Kino Jeen

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Name:Kino Jeen
Rank:Petty Officer Second Class
Position:Security Officer
Orientation:  Homosexual
Height:5ft 8in / 1.73m
Weight:145lbs / 66kg
Eye color:R: Cybernetic blue / L: Light blue
Played by:Cara Delevingne
Mixed Martial Arts
2371: Entered Starfleet NCO Bootcamp

2372: Graduated Starfleet Security Training Center as Crewman First Class

2374: Graduated Advanced Combat School
Service Record
2372: Assigned to USS Navarre as a Security Crewman Third Class

2373: Promoted Security Crewman Second Class
2374: Promoted to Petty Officer Third Class, assigned to a ground combat task force
2375: Assigned to USS Dauntless, Security Officer - EOD specialist
2378: Promoted to Petty Officer Second Class

2379: Assigned to USS Theurgy, Security Officer
2374: Purple Heart, Starfleet Silver Palm

Petty Officer Kino Jeen was a Security Officer assigned to the USS Theurgy before being placed in stasis due to injuries sustained during the ship’s escape from Earth. Because of the severity of her head trauma, she was resuscitated with an ocular implant instead of a right eye after the Theurgy executed the Continuance Protocol following the encounter with the Versant in March of 2381. Not long after she returned to duty, Kino was again put back in stasis after sustaining injuries during the Battle of the Apertures, but she was soon thawed while the Theurgy underwent repairs at Aldea. In the next mission, during the Battle of the Houses, Kino (formerly Kino Taer) saved the Jeen symbiont by offering herself to be joined with it. The former host, Kaylon Jeen was KIA aboard the Theurgy. Kino aided in the opposition against the parasites that compromised Starfleet Command in the end of the 24th century.


Early Life

Kino Taer (later Jeen) was the only child of well-to-do but loveless parents, born in the summer of 2354. Her father was a renowned architect, her mother a socialite, and while they lavished her with everything she wanted – they never seemed to have time to be with her, nor each other. Her father’s business interests kept him away from home for the majority of Kino's young life; her mother attending parties and events, leaving her to be tended by various maids and house staff. Left to her own devices as a child, Kino began to lash out for attention; she developed a particular proclivity towards pyrotechnics, which would end up causing her considerable trouble as she grew more and more rebellious. As a child, her antics garnered the attention she desired; her father would intervene, give her a slap on the wrist, and go back to work. No one seemed to recognize the root of the problem, or acknowledge the family dysfunction until it was far too late.

Her family dynamics grew ever more tenuous as the years passed by, coming apart altogether shortly before puberty. Kino discovered her mother’s extra-marital affairs from the house staff gossip, and being a petulant, spoiled, rebellious child, she naturally went looking for proof. She was successful – going so far as to capture the evidence on a recording device. When confronted, her mother laughed, stating that both she and her father had been cheating on each other for the majority of Kino’s life. Soon after this bitter confrontation, her parents divorced and her mother left to pursue her own interests; Kino would never see or hear from her again, a tragedy that would stay with her for the rest of her life. While her father coped by focusing the entirety of his energy into work, leaving Kino even more isolated, she continued to grow more defiant. At 13, Kino had learned to construct simple chemical bombs from household items. Her first of many arrests soon followed, having demolished (and torched) the guest house on her father’s estate. Kino’s father escorted her to juvenile detention personally in the hopes of “straightening her out.” It proved ineffective.

Academically, Kino was an intelligent but lazy student. Constant defiance of authority and a combative personality got her into all manner of trouble; she would fight anyone that looked at her the wrong way, and developed a sharp mouth – constantly provoking peers and tutors alike. Her distain for the system, as she called it, grew to encompass her very identity – an Anarchist, she called herself – which at first was only an act used to cover all the pain she felt, but would soon come to define her.

