Taylor Lucas

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Personnel FileW-o4.png
Name:Taylor Sashenka Lucas
Rank:Lieutenant Commander
Position:Squadron Commanding Officer
Orientation:  Heterosexual
Birthplace:Earth, Sol System
Weight:187 lbs
Eye color:Blue
Played by:Corin Nemec
Military history tactics and technology (19th century mainly)
Starfleet Academy, class of 2366.
Service Record
2377: Assigned to the USS James Kirk. as squadron commander

2378: Assigned to USS Theurgy as squadron commander.
2380: Declared a renegade with the rest of the Theurgy.

2381: Critically wounded, placed in cryostasis, and relieved of duty.

Taylor Sashenka "Iceman" Lucas was Squadron Commanding Officer on the USS Theurgy before he was put in stasis. He aided in the opposition against the parasites that compromised Starfleet Command in the end of the 24th century. Lucas was put in stasis after sustaining fatal injury, and may be treated once the USS Theurgy can get the medical assistance required.


Born on Earth in the city of Edinburgh, Scotland to Doctors Gareth and Laura Lucas, Taylor was always in peak physical and had a strong immune system as a child. Living the care-free life Taylor never wanted for anything and as a result he turned into a rather spoilt child, always looking to get his own way. Studying in Cairo at one of the Federation's most prestigious centres of learning. While he attained some of the highest grades Taylor was known throughout his childhood as a daydreamer, constantly looking at the horizon to what could happen rather than what was currently happening.

When deciding to join Starfleet as a fight pilot his father flew into a rage. Taylor had the qualifications and intelligence to pick any career within Starfleet and his father had big plans for his son. Instead he cut him off from home and Taylor found the brutal training difficult but managed to hold his own, even leaving training with the rank of Ensign but the prospect of a rapid promotion to Lieutenant Junior Grade due to displayed leadership skills as well as a tenacity for doing what it takes to win. Taylor spent his younger years doing as most pilots do; enjoy themselves. He was always getting into trouble with security, romance with women around the quadrant and acting like young men did.

The Dominion War wasn't like any other type of conflict Taylor had encountered. Pirate bands were cowards and easy but the Dominion were different in so many ways. In a war where the life span of a pilot shank the more the war dragged on Taylor found the pressure so much that the happy-go-lucky pilot began to withdraw into himself so much that a shadow remained. Though that didn't mean his piloting skills diminished, it just made it harder to spend time with people off duty.

Now he's looking to let the past go and move on. It's 2381 and he's been wounded helping the crew escape from their ill-fated capture attempt. Bitter over the loss of his pilots and the current situation, how will the ship's resident cold shoulder handle the crew when they're all he has?

Personality Profile

Taylor is as blunt as they come as he is a firm believer of holding back words which usually rubs people the wrong way or gets him into trouble. Intelligent and direct he can be somewhat hard to deal with in a personal situation. He is also against any 'lone wolf' mentality believing it to be the philosophy of fools and idiots but will usually risk his own life for the cake of a crew member. Loyalty is a big deal for the pilot and he expects it in turn.

Deep down, and sometimes on the surface, he has compassion and understanding of other people's feelings not to mention being rather romantic. Never cruel Taylor doesn't shy away from offering help, often at his own cost. He isn't one for pomp and ceremony in fact Taylor just wants to get the job done then sleep off the effects of a mission. This results in a more casual and laid back atmosphere when off duty when he's around with other pilots. On duty he's professional, clinical and above all; lethal.

Respect and trust from him are hard earned, even more so from those who expect it from the get-go. Still he has patience for young and inexperienced crew mates, even as going as far as running training simulations with them. On the other hand he doesn't suffer fools gladly. He is the scourge of Chief Medical Officers around Starfleet, often throwing himself into harms way all-too eagerly. Some have commented the self-destruct nature of Taylor's risk taking. Even when wounded badly he refuses himself any ounce of medical attention unless sedated, ordered to by a superior officer or rendered unconscious.

Physical Profile

To most he looks like the typical, average human being. Taylor's physical appearance while slightly muscular is nothing spectacular mirroring his mind set. Rather than use pure brute strength he has a tacticians mind when it comes to both operations and personal combat. He has no scars owing to the fact medical technology has taken away them away, he does however have tattoos of the various units he has served in. They are located on his right bicep.

55th Fighter Wing "Raptors"
3rd Strike Wing "The Chosen"

When in the cockpit he wears an upgraded fight suit, in a cosmetic sense. His armour is actually an older model but prefers to wear it for sentimental purposes. It has a number of illustrations on it, usually with some type of signification meaning. Centre Chest-Red Lion Rampant on the Saltire background-His Scottish birth and 'nationality'. Left Shoulder Pad-Jezel, Natalie, Michala and Hatail-Names of women he's had a relationship with but it failed either due to deployment issues, a lack of faith from the woman or simply 'because they were too crazy too often'. Right Shoulder Pad- Scantily clad orion woman in a 'pin up' position with the words 'Fly me to Cloud Nine' underneath-A statement of sexual challenge and a play on words for him being a pilot.