Erev-Sae-Reyanad Xan (Stasis)

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Personnel FileR-o3.png
Name:Erev-Sae-Reyanad Xan
Position:Intelligence Officer
Species:Efrosian-Klingon Hybrid
Orientation:  Bisexual
Birthplace:Reyanad Xan, Efros
Height:1.98m (6’6”)
Weight:120 kg (264 lbs.)
Eye color:Blue
Played by:Lasse Matberg
Cooking and baking
Hikes through mountains
-Starfleet Academy, class of 2372
Service Record
2372-2373: USS Kearsarge, NCC-57566
2373-2375: Starfleet Intelligence operative
2375: Temporary leave of absence
2376-2381: USS Sanders, NCC-61822
2381-Present: USS Theurgy

Lieutenant Erev-Sae-Reyanad Xan was a Starfleet Intelligence operative covertly assigned to the USS Theurgy in 2381. He aided in the opposition against the parasites that compromised Starfleet Command in the end of the 24th century.


Stardate 30488.54

City of Reyanad Xan, Efros

Snow drifted down from the dusk sky and onto the face of a young child, still swaddled in the woven blanket in which he was born. A mother held him in her arms, but she was not the boy’s mother. Two others flanked her as they approached an aged wooden door, painted blue like the summer sky.

A knock, and the door creaked open. “Yes? It’s getting late, who’s there?” came a voice from inside. “Rite-mistresses, from the nearby creche. We have brought a newborn babe.” came the response from the three outside.

The door to the house opened fully to reveal the warm interior. “Oh my, come in, come in, where did you find this child?” asked the woman in the dwelling. The three shaman-priestesses glanced at each other. “The child was not found, he is Sae’s. She has passed with honor not long ago and no longer breathes. We have chosen you to raise this child, Ayai.”

The owner of the house, Ayai, looked in astonishment at the swaddled infant, for although infant as he was, the child was enormous. It was no wonder that Sae had died in childbirth. “By the spirits, he has only just been born yet he has already grown so large?”

The priestess to the right of the child spoke. “Yes… It appears that the father was not of Efros- he was a Klingon. Sae’s blood is evident just by looking at him, but his father’s blood courses through him as well, growing him big and strong.”

Ayai shook her head. “So Sae reached too high and it has claimed her… She died valiantly, and she was a good friend to me though.” Ayai looked at the priestesses and reached out to receive the infant. “I shall care for her son. What, may I ask, is his name?” “We do not know. We think that you should name him.”

“Very well.” replied Ayai. “Erev then. Erev-Sae-Reyanad Xan will be his name.”

Stardate 35704.77

City of Reyanad Xan, Efros

“Can’t catch me!” came a laugh, as a young efrosian boy ran through a yard before the blue-painted door. Erev chased the boy, a smile across his face, as he barrelled towards his brother. Erev’s heart pounded in his ears, his pulse raced, he felt as if he was born for this, born to race and run and move. His brother was no match, and although the distance between them closed rapidly, those seconds were eternities to Erev.

Just as suddenly, they crashed together, and Erev felt his arms wrap around his brother as they collided. There was a snap, a crunch, a shriek, but not from Erev. No, this came from his brother. This noise had come from Nallam.

Erev barely noticed, he sat up with a wide grin, as his breath came out in pants. But wait, Nallam’s arm was bent the wrong way, and he was not laughing he was screaming and wailing, and- oh no. Erev’s grin disappeared and he rushed to Nallam;s side, but Nallam yelled and moved away.

The blue-painted door opened and Ayai rushed out and to Nallam, who accepted her embrace and cried into her shoulder. Ayai faced Erev. “What happened?” she demanded. “We- we were just playing…” said Erev, stunned and quiet. He stared at the ground, he didn’t want to look up, he couldn’t look up. “I… I didn’t mean it…”

Stardate 45712.52

Nayin Village, Efros

“I can’t stay here.” said Erev. He sat up, a pelt blanket across his legs. Light from the twin moons streamed in through the window. It was placid out in the countryside, none of the insanity of the port cities, rather just humble folk practicing the old ways. But that was not his concern tonight.

A figure sat up next to him, bare as he was, and she replied. “Hm? What do you mean? You can’t come out here to the village as often?”

Erev sighed. “You know what I mean, Suya. I can’t stay here, on Efros, on this planet. Three shopkeepers have refused me this past cycle, saying they thought I was a foreigner when I am clearly of this world. Though, I suppose I am obvious in a crowd.”

Suya wrapped her arms around Erev’s midsection. “Erev, please don’t go. Your heart is of the spirits and of Efros, not of the Klingon who is your father. You are foremost of your mother’s blood, I know this well.”

“We both know that I’ll never fit in.” Erev hung his head. “I am either rejected because I’m clearly a half-breed, or I’m some exotic prize for someone to couple with.” He reached his arm around Suya’s shoulders. “You are the only one I feel like I’ve really formed a bond with here. You, Suya, are truly wonderful. I have always come out here and helped you when you needed it, or when you wanted a child, but I am afraid that once I have to seek my fortune around other stars.”

