Keval ch'Rayya

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Name:Keval ch'Rayya, Andorian Formal Name: Thy'lek KevalEndilev ch'Rayya
Position:Chief Tactical Officer (Current Commissioning: USS Resolve)
Gender:Chan (Male)
Orientation:  Heterosexual
Birthplace:Harbortown, Andoria
Weight:240 lb.
Hair:Ghost White
Eye color:Air Force Blue
Played by:James Marsters
Writer:Formerly DocReno, now NPC
Military Tactics
Knife Fighting (Andorian, Klingon)
Ancient Weapons
Martial Arts (Terran Hung Gar and Shaolin)
Card Games, and several others.
Starfleet Academy, class of 2372.
Service Record
2372: Cadet Cruise aboard the USS Southern Cross. Promoted to ensign.
2373: Assigned to the USS Rutledge. Promoted to lieutenant (junior grade.)
2374: Assigned to the USS Athena, participates in Operation Return. Assigned to Starfleet Intelligence and participates in “Operation Looking Glass.”
2375: Takes a medical leave before being assigned to the USS Black Hawk.
2378: Promoted to lieutenant (senior grade) and assigned to the USS Resolve.
2381: Returns to Federation space and visits Starbase 84.
Bronze Star, Citation of Conspicuous Gallantry, Legion of Honor

Before his death, Lieutenant Keval ch'Rayya was the Chief Tactical Officer on the USS Resolve and later the Chief Intelligence Officer on the USS Theurgy. Keval ch'Rayya aided in the opposition against the parasites that compromised Starfleet Command in the end of the 24th century.



Keval ch'Rayya was born Thy'lek KevalEndilev ch'Rayya in Harbortown the third most populous city on the planet of Andoria and grew up around the Frost River, but his keth's house was located dead center of Yue Bay, which was the crossroads of both the Frost and Moss Rivers.

Keval spent quite a lot of his childhood learning at the feet of his grandshen in Lissan sh'Rayya, a former Geev Thuul (the AIG equivalent of a Starfleet Captain), and the honor that her side of the family felt in such a tradition that went back generations but one of her daughters, Keval's mother, became bonded to a rich trading/engineering clan that steered members of the family away from active service in the guard.

In his early teenage years, Keval became quite enamored with a friend of the family by the name of Shelerib sh'Zarath who expressed her attraction to Keval as well.

But a scandal caused Shelerib's keth to leave the city and headed to part's unknown.

When Keval attempted to get some answers, his grandshen explained that it had something to do with the Zarath's connection to the infamous "Triangle'-a region of space that has one corner in the United Federation of Planets, Klingon Empire and Orion Trade Worlds, and he was then ordered by his Zhavey to drop the matter all together.

And so Keval did or at least for the time being.

Cadet Years

During the latter half of his primary schooling, Keval continued to learn as much as he could under his grandshen Lissan, who was delighted that someone in the family was dedicated into serving like the rest of the family once did as a Guardsman.

But when he tested out for the Guardsman service, he was contacted by a recruiter from Starfleet who convinced him that serving as a line officer would be a "much more suited to his talents", which confused him but he wanted to serve like his grandshen and joined Starfleet, choosing Tactical as his major with Engineering as his minor.

But when he received his class listing, he noticed that his minor had been changed to "Intelligence" which made him curious but he decided not to question it for the time being.

In Keval's second year he had a mentor, a Lieutenant Commander Wesley Striker, he was in charge of advanced security operations and the Andorian later credited him for bequeathing the art of listening to a lack of something during a conversation.

During his first two years at the Academy, Keval flourished under the class load as he proved to be quite adept at both of his major and minor but also during this time he was given a few disciplinary marks due to various reasons such as the occasional brawl or what not, but he gained two of major noteworthy nature.

The first one was shortly after he learned how to play the game known as Dom-jot and then quickly started learning how to hustle at the game from a friend in fellow cadet Demolyn Syrico, the son of a Caitian ambassador.

Demolyn liked to think that he was a big time Dom-jot hustler but he lacked the actual skills but one night after classes were over, Demolyn went to go and hustle at a local bar and in turn got into a fight with a couple of Klingons.

