Faye Lintah Eloi-Danvers

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Personnel FileR-o1.png
Name:Faye Lintah Eloi-Danvers
Position:Diplomatic Attaché
Age:25 (April 18, 2356)
Orientation:  Pansexual
Birthplace:Dekoa, Betazed
Weight:120 lbs
Hair:Deep dark brown, with occasional highlights.
Eye color:Solid Black
Played by:Chloe Bennet
Meeting New People
2370-2374: Budon Colony Regional Education Center (High School equivalent)
2374: Accepted to and begins course work at Starfleet Academy, San Francisco, Earth (Scant months prior to the invasion of Betazed)
2377: Graduates from the base Academy courses, with specializations in inter-species relations, xeno-biology, and xeno-anthropology. Accepted into graduate studies at the newly revamped Diplomatic Annex recently opened on the site of the historic Babel Conference of 2268
2378: Completes year long graduate course work at Starfleet Diplomatic Annex
Service Record
2378-2380: Ensign, USS Cortez, Diplomatic courier vessel (Oberth-class), stationed out of Khitomer colony, on assignment to the Klingon Empire
2380 - present: Ensign, USS Theurgy, assigned as part of the diplomatic mission to Romulus
2377: Starfleet Academy Diploma, Magna Cum Laude
2378: Starfleet Diplomatic Corps Attaché

Ensign Faye Lintah Eloi-Danvers was the Diplomatic Attaché on the USS Theurgy. Lintah aided in the opposition against the parasites that compromised Starfleet Command in the end of the 24th century.


Born Lintah Eloi, to parents she never remembered meeting in the year 2356, Faye, as her adoptive mother took to calling her, was orphaned at the tender age of six months. Both of her birth parents were killed in a boating accident on Lake El-Nar, after having been persuaded to join some old friends from the University of Betazed. Their daughter, Lintah along with a few other children of those on the boat trip were back on the shore, under the watchful eye of a gaggle of nannies and guardians. The whole lot would become orphaned that day, and over the next year, divided up among many worthy families.

Lintah would be adopted by Yolen and Sarah Anne Danvers, a mixed species couple (Yolen being a native of Budon, one of the Betazed outer colonies, and Sarah Anne of Earth). Having married four years prior, the farming family had found themselves unable to have a child of their own, due to various genetic differences. While it was not unheard of for a Betazoid and a human to have a child, neither was it a sure thing, and even with medical assistance, the couple had been unsuccessful. Having been visiting the 'home world' in the aftermath of yet another failed attempt, the Danvers (whom in keeping with Betazoid tradition, had taken the wife's maiden name for the family name) had been in the right place at the right time.

Within a few short months of her parents death, Lintah Eloi was adopted, and her name legally changed to Faye Lintah Eloi-Danvers , in honor of both the name her birth parents had given her, and Sarah's favorite Aunt from her childhood. Faye came of age on an idyllic farm world, mostly removed from the galaxy at large, save for trips back to both Betazed, her birth planet, and (to a lesser extent) Earth, heart of the Federation, and her mother's home world. But most of her childhood was spent at the edge of the prairie her adoptive-parents had staked a claim on years prior.

It would have been an isolated life save for the fact that the Danvers were both vibrant members of the community, and it was through this that the young Faye was socialized. She was an open going, friendly and engaging child, if a bit forward - like most Betazoid children, she was encouraged by her father to always speak the truth, even if that truth might be offensive (a fact that frustrated her mother, a firm believer that little white lies made the world spin easier). As such, her exposure to non telepaths was... limited, almost exclusively to her mother, as the colony did not see much off world traffic, and Faye only visited Earth twice during her formative years.

Those trips to the home-worlds planted the seeds of restlessness in Faye that would eventually drive her away from Budon colony and into the service of Starfleet, at the onset of the Dominion War.

