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Personnel FileT-o2.png
Rank:Lieutenant Junior Grade
Position:Head Nurse
Orientation:  Bisexual
Birthplace:Suraya Bay, Risa
Height:5ft 5in / 1.65m
Weight:110lbs / 50kg
Eye color:Brown
Played by:Natasha Yi
Competitive Pole Dancing
Risian Martial Arts
Working Out
2373-2377: Starfleet Academy, class of 2377.
Service Record
2377 - Ensign, USS Planck
Starfleet Medical 2377-2380
May 2380, Promoted to Lieutenant Grade Junior & Head Nurse, USS Theurgy
January 2381, Forced Into Stasis, USS Theurgy
March 2381, Removed From Stasis, USS Theurgy

Before her death, Jovela was the Head Nurse on the USS Theurgy. She was put in stasis due to the grave injuries she suffered during the Niga Incident, but she was resuscitated in March of 2381 after the Theurgy managed to get access to replacement internal organs at the Black Opal. Jovela aided in the opposition against the parasites that compromised Starfleet Command in the end of the 24th century. She died in April of 2381 when a bomb detonated in the Theurgy´s Spearhead Lounge.

Unfortunately, she was KIA in April of 2381.



Jovela was born to two healthy parents, Jack and Webkee who were distinctly different yet loved each other to distraction. Her mother tended to favor the more sultry, seductive way of life, as was a common tradition on the planet of Risa. Her father, on the other hand, was a firm believer in hard work. Not to say he didn't enjoy sex; but he didn't make it his job, like Jovela's mother strove to do on a day-to-day basis.

In fact, when Jovela was only four years old, her father left home in order to become a Starfleet officer, deciding he would provide for his wife and daughters in a more traditional manner.

Despite the somewhat unorthodox upbringing, Jack and Webkee worked hard and raised Jovela along with her two older sisters, Lucia and Anya as best as they could. In the end, both Lucia and Anya took after their mother, becoming escorts to make money to help with supporting the family.

For a good majority of Jovela's life, it seemed as if she would join her sisters once she reached a ripe, young age. By the time both Lucia and Anya joined Webkee in the "traditional" line of work, Jovela was 14 and only four years away from entering the profession herself. However, one year later an event would happen that would change the direction of Jovela’s life forever.

After taking some shore leave to spend time with his family, Jack would return to active duty and life would continue as normal for several months until the day several members of Starfleet would show up at the family home.

Fearing the worst and expecting to be told that Jack had died in the line of duty, something that was always a possibility despite one not wished for, this would not be the case. Instead they officers asked if they had seen or heard from Jack lately.

The answer was no and while it never struck Webkee as overly odd to not hear from her husband for a month or two, she would later admit that after three months had passed and they’d still not heard from Jack, she should have started asking questions.

"We regret to inform you that Jack has abandoned his post and has officially gone AWOL and as such is now considered a traitor. Should you all see or hear from him, please .... "

Anything that had been said after that wasn't heard by Jovela, the fifteen-year-old having ran up to her room, distraught, depressed and confused at the news. How could this have happened? How could the man she grew up to admire and respect, the same person who taught her virtues like hard-work, honesty, and so much more do such a thing?

No. It couldn't be. These men had to be lying. They just had to be.

It was these exact motives which fuelled Jovela to leave home a year later and join Starfleet Academy herself. She wanted to voluntarily seek him out and speak with the man she wanted to think of as still her father and find out for herself whether she'd heard the harsh truth or lies laced in silk.

Admittedly, even Jovela didn't immediately know what she wanted to focus on while attending the Academy. The answer would arrive in her second year, when she found her favourite classes were related to the medical field. Psychology and Anatomy, in particular, were two of her favourite subjects, which she aced with almost no troubles. Near the end of her third year, Jovela compromised with herself and agreed to go about her mission in a smarter way.

Rather than running off to find her father and risking her life - among many other things - she would allow Fate to bring the truth to her. Whether that would come in an actual encounter in the future, some sort of message, or another means, so be it. But Jovela wouldn't be foolish and seek out what would probably become little more than a horrible, tragic death wish.

It would be during this time that she would first meet Drauc T'Laus, a Romulan who would save her from being violated by a Klingon. The Romulan killed the Klingon, but since diplomatic relations with the Klingon Empire were strenuous, and the legal consequences might not have settled on ‘self-defence’, Jovela helped the man escape and desert Starfleet.

Jovela graduated from Starfleet Medical at the young age of twenty. The long, gruelling hours of study in her later days at the academy paid off in a big way when she was hand-picked from out of a select few graduates for temporary service aboard the soon-to-be-launched Merian-class surveyor, the USS Planck.

