Diadeniera Drovo

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Name:Diadeniera (Dee-ah-day-nee-air-a)
Nickname: ‘Dee’
Position:Chief of Security
Orientation:  Heterosexual
Birthplace:USS Topin (Science Vessel, Miranda Class)
Height:168cm (5’5)
Weight:54kg (119lbs)
Hair:Dark brown
Eye color:Hazel
Played by:Claudia Lynx
Human history and culture—in particular the early 19th and 20th century.
Primitive robotics and “gadgets” she fancies herself a tinkerer.
In addition is an avid student of martial arts including Galeo-Manada, Mok’bara and Akido.
2370 – 2372: Zefram Cochrane High School
2372 – 2376: Cadet, Starfleet Academy
Service Record
2376 – 2377: Ensign, Ship Security, USS Berlin
2377 – 2378: Lg, Deputy Chief of Security, USS Berlin
2378 – 2380: Lg, Deputy Chief of Security, USS Harbinger
2380 – 2381: Lt, Chief of Security, USS Harbinger

Diadeniera "Dee" Drovo was Chief Security Officer on the USS Harbinger before she was killed in action. Before her death, Diadeniera aided in the opposition against the parasites that compromised Starfleet Command in the end of the 24th century.


Early Life

It is impossible to really understand Diadeniera without knowing a little about her parents. Daughter of the highly charismatic Drezochaj; a male Ktarian scientist that worked on board a Federation science vessel and Commander Tamashia Drovo a human woman from Earth she was born aboard the USS Topin the first couple years of her life were extremely uneventful.

Commander Drovo had made quite a name for herself in Starfleet proving her abilities during the Cardassian war. She was a decorated officer on a fast-track in Starfleet—the station on board the USS Topin was intended to be a quiet break from all the crime and bloodshed she had seen years prior. What she did not know was that her beloved, Dr. Drezochaj was a strong supporter of the Cardassians.

In 2361 a Cardassian infiltration cell targeted the USS Topin with hopes of using their biotech research to design new weapons to neutralize the Federationan colonies along the border and help win their war. They tapped their inside ally, Drezochaj, to facilitate the boarding of the USS Topin as well as the neutralization of most of her crew with minimal casualties. In spite of the desire of the Marquis combatants to neutralize the die-hard Starfleet Officer in Commander Drovo her lover and mate protected her life but took young Diadeniera with him upon leaving the vessel.

Commander Drovo was put into an escape pod with the rest of the crew and jettison into space with a distress beacon to alert the next ship to pass by. Diadeniera and her father vanished into the stars with the Cardassian agents and was the girl was raised on the border of the Cardassian-Federation conflict.

In spite of harsh conditions, her father did his best to provide and even shelter her from the front lines of the conflict. They travelled from one planet to the next constantly changing their names. Much of her early childhood was spent living so many lies that she had difficulty knowing for herself what was real and what was not. She believed her father’s words verbatim for a very long time, trusting in the only man that was consistent in her life until slowly as she came of age she began to realize all the cracks that surrounded her life. No matter how much she pushed for the truth every response was a different lie.

Life as a Refugee

Drezochaj was a scientist not a fighter and stayed as far away from the fighting lines as he could however the Cardassians found his expertise invaluable. To avoid bringing too much conflict into their lives he would move often throughout Diadeniera’s life preventing her from developing childhood friendships as she was perpetually the new girl with a new name. She was forced to learn how to adapt quickly to changing situations but also learn from many different alien cultures.

Diadeniera began to study martial arts when she was about 9 years old and quickly adapted the techniques she would learn on how to overcome larger opponents that would aid the rest of her life. Her embrace of many different styles of hand to hand combat was a great boon later in life.

