Selena Ravenholm

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Name:Selena “Luna” Ravenholm
Rank:Provisional Warrant Officer
Position:Encryption & Comms Specialist
Species:Human w/ Heavy Cybernetic Augmentation
Orientation:  Bisexual
Height:5'2” / 1.58m
Weight:153 lbs / 69.3 kg
Eye color:Steel-gray with neon blue highlights (Ocular implants)
Played by:Olivia Wilde
Physical Activity
Service Record

Selena “Luna” Ravenholm was a Encryption & Comms Specialist in the USS Theurgy´s Intelligence Department. She originally served aboard the USS Harbinger before its destruction in 2381. Ravenholm aided in the opposition against the parasites that compromised Starfleet Command in the end of the 24th century.

Background Story

Selena was a born quadriplegic due to a spinal cord deformation. Due to her age, surgery was out of the question, so she lived with her condition. Her parents were well-to-do politicians, and gave their daughter the best tutoring and assistance they could. So she lived a sheltered life of study and constant supervision, as her parents groomed her for a Federation career starting as a desk-jockey of some sort or another equally non-hazardous career.

When she turned eighteen though, her body had fully grown, and she was approved for being fit with cybernetic implants to attempt giving her mobility. Her arms and legs were replaced by biosynthetic prosthetics to restore capability to the atrophied muscles, while she was trained with motor assist bands and given a special neural transducer that replaced her spinal cord. The combination allowed her to finally stand and move on her own, after two years of intensive physical therapy. It was hard work, but it sparked a fascination with cybernetics and technology within the young woman, who spent any time she could on learning more.

When she finished her therapy, she enlisted in Starfleet Academy, where she excelled in signals intelligence, specializing in electronics intelligence. While not the position her parents had been hoping for, they were okay with it, as it was a minimal-combat career track. However, she was expelled from the Academy when she was caught practicing using Academy networks, as opposed to the training programs.

Now 24, she promotes herself as a "Contracted Systems Security Analyst." She sells her skills to corporations, attacking their computer networks, then helping them fix the holes in their security systems. Having managed to make quite a living that way, she's slowly adding onto her cybernetics, considering her body the missing link between man and machine. In fact, she's also been known to tinker with her own cybernetics, fine tuning every last micrometer of efficiency and capability out of them, despite the health risks.

Thanks to her many corporate contacts, she's also become linked to the grey market: a shady corporate underworld of sorts that sells abandoned projects, unprofitable testing data, and potentially hazardous technologies to buyers who think they can make something of the otherwise wasted products. A tax-free heaven of unusual technological gems and stolen corporate data. Selena has both bought and sold within this market, supplementing her contracts, and helping pay for the surgeries needed to install her cutting-edge implants.

In addition to her connection to the Gray market she has also been a broker of information having made anonymous contributions to the Federation News Network and other more privately funded news organizations who are more willing to publish truths the Federation likes to keep secret. This led to her being privately contracted by the Federation News Network to investigate the Commanding Officer of the USS Harbinger, Captain Declan Vasser. In order to come aboard, she manipulated messages in order to personally get Captain Vasser's issued contract to have a civilian expert assess and improve the Harbinger’s Electronic Warfare Suite.

During her time working undercover, she was effectively abducted as Starfleet gave the Harbinger orders to pursue the Theurgy.

Secretly, this particular turn was for the best, not only because of her investigation of Captain Vasser but also because she was beginning to suspect whatever investigation they sent her on reached further up the chain of command than FNN could have thought. In order to hide her desire to uncover these secrets she began to request to leave as she had no desire to enter a combat situation. The bait was taken and she was met with a complete refusal to leave. The captain had failed to consider her capabilities and knowledge of sensitive programs upon the Harbinger, into which she had plenty of backdoors to allow herself what access she needed. She bided her time as she attempted to uncover the truth not just for herself but knowing once she discovered it she could blow the lid off of this possible conspiracy within the top echelons of the Federation. Of course taking away a hefty profit from whatever news bureau wants to pay for the rights to get the info first.