On what was supposed to be an easy shakedown voyage to M-Class planet Niburu for the purpose of updated scans on the indigenous primitively pre-warp humanoid inhabitants, Captain Campbell and the crew of the Planck instead arrived to discover that a small party of Ferengi traders had crash landed and were fleeing the angry Niburans under peril of death. A swift, effectual rescue mission beamed the frightened Ferengi aboard and a strategic phaser shot from orbit deftly destroyed any traces of their vessel after which Nurse Jovela had played what she deemed but a small part by bandaging the messy lacerations and puncture wounds of some very rudely mannered patients.

Upon the Planck’s return to Earth, Jovela, now an Ensign was assigned a duty post at Starfleet Medical where she remained until her posting aboard the USS Theurgy. Although she gave the shakedown cruise no real thought in the three years since, little did she know that her impeccable bedside manner and perfectly professional treatment of the foul tempered Ferengi had not gone unnoticed that day nor would her actions remain unrewarded by her superiors in the future. Her patients, it turned out, were relations of the Grand Nagus and because of their rescue by the Planck, the Federation had been particularly successful in negotiating some rather tricky trade agreements but it was her old CO Captain Campbell himself that had recommended her appointment to the Theurgy.

"Ensign Jovela," her former captain had written in his glowing letter of recommendation, "is the kind of officer that every captain would be beyond lucky to have aboard their vessel. While serving aboard the USS Planck, Nurse Assistant Jovela proved that she is expertly skilled and consummately professional, no matter the complexity of circumstance or the difficulty of her patient. Despite trepidation about her family history from certain members of the Admiralty, it is crystal clear to this veteran Starfleet officer that Nurse's Assistant Jovela is completely committed to the service of the Federation and thus I believe belongs aboard its newest vanguard vessel, the USS Theurgy." Though she never felt she deserved such high praise for so simple a service, the letter hung, in the gaudiest looking Latinum-flecked dark blue Risian Arrow-wood frame purchased for her by her extremely proud mother, on the bedroom wall in her quarters.

Immediately upon her posting to the new vessel, she was aboard the Theurgy when the ship was forced to flee Earth in 2380. During the ensuing strife, she earned two promotions at the same time. First to the position of Head Nurse and Second, rising to the rank of Lieutenant Junior Grade.

Shortly after her well-earned promotions, the Theurgy suffered an outbreak in the form of a virus, originating from a plant, of all things, from the planet Niga. It had been her who had the unfortunate luck of finding Lieutenant Gladstone deceased. And in quite the brutal fashion, too.

Poor Lieutenant Gladstone had lost a lot of blood, which easily could have been fixed via a transfusion. Any chances of that happening, however, were completely removed when she found his spine completely rammed out of his neck.

Afterwards, she ended up getting beamed down right on Niga, which resulted in two things. First - and perhaps the most important factor - it allowed her to escape being infected by the virus. On the opposite spectrum, she ended up having a one-night stand with Garen Nelis, whom had also been beamed down with her.

All the while, the Theurgy continued to orbit around the very planet they were on, leaving them effectively stuck on Niga until things calmed down and they were transported back to the ship. If none of this had been bad enough, things were only about to get worse. Jovela would be critically wounded and forced into stasis until such time she could be revived.

Although at first, she would not remember the incident that would put her into stasis, that would change. She would starting have terrifying memories of the sounds of shots being fired, eventually hitting her before everything turned dark. The memory of her near-death experience leaving her shaken to her core.

Eventually Jovela would awake from stasis in sickbay after almost two months had passed. She would no longer be the Head Nurse, instead reporting to an Ovri stranger by the name Hylota Vojona. The ship was about to undertake a mission to Starbase 84, and the crew was mobilising for a mission to spread the truth about Starfleet Command. She was back on her feet in time for the mission, only to see it fail, and the Theurgy had to flee into the Azure Nebula.

It was at this time, during the ship’s repairs, that she would again meet the Romulan Drauc T'Laus for the second time in her life. The very same Romulan that had come aboard the ship during the battle at Starbase 84, and again saved her life. This time, from The Devoted of Morali. She thanked him by keeping his presence a secret to Security.

Before the Savi and the Asurians found the Theurgy in the Azure Nebula, Drauc T'Laus began to train her to defend herself, but after only a couple of training sessions, they were separated when the ship split into three and went in different directions. They were not reunited again until three days later, during which time Jovela had the chance to use her teachings. Klingons had boarded the Theurgy, and she had taken up a phaser and defended her patients, despite her fears she had begun to harbour in regard to such weapons, given her own history with them.

Then again, perhaps her fears had been overcome because of another incident, when she’d learned the true nature of Dr. Lucan cin Nicander, the Chief Medical Officer. For she had been there when it was revealed he was one of the Infested.

Personality Profile

Jovela was an incredibly prideful woman, particularly when it comes to her work and appearance. She was meticulous with her uniform and hair bordering on the point of obsession. Since being shot, she took some comfort in being able to control her appearance. For her being in control was not always an easy thing, and she could slip into moments of playful banter. Compared to her teenage years, however, her sexuality and innuendos had drastically calmed down, allowing her to have kept her position without earning too many scoldings from her superiors.

