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NameXelia (aka Adisia, Z'Heni)
BirthplaceTavros, Vondem
Height5ft 5in / 1.65m
Weight120lbs / 55kg
Eye colorDark grey
Played byAnnabel Scholey
WriterAvailable Character
Fashion & beauty
2355-2366: Ichebel Nursery
2367-2371: Tavros Institute for the Sensual Arts
2372: E'Riov Brothel
Service Record
2372: Personal slave to Urim
2372-2373: Personal slave to Kossu
2374-2381: Entrepeneurial exploits as Xelia
2381: Posing as Venator Adisia on Aldea

Xelia was an Orion computing expert, Net personality, and information broker on Vondem. However in early 2381 she made an enemy of the Orion Syndicate and was forced to flee the planet. Stealing the identity of the murdered Syndicate Venator Adisia, she hid on Aldea. It was her actions while posing as Adisia that brought her into contact with the crew of the USS Theurgy. As of March 2381, it was unknown whether she would play a role in the opposition against the parasites that compromised Starfleet Command.


Xelia was born in 2355 with the name Z'Heni. As was customary for many Orions she had no memory of her parents, instead being raised in the Ichebel Nursery in Tavros. The nursery fostered in its many Orion children a sense of competition and ostentatiousness from an early age, and offered a basic education in many subjects, from alien languages and bartering to dance and melee combat.

At the age of five and a half (eleven in Earth years), all wards of the nursery were screened for pheremonal potency, and the most adept were selected for Syndicate auditioning. Z'Heni, already ambitious, was determined to be selected; she had studied hard at the relevant classes in an attempt to mould herself into the perfect candidate. However to her disappointment she was discovered to have very weak pheromones for a woman, and so she was not even considered. Instead her skillset was deemed most appropriate for a companion, and so she was sent to the Tavros Institute for the Sensual Arts.


Graduating at the age of eight in 2371, Z'Heni was sold on a two-year contract to recoup the cost of her tuition and care. She was bought by a brothel in Tavros, where she received on-the-job training. The brothel was one of a number owned by Analla, and was periodically visited by her overseer, Demetria. The exotic freedwoman took a liking to Z'Heni, who set her sights on being purchased by Demetria. However she was to be disappointed, as when she was put up for sale a few months later Demetria was away on assignment elsewhere.

Z'Heni's new master Urim was a powerful man; a good catch. For a time, Z'Heni was happy in his household, despite the fact that he was, objectively, a disgusting person. However after only a short while, Urim's business took a nosedive and he fell from power quickly and dramatically, drinking and gambling away the last of his money and living well above his means in an attempt to pretend nothing had changed. Her opportunities for career advancement plummeted, and Z'Heni knew she had to look elsewhere: to his rich and influential gambling partners. Thus she set out to be gambled away to one of these far more desirable masters or mistresses.

Her plan almost succeeded, but before it could her master declared bankruptcy. One minute Z'Heni was on the verge of being the slave of a grand mistress, the next she was destined for nothing more than the common market. Slaves of bankrupt masters were sold quickly and cheaply, and Z'Heni's market value wasn’t high enough to guarantee her a position even as good as her first master. She knew she could not allow herself to be sold.

Instead on the eve of her sale, Z'Heni, last slave of her master, went to his quarters for one final time and stabbed him to death. Then she stole all of his remaining money and fled.

With so little money she knew she would soon be forced to sell herself to survive, but at least this time it would be she who profited from the sale, rather than her school or her master’s creditors. But it would also be illegal -- she still had over a year of her original contract remaining.

So instead of putting herself on the market, Z'Heni found someone who could help her. With the last of her money she travelled to meet Kossu, a black market purveyor of stolen and fabricated identities operating out of Kinarvon. With no money, the only thing Z'Heni could offer was herself: a twelve-month contract in exchange for a new identity. Kossu agreed.

For an Earth year, Z'Heni worked for Kossu, sometimes in the manner she was accustomed, and sometimes in new and exciting ways. She would track down clients who had failed to pay, and help as Kossu extracted payment, apology, or last breath from them; she would entertain and amuse guests while Kossu was delayed cleaning blood from her hair; and she would sometimes watch while Kossu did her work, creating whole new people out of thin air.

Z'Heni had received a basic training in computing, but Kossu’s work went far beyond anything Z'Heni had ever done, and she watched with fascination, often asking questions and taking an active interest in what Kossu was doing. After a month, Kossu caved and began teaching Z'Heni herself.

By the end of the contract, Z'Heni walked away with a new identity, someone she could almost call a friend, and the most important thing she would ever learn: with a computer and the right skills, you can do and be anyone you want.

Z'Heni had originally planned to ask that her new identity be that of an extremely desirable slave, so that she could sell herself into an advantageous position in the household of a wealthy and influential master or mistress. But Kossu’s power had changed her perspective. The borrowed power of others was no longer enough; Z'Heni wanted more. And so the new identity she created for herself was that of Xelia, tech wizard and free woman.