Uncovering the Truth of her Father’s Sins

When Diadeniera was fifteen years of age she lived on Bajor with her father and enrolled in a Bajoran school. One day her class took a field trip to Deep Space Nine and it was the first time in over a decade that she had the chance to see actual members of Starfleet. They were nothing like the murderous, conniving people she had been led to believe. With the help of a childhood friend she began to research into the other side of the story surrounding her mother’s disappearance. When she discovered the truth all the lies she had been told since she was very little began to unravel.

While trying to unravel her past in secrecy she accidently caught the attention of the station’s security due to her tampering with the system’s computers trying to locate Starfleet databases. However, after hearing her tale, Constable Odo identified with her desire to locate the “truth” and discover her lost roots and instead of incarcerating Diadeniera he helped her find out exactly what had happened. Odo became the most important influence on the young woman’s life and helped to solidify a lot of her core beliefs that shaped the adult woman she would become.

Just as her father had betrayed her mother, Diadeniera brought it full circle by luring her father into a trap that led to his arrest by Starfleet Security to face the crimes for the events of the USS Topin. After her father was taken into custody she reached out to Starfleet and made way back to Earth to be reunited with her mother.

While one may think that a daughter and mother coming together after a decade of separation would be cause for a ‘happily ever after’ moment it was far from the case. Tamashia Drovo had become a bitter, withdrawn woman after her betrayal and was leery of the legitimacy of her daughter being untainted by the Cardassian influence. Unable to see past her own prejudices the two remained stand-offish though she did grant her daughter one thing—a letter of recommendation and endorsement to join Starfleet Academy. Unlike her mother, Diadeniera decided to focus on Security training perhaps in honor of the man who had helped to give her answers about who she really is.

Academy Years

During her mother’s exceptional career as a Starfleet officer she gained many friends and allies including several key members at Starfleet Academy. It was with her recommendations and influence that Diadeniera was accepted for enrollment her very first year applying—a feat not very common among applicants. It did not win her any favors once arriving at the Academy and many of her peers and even instructors resented the political way she gained admittance. It led her to feel that she had something to prove and spent many long and arduous hours studying and practicing. Among her friends was her Vulcan roommate—a science major and a human male who had a very high interest in all things Klingon. It was from these influences she began to broaden her martial arts studies to include elements of Earth’s Akido and Klingon Mok’bara techniques.

Diadeniera graduated among the top of her class. She had a lot to prove to herself and the world and went about it through rigorous training and dedication. While she made some friends she spent the majority of her time studying. She rose above rumors and preconceptions, suspicions about her roots with a Marquis father and chose to squash all rumors by proving herself through hard work and dedication. She feels she has to work twice as hard to earn half the amount of respect. While there are still some who may suspect her allegiances others know better or are even frightened by the fact that she shows no mercy–as evident by how she turned her own father in to the authorities.

Service Years

After her graduation from Starfleet Academy, Dee was assigned to the USS Berlin set to patrol the Romulan Neutral Zone. In the post-war climate of the Alpha Quadrant the temporary war-time coalition between the Federation and the Romulan Empire fizzled and many of the concessions allowed to the Romulans did not cede after the Dominion’s retreat. Millions were dead or displaced and the Federation forces were spread thin trying to recover from the aftermath. Many tried to take advantage of this situation from both internal and external sources and while tensions were very high when dealing with the Romulans Dee proved to keep a very level head even when faced with adversity. For her skill and bravery on many successful missions she was promoted to Lieutenant Junior Grade on stardate 55031.5 and promoted to Deputy Chief of Security following the death of the previous Deputy Chief during an away mission.

Later that year however the Berlin’s Chief of Security was discovered to be a saboteur and a spy leaking pertinent information to unauthorized parties. In spite of the overwhelming case against her superior that she brought to the captain of the Berlin she was instructed to keep quiet and be thankful for all the career opportunities she was given. While no one came right out and threatened her future in Starfleet the writing was on the walls so when the USS Berlin returned to Earth for a much-deserved shore leave Diadeniera visited her mother confiding in her some of what had happened on the ship. She found little solace in the visit however as her mother spoke in great detail about the importance of loyalty and ‘necessary evils’ that exist within Starfleet.