As a young teenager, her father opted to move her from school to school; managing her destructive tendencies behind closed doors. It was during this time Kino discovered her sexuality by experimentation. While there was no public taboo against homosexuality on Trill, Kino seemed to use it as an excuse to fight even more; she became quite skilled at it – earning several nicknames – and developed a fondness for violence few her age could match. At 15 years old she was introduced to a local anarchist group by a girlfriend, and quickly fell into their ranks. Their opposition of the status quo, government officials, laws and judges - anything and everything resembling authority - seduced her into believing that she had finally found a place where she belonged. Unfortunately, this naivety would soon prove disastrous.

While the more moderate members attended rallies and protests, Kino’s outspoken nature and interest in pyrotechnics drew the attention of its leaders, who quickly realized her potential; during her time with them she learned how to construct all manner of explosives, and how to detonate them. At 16 years old, she performed her first act of arson, burning an elected official’s vacation home to the ground. It would not be her last.

Just before her 18th birthday, things came to a head. Having learned of her father earning a substantial government contract to design a new planetary government complex, the anarchists group quickly put a plan into action. Kino fed the group structural plans from her father’s office, and designed the demolition charges to be used on the eve of its completion. As the charges blew, the massive structure imploded in a symbolic victory for Kino – who celebrated with the anarchist leaders that night. Unfortunately for her, while the group leaders assured her the local camera-feeds would be taken off-line, they used her as a scapegoat, turning in the recorded feeds anonymously.

While no one was injured, Kino had ruined her father – who effectively disowned her following the arrest, going so far as to refute her legitimacy as his daughter. Whether this was true, knowing her mother’s adulterous lifestyle, Kino never investigated. Afterward, her father refused any contact with her while she awaited sentencing; Kino passed the time in solitary by completing her academics. At 19 years old, she was on trial and faced exile from Trill – but accepted a plea bargain: in exchange for detailed information on the anarchist group and its leaders identification, she would be allowed a lifetime enlistment in Starfleet. Either way she would leave Trill behind; but it was the hope in the potential to turn her life around that ultimately swayed Kino’s decision, and the chance to one day return home. She left for Earth two weeks later.

Starfleet Enlisted Academy

Kino did not adjust well to life under seemingly endless rules. She struggled daily to control herself and her outbursts earned her few friends; she also struggled academically, having never taken her education seriously. Recommended for Security training based on her ability to fight and relative fitness, her instructors kept her on an extremely short leash – honing her talents and keeping her too exhausted to be defiant. As a result, Kino was slowly molded into a moderately acceptable recruit, albeit a smart-assed one. Her basic training evaluation spoke highly of her marksmanship, hand-to-hand combat, problem solving, squad tactics and spatial awareness. Academically, her aptitude for chemistry and mechanics (along with some previous experience) got her qualified to attend an additional six week training program for Explosive Ordinance Disposal (EOD).

It was during this time she would meet Eliska Bremmer, a fellow Security recruit. The two quickly became friends, then eventual lovers; Kino’s first serious relationship. The remainder of her time on Earth proceeded relatively smoothly after Eliska came into her life, and she graduated in 2372. Unfortunately, different ship assignments would see the two separated but they vowed to remain close.



Kino was assigned to the Security department of the USS Navarre, an Excelsior-class cruiser. The majority of her tour would be routine; however, Kino would participate in a boarding action against a pirate vessel – her first and only combat operation aboard. Despite her habitual habit of provoking her superiors, Kino served the remainder of her tour without official incident. Unofficially, she quickly developed a reputation for repeatedly instigating conflicts with officers and crew alike.

In 2374 with the outbreak of the Dominion War, Kino was ordered back to Earth (to her surprise) to attend Advanced Combat Training. Against all odds, Eliska Bremmer had been given the same assignment – the two were paired up during the entire course. The reunion would not last long though, as after the training completion, Kino immediately shipped out to the collapsing front lines of the conflict. With the Federation and Starfleet reeling from relentless Dominion assaults, Kino was deployed on several worlds in defense of evacuations, holding off Jem’Hadar shock troops from critical transportation sites. During one such operation near the Vulcan border, Kino found herself the sole survivor of her squad. Under fire, she managed to tactically retreat utilizing strategically placed proton grenades rigged to collapse the structure behind her – neutralizing enemy reinforcements. Although she was caught in the blast - suffering the complete loss of her right arm as well as her right leg just above the knee – for her bravery and tenacity she was awarded the Purple Heart and the Starfleet Silver Palm medals.