It was on one such trip back to the Betazoid homeworld that she came to the attention of Lwaxana Troi, Daughter of the Fifth House, Holder of the Sacred Chalice of Rixx, Heir to the Holy Rings of Betazed, and Ambassador to the Federation (as she often reminded everyone). Faye's father, Yolen, had been invited back to take part as a representative of Budon colony in a trade agreement with the Lissepians, whom were looking to branch out into buying up some futures in Betazoid farming colony output.

Needless to say, it was about as dull a conference as the young child had ever suffered through, and her thoughts were so loud that they attracted the attention of the Ambassador, whom, amused, called a recess to the discussions, and then walked right up to where the young Faye had been sitting, sullen in a corner of the room. What followed was Lwaxana, in her vibrant, charming and utterly over the top way, absconding with Faye (with her father in tow) to one of the nearby parks in which the Ambassador enjoyed a quiet afternoon, dutifully explaining to the young girl the importance of what they were trying to accomplish, all while shamelessly flirting with a few of the visiting delegates, and telling Faye of how much she reminded her of her own daughter at that age (At this time, Deanna Troi was already serving as ships counselor on the USS Enterprise-D, and currently exasperated with her mother's efforts to woo her captain).

It wasn't until months after their encounter that Lwaxana learned of another similarity the girl shared with the Troi family. Lwaxana's first daughter, Deeana's older sister, Kresta, also drowned at Lake El'Nar, decades before the death of Faye's birth parents. The impression the young child had made on the Ambassador, and their shared tragedy, cemented what would become something of a mentorship (at a distance) of the younger woman by Lwaxana.

Years later, and with a letter of recommendation from that self same ambassador, Faye joined the ranks of a variety of eager young cadets at Starfleet Academy, all brimming with desire to server the Federation in a time of need. By that point, the Dominion had breached the worm hole and aligned with the Cardassian Union, plunging the Alpha Quadrant into war.

Two months after classes began, the Dominion invaded the Betazed system, conquering the planet in under 10 hours. It would take the better part of the next year to rid them of their foothold, at the cost of millions of lives, and untold scores of damages to the planet - including the destruction of the Troi Estate, the Sacred Chalice of Rixx, and the Holy Rings of Betazed. Bodun colony was too far removed from the home world to be of strategic value to the Dominion, but the planet was cut off from the greater Federation until after the war concluded with the treaty of Bajor. For nearly two years, Faye had no contact whatsoever with her adoptive parents.

As one might expect, the eventual reunion was emotional.

It was in large part to honor the world view she had received from her Ambassadorial sponsor that Faye had opted for the Starfleet Diplomatic Officers Corps as her preferred area of focus, taking the requisite courses in the Academy to gain acceptance to the Graduate School. And she did so, achieving access to a year long series of advanced diplomatic courses, at the Academy Annex on Babel. Upon finishing this extra year, Faye graduated as a rank of Ensign, with the special commendation of Attaché, as a member of the Diplomatic Corps.

From there, she was ferried via long range shuttle to Starbase 364, and a billet on the USS Cortez departing immediately for the Khitomer Colony, where the Federation had sent a delegation to support Martok in the wake of the attempted coup on his Chancellorship. They would then continue to lay the groundwork for the Unity One space station. From there, the Cortez rendezvoused with the USS Theurgy and the USS Titan, en route to Romulus. Given the nature of her work at the Khitomer Colony, Faye was transferred over to the Theurgy to be part of the diplomatic mission there. The Chief Diplomatic Officer on the Theurgy was Lieutenant Commander TharinAlk th'Thane, and she reported to him during the negotiations.

As evidenced by the state of Civil War that the Romulan Empire had fallen into, the ship's mission was not a success, despite the valiant efforts of the crew. It was a bitter setback in Faye's early career, leaving her depressed with the results, like as not from the overwhelming feelings of defeat rolling off the whole Diplomatic department on the ship, as well as the ship's Captain him/herself. Her lack of exposure to large crowds in her early years often led Faye to having difficulty suppressing the thoughts - or more so the emotions - of others, and this fed into her own doubts and sadness from the mission.