But when one of the Klingons, Gi'Ral epetai-Aperokei, noticed Demolyn's actions and called him on it which caused a fight to break out.

Keval was able to defend his friend but was injured in the process and spent the night in the brig but since Demolyn was the son of an ambassador he got off Scott free and was allowed to avoid both the time in the academy brig and the mark to his academy record while Keval was able to relish it and grew.

The second mark of note was later redacted for reasons that were sealed by Starfleet Command.

His third and fourth years were only slightly quieter with him engaging into brief relationships that didn't last long due to various reasons.

And while he was never viewed as a "Casanova", he wasn't able to find anyone unique enough to keep him. Also during this time Keval's grades were impressive and during the latter half of his time at the Academy, he was permitted to go on his cadet cruise a semester early which he was extremely proud of.

While attending the Academy, Keval wa

A cruise into war

Cadet Keval was assigned to the tactical department aboard the USS Southern Cross, a Avenger-class of heavy frigate to patrol the Archanis sector just prior to the start brief event known formally as the "Federation-Klingon War of 2372-2373" but was more commonly known as the "Two Year War" by most armchair historians.

Despite the demands of Klingon Chancellor Gowron, the Federation did not pull any of their ships from the Archanis sector.

Two days after the end of Gowron's "Merciful time limit", the Southern Cross found itself under attack by now hostile Klingon forces when three birds of prey decloaked and launched a surprise attack on the ship.

Keval was enjoying some "quiet time" with a fellow cadet when the attack happened and by default found himself the only member of his department able to reach the bridge to man the tactical station and helped to repel the attack, which was made much more difficult when a boarding party managed to beam onto the ship which in the end lead to Keval gaining the signature right eyebrow scar from a Klingon blade.

During the trip back to the nearest friendly starbase, Keval learned that his department's chief and assistant chief had been killed in both the attack and the fighting afterwards.

For his actions in the defense of his ship plus the start of a war, Cadet Keval ch'Rayya was made Ensign ch'Rayya which made him somewhat proud except for the news that came next in that he already had new orders upon the arrival at the starbase.

Keval's orders was to take a transport to a starbase in orbit around Jupiter and undergo specialized training before being assigned formerly to the USS Rutledge. This time at the starbase was to round out the last of his training before returning to the field.

Once the training was complete, he was assigned as a tactical officer of the Rutledge and served on the Rutledge in this function for the next several months of the conflict, briefly serving as the assistant chief tactical officer during the attempt to retake the still-occupied Archanis Four which was led by the Tecumesh and Rutledge during the ceasefire attempt.

For his actions and tactical insight, Keval was formally made the Assistant Chief Tactical Officer and was promoted to the rank of Lieutenant Junior Grade the day before Chancellor Gowron re-signed the Khitomer Accords.

The Dominion Years

After the conflict was over, Keval took some much needed shore leave on Risa with some of his friends from the Rutledge and enjoyed the pure hedonism for a few scant weeks before he was ordered back to the front lines as a new conflict arose but this time it was against the Dominion itself.

Instead of returning to the Rutledge (like he was hoping for he enjoyed his time on the frigate), he was assigned to the newly refitted USS Athena, an Excelsior-class starship, under Captain Kyle Masters as it's Assistant Chief Tactical Officer where he would remain for the rest of the war with a few exceptions.

The Athena was one of the many ships tagged for Operation Return which was the Federation Alliance's attempt to retake Deep Space 9 and the Bajoran Wormhole from the Dominion and was in the first wave of ships lead into battle by Captain Sisko's USS Defiant.

Despite the opposition that his ship managed to take out several Dominion ships before a suicide run by a Galor starship caused enough structural damage that forced Captain Masters to order the remains of his crew to abandon ship.

Keval spent the remaining portion of the battle in an escape pod before being picked up during a SAR operation by the USS Venture, unable to do anything but watch as he floated in the backdrop of one of the biggest battles of the war.

Starfleet Intelligence Agent

During some much needed downtime on DS9 following the battle, Keval ran into a ghost from his past in Shelerib.

