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Here is the result of our new Random Encounters lottery for Day 15 to 21 during the Qo'nos Shoreleave! Please bear in mind that the Oneida left for Ba'ku to scan its rings on Day 15, so these encounters take place on the Theurgy or on Qo'noS. The previous lottery had Oneida locations listed. These lotteries open up for opportunities of character interaction one might not expect.

  • Please bear in mind that while these threads may be posted tomorrow or months from now.
  • The gimmick (third column) and the location (fourth column) is a part of the challenge, to come up with how the gimmick might be a factor in the scene and why they would encounter each other there, but if you can't come up with ideas, you can consider the two columns optional. Details about the Qo'nos locations can be found on the linked page.
  • The writer with the character in the left column writes the Starter post after contacting the Replying writer to check if they are available for writing the encounter.
  • If you guys want to switch with each other, just PM the GM via the forum about the switch you've made and the page will be updated!

Hope you all like the pairings, and if not, you may still like them when you actually come up with an idea and write it out. Another lottery will be held soon for Episode 02, so if you cannot find inspiration towards this lottery, there is another one coming up as well.

Random Encounters Day 15-21 Qo'noS Shoreleave

Thread Starter

Replying Optional Challenge: Gimmick Optional Challenge: Location
Lt. Alana Pierce Lt. JG XamotZark zh’Ptrell Sonic shower malfunction Arboretum Café
Ens. Faye Eloi-Danvers Lt. JG Azrin Ryn I'm a X, not a Y Outside Life Support
Ens. Liam Herrold Lt. JG Callax Valin Interracial exchange Below Decks Holosuite 01
PLt. Selena Ravenholm PO1 Scruffy Leblanc “Stay still, don’t move.” Airlock
PO3 Lillee t'Jellaieu CPO Mickayla MacGregor “Open your mouth for me.” Hall of Honor, First City (Qo'noS)
Lt. JG XamotZark zh’Ptrell Ens. Talia Al-Ibrahim “Hands behind your back.” Storage Room (Below Decks)
Lt. Daniel Havenborn Ens. Liam Herrold Alien insult Vector 03 Battle Sickbay
Lt. Amelya Rez Lt. RraHnam Vulcan neck pinch reference Spearhead Lounge
Lt. JG Adam Kingston Lt Cmdr. Kai Akoni “Swallow. All of it.” Outside/Inside Waste Management
Lt. Elro Kobol Lt. Frank Arnold Neural shock Whetstone Lounge
Sera vers Aldnoah Lt. Elro Kobol Awkward silence Upper Shuttle Bay
Ens. Kizra Tos Dr. Lucan cin Nicander Uniform malfunction ‘Iwllj jachjaj Club, First City (Qo'noS)
Lt Cmdr. Cross Ens. Via Wix “We have to make this quick.” Turbolift
Ens. Talia Al-Ibrahim Lt. JG Tessa May Lance “Take your clothes off.” Communal Locker Room (Public Baths)
Drauc T'Laus Lt. JG Sarresh Morali Accessing Library Computer Data Outside/Inside Main Engineering
Lt. Valyn Amarik Lt. JG Logan Hale Gravity malfunction Lower Shuttle Bay
Ens. Isel Nix Ens. Mia Dunne Reverse the polarity Recovery Ward (Main Sickbay)
Ens. Irnashall ch’Xinya PO3 Lillee t'Jellaieu Phaser malfunction Observation Lounge
Lt. Enyd Isolde Madsen PO2 Kino Jeen Thea interruption Hall of Warriors, First City (Qo'noS)
Lt. Tyreke Okafor CWO1 Larrant Nausea Below Decks Lounge
Lt. JG Sarresh Morali Lt. Alana Pierce X is irrelevant. Outside/Inside Hydroponics Lab
CPO Mickayla MacGregor CPO Sithick Combadge malfunction Upper Gymnasium
PLt. Selena Ravenholm Lt. Vanya 47 Outside/Inside Physics Lab
Lt Cmdr. Kai Akoni Drauc T'Laus Hyperspanner Outside/Inside Holodeck 2
CPO Sithick Ens. Vinata Vojona Borg reference Steam Room (Public Bath)