There was one turn of events she had far from expected. In the midst of their hunt for the “traitors” the Harbinger had went rogue. Now, like the Theurgy, they were on the run and though she had no proof of the conspiracy she knew that whatever is going on it is no longer a question of money. Now it’s about gathering the information she needs to get the word out.

The Calamity’s initial encounter with the Harbinger happened first and there were many casualties.

Due to the death of the previous occupant of the Ops Desk she has been given the new rank of Acting Non-Divisional Warrant Officer. In addition she was pushed into the position of Chief of Operations. Now her primary duty is to work with the acting Chief Engineer as the previous Chief’s duties were split between the new acting chief engineer with the engines and weapons and repair of physical things while she was placed in charge of monitoring various systems power status and overseeing the functions of the Harbinger’s computer systems as well as doing the necessary Computer systems maintenance and repairs.

In the chaos of the joint battle between the combined forces of the Harbinger and the Theurgy against the Calamity, she opted to collect every piece of data she could from scanners and transmissions used by the ship's crew. It shed a lot of light on a very dire situation, with evidence of Starfleet being infiltrated. However, she also picked up data on the Calamity during the fight. With so much automation going on with the Calamity’s systems, she was able to intercept and copy bits and pieces of code from the unmanned fighters and the USS Calamity itself, using the improvements she'd made to the Harbinger to her advantage to supplement the data she copied from the Harbinger crew. With her technical savvy, and her collected data, she might just be able to provide the edge needed in the next fight.

Despite her promotion of sorts and her advancement in rank she is still allowed to wear her non regulation clothes. The reason for this is due to their materials being more suited to utilize the flexibility and abilities of her augmented physiology to the fullest and the numerous clothing modifications that are present to allow her to use the more hidden features of her body’s augmentations such as her dataport and the compartments in her limbs. The only addition to her uniform was the rank insignia for the lowest rank of Warrant Officer and a com-badge.

Personality Profile

For someone of her age, Selena acts more like a curious child than a mature woman. Almost boundless amounts of energy seems to come from her when she finds something she likes or what’s to know more about. Since she obtained mobility, she's taken on any physical activity she could reasonably get into, and is an adept gymnast, dancer, parkour runner, and martial artist. She could still stand for improvement in all areas, but has made tremendous progress thanks to her ability to split her focus effectively between mental and physical tasks.

Speaking of, she can be rather "spacey" when it comes to her attention span. Because she's always splitting her focus, she often looks like she's not paying attention. Either by moving about while she is listening to someone talk, or by looking at funny pictures of cats when she's sparring with someone, she's never quite "all there." On top of being potentially very off-putting, it's kept her from mastering any of the physical arts she practices, as her mind and body are ever-so-slightly out of sync.

Physical Profile

While implants are made to be as subtle as possible in most cases, Selena has a wide variety of implants, some of which are relatively new and haven't been spatially optimized for subtlety yet.

Biosynthetic Limbs - Both arms, both legs, she's had these modified over time to be more obviously cybernetic. The seam between flesh and synthetic parts is clear, as well as panels on all four limbs that house compartments she can place phaser-sized objects within. Clothing usually covers these seams, and the limbs are still otherwise covered with synthflesh.

Neural Transducer - A bit more obvious, her neural transducer replaces her whole spine with a black-cased replication that runs from her tailbone all the way to the base of her skull.

Synaptic Translator - Essentially a wireless dataport, allowing communication between Selena and any computerized device with wireless signal reception. Integrated with her Nerual Transducer, there are ports along the back of her neck that allow her to connect to electronics like a hardwire dataport would allow. To execute complex operations, she needs to direct link in order to remove latency from the connection. But for operating simple devices, or small commands, it fits the bill perfectly. It also allows pseudo-telepathic communication with others who have the implant.