Not wanting to return to the Berlin where such obvious and blatant disregard to protocols and procedures were being kept she again tapped her mother’s influence. Her name was dropped into the ear of Captain Declan Vasser and in 2378 she transferred to the USS Harbinger.

On board the USS Harbinger she flourished serving beneath Chief Security Officer T’Rena and while there were times when her cold Vulcan logic infuriated Dee’s desire to push for the truth she was a strong supporter of T’Rena and the bond created a very strong sense of loyalty among the first measure of trust that Diadeniera had ever felt since learning of her father’s past. When T’Rena was promoted to Executive Officer on board the Harbinger in 2380 it only made logical sense that her direct subordinate would be promoted to fill her shoes.

The USS Harbinger Defects

When the USS Theurgy fled Federation space, the USS Harbinger was tasked with finding the wayward carrier and destroying it if possible. The chief science officer discovered a short repetitive subspace pulse-type signal encoded into the background static of the Harbinger ’s warp signature. Ensign Sonja Acreth was discovered sending the signals and arrested, allowing the officers of the Harbinger to discover the Starfleet wasn’t in charge of itself anymore. When the truth about the subterfuge surrounding Starfleet Command became known she was greatly troubled by the facts and felt for a second time in her life the establishment and status quo was a significant disappointment. She internalized a lot of the rage and anguish she felt over the situation including a brewing need to set things straight. She vocally and vehemently protested the decision to flee instead of fight but in spite of going on record to both the captain and the XO she would still do her due diligence and follow orders. Even if her own opinion differed she could not argue with the logic T’Rena provided and swore to her commanding officer that in spite of her own preferences she would still perform her duties to the best of her ability.


Diadeniera Drovo’s death came quickly and unexpectedly. While the top officers of the Harbinger introduced Sonja Acreth to their counterparts from the Theurgy, the prisoner managed to free herself from her holding cell and kill the Chief of Security before being subdued. T'Rena blamed the tragedy on the carelessness of ThanIda zh'Wann and this may have been the incident that set the Harbinger’s first officer on the course that eventually took the lives of many officers and crew aboard the Theurgy and nearly all of the lives aboard the Harbinger.

Personality Profile

Diadeniera placed a very high value in honesty but is innately suspicious of everyone. She recognized that a lot of things people do, even subconsciously, was often times for their own self-benefit. She was known for going above and beyond to find out facts and the truth even at the detriment of personal relationships. Being her friend wass not enough to be above suspicion. A highly adaptable person she can put on the façade of just about any personality when it suits her needs—perhaps a skill picked up from living her early life as a lie. Deep down however beneath all the layers and tough exterior she is a very insecure woman who has a lot of trust issues. She’s deathly afraid of ever being betrayed as her mother was and so never lets anyone get close enough to her heart to make that kind of impact. She had no interest in family, children, or a mate—she was a die-hard career woman and a personal perfectionist that lived by her own code.

She admired the logic of the Vulcans and the brutal honest passion of the Klingons but loathed the subterfuge of the Ferengi and Cardassians. As much as she would have liked to consider herself impartial there were certain species of aliens that she couldn’t resist profiling.

Physical Profile

Diadeniera was a lean, petite woman and possessed an almost feline grace and muscle. What she lacked in pure mass she made up for in precision, skill, flexibility and speed. Her hand-to-hand style often emphasized this by turning a larger opponent’s size into her own advantage. She was a resourceful fighter and could improvise a weapon when the need came. She prefered non-lethal manners of combat but knows many ways to kill most known species.

She possessed the subdued facial markings of a Ktarian including the facial ridges down the front of her face and bridge of her nose as well as faint scales lining her brow. Her eyes were hazel though depending on the ambient light could sometimes appear distinctively golden-yellow. Her skin-tone was a light caramel inherited from her mother’s Persian ancestry.