Tech Career


Xelia began by programming the scenarios for a local holosuite establishment, but she moved on quickly to designing and destributing scenarios starring herself over the Net. She made a name for herself for the range and inventiveness of her catalogue, for her willingness to respond to requests from paying clients and adoring fans alike, and for the extreme realism of her scenes and robustness of her code. She offered holo programs and holovids alike, with an extensive array of scenarios and subjects, and charged very reasonably for them indeed; her bespoke prices were, of course, considerably higher, but she drew in a steady number of high level clientele.

As those high level customers became more frequent, she began embedding tiny, unobtrusive subroutines in her holo programs that would transmit data back to her beyond the normal engagement metrics. This data would be more precise: exact actions taken within the program, exact requests made, sometimes audio or even visual tapes from the encounter. She found people could be quite indiscreet when they thought themselves alone with a hologram. And the information she gathered? Sold to the highest bidder, of course.

It so happened that the highest bidder was often a member of the Orion Syndicate. Xelia had no love for those control freaks but she was more than happy to take their money, and even more so to be seen associating with some of the most powerful people on the planet. And whenever one of them got ideas about blackmailing, buying, or otherwise messing with her, Xelia was most happy to remind them that she was far from powerless herself.

It was at a Syndicate party that she came across Demetria once more. Eager to show the woman how far she had come, and to make use of Demetria's powerful position, Xelia sought her out for a reunion. They shared an evening together before Demetria was called away; a few months later, rumours spread that one of Analla's compounds had been attacked, and with Demetria's continuing absence, she was assumed to be dead.

Xelia’s career continued to soar to new heights, and by 2380 she was running an extremely successful and lucrative business as holo programmer and information broker. She had even achieved a respectable amount of fame on Vondem; while she was far from being a household name, she was very well known among certain demographics. Her content was traded widely across the quadrant by Orion and alien merchants alike, and while it would be rare to find one of her programs in a Risian holosuite it was certainly not unheard of. For her part, Xelia thrived in the spotlight and lived for the adoration of her fans.

Flight from Vondem

But all good things must come to an end. In 2381, Xelia was studying the data sent back from the holo programs of one of her special clients, Legatus Z’Lehxa in the Orion Syndicate. A routine check for information worth selling to a rival; or so she thought. Instead she discovered something so alarming that when the received Z’Lehxa’s next request, she embedded a subroutine into the program that would allow her a remote backdoor into the client’s computer system. What she discovered there was impossible.

However she had underestimated Z’Lehxa’s security; within hours the Syndicate was hunting her. Xelia was forced to leave everything behind, fleeing Vondem with almost nothing after she realised all her backup plans had been burned by the Syndicate -- all except one.

She had been employed a week ago by a member of the Syndicate to research one of their rivals, a recently-promoted Venator who had been assigned control of Orion business interests in the Epsilon Mynos system. After passing on the information required -- namely the flight path of the woman’s transport to Aldea -- Xelia had noticed that the woman had been listed as never having arrived on the planet. And so now, desperate and searching for somewhere safe to hide, Xelia set out for Aldea to remake herself as Venator Adisia, the definitely-not-assassinated Syndicate member.

Personality Profile

Xelia was a true peacock. Charming and personable, she loved to be loved and demanded attention wherever she went. She was also happy to share the love around, gifting compliments and support to those around her like a benevolent goddess. By Human standards she could appear fake, but she was actually the opposite: unapologetically and confidently herself, she was impulsive and free-spirited, acting on her own terms. She truly believed in the power of pleasure, especially the pleasure of a new experience, and it was this that she wanted to create and share with her customers -- and, when she had them, her friends.

Of course, as an Orion Xelia had quite a different code of ethics than people of other species. She was smart, ambitious, and driven, and could be ruthless in her pursuit of power and fame. What others might be appalled by she simply saw as a means to an end, where the desired end was always pleasure, wealth, fame, or power. Nothing in the world mattered to Xelia as much as feeling good.

Although she was trained for and most frequently traded in sex, Xelia had no real interest in the activity outside of her work. Since becoming Xelia, it was a point of pride for her that she had never slept with someone without compensation. She found pleasure in new experiences, and in being adored by the masses; sex offered neither of these things to her, and thus she saw it as a boring task that was either to get paid for or to be avoided.

Physical Profile


Xelia was strikingly gorgeous, and her appearance was very important to her. Rather than feign effortlessness, her style was obviously curated and showy, with bright colours and flashy accessories. She accentuated her height with heels and her makeup was always distinctive -- she often aimed to achieve a level of beauty that was almost offputting in its mysticism. She dressed for herself, not for anyone else, and she was equally at home in elaborate party costumes as in more subdued attire. When dressed more conservatively, the only concessions to her natural flair were her fingernails, which were always painted in an unapologetically bright shade.

While all Orions possessed pheromones significantly stronger than those of other species, Xelia’s were weak for an Orion, especially for a woman. Extended exposure to her over several hours would cause symptoms of mild intoxication in most individuals. Over shorter periods, they would only affect the very susceptible in any meaningful way; all others would feel was a slight and inexplicable magnetism towards her.


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