Cmdr. Natalie Stark Lt. JG Evelyn Rawley Hairline fracture Spearhead Lounge
PO3 Lorad V-Nine Alien doesn't get a joke Decontamination Chamber (Main Sickbay)
Ens. Vinata Vojona CM1 Nara Nueva Thea, could you...? Outside/Inside Quarters
Lt. JG Tessa May Lance Lt. JG Foval Romulan reference Fighter Assault Bay
Lt. T'Less Sera vers Aldnoah Joint dislocation Turbolift
Kelistina (Kel) Kavot Droda Lt. Amelya Rez Self-sealing stem bolts Personal Quarters
Lt. RraHnam Ens. Irnashall ch’Xinya Hallucination Transporter Room 1
V-Nine Lt. JG Adam Kingston Tricorder malfunction Main Sickbay (Any Area)
Lt. JG Azrin Ryn Lt Cmdr. Cross Door malfunction Outside/Inside Holodeck 1
Theurgy "Thea" NX-79854 Ens. Faye Eloi-Danvers “You’re easy to please.” Jefferies Tubes
Lt. JG Evelyn Rawley Lt Cmdr. Kai Akoni Turbolift malfunction The Open Air Bazar, First City (Qo'noS)
Lt. JG Logan Hale Lt. ThanIda zh'Wann Medical emergency Conference Lounge
Lt. JG Donna Petterson Lt. JG Sarresh Morali Site-to-site transport Vector 01 Engineering
PO2 Kino Jeen Ens. Joseph Adams “You are making it very hard for me.” Kahless Historical Museum, First City (Qo'noS)
Ens. Mia Dunne PO3 Lorad Reference to 20th-century culture Arboretum
Lt Cmdr. Kai Akoni Lt. JG Donna Petterson Non-human language conversation Communal Locker Room (Public Baths)
Dr. Lucan cin Nicander Lt. Valyn Amarik Savi reference Wardroom – Officer’s Lounge
Lt. Regiene Suder Ens. Victor vanVinter “Don’t make a mess.” Kiretek's Inn, First City (Qo'noS)
Lt. ThanIda zh'Wann Lt Cmdr. Jaru Rel Klingon reference Library & Research Room
Lt. Tyreke Okafor CM3 Samala Headache Swimming Pool (Public Bath)
Brigadier Zyrao Natauna Theurgy "Thea" NX-79854 “Beg for it.” Transporter Room 3
Ens. Victor vanVinter Lt Cmdr. Hathev Holodeck malfunction Outside/Inside Stellar Cartography
Ens. Cir'Cie Lt. Regiene Suder Savi reference Outside/Inside Quarters
Lt. JG Amanda Ashby Lt. T'Less Control Panel malfunction Upper Shuttle Bay
Lt. Frank Arnold Captain Jien Ives Alien cuisine Outside/Inside Chemistry Lab
Hirek tr’Aimne Lt. JG Amanda Ashby X has no honor. Riverfront Enclave, First City (Qo'noS)
Lt Cmdr. Hathev Lt. Alistair Leavitt Itch Arboretum
Lt. Alistair Leavitt Lt. Enyd Isolde Madsen “You love it like this, don’t you?” Jefferies Tubes
Ens. Via Wix Lt. Rhys Williams Innocent life forms Mess Hall
Lt. JG Nysarisiza zh'Eziarath Lt. JG Dantius Thi Anh-Le Laceration Whetstone Lounge
Lt. JG Callax Valin PLt. Selena Ravenholm Pike reference Klingon Countryside
Lt. Rhys Williams Brigadier Zyrao Natauna Abrasion Jaccuzi (Public Bath)
Ens. Lauren Pierce Ens. Isel Nix Dim the lights The Old Quarter, First City (Qo'noS)
CM1 Nara Nueva Ens. Lauren Pierce Kirk reference Hotel Jarantine, First City (Qo'noS)
Lt. JG Foval Ens. Cir'Cie “Can you use your hand?” Steam Room (Public Bath)
Ens. Joseph Adams Cmdr. Natalie Stark Picard reference Security Center (Any Area)
Lt. JG Dantius Thi Anh-Le PLt. Selena Ravenholm “How do you want it?” Lower Gymnasium
Lt Cmdr. Jaru Rel Kelistina (Kel) Kavot Droda Janeway reference Fighter Assault Bay
Captain Jien Ives Hirek tr’Aimne Embarassing misunderstanding Votaq's, First City (Qo'noS)
Ens. Cameron Henshaw Ens. Kizra Tos “You can take it, you’ve done it before.” Turbolift Shaft
Lt. Vanya Lt. Daniel Havenborn PADD malfunction Outside/Inside Counseling Department Offices (V3)
PO1 Scruffy Leblanc Lt. JG Nysarisiza zh'Eziarath Caught red-handed Linen Closet (Main Sickbay)
Lt. JG Sarresh Morali Ens. Cameron Henshaw Orders favorite beverage Security Center (Any Area)

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