When Jovela wasn't attempting to shamelessly poke fun or hit on people, she held a very serious but caring and kind demeanor. She especially had a soft spot for children, as Jovela did eventually want to become a mother ... which, admittedly, made the fact she joined Starfleet a tad ironic.

Given all that has happend to her, Jovela had taken solace in her work, she would go the extra mile to treat and care for her patients, often defending their interests with passionate resolve.

Still, Jovela hoped that, eventually, she'd be able to find a person who loved her for who she truly was, rather than assuming she would merely be an easy lay due to her heritage and where Jovela hails from.

Jovela had a special love for non-humanoid animals as well, particularly those that were caged and commodified for pleasure and profit. On Risa, the Lunarian Caracal was highly prized for its companionship but disreputable breeders often turned a tidy profit by selling them to off-world smugglers where they ended up as performers or worse. It was during a visit home for the Lohlunat Festival in 2380 that Ensign Jovela had stumbled upon just such a circumstance and was able to correct it. While walking the beach at night alone, Jovela witnessed a clandestine exchange between a highly regarded Risian Caracal breeder and a viscous Kazon fur trader. The creature in question was obviously quite valuable as their exchange was very heated but by the time the bargain was concluded, Jovela had silently opened the carrier and, under cover of dark, escaped with the tiny caracal cub safely snuggled in a makeshift sling made from her robe.

Although she first feared disclosing where the female cub had come from, Jovela was determined to protect her and so, after all of the proper paperwork was processed, much less problematically with the help of her sister's husband, she was at last able to take, Rhyannen, as she had named the Midnight-colored Caracal, back to San Francisco. As the kitten crew, the bond between the equally traumatized pair grew closer so when her posting to Theurgy was announced, Jovela made it a condition of her accepting the post that Rhyannen accompany her. Whether through simple bureaucratic process or perhaps because of her Captain's insistence upon her approval to the post, she never knew but either way, Rhyannen's approval for placement on the ship went through without a snag. Fate had brought them together and fate, it seemed, would keep them that way.

Jovela came to strive to be the best she can be, her two greatest ambitions being to become a full Doctor and to have a family of her own.

To help her feel stronger and able to defend herself she has been training with Drauc T'Laus in order to be more confident when faced with physical harm. Far from fully recovered emotionally, Jovela had a fear of phaser fire. She began seeing a counselor to help with this, her greatest worry being that if she should would find herself under fire again, she might freeze and someone - or her - could be killed.

Physical Profile


While Jovela was by no means an overly tall female, she was incredibly athletic and agile from years of dedicated training. When it came to fitness, Jovela's greatest love was competitive pole-dancing, a sport for which she proudly held several medals from her teenage years. Even before she could walk, Jovela could vividly remember the sensation of twirling through the air, bound snugly to her mothers chest in a traditional Risian wrap. The core strength and precision skill cultivated by the movement were excellent physical benefits to be sure but what she honestly enjoyed most about it was the adrenaline rush. The truth was that she needn't have ever left Risa to experience the rush of weightlessness or the thrill of rapid velocity when a competitive acrobatic aerialist like her experienced those sensations every day. Thanks to holodeck simulations, Jovela had been able to continue to peruse her athletic passion at Starfleet Academy and later at Starfleet Medical.

Complimenting her athletic passion for dance, Jovela was also a veteran practitioner of traditional Risian martial arts. As time-honored Risian tradition tended toward the axiom of "Make love, not war," the indigenous development of physical combat forms only came about as more species became exposed to their society and thus posed a greater threat. Thusly, the very forms they chose to utilize were based upon other species techniques, borrowed and bent to work better for them. Ultimately, the Risan people created an effectual hybrid grappling system known regionally as Surayan Self Defense that, against most single opponents, was as effective for a featherweight child as for a full grown adult.

Unfortunately, as she discovered during her fight with an ill-fated Klingon in San Francisco and then again with two armed assailants aboard the USS Theurgy, these gentler methods proved grossly insufficient in certain situations. After realizing that adrenaline peaked Klingons and multiple armed opponents were a little too tough for a simple chokehold to subdue, Jovela determined to expand her repertoire and so, the day after the Battle of Starbase 84 she began training, with the aid of a certain mysterious Romulan mercenary, in the much more brutally effective Romulan martial art, Kormerek.

Physically, her upper body, namely the shoulders and arms, showed off hints of lean, lithe muscles; none too large, but certainly not too small either. Yet even with possessing the muscles, Jovela still had a very feminine look to her body.

Her brown-black hair was almost always kept down, in a ponytail, or in the rare braid.

Anyone who knew or remained around Jovela long enough would easily note something that is more constant than her impressive chest. And that came in her hazel eyes, which always shone with life and a sense of hope and resolve, helping display her love for being able to help people out in any form or fashion.

Few factors, if any at all, were ever known to make her expression and glimmer of faith fade away, especially from Jovela's eyes.