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Rank:Chief Petty Officer
Position:Head of Fighter Weapons & Ordinance
Orientation:  Heterosexual
Eye color:Yellow
Played by:Dee Bradley Baker (voice)
Ellen McLain (translator voice)
Writer:Formerly: jreeves1701
Working Out
Cultural Learning
(Things like art, music and writing of other worlds fascinate Sithick, as a slave he has lost much of his own culture but as a member of the Federation he has been gifted with access to a database of hundreds of worlds, which he uses often.)
????-????: CLASSIFIED, Yoshitoni Institute
2374-2375: NCO Training, USS El Dorado
Service Record
2371-2374: Jeghpu'wI, IKS Roc’Tar

2374-2375: Creman Recruit, USS El Dorado
2375-2375: Crewman 2nd Class, Black Opal
2375-2376: Crewman 1st Class, Black Opal
2376-2377: Petty Officer 3rd Class, Black Opal
2377-2380: Petty Officer 2nd Class, Black Opal
2380-2381: Petty Officer 1st Class, Black Opal
2381-2381: Petty Officer 1st Class, USS Theurgy

2381-Present: Chief Petty Officer, USS Theurgy

Sithick was a Weapons Technician on the USS Theurgy in 2381. Sithick came aboard together with the rest of the personnel were commissioned on the Black Opal before its destruction, and he aided in the opposition against the parasites that compromised Starfleet Command in the end of the 24th century.


Early Years

In 2352, Sithick was among a clutch of Gorn eggs stolen from a renegade Gorn pirate named Zephiathon Malar. Taken from their nest at his base on Gornar, the eggs were auctioned off at an Orion auction house on Verex III. There they were purchased by an aspiring Orion Syndicate leader named Krist Mor with a plan to raise a personal cadre of mercenaries, assassins, and bounty hunters using one of the most powerful species in the quadrant to do so. Syndicate slavers did a lot of trading when it came to Gorn eggs. Not only were they delicacies in certain sectors, but they also bred quickly and were durable beyond measure which meant they made great soldiers. Mor had no intention of eating his purchase, he was prepared to make a fortune with an elite force of warriors.

Mor took the clutch of eggs to a highly secretive training installation somewhere in the Kellinan Reach located above the rimward portion of Federation space. There his Gorn brood hatched and was trained as mercenaries, assassins, and bounty hunters. As such Sithick found himself and his brood mates sold out from one conflict to the next. The frontier sectors near the Badlands always had its fair share of conflicts with the Federation, Klingon, and other powers alike.

Syndicate Years

From 2354 to 2364, the Orion Syndicate invested in covertly controlling the Treva Sector. Sithick and his brood were sent there on assignment after assignment to enforce the will of the Syndicate. Often all that could be found of their marks were rended bodies and forced entry. Rumors spread that a malevolent entity was responsible for the numerous murders across many worlds.

In 2366, Sithick and his brood were hired by the Orion pirate Bardeck Gorales, who himself was hired by the Duras Sisters, Lursa and B'Etor, to help them fight in the Klingon Civil War. Toward the end of the war, Gorales and the Gorn get into a battle with a group of Klingons loyal to Chancellor Gowron. Following the fight, most of Sithick’s brood mates are either captured or killed. Sithick however, manages to escape with Gorales aboard an old D-12 Bird of Prey stolen from the House of Duras. Retreating from the Klingon Empire, Gorales and Sithick escape to the remote Altanis Idrilon System in the Draconis Outback. There they discover a long-abandoned Klingon station and hide out from Federation and Klingon authorities… as well as the Orion Syndicate.

Renegade Years

The Duras Sisters would eventually track down Gorales and their missing Bird of Prey. The sisters demanded Gorales’ return the vessel with interest, as he had broken their mercenary contract. When Gorales refuses B’Etor threatens to kill him but Lursa interjects that there are other ways in which Orion males could pay their debts.

Unsatisfied with the Orion trist. The sisters take Sithick as compensation instead. Perhaps the giant green lizard would make a better lover than the sweaty green Orion. They transport the Sithick to a renegade Klingon base on Halee II. There he was forced to work to repair their outdated ships. The Klingons would often force Sithick into fights and gladiatorial competitions. It didn’t matter how many warriors he sent to the medical bay, the Klingon thirst to challenge themselves by fighting a Gorn seemed endless.

“Overlook these worthless peTaQ’s excessive desire to be greater than the legendary qIrq. They foolishly believe that if they can beat a Gorn, then they are greater warriors than he who bested the Dahar Master Kor”

HoD Korris, Klingon Renegade Captain of the IKS Roc’Tar

Sithick was a little under 19 when his life changed forever. During a fateful contest in 2371, Sithick snapped the neck of a Klingon engineering officer clean around. The Klingon’s commander, Korris smiled and joked that his engineering officer was a pujwI’qoH not worthy enough to scrub the waste compartments on his ship, that a far greater warrior for the task just presented himself.

It was on Korris’ outdated Klingon bird of prey that Sithick found his true purpose. The ship was constantly in need of maintenance and when he was traded to its commander Sithick jumped at the chance to do something other than killing for once. The Klingons, for the most part, ignored him. In their eyes, he was nothing more than Korris’ straav pet. To Korris, Sithick was more. He taught Sithick about what it meant to be a Klingon and serve the Empire. Sithick did all he could to serve.

Eventually, he managed to make his way into the Empire itself winning what counted as his freedom. Even if it was just a low position as a jeghpu’wI mechanic, Sithick had something he could cling to. The Klingons still treated him as little more than a slave, but for the first time in his life, he didn’t have to regard himself as one.

The Dominion Years

When the Dominion War started to stir, Sithick was still serving aboard the outdated ship of Korris. No longer a band of renegades, Korris and his crew were welcomed back into the fleet to help win victory and glory for the Empire.

The ship he was serving on, the I.K.S. Roc’Tar was badly damaged during a battle with the Dominion and was crippled beyond repair. Klingons rarely abandoned ship but Birds of Prey did possess escape pods