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Rank:Crewman 3rd Class
Position:Support Craft Pilot
Species:Reman/Romulan Hybrid
Age:18 (Born April 25, 2362)
Orientation:  Bisexual
Birthplace:Reman Military Camp Tailea II
Height:1.65m (5'5")
Weight:55kg (121lb)
Eye color:Brown
Played by:Marie Avgeropoulos
Western Holonovels
Terran Classical Music
2368-2375: Reman Military Camp Tailea II
2375-2378: Reman Secret Base Bacury III (Basic Education)
2378-2381: Reman Secret Base Bacury III (Military Education & Training)
Service Record
2378-2381: Bacury III (Class L Planet)
2381: AWOL from Reman Resistance
2381-Present: USS Theurgy

Half Reman, Half Romulan. Yet arguably stronger than both, Samala had struggled her whole life to discover a place she truly fit in. She had found an assemblance of that life on Bacury III with her mother, father and older brother. But that all changed the day the Romulans arrived. Losing bother her mother and her father, Samala and her brother Lorad fled across Romulan space, seeking sanctuary with the Klingons. But their passage through the Azure Nebula proved treacherous. Now, she will awaken aboard a renegade Federation starship and must begin anew in finding a place to belong.


Born in a Reman Military Camp on Tailea II, Samala had never felt the utter despair that permeated the dark side of her father’s homeworld. But that is a far cry from saying that she had led a carefree life.

Born a hybrid, Samala was never fully accepted by her Reman brethren. Her father always told her that it was not anything by a quirk of biology that they treated her differently; that thanks to her mother’s blood, she looked more Romulan than Reman. He also told her not to hold it against them as they had all led a difficult life. As Samala grew older, and learnt what the Remans around her had experienced, she came to understand their point of view towards her. It was around this time that she decided that she would show them that despite her looks, her blood, her heart, was Reman to the core.

Her schooling began at age 7, and her mother, Pakena, was ruthless when it came to her education. By the time she began her Military training, Samala spoke three languages (Reman, Romulan and Federation Standard) fluently. But it was at age 12 that the most dramatic change in her life happened. Her brother, Lorad, was visiting them during the Dominion War when, after a comment from her mother to her brother, she suddenly saw in his mind, everything that had happened during one of his battles. The blood, the carnage, the loss of life that she saw was beyond anything she had had to comprehend and yet she instinctively knew that what she was seeing was real. Unable to make sense of it all, she bolted from the room. It had taken her father to coax her from her room and a long talk with both her father and brother to understand what she had seen. From that day forward, training in her telepathy began as well.

Her military training was the same as every other Remans; perhaps worse as she had to learn to focus beyond her telepathy to accomplish her goals. She couldn’t afford the distractions it could bring in the heat of battle. She excelled at knife fighting but her accuracy with disruptors left a lot to be desired. She made up for this by utilising dual disruptor pistols to double her shots. It didn’t sit well with her instructors, but they couldn’t deny the effectiveness of her fusillade of firepower.

But her forte was revealed when it came time to learn about the Reman spacecraft. In this area, Samala found her niche; her intelligence combined with a natural talent in piloting, turned her into quite a pilot even with only half the training that other Reman pilots had. It was expected that once her training was completed, that she would be counted amongst the finest in the Reman underground.

But all that came crashing apart the day the Romulans arrived in orbit around Bacury III.

On April 1st, 2381, the 22nd day of the USS Theurgy’s respite at Aldea, Samala’s request to join the ship’s crew was confirmed. She was appointed the rank of Crewman 3rd Class and assigned as one of the vessel’s support craft pilots.

Personality Profile

Samala’s personality, unlike her brother’s, was much for rounded. Her language skills were of a much higher tier than her brother’s, as was her engineering and scientific skills. It was when it came to experience that she faltered. She had never actively participated in a single combat mission until the day the Romulans arrived and her life was uprooted.

Her viewpoint on the world was a product of her free Reman upbringing. It was a much less jaded outlook compared to those born into slavery which allowed her to hope for a better world more easily than her brethren. This was reinforced by her status as a hybrid; she was living proof that Remans and Romulans could coexist equally.

Unfortunately, when the Romulans arrived at Bacury III, the events she witnessed that day left Samala, slightly unhinged, and with a much darker disposition. She was much quicker to react violently and far less forgiving than she had been her entire life.

She no longer trusted anyone other than her brother, the only family she had left. And even he didn’t know what would happen when they reached their destination and were around friendly people once again.

Physical Profile

Samala, from a distance, looked very Vulcan in her appearance. It was only as one got closer that her uniqueness, as a Reman-Romulan hybrid, became more apparent.

Her skin, an amalgamation of both her mother’s and father’s, was practically Terran Caucasian in colouring; although she got the smoothness of it from her mother. She retained the pointed ears from her parents but the forehead ridges, a typically Romulan trait, were more subdued thanks to her father. Conversely, thanks to her mother, the Reman bone formations were almost non-existent.

In direct contrast to the other two Reman-Romulan hybrids that she knew about, and every Reman she had ever seen, Samala had hair. It was of a brown colour and it hung to around shoulder-length. She usually kept it tied into a ponytail, sometimes with braids, to keep it out of the way.

Her blood was copper-based and the usual greenish colour of her parents while her strength was also 3x that of a Terran of similar build. Using this strength, Samala could perform impressive leaps or combat manoeuvres that would astound physically weaker species. She did not have the claws of the Reman species, but her nails were just as hard. Samala often formed them into points to give the appearance of having claws. Her night vision was not as acute as a full-blooded Reman’s but neither was she as sensitive to bright light.

The final point of distinctiveness that Samala exhibited was only seen when she opened her mouth. Instead of the needle-points of her father, Samala had teeth that greatly resembled her mother’s, except for two. Her upper canines were longer and sharper than was the Romulan norm thanks to the father’s Reman heritage. The smile that Samala possessed would, to a Terran, be described as practically vampiric.

Special Notes

Samala, like her father, was Telepathic. Her powers manifested just prior to the start of the Dominion War. She had begun to receive training in closing her mind, as well as communicating with others, but it was a slow process due to all her other studies and training.

Due to her military training, Samala was an accomplished, though inexperienced melee combatant. She favoured using her knife, like all Remans, but had recently considered using a sword to enhance her abilities. Her marksmanship was less than perfect when it came to her dual disruptor pistols though up to standard with most other weapons.

Having chosen to be a pilot, Samala received extensive flight training on numerous craft at the Reman’s disposal but displayed a strong affinity for the Hawk-class runabouts that the Reman’s constructed. She also received training in the maintenance and repair of these same craft.



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