Dyan Cardamone

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Personnel FileY-e6.png
NameDyan Cardamone
Asurian: Sar-unga Neleo
RankPetty Officer First Class
PositionSecurity Officer
Eye colorGreen
Played byEmilia Clarke
She was slowly losing interest in many of her past hobbies and was finding it difficult to find new interests. She’s branching out. She still works out heavily.
2308-2309: Hollu Neleo's proto-academy

2309-2321: Trainer and Commander, Asurian Military Academy

2361-2362: Starfleet Specialist School
Service Record
2362-2364: Crewman, USS Proud Mary

2364-2369: Petty Officer 3rd Class USS Trinidad
2369-2374: Petty Officer 2nd Class, USS Seeker
2374-2379: Petty Officer 1st Class, USS Elizabeth
2379-2381: Petty Officer 1st Class, USS Harbinger

2381- : Petty Officer 1st Class, USS Theurgy

Dyan Cardamone, or Sar-unga Neleo, was one of a few Asurian spies sent to infiltrate the Federation, to aide the Asurians in their diplomatic decision-making. She was swept up in some of the battles for the Federation. She originally served aboard the USS Harbinger before its destruction in 2381. As of March 2381, she was learning how difficult it was to find yourself at 150, serving on the USS Theurgy.

Background Story

Sar-unga Neleo was born to mother Amuno Arintha and father Hollu Neleo. Her mother was plagued with bouts of depression throughout her life and suffered a very bad case of postpartum depression shortly after Sar-unga’s birth. Hollu took the role of primary caregiver for most of Sar-unga’s early life. Sar-unga was a wild, rambunctious infant, baby, and toddler that grew strong and healthy, with only the usual children’s illnesses to speak of.


Hollu was a leader equivalent to a commander during the end of the civil war. His military-like discipline was the sole thing that allowed him to deal with living in chaos. He felt that emotions clouded judgement, and in a critical moment could be your achilles heel. To restrain emotion is to be resilient and strong. For most of Sar-unga’s early childhood, Hollu tried to pass on these lessons down to his daughter. Being young, she did not take to them quickly.

As Sar-unga turned seven, her mother rejoined family life. With a lighter heart, she came to treasure her daughter. Sar-unga was her mother’s world and she did whatever she could to spoil her daughter, much to the chagrin of Hollu. The two attempted to compromise their ideals and raise her accordingly. Her mother taught her how to tell sories about the stars, and her father taught her Kel-fur which, a defensive form of martial arts similar to judo that uses the attacker's momentum against them. Sar-unga still grew up wild, spoiled, and rough.

As a young adult, she and her mother began to fight. Sar-unga had grown up learning she could use Amuno to get her way with Hollu, and eventually everyone else too. During her teenage years, Amuno became aware of what her daughter was doing and put her foot down against the manipulation. Normal teenage-mother bickering turned into an all out family divide, and after Sar-unga’s coming of age at 17, Amuno left the family again to face yet another fight with depression. Hollu, enraged at his daughter’s childish actions, rescinded her right to adulthood, and began a boot-camp like regime for her.

After many years of growing resentment for her father and a military lifestyle, Sar-unga finally calmed. She was still a hot head, but she was less manipulative, less bitter, more determined and disciplined, and all around a better person. She and her father eventually formed the first post-civil war boot camp for the training of future Asurian warriors. They oversaw graduation for six and a half decades, during that time Amuno returned to the family Sar-unga saw the birth of twin brothers and a baby sister. Over the next seventy years, both she and her father were integral in establishing the foundations of an Asurian military. Sar-unga became the leader of advanced training, while her father eventually retired to administrative and overseeing. She passed down Kel-fur, Aru-fur (Aru-fur is an offensive type of hand-to-hand combat, based off some of the stances found in Kel-fur) Sindt-fur. (Sindt-fur is a type of martial arts involving an arm-mounted blade, referred to as a Sindt.) She also trained her officers to use both old Sheromi weaponry and newer Asurian-developed guns.

After the birth of the last Neleo child, the political landscape began to change rapidly as news of the return of the Sheromi spread throughout the ships. Sar-unga had never been particularly fond of the Sheromi, having grown up with tales of the great atrocities they had done. Though both her parents saw this as a great chance to discover their history, make peace, and possibly open up (desperately needed) trade, Sar-unga still felt skeptical. She remained out of the political sphere during this time. Within the year, it was decided that a handful of Asurians would infiltrate Starfleet, posing as human cadets, and occasionally report back with information regarding Starfleet. These ‘spies’ would not only help decide the fate of Asurian-Federation diplomacy, but would also prove to the Sheromi that Asurians were willing to make reparations.

Sar-unga was still skeptical of the Sheromi, but the chance to finally leave her home and her parents was too great of an offer to resist. She applied to be one of the chosen few, and thanks to her background and well known family, she was chosen.

She and the other ‘cadets’ were to undergo a series of surgeries and alterations that would make them appears as human as possible, from having her horn buds cut out, being descaled, and having her Velsren sac ‘deactivated’, Sar-unga went through a lot more hardship than she thought she would have to. Eventually, she was shipped off to Starfleet academy. The Sheromi forged paperwork that would make her appear to be from a russian orphanage, and would also assist in providing false medical results (such as blood tests, DNA tests, and urine samples) whenever possible. She spent five years living in San Francisco to allow herself time to adjust to human culture before enrolling in the Academy at the tender age of 137.


