing her body to writhe and convulse. But it wasn't done with her yet. While she thrashed and moaned deliriously, the rigid organ just kept pumping into her creamy sex. She could feel it getting thicker, plunging into her at an even faster pace. If it were a male's organ, she would have thought that he was getting ready to ejaculate. But this was a plant; it had no sperm to deliver.

Alas, she could then feel it throbbing as 'something' began to squirt into her. If Ida's mind hadn't been laid waste by her own orgasm, she would have been terrified at the thought of being impregnated by this alien invader. As it was, she simply moaned and wondered what was pouring into her womb. There certainly was a lot of it; she could feel wave after wave of warm liquid spurting inside her, bathing her spasming sex until her orgasm finally subsided.

Then, all of her thoughts faded as she lapsed into unconsciousness.

- Written by Auctor Lucan, Episode 01: Outbreak - Part I, Chapter 01: Pollination

Story Excerpt 02: Virus Origin

[ 3,7 Million Years Ago | Planet N9GA Majoris: "Niga" | Mahéwa System ]

Like a newborn, Sonja Acreth had screamed when she drew her first breath on the planet. Her eyesight was equally reduced, merely able to determine light from dark. Yet she heard well enough; the sounds of the verdant undergrowth and the running water of a stream confirming her fears. She could feel the humidity of the jungle against her face. In terror, she screamed in denial of what had happened, yet she knew. She knew where she was because the vile thing inside her knew. Sonja knew because it was her fingers that had calibrated the temporal breach, and she also knew there was no way to return. Her screams of denial were soon reduced to whimpering fright, knowing she had restarted the cycle by bringing the seed through the vortex. She sat on her knees in the undergrowth by the stream, and shook as she cried, trembling in the enormity of what had befallen her.

The Radiant had not just hurt her eyes with her light. She had also subdued the thing inside Sonja, allowing her free thought and reign over her own body again. After years being a dormant soul, she was free, having been imprisoned and merely able to watch while the demon dictated her every action and her every word. She had been no more than a second year Cadet when it claimed her, and now, when she was finally herself, she was marooned in time, enabling the nameless darkness to yet another chance for a perfect purge. Their Revert-Creation was more swift with the Niga virus crumbling the construct of society, reducing the flesh puppets to their base nature. The virus would make them breed, and seed the galaxy with more plants - any natural offspring denied them all.

As she cried, Sonja's trembling hands were locked around the handle of the stasis unit - the first seed brought to its origin planet.

She did not know where the sudden idea came from. Perhaps from her sense of duty towards the future Federation, a duty she had never been able to fulfil, or perhaps it was the knowledge of what was at stake? Whatever it was that begot the idea, it made her stop crying. It made her try to muster any shred of courage still left in her after years being a prisoner in her own body. Yet as soon as the idea came, the doubt came too - the voice of the darkness still residing within her. It is already too late.

Sonja shook her head when she heard it, hating that voice. She couldn't see more than shades of light and dark in front of her, but she had her blood-coated fingers wrapped around the handle of the stasis unit. She could get it open, couldn't she? She could kill the seed child... and stop the cycles.

No, you can't, flesh-puppet, The voice in her mind again, giving her pause. How could you kill a mere infant? Do you even know what it looks like? Oh, it's certainly not the kind of monstrosity you think it is... It carries the DNA of her mother and father. It is a child like any other child.

No, she could not believe that. The seed spread the Niga flora, able to make more vectors for its 'pollen'. It could not be a sentient child. Shaking, she bit her teeth together, and fumbled with slick fingers over the small control panel of the stasis unit. She had to do it. She had no choice. She would so something right, after all the atrocities she'd committed while under control of the dark entity. Breath trembling, she blindly sought the manual release of the stasis field, refusing give in to the doubt. Then, she found it, and pushed down the release. There was a chirp, signalling that she was successful. Next, she had to get it open, twisting the handle counter-clockwise. Refusing to think about the next step, she did it, and the audible hiss of the unit depressurising was heard.

How would she do it? She couldn't see anything. With trembling fingers, she blindly searched through the undergrowth by the stream. She couldn't find any rock, and she didn't think she'd be able to do it with her bare hands. Fighting the panic, and the horror of what she was about to do, she decided she'd have to use the stasis unit itself. She would have to get the seed out first. So you would crush an innocent child? And you think we are the monsters?

"Shut up!" she cried, breathing fast as she summoned her courage and tilted the stasis unit, feeling the weight inside falling unto the ground before her. She tried to listen, to hear if it moved, but it was silent. Whatever it looked like, whatever it was, it seemed it hadn't awakened from its stasis sleep yet. There was no turning back. She had to do it quickly. No thought. Just... just get it over with. Shaking, she gripped the stasis unit harder and raised it over her head.

Do you really think this makes a difference? came the silky, oily voice anew. If you kill this infant child, you will have done it for nothing. You will always end up back here... only from another cycle, perpetuating your failure.

No, that couldn't be right... If she did it, there wouldn't be another cycle, would it? But she couldn't know for sure, could she? She was no expert in temporal mechanics, all such acumen originating from the darkness inside her... Arms trembling, she cried, willing herself to shed all doubt from her mind and just strike the seed child before it came to. Any moment lost...

A rustle in the undergrowth.

Her blinded eyes widened. Panic gave her momentum, and she screamed as she rammed the stasis unit down.

A hollow thud. Even blind, she could tell she'd struck the ground. No! Where was it? She threw the stasis unit aside, and found herself rifling through the undergrowth with her bare hands, trying to find it. It couldn't have gone far. Hyperventilating, she cast about, meaning to catch it. "No... No!"

Then she heard it. Like a stone falling into water. The stream! In blind terror, she tried to close the distance, almost fell into the stream herself as she flailed about, trying to search through the running water. She felt something... Something slick and moving between her fingertips... but it slipped through her grip. Gone in the current. "No!"

To her credit, the blinded Ensign tried to find the seed child for days, going downstream in hope to catch it... but it was too late. The cycle had begun. The fork in the time-stream had been formed anew. In 3,7 million years, the planet Niga would be found by the Theurgy, and while Sonja Acreth would be long dead, she would have been born anew by then. She would be given the stasis unit once more, and after she returned through the breach, she would either try to kill the child again... or rejoice in releasing it into that very stream.

Then again, perhaps something would be different in the next cycle... and make it all stop?

- Written by Auctor Lucan, Episode 04: Simulcast - Epilogue: Inverse Soul