Amikris Neotin

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Name:Amikris Noeten
Position:Medicial officer
Orientation:  Heterosexual
Birthplace:USS Celcius
Height:140 cm
Weight:101 lbs
Hair:strawberry blonde, specks of light green and blue spread throughout her hair.
Eye color:light sea green, with specks of dark sea blue and forest green
Played by:Deborah Ann Woll
martial arts
Starfleet Academy/Starfleet Medical, class of 2381.
Service Record
2380-2381: Cadet cruise aboard the USS Theurgy, KIA.

Amikris Noeten was a medicial officer who served aboard the USS Theurgy before she was killed in action in 2381. Before her death Amikris Noeten aided in the opposition against the parasites that compromised Starfleet Command in the end of the 24th century.


Amikris was born aboard the USS Celsius and has spent most of her life aboard Federation ships. The only exception being a six month training period on earth. She has had surprisingly little time around other Ash'reem of her own age and this has lead to considerable frustration for the young Ash'reem. Like most humanoids Amikris was born small, unlike most others though, due to her Ash'reem nature she was born more of a tadpole like creature then a humanoid. She spent the first ten years of her life in her parents room, submerged under the water swimming about when she needed food and only leaving once she learned how to become potty trained. Even then her trips were very short. Over these ten years, her legs slowly moved from her lower rib cage down to the tip of her spine finally merging with the hip bone and becoming true legs.

It was around this time that Amikris began her official education, under her mom's guidance. Despite her mom's attempts to imbue the young Ash'reem with her love of science, she found that her daughter was more drawn toward medicine and the physical activities of swimming, and gymnastics. Over the next seventeen years she developed both as an individual and as a potential recruit for the Starfleet. Five years ago she joined Starfleet Academy and spent most of her time training to be a medic and doctor. Her natural understanding of organic chemistry and pheromones helped her immensely in some of the more difficult courses. When a position aboard the Theurgy came up she applied last year in an attempt to be reunited with her parents.

During her time aboard the Theurgy Amikris became the paramour of Sarresh Morali. She died on the surface of Theta Eridani IV during the USS Calamity’s second attack. She had been diving in the farthest area of the springs after her night shift and failed to hear the battle's commencement. When she did surface, she had not managed to get away in time. The volcano's groundwater system had been set to boil by the eruptions and caught her in her flight from the area. The ashen rain then turned the water acidic, and despite Sarresh Morali's attempt to save her, he was too late - her injuries already fatal.

Personality Profile

During her time aboard the Theurgy Amikris was addicted to an anti-depressant that she was given during her two years away from her parents. Her superior officer at her last posting didn't understand the communal nature of Ash'reem biology, or their susceptibility to anti-depressant drugs. Even though she officially lived with her parents, she kept a single room for herself a short ways away, wherein she kept her medications. On the outside she appeared friendly and clever, inwardly she was suffering an assortment of biochemical imbalances her willpower is kept in check.

Physical Profile

Amikris was a short slender woman who appeared childlike and underdeveloped to human eyes. Her greenish blue skin, full lips and large eyes were typical of her species.