Dataport to Subconscious Memory Integration Iso-card: Located behind her Right ear is a small slot where a micro isoliniar chip is inserted (similar in size to a SD card). This item is a memory chip that data that is downloaded via the Neck-port is downloaded to for later retrieval. The slot that the chip occupied links directly to her brain and when activated activates a dream override subroutine when sleeping and a daydreaming subroutine when awake. When the dreaming routine is activate her normal dreaming is replaced with a dream that allows the data stored on the card to be processed by her mind and stored as memory of said dream. For instance if the data she downloaded was the text of a novel then that night she would dream of reading said novel and would awake with a complete recollection of the dream as if it had happened as if she were awake. This memory is not perfect as she will not have said novel memorized but she will remember reading it as realistically as if she had actually read it. Holodeck programs can also be downloaded and her dream would be one of her using that holo program. Of course this will not give her any physical benefits of using the program but if the program was one to teach theory it would be as effective as listening to said data as a lecture. In the daydreaming mode the results are essentially being able to browse the memory card via a display within her own imagination this imagination can play the data in her mind as effectively as reading it or viewing it on a PADD. As such if she is using this mode she will appear to be as described daydreaming.

Ocular Implants - Allows telescopic sight, thermal vision, and observation of the electromagnetic spectrum between 1 and 100,000 THz, similar to the VISOR.

VISOR - Yeah, she wears one. Or rather a poser-VISOR that could be compared to non-corrective eyeglasses. What it does provide her is flash compensation; reduction of the intensity of sudden bursts of light. Due to her increased observable spectrum, she's subjected to more opportunities to be blinded by intense reflections off of vehicles and similar situations that can make seeing those spectrums more trouble than it's worth. In addition the Psuedo-visor has a display that can access information stored on her Iso-card or stored on a device she has the visor directly linked to. This display is a Heads up Display that allows her to access the daydream mode’s Browser in a visual way instead of in her usual Daydream mode. This allows her to be a little less spaced out when accessing the card’s information.

Neural Implant - An internal implant that translates the delta-compressed wavelengths from her ocular implants into signals interpretable by the brain.

Contortion Modification - Her joints in the limbs and spine have greater flexibility than normal joints, allowing her a very wide range of motions. In a dire situation, she could very well kiss her own ass goodbye, literally.

Digital Tools - Her fingers house several small utility tools. These include oscillators, screwdrivers, a camera, tasers, LED flashlight (with strobe setting), wire cutters, homing transceiver, marker, and a single empty hidden compartment in her left thumb. (The homing transceiver in her right thumb is removable, leaving a second hidden compartment.)

A secret that she keeps from everyone is that behind the scenes of her life on the light to slightly gray side of the law she spends a lot of the time Hacking into forbidden Federation files and leaks the information to the public via the hacker alias Anarchy Luna. Though she never specifically named herself this the name was the one that was assigned to the Federation criminal watch lists due to her signing her work via a drawing of the Earth's moon with the lunar mare creating the image of an Anarchy related A symbol. When the cyber attack was reported news sources began to refer to the attacker by the name Anarchy Luna referring to the Image of the moon and the use of the Anarchy symbolism. As such Selena's identity as the Hacker Anarchy Luna is her most closely guarded secret due to much of her actions as this so called cyber terrorist having placed her at the top of the Federations most wanted list of cyber criminals. She has kept this side of her identity a secret by making it one of her least used identities and making sure that she never makes any money from her actions as Anarchy instead any information she uncovered through strictly Illeagal means is spread freely via leaking the information thereby creating no paper trail.

Given her tendencies to demand a high payment for things as her "real" self there has been little to no suspicion that someone as greedy and wanting money for the least little piece of information she sells would ever be a Hacker who leaks information freely when said information could be worth so much. Despite the fact that Anarchy Luna has never taken any money or asked for payment for any of her actions she has been labeled as a cyber terrorist and official Federation criminal reports state that she is wanted for selling Federation Intel to Enemy military forces. those who actively pursue her however know hat the person they are looking for this anarchy figure does not sell information just leaks it to anyone and everyone willing to listen. Truly something far more dangerous than a simple information broker. A broker after all can be tracked with a paper trail.

Ravenholm's Paralyzer (Right Thigh Compartment)