Suya nodded. “Okay… I understand.” She held Erev tight. “If you ever return home, you know where to find me.”

Stardate 50374.37

Mars Orbit, Sol System

“I don’t need to tell you important this is, do I?” asked a figure facing out towards an orbital vista of a rust-red planet.

“No sir.” Erev replied.

The figure turned around and sat back down at his desk. “The klingons hit us hard during the conflict, even if only for a year in the Arcanis Sector. And now…” He sighed. “Relations with the Dominion have been rapidly declining, and their alliance with the Cardassian Union has only worsened matters. We need new allies now, more than ever.”

Erev solemnly glanced down at his PADD and opened up his briefing data. “And you believe that this assignment will help convince Aaamazzara to join the Federation?” he asked. Then, after a pause, “Permission to speak freely sir?”

“Granted.” replied the figure.

“The aaamazzarite government has sought independent control over its rubindium and dilithium deposits- even their platinum mines. I understand that their head of state has been voiced considering Federation member status, but how is a tour of the core planets going to change her mind?” Erev asked, while he studied the files before him.

The figure at the desk set his jaw and hesitated before responding. “The landscape in the Alpha Quadrant is changing. No matter how you spin it, war is coming, and we need to prepare. We need the aaamazzarite’s resources, and they need our protection from the Dominion... In short, the aaamazzarite head of state seeks to inspect our core worlds to help finalize her decision.”

Erev nodded silently. “I understand.” In these uncertain times… Erev thought of the changelings. Liquid that could take any form… Like the spirits of shapeless air and dark water from the stories of his homeworld… A terrifying thought.

Stardate 51356.53

Orion Trading Ship Seuniria

A large man lounged upon a pristine white table. Above him hung a UV light, and surrounding his barely-clothed form were beautiful beds of exotic flowers and colored moss. The man’s skin was bright green, flushed with chlorophyll.

“Our deal with Daitov went so well, it tickles me with satisfaction. That fool doesn’t even know that the Syndicate is on to him. If our next deal goes well, I may even see my concubines again today. Tell me,” said the man towards his bodyguard standing resolute nearby. “When is our contact arriving?”

Erev, known currently as Sarron, a bodyguard, did not break his attention as he replied. “I believe they shall arrive in five arns, sir.”

“Good! Excellent. I have many wonderful things to show him. Is the ah... cargo ready?” Asked the green man as he sat up and pulled his towel tight around him.

“Yes sir, four thousand kilograms of yridium bicantizine, five cargo containers of high-grade disruptors, and one cargo container of verterium cortenide.” Replied Erev/Sarron.

“Excellent.” beamed the green man. “Well, I see no reason for you to stick around, Kenga can take your place while you make preparations for the vorta’s arrival.”

Erev/Sarron bowed and left the room. He strode down the corridors of the ship, and as he rounded the corner he checked to see if anyone was nearby before crawling into a maintenance tube. Three minutes of inching through the tube brought him to the subspace transceiver root. Erev’s bulky arm reached out and grabbed the attached panel, and began to type a message.


A pause, Erev sat still as a tiger about to pounce. the heat in the tube began to produce beads of sweat.

A response came soon enough.


Erev grunted, closed the message, and deleted the logs with his usual procedure, then slowly inched his way out of the tube. There was a shuttle to prepare. If the Orion Syndicate thought they could smuggle support to the Dominion then they had underestimated their enemies.

Stardate 52359.21

USS Kearsarge, Second Battle of Chin'Toka

Before Erev heard the alarm, he heard the ringing in his skull. The world was blurred around him, he saw embers and orange glow, he saw shadows everywhere else. His throat burned from smoke. His vision and ears cleared and the sound of blaring red alert rang out alongside cries for assistance and orders. Erev hoisted himself, and fell again with a yell of pain. His arm was bent the wrong way.

“There’s someone alive in there!” came a shout from the other side of the room’s door. It was ajar, held open by a fallen duranium girder.

But a flash of blue appeared, and the heat and smoke was replaced by chilled air and white mist illuminated by the azure light of the transporter beam. Erev knew who these were. He had read the reports. As his suspicions were confirmed by the green sensor eye and garbled electronic voice, a chill that did not come from the sudden cold ran down his spine.

Breen. Three of them. Boarding party.

Erev knew they could already detect him, there was no point in hiding his pain. His voice roared hoarse from agony as he lifted himself up. He grabbed a bar in his hand and stumbled. As the three Breen regarded him with their cold and expressionless masks, a trio of orange phaser bolts streamed into the room and ripped through the Breen. One turned, and had its mask disintegrated off by the deadly bolt. A team of security officers who had heard him was now lifting the girder and making their way inside.

“Are you okay?” the lead officer asked.

Erev nodded, and gratefully accepted the help from the other two as they helped carry him out of the room. Just before he did he tried to steal a look at the maskless Breen, see if he could tell some features. Its face had been burned off, just a charred mess.

“What happened?” He asked.

The lead security officer checked around a corner. “We have no idea.” He answered. “Breen showed up from around one of Chin’Toka’s moons and hit us with some kind of weapon we’ve never seen before. One minute we had a power grid, the next… it’s a miracle we still have gravity and oxygen.”