By the time they returned to Earth spacedock, Faye was seriously tempted to schedule a session with Lt. Garen Nelis, one of the ship's counselors at the time. Unfortunately, events conspired against Faye, and she never got that session. Instead, the whole ship was suddenly on a mad dash through Federation space, with half the Starfleet on their tails, doing their damnedest to put the Theurgy´s crew into the proverbial ground. And they came shocking close to it, at least in Faye's case.

They had barely broken Earth orbit, and made it to the Jupiter defense perimeter, when the unthinkable happened. The perimeter defense grid, designed to deal with threats coming into the solar system, not out of it, had been altered in secret. By the time the Theurgy blew past Jupiter Station, the automated turret deployments had already acquired the ship's profile. While Thea managed to shoulder the brunt of the attack, the ship still took a pounding. Her aft shields fluctuated at just the wrong moment and a torpedo slipped through, impacting the hull, and blowing a hole in it three decks tall.

Assigned to search and rescue operations during a time of crisis such as this, the Diplomatic department had, as a whole, been gathering together, issuing gear, and preparing to go wherever needed across the dreadnought's many decks. Ironically, it was their divisions main center that got hit by the torpedo burst. Those assigned to come to the aid of others were instead themselves the victims of the attack. And the damage was horrific. Four officers ended up spaced as the hull breached, three more dead from shrapnel before the fires began to flare. Those, blissfully, were brief: fire requires oxygen to burn, and the hull breach sucked the air right out of the chamber. Among the lost were Lieutenant Commander th'Thane

Faye had been caught leaving the room as the impact wave hit, the emergency bulkhead coming down fast and crushing her arm, just above the elbow. She was briefly pinned, before secondary explosions wrenched her from the safety door, slamming her across the hallway, and cracking the back of her skull. She never saw the ruin of what was left of her arm, passing out before she could even turn her head. By the time the rescue crews found her, smoke build up in the corridor had done its damage, and in an effort to save those that could most readily be saved, with what little supplies they had on hand, Dr. Nicander ordered Ens. Eloi-Danvers placed in emergency stasis until such a time would come that they could revive her, and repair the horrific injury she sustained.

In the wake of the betray at Starbase 84, with the Theurgy once more hiding and licking its wounds, friendless (or nearly so) but freshly restocked from its raid on the Black Opal Facility, that time had come...

Personality Profile


Betazoid's were an open, and spirited people, and Faye was just as open as the rest of her culture. True, they respected the boundaries of other civilizations, but Faye was a bright, welcoming soul, who poured herself into every moment with her full heart. She did her best to keep her thoughts out of other people's heads, but often found herself playing off of the emotions of others, mirroring them, perhaps in part because only one of her adoptive parents had been a Betazoid, and her colony world was sparsely populated.

The best word to describe her personality was vibrant.

Physical Profile

Not quite meeting the definition of a petite humanoid, Faye was slender, of average height for a Betazoid woman, with slight curves, and a well fit body. Toned muscles, as much from her childhood on the farm as from continued exercise in Starfleet, suffering slightly after her removal from stasis. One could not even tell that her left arm was fake, given the quality of prosthesis secured from the Black Opal site. Of additional note, there was a small tattoo on her right arm, above the elbow, which bore the stardate that she was adopted, applied with a specialized ink- when scanned by a tricorder or other device, it would translate into a holo of her adoptive parents..

Special Notes

Faye had been outfitted with the most recently available class of prosthetic arm, nearly indistinguishable from the real thing, but learning to use that would be a challenge for her to overcome, upon her removal from stasis. It may very well have turned an otherwise bright and bubbly individual into a far more self conscious version of herself. Mood swings, bouts of crippling depression followed by overabundant enthusiasm seemed likely to ensue.