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Personnel FileY-o1.png
Name:She named herself Six, in honor of her mentor Seven of Nine, despite remembering her birth name as Noor.
Position:Forensic Scientist Officer (Security)
Orientation:  Unknown
Birthplace:Brunali Homeworld in the Delta Quadrant.
Weight:103 lbs
Eye color:One naturally brown eye, and one bionic eye that looks silver and red in appearance.
Played by:Zoë Kravitz
Writer:Deceased, Formerly Multificionado
Forensic Sciences
Murder Mysteries
Starfleet Academy, class of 2381.
Service Record
2381: Ensign, Forensic Science Officer, Starbase 84

Before her death, Ensign Six was a Forensic Scientist Officer at Starbase 84, but defected to the USS Theurgy after the Battle of Starbase 84. She later died during the Battle of the Apertures, where she failed to resist the siren call of the Collective, and tried to attack Jennifer Dewitt. She was shot dead by Dewitt and Masuda Yukimura. Six aided in the opposition against the parasites that compromised Starfleet Command in the end of the 24th century.


Six was raised on the Brunali homeworld for the start of her life until the Borg attacked. She was assimilated as a child, and spent the next eight years as a Borg. In 2376, along with four other adolescents, Six was liberated from a failing Borg vessel in which all the adults had succumbed to a virus by the starship Voyager and her crew.

After learning along with Icheb the reason why he was assimilated, how it was because of their people that this was done to him, she too decided to stay on Voyager until they could reach the Alpha Quadrant where both were determined to enroll in Starfleet Academy. While she and Icheb both remained in contact, not only with each other, but with Seven of Nine as well, the two went in separate directions in the Academy, each of them choosing different fields of study.

Six chose to study forensic sciences, having an affinity for puzzles and putting pieces together in order to solve problems. Once Voyager made it back to the Alpha Quadrant, and once she was enrolled in Starfleet Academy, Six spent the next three years perfecting her skills in her field. Her time in the Academy was a bit tumultuous for her as well.

While she was on Voyager, she was accepted by the crew and civilians because of Seven of Nine’s established place. She hadn’t had to go through the lack of trust or the apprehension that Seven had gone through upon first becoming a member of Voyager. However, when she reached the Alpha Quadrant and enrolled in the Academy she dealt with a lot of that from her peers.

Most of them had little to no experience with a species turned Borg then back again. It made people fearful and mistrusting of her and affected her socially. While in the Academy she stuck to herself for the most part, never developing any close friendships or other relationships. It was something she missed about Voyager, though she hid that aspect quite well by acting indifferent to it, something she still carries with her to this day.

When she finished with the Academy, she was transferred to work on Starbase 84 where she is now residing. For the most part she keeps to herself, that deep sense of mistrust by her peers still lingering over her. She defected to the USS Theurgy after the Battle of Starbase 84. She later died during the Battle of the Apertures, where she failed to resist the siren call of the Collective, and tried to attack Jennifer Dewitt. She was shot dead by Dewitt and Masuda Yukimura.

Personality Profile

Six tried her best to emulate Seven of Nine in many ways, but despite her looking up to her in a way that she does this, she was very different from her. For one, she was far more emotional than Seven was. Her time spent in the Academy was disheartening for her, and she yearned to be accepted once again by her peers, and to be able to have that social aspect that she rather enjoyed.

Like most ex-Borg, she had a fear of being alone, and were it not for the fact that she didn’t want to disappoint Seven or Janeway, both of whom used their stroke in Starfleet to get her into the Academy in the first place, she might have quit because of it. As well as she could hide it, in private, she had actually cried at feeling so alone and ostracized from her peers.

As much as she yearned for sociability, she was foreign to a lot of its concepts still, oblivious to many verbal and visual cues of friendship and flirtation. Her awkwardness may have in fact played a role in her lack of friends. For the most part though, she closed herself off to people because of her fear of rejection, remaining distant and indifferent on the outside even when she longed to be included on the inside.

Every so often though, another side of her would show, like when she grew close to solving a puzzle she’s been working on for a while. Her excitement and eagerness would peak through the veil of her facade that she so often hid behind. Six also had a fear of being assimilated again. Over the years she had grown attached to her new, singular, identity, and as her memories from before she was a Borg started to come back to her, she began to start having nightmares of when she was assimilated during her regeneration/sleep cycles. It was a fear she still had as of March in 2381.

In her free time, Six would spend as much time with Seven of Nine as she could. When they did have time together, Seven taught her the Norcadian martial art of Tsunkatse, a spectator sport that Seven learned in the Delta Quadrant. The sport is a fighting style in which two opponents wore two target sensors, one on the sternum and one between the shoulder blades, and the object is to attack those sensors and disable your opponent while protecting your own. Upon coming back, she programed a holodeck program that used the premise of the sport so that she could continue playing. Six spent many hours training the martial art with Seven, becoming quite skilled in the sport herself. She often spent time in the holodeck playing against different opponents. She also had an affinity for painting, typically working in the abstract.

Unlike Seven of Nine, however, whose favorite color was red, Six's favorite color was blue. She found it soothing, and calming, and often wore a softer shade of the color when she wore her bodysuits off duty.

Finally, she greatly enjoyed her forensic sciences and puzzles, spending many more hours in the holodeck solving fictional murder mysteries of various authors and playing the Vulcan game, Kal-toh.

Physical Profile

After being rescued from the Borg, 90% of Six’s Borg implants were successfully removed. The remaining percentage were all connected to Six’s vital functions and could not be removed. However, over the years doctors had been able to at least minimalize the amount of Borg technology that actually shows through on the outside.

As of 2381, she still had a bionic eye implant that was tied into her Borg implant and allowed her to access her Borg scanning and vision, and she had a small implant that shows on the index finger of her left hand that she could use to connect to computers and other technology based devices in order to import and extract needed data.

Originally, like many Borg that were returned back to their natural state of being, she had to wear a special bodysuit that protected her skin and helped it to heal in light of all the removed implants. It also helped to return her skin’s natural pigmentation. While serving on Starbase 84 she no longer needed to wear the suit, but she had grown attached to its simplicity and practicality, and would often wear it when on duty. She could wear a uniform like everyone else, doing so sometimes in attempt at blending in and assimilating with her chosen society.

Like Seven, Six had managed to maintain some of her strength. Due to her Borg implants that remained, Six still needed to regenerate just like any other Borg. Because of her return to her former humanoid self, she also needed to provide herself with more normal means of energy replenishment like through eating and sleep, the latter of which she usually accomplishes during her regeneration in her alcove. While serving on Starbase 84, she didn’t need more than 4 to 6 hours sleep and regeneration. She would often experience fatigue for she often forgot that she needed to eat, could go for days skipping or missing meals, until it eventually took a toll on her and her ability to work.