Kino spent the remainder of the War on medical leave; her injuries were replaced with cybernetics, her right arm blended with bio-synthetics to ensure the proper tactile sensitivity required for an Explosive expert. She would return to duty in 2375, after the Treaty of Bajor, to the USS Dauntless as the Security EOD specialist until reassigned to the USS Theurgy in 2379.

(2379 – Present)

Kino was critically injured as the USS Theurgy fled Earth; caught near an explosion after the torpedo room took a direct hit. Despite the loss of one eye and severe head trauma, she would survive long enough to be placed in cryogenic stasis until her wounds could be properly treated. Months later, she was revived, her eye replaced with a cybernetic; originally intended for one of the pilot’s of the Lone Wolves Squadron, her eye functioned but required reprogramming. To Kino’s surprise, that task wad performed by her old flame, Eliska Bremmer, whom had joined the Theurgy while she was in stasis. The two resumed their friendship and were occasional lovers, but never made it an official relationship like before. In the coming weeks, the two would fight side-by-side against multiple threats to the ship and crew; until the Battle of the Apertures, where Kino would be critically injured and placed back into stasis.

Once the Theurgy reached the relative safety of Aldea, Kino was once again revived from stasis only to learn that Eliska Bremmer had been killed in action. She had also lost her left leg, hip, reproductive organs and some of her lower intestines – all of which were now replaced by synthetic organs and cybernetics. Psychologically, she began to experience symptoms of PTSD, depression, and anxiety. Questioning herself and the mission, she came very close to resigning. As she tried to get back on her feet over the following weeks, her outlook improved; yet it wasn’t long before the Theurgy found itself in conflict with the Klingons – culminating with the Battle of the Houses.

During the battle, Kino (alongside LTs Valyn Amarik and Amanda Ashby), attempted to secure Vector 01 Engineering and discovered the mortally wounded LT Kaylon Jeen, a joined Trill. With Kaylon dying and a symbiote in danger, Kino faced a life-altering decision. After a successful emergency transport to Battle Sickbay (which was also under assault by Klingon boarders), Kino chose to offer herself as a new host for the symbiote despite having no understanding of what would happen to her. Putting all her trust in the joined Trill Amelya Rez, Kino underwent surgery, receiving the Jeen-symbiote and saving it's life and the memories of it's former hosts to live another day.

The Jeen symbiote had before been hosted by four members of Starfleet, all of which were invested in some way with engineering. Before the first joining, Jeen spent the first five years of its life being tended by Trill caretakers in the symbiont pools until a suitable host was found. By the time Kino was joined with Jeen, the symbiote was 205 years old.

  • Amina Jeen (female) Structural Engineer joined 2181-2243
  • Menara Jeen (female) Computer Specialist joined 2243-2297
  • Dayak Jeen (male) Test Pilot - joined 2297-2368
  • Kaylon Jeen (male) Engineer - joined 2368-2381

Personality Profile

While she may come across as overly sarcastic, crass, and perhaps a bit too masculine, in her heart Kino is a kind, loyal, and selfless person. Her outspoken nature can take some getting used to, and she has a tendency to laugh her problems away or deflect with humor in uncomfortable situations. On duty, she doesn’t suffer fools or people who don’t pull their own weight. Off duty, she likes to wind down at the bar with good company, or spend time in the holodeck. While the ‘anarchist rebel’ aspect of her youth endures, after being joined with the Jeen symbiote, the more aggressive inclinations seemed to have been tamed, to some degree.

Physical Profile

Kino took pride in keeping a very fit figure, the better to survive in the wilderness as well as to handle the situations she frequently found herself in during her career as a demolitions and EOD specialist during and following the Dominion War. Her hair was kept short, slicked back when she wanted to look nice or just a mess when she didn't care. She never bothered with cosmetics, and she preferred clothes that are comfortable; jeans and t-shirts mostly.


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