The trio continued their way through the ship as explosions rocked the vessel. They reached an escape pod, and Erev was strapped in by the others. “What about the rest of the fleet? Will they be picking us up?”

The officers exchanged looks. “There is no fleet. They’ve all been destroyed.”

Stardate 55660.96

Alnitak System

The green, rounded hull of an Orion freighter slipped through the void. Although they had only just left the local Federation port, the vastness of space had reduced even this system’s sun to a pinprick at most. The woman at the helm sat back and gazed at the stars, accompanied only by the intermittent buzz of comm chatter and errant signals.

Suddenly, a direct hail began beeping its alert on the helm console. The woman at the helm startles and listened to the transmission.

“This is the Federation starship Sanders to unidentified Orion Free Trader merchant vessel, please cut your engines and prepare for inspection.”

The woman sighed and set the impulse engines to full stop. On her screen, a Federation Saber-class steadily approached within transporter range. Another one of these damned starships rooting around in her cargo. Best get it over with.

Before long a security team had beamed over, and ran over the entire ship with tricorders. And… curiously, a medical team. When the arduous process was complete, the Federation personnel returned to their beam-out coordinates, thanked the orion woman, and beamed back to the Sanders. When they had materialized, the team leader stepped off the pad and looked towards the officer’s greeting him. He shook his head.

“I see.” replied Erev, behind the transporter chief. “Well, this one’s clear then, good to know.”

The teams departed the transporter room and Erev pulled out his PADD. The lieutenant to Erev’s left yawned. “Well.” She said, “I do believe my shift is over. You can handle it from here, eh Erev? If you spot any slavers just give me a ring, eh?” She gave a wink and patted Erev’s arm before walking out the door.

Erev smiled at the lieutenant as she left.

“You know, I always felt like intelligence was more glamorous, but I see now it’s kinda boring eh sir?” The transporter chief said with a smile.

“Ha!” Erev laughed, “I much prefer this honestly, too much action during the war for my taste. This level of excitement is a much nicer change if you ask me.”

Stardate 57556.42

Undisclosed Location

“You understand what you must do, Lieutenant?”

“Yes sir.”

“I shouldn’t have to remind you how important this mission is.”

“I understand sir.”

“Good. Stand by for destination coordinates, you will find the ship there.”

Personality Profile


Erev knew from an early age that he was capable of great harm. His mother, Sae, died bearing him in childbirth, and he inadvertently injured several children of his age. Erev felt his klingon blood coursing through him and the instincts they brought, but these, combined with how easily he could hurt others, had manifested as a strong protective instinct. While Erev was certainly capable of aggression, he had worked hard to control his feelings, especially given his intelligence career. In his own way, Erev felt that his work helped protect the entire Federation as a whole. In his normal lifestyle he would typically try to make sure that people were feeling better if upset or unhappy. Consequently there were two children of his on Efros, though as per efrosian values he had only had limited contact with them.

Despite working hard to control his klingon instincts, Erev could still become angry, and if antagonized enough he could boil over. Erev hated this side of him, saw it as a bit of a curse. He tried to take this out on weights and exercise and such, but on rare occasions this had not been an option. This, as well as his upbringing on Efros, had lead to Erev seeing himself as an outsider almost everywhere. He felt he was of Efros but had never truly been treated as an efrosian by his community. Erev essentially viewed himself as somewhat of a mistake, something that prompted him to leave Efros in the first place. The anonymity that covert work brought was, in a way, welcoming to him. Erev's two children on Efros were also a source of some pain to him, as due to efrosian gender roles he was not allowed to raise them much. One of the things he wanted most was to be an actual father, and not restricted to a watcher from afar.

Furthermore, Erev never felt like he completely belonged to his community when growing up on Efros. He always stuck out in a crowd and he was never seen as the true efrosian he identified himself to be. His own self-image had been that of an outsider on his own world, never really belonging. In a way, it seemed almost ironic that his chosen career involved him fitting into other places. By that same token, the insular nature of efrosian society had allowed Erev to become adept at concealing information, particularly good at keeping information to himself, reading people, and double-speaking when necessary.

Physical Profile

Despite having an Efrosian mother, Erev was a goliath. From an exterior point of view he looked very efrosian, were it not for the fact that the tallest efrosian only comes up to Erev’s chest. He more or less resembles an Efrosian who was oversized in every respect. Further, his back possesses a series of upward-pointing spines typical of a klingon. Other than that, Erev’s hair was darker than the typical efrosian white, resembling a more blonde color. All of his other physiological differences were internal, with a lesser version of the typical klingon redundancies and resistances. Compared to a normal klingon he was not as strong or resilient, but his efrosian blood did help mitigate the usual klingon environmental vulnerabilities.

Having been raised on Efros, Erev took great pride in grooming his long hair and full beard. Additionally his large efrosian stomach saw him consuming frightening amounts of food, and he gave off quite a bit of body heat compared to either human or klingon. Erev had rigorously trained his body, making him not only physically tall, but quite strong as well, something he perhaps enjoyed showing off a bit too much when not on duty or on a mission.