When she enrolled, her former experience as a commander and trainer had to remain a secret. When she took the Security track at the academy, her background did not translate to any sort of Starfleet experience, since as far as the Federation knew, she had no background. She went through all the basic and intermediate courses with excellent grades. She did learn quite a lot from classes that weren’t centered around fighting. She graduated in the top 10% of her class.

For about nine years, her time in Starfleet was mostly uneventful as she did her best to avoid detection. She held several low level posts always striving to perform her best at each. She was assigned to the Harbinger only a week before the order to hunt down the Theurgy. The path her mission had taken her down was not one she had picture even in her wildest dreams. She managed to escape the battle with the Calamity without injury having proved her prowess in battle.

USS Harbinger

Dyan had been posing as human on the USS Harbinger up until the fighting that took place on Theta Eridani IV when the Harbinger and the Theurgy took off from the planet. She woke up in a pool of her own blood in the Harbinger’s brig, where Sonja Acreth escaped and killed almost all of the present security detail. Dyan climbed up on her feet and as she slowly started to heal, she set after Acreth, and with the help of Commander T'Rena and civilian communications specialist Selena Ravenholm, Acreth was eventually subdued with multiple shots using the maximum stun setting.



No more had the Harbinger and Theurgy ascended from TEVI than Starfleet found them outside atmosphere. Given that the Theurgy is a more advanced ship, it was decided to transport Acreth over to the Theurgy before the (brief) fighting began, and Dyan transferred over to the Theurgy too as Acreth's guard, should she come to.

Her Velsren sac had been working long enough to reveal her Asurian traits. Judging that it's only a matter of time before someone noticed, she excused herself and headed to Sickbay. There, she revealed her true nature to Doctor Lucan cin Nicander, the Chief Medical Officer on the Theurgy. She did this in part because she couldn't hide the fact that she wasn't human, but also since she heard about Sarresh Morali, a man on the brink of death who needed the healing powers of her Velsren sac.

So, as a part of offering a token of peace from her people, she had her Velsren sac drained by Nicander so that Sarresh Morali could be saved. This gained her favour, and freedom to roam the ship instead of being locked up in the Brig next to Acreth.

During Lohlunat, the Festival of the Moon, she ended up having sex with her captain on the Harbinger, Declan Vasser. It was an emotional realtionship for her. After this, same night, she sought out [[[Miles Renard, callsign "Iron-Fox"]]|[Miles Renard]]. They sparred, had sex and sleep together. Afterwards, she attended the interrogation of Sonja Acreth.

When Vasser betrayed the officers and crews of both ships, Dyan's broken heart and abnormal psychology throw T'Rena's mind meld off. Instead of a successful mind-meld, Dyan experienced intense hallucinations, rendering her useless, so she was thrown in the brig. Miles, also in the brig, attempted to bring Dyan back to reality shortly before she was raped by Zaraq. Miles freed Dyan from the brig to join the resistance.

When Vasser attempted to escape, Dyan transported herself and Wenn Cinn to the Captain's Yacht to intercept him and spring a trap.

After the drama involving T'Rena and Vasser Dyan elected to lie low to process what happened to her before joining the crew of the Theurgy to resume her duties as a Starfleet security specialist.

Personality Profile

A social extrovert, she preferred the company of others. She used to be quite hotheaded and showed a lot of bravado and pomp, but was later very insecure about her worth to other people and tended to worry about her image. After her the death of her shipmates aboard the Harbinger, she became a little more unstable than usual. She snapped at friends and seemed to weep at the drop of a hat. The nightmares of she suffered at night, often left her tired and cranky during the day.

Physical Profile

Sar Unga Sindt.png
Human form: In her human form she was slim and delicate standing five foot seven inches. Her body held soft curves along with a graceful muscular form. Her white hair was long hanging down to her waist when it was down. Her skin was almost unnaturally pale. Her face was soft and round giving her a youthful innocent appearance. Her humanoid appearance had no other unusual markings.

After her Velsren sac restored her original appearance, she had a few changes. Her actual appearance was about the same height with a set of small horns, curved back and meant more for fencing than impaling. She had light grey scales on some of the more sensitive parts of her skin that acted as protection, usually clustering near her torso and a large spattering of them between her shoulder blades and down her spine. Just above her buttocks, her spine continued on to form a four foot long tail, the top side of which was covered in scales. Underneath was highly sensitive bare flesh. Her tail communicated emotions, but when she was feeling neutral, it was usually wrapped around one of her legs (A habit from her years undercover, and also prevents other people from stepping on it.)

Sar-unga had always been a thin and lithe young woman and found it hard to both gain fat and muscle. During her time aboard the Theurgy she was at a relatively healthy weight, but could stand to gain a few pounds. Although Doctor Nicander put her on a weight gain centered-diet she often strayed from it because she just didn’t feel hungry enough to eat three meals a day.