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The following is a listing of all of the named non-Starfleet NPC’s that appear in the main storyline of Star Trek: Theurgy. All Starfleet characters are listed by department.


Chief Marshall Akri Sitaio

Chief Marshall Akri Sitaio

Over a hundred years old, though looking far less, Chief Marshall Akri Sitaio commanded the Asurian fleet at the orders of the Asurian Queen, Sara-Unga. She was one of the very few survivors of the Battle of Starbase 84, and when the Queen granted leave to claim revenge against the crew of the USS Theurgy, she enlisted the help of the Savi in order to find the ship in the Azure Nebula.

After the Theurgy´s first battle against the Versant, she led the remaining four Asurian Overseer saucers in pursuit of the split-up Theurgy. They encountered Vector 3 - the Stallion - just as it found the USS Cayuga adrift in the Azure Nebula after an attack by the Borg. In the battle that followed, the remaining four Overseer saucers that she'd led into battle were destroyed, but she managed to transport aboard the Cayuga since it had no shields left.

The next morning, she managed to free the surviving Asurians out of the Brig of the Cayuga, still bent on revenge after the loss of her closest family in the Battle of Starbase 84.

Ramor & San-Teeg

The Asurians named Ramor & San-Teeg were freed from the USS Cayuga´s Brig by Akri Sitatio. They armed themselves with their confiscated Asurian armament and even Starfleet weaponry before they left the Security Center. They were ordered to find more hostages than Winter Bannin in the crew quarters of the ship, and on the way there, they encountered Rhys Williams, Zelosa Ejek and Kythalie Benmual outside the broken Counselor's Office.

Jisa & Ora-Sedra

The Asurians named Jisa & Ora-Sedra were two sisters freed from the USS Cayuga´s Brig by Akri Sitatio. They armed themselves with their confiscated Asurian armament and even Starfleet weaponry before they left the Security Center. They were ordered to commit sabotage in Engineering, and once there, they encountered William Robert "Billy Bob" O'Connell and Kaylon Jeen. Motivated by the death of their parents in the Battle of Starbase 84, they tried to kill as many Starfleet officers they could.

Iege & Drara

The Asurians named Iege & Drara were freed from the USS Cayuga´s Brig by Akri Sitatio. They armed themselves with their confiscated Asurian armament and even Starfleet weaponry before they left the Security Center, ordered to strike against the very Bridge of the ship. There, they encountered Captain Anya Ziegler. Motivated by the death of their daughter in the Battle of Starbase 84, they tried to kill as many Starfleet officers they could.

Odo-Gah and Vara

The Asurians named Odo-Gah and Vara were freed from the USS Cayuga´s Brig by Akri Sitatio. They armed themselves with their confiscated Asurian armament and even Starfleet weaponry before they left the Security Center, ordered to find a shuttle that would be able to take them off the ship, and on the way there, they encountered Cir'Cie and Vanya.

† Hara Sar-Dia

Marshall Hara Sar-Dia
Hara Sar-Dia was a bulky, muscled older commander of the Asurians.

A woman of impressive battle record, but unusually taciturn and restrained for an Asurian. She resembled a business woman in demeanour. She was scarred, lost a breast in battle and lacked a Velsren sac. As of March 2381, she'd had command of her ship for well over fourty years but rarely used it, preferring combat in person.

Rather than opening fire immediately, she was more likely than the usual Asurian to try to hail another ship, have a discussion, investigate the situation herself, partially because of her nature and also because of her missing sac.

Hara had thick hair, long and curls a lot, she looked middle aged and has wrinkles. Her nose, shoulders, and forehead were broader than the usual Asurian. She held herself shoulders back, chest out, and even though shes missing most of one of her breasts entirely, she didn't take shame in it and dressed accordingly. Her horns showed a marked dent in both horns towards the tip but otherwise curled like ram's and weren't too unusual for an Asurian.

She was killed in action in the Fighter Assault Bay of the USS Theurgy during the Theurgy´s first battle against the Versant in March of 2381.
Marshall Viel Erion

† Viel Erion

Viel Erion was described as large, beefy, and very angry at all times, Asurian to the bone, hell-bent on taking down his enemies or die trying. He's wasn't stupid though, knowing one ship would not take down the whole Theurgy. One of his favorite techniques was getting onboard, blasting his way in or sneaking in, and then blowing things up or setting them on fire. His big weakness was that he was kind of computer system illiterate.

Taller than the average Asurian, Viel's armor had to be custom fit, and he was pretty proud of that fact. He was big, hair cut around his shoulders and he looked he cut it himself in the mirror. He has very large horns that curl, but the ends are straightened. His Velsren sac was intact, so he looked young even though he was older than Hara by about half a century. He openly admits injecting steroids that he salvaged on one of the old Sheromi Sphere ships.

He was killed in action in the breached Spearhead Lounge of the USS Theurgy, at the hand of Lillee t'Jellaieu and Drauc T'Laus, during the Theurgy´s first battle against the Versant in March of 2381.

† Jaris-Al Kaori

Navigator Jaris-Al Kaori

Viel's navigator was Jaris-Al Kaori who tended to stay on the ship when Viel left.

Nonetheless, he was still a warrior, and never left their Overseer home without a sindt, but he was one of the rare few Asurians who took an interest in Sheromi tech. He knew more about the Overseer he piloted than most Asurians. He was sure of the Theurgy´s guilt, mostly. Secretly, he wanted some of the Theurgy´s logs. He thought computers didn't lie, and he wanted to know exactly what happened at Starbase 84. He invited Hara in the hopes she'd be able to secure them for him.

Jaris was the smallest of the three, both height and muscle wise. He was not weak at all, just the opposite, but compared to Asuria's strongest warriors, he looked smaller by comparison. His horns were shorter, and they didn't make a complete curl yet.