She was now working for the Bajoran government as a transport captain and the years of want just seemingly exploded into a passionate affair and the two of them entered into a tezha, or sexual union outside of the shelthreth which was the normal bond formed between all four members of an Andorian relationship, but the tezha is normally frowned upon by most of the Andorian people because it creates a bond between two people instead of the traditional four and usually leads to a much more difficult situation.

After nine weeks of serving on DS9 while waiting for new orders, Keval was ordered to report to an Admiral Cole where he was selected as one of a handful of officers to work as a part of an intelligence mission code named "Looking Glass" and while it was a success, there was another failure.

Shelerib had spent a considerable amount of time helping a cause that she had found worthy of her attention-the Maquis. While helping to bring supplies to a Maquis colony thought to be outside of Dominion held space, they were attacked by the Jem'Hadar and slaughtered.

Keval wouldn't find out about this until sometime later when started to suffer from an Andorian mental disorder known simply as "bondshock" as it turned out that he had bonded to her without formally going through the process.

Keval was excused from duty in order to try and heal from the damage.

But he came back early due to the ramping up to the final weeks of the war and was assigned to the USS Black Hawk which was one of the new Sovereign-class starships which was partnered with the IKS Pragh on a few missions behind enemy lines prior to the Battle of Cardassia.

New Challenges

Chief Tactical Officer

After the end of the Dominion War, Keval returned home to Andoria and spent some time telling his grandshen some of the stories of his life in the fleet which she was proud of before one night she went to sleep and never woke up again.

After the funeral for his grandshen, Keval's parents wanted him to return home and form a proper shelthreth with three others that his parents felt would be the best fit for him but instead he decided to request for anything that would allow him to get far away.

Enter the USS Resolve, one of the Federation's new Luna-class of Multi-role Explorers.

Keval was promoted to full lieutenant and selected to be the Resolve’s Chief Tactical Officer, while he was on the ship he tended to be a loner at first as this was his first time as a senior officer on a starship and he was still getting the hang of things, slowly but surely he started to become more and more comfortable as the Resolve was on its long distance exploratory mission.

Even though things were standard at first but one day the Resolve came across a spatial anomaly and abruptly Keval and his shipmates found themselves stranded in an unknown area of space with the follow few years being a long, hard struggle through space to find their way back to the Federation.

Some of the hardest battles of his life, even harder in some cases then those he was in during the Klingon and Dominion Wars but he treated it like another day at the office, but these were some of the hardest fought battles that he'd ever taken part of due to the desperate nature of the Resolve’s situation.

During this time he lost a few friends outside in the black including a young woman that he found himself interested in but he worked hard to keep his department together for his captain but the last leg of their journey was particularly difficult but in the end they were able to reach Romulan space...and home.

Keval thought that the long night of the Resolve was over as they docked with SB84 with his ship barely holding together at the bulkheads and he hoped to find a nice bar and just burying his head for a few hours but instead he was caught up in the situation with the arriving USS Theurgy. He returned to duty as his captain went out for one last round.

Personality Profile


“Mercurial” was the best word used to describe Keval and while followed the beliefs of his people, he wa considered a little bit more "cooled" by his fellow Andorians which is a common term for an Andorian who has a calmer deposition then his or her fellows. Keval was slightly guarded when it comes to relationships, preferring short lived romances rather than long lived ones due to a past experience.

Physical Profile

Like many others of his species, Keval had a blue hue to his skin due to the result of high concentrations of cobalt in his hemoglobin of his red corpuscles. However due to a genetic trait passed down from an Aenarian grandsire, his skin was a little bit more of what is classified as an "Air Force blue" than the standard Cobalt or Cerulean of his people, his hair was also a different shade of white due to the same reason.

Keval also possessed some tattoos of Romulan nature which he got during his early service years. The origin of these tattoos are unknown nor is their meaning and if Keval knew any further information about them, he refused to reveal it.

Keval also had a number of smaller scars across his body including one in his right antenna from a fight with a Jem'Hadar but other than that, Keval was a solidly built example of his race as he tended to work out heavily as a way of helping to relax among other things and he was not shy in the slightest.