Before Dyan Cardamone began her mission to Starfleet, genetically engineered to appear human and having her regenerative abilities suppressed so that they wouldn't impose upon the changes that had been done to her, Jaris had been interested in mating with her. Her mission separated them, however, before he would make any claim towards having her as his mate. As of March in 2381, when it stood to reason that Dyan might have helped Ives in the mission to Starbase 84, Jaris was not entirely sure about his feelings any more.

When he met Dyan Cardamone again, she killed him and left his body on an Overseer saucer that had boarded the USS Theurgy.


High Chancellor Martok
Image © Paramount

Martok, son of Urthog

Martok was a Klingon warrior of the 24th century Klingon Empire and became High Chancellor of the Klingon Empire. He was a popular general in the Klingon Defense Forces and saw his people through the Dominion War of the 2370s. He led the House of Martok, married Sirella and had children including Drex. His wife Sirella and his daughters Shen and Lazhna were, however, killed in January 2376 during Gothmara and Morjod's coup d'état.

When he was later told that Drex had been killed as well, fallen at the hand of the Theurgy's crew, he finally answered Starfleet Command's call for aid in bringing down the renegade ship. He entered the Azure Nebula aboard the Klingon flagship, the IKC Rotarran, leading a part of the Klingon fleet in the search for the traitorous Captain Jien Ives.

He encountered Vector 2 - the Sword - of the Theurgy in the very heart of the Azure Nebula, where he attacked in full force.

† Captain Drex, son of Martok

Drex, son of Martok was a Klingon, the son of Martok and Sirella, the leaders of the House of Martok. His maternal grandfather was Linkasa. In 2372, Drex was one of a large number of Klingon warriors sent to Deep Space 9 under the pretense that they were there to stand beside the Federation against the Dominion. Drex had a reputation for belligerence, and frequently harassed station personnel and civilians while he was at Deep Space 9. He and two accomplices were responsible for accosting Elim Garak in his shop. Garak declined to press charges, noting that he got off several remarks that caused "serious damage to their egos". Suspicious of their motives, Captain Benjamin Sisko ordered Lieutenant Commander Worf to investigate. Seeking to gain Martok's attention, Worf assaulted Drex in Quark's and took his d'k tahg. (DS9: "The Way of the Warrior")

In 2376, Drex was the First Officer of the IKS Gorkon. The captain of the Gorkon, Klag, was of the belief that Drex had inherited none of his father's honour, and was a detriment to the ship and its crew. He was replaced by Tereth in the end of the same year. Since then, Drex became obsessed with the notion to prove his honour as a Klingon warrior, and his fierceness earned him favour among some parts of the Klingon Defence Force. He served as First Officer on a Vo'quv carrier between 2377 and 2380, and then became Captain of the VoD'leh-class carrier IKS Hakkarl (trans. "Vanguard"). As of March of 2381, the Hakkarl was patrolling the Klingon-Federation Neutral Zone, and had entered the Azure Nebula by the time Drex intercepted a message from a secret Klingon outpost. It was an encrypted message meant for his father, High Chancellor Martok.

The orders attached to the message, however, Drex could carry out immediately, and that was the destruction of a coreless moon orbiting Ithacae III and its hidden Klingon facility named SuD Lang. He was unable to do so when he and his ship were destroyed by an ancient weapon hidden underneath SuD Lang that was built by the Gîl Naur, a forgotten civilization of the species known as the Radiants.


Ectand qi Versant, Voice of the Savi. Original 3D art by Jack Nesbit.

Ectand qi Versant

As the first Savi to officially speak with anyone hailing from the Federation and the Alpha Quadrant, Ectand qi Versant served as the appointed Voice of the Savi. It was a position created to deal with the Asurians when the truce was made, and the Asurians received help from the Savi to infiltrate Starfleet and assess their society. Whenever the Asurian Queen or any operatives of the Asurians were in contact with the Savi, Ectand was the one they held communications with.

As a male Antes of the Savi, Ectand held a High Class standing and sat on the advisory council to the Scion Captain of the Versant, Semathal. While firmly convinced that the Scion Directive was the right path ahead for the Savi, his mother and father had opposed the idea of advancing their own species through the Scion gene. Ectand lost his parents at a young age because of that, their sentences for opposing the Code being invasive biological experiments and the result made public record. The experience hardened Ectand in his convictions... but were they hard enough to break?

Admiral Semathal qi Versant

The Scion Semathal of the Savi High Council.
As one of the firstborn Scions, almost a hundred years old, Semathal was chosen to be the Commanding Officer of the Versant - one of the four Precept ships of the Savi. There were seven Scion Admirals that formed the Savi High Council, the highest ruling body of the Savi, and Semathal was one of them.

This scion was chosen because of the receptor responses measured in its brain while still in its Antes mother's womb. As one of the most intelligent Scions yet born, it learned about its role in the furthering of its own species at a very young age, and while there was no records of what was believed to be an accident, Semathal raped and murdered its Ante mother. It did so out of the shame of being created in the womb of something so inferior. While it thought Antes had no place in the future of the Savi, it knew that the research couldn't continue without them at this stage of its people's evolution. Still, despite its own parentage, Semathal thought Ante females were merely good for the potential breeding of more Scions. Male Antes had ceased to play any significant role in its opinion, and the Scion Captain of the Versant might eventually decide that it didn't need them at all.

In its personal research, Semathal discovered the parasites that had usurped power in Starfleet Command could further enhance its strength and intellect. The interest in a joining was mutual, and since seven years back, Semathal had been a host for one of the parasites - furthering both its own species' development and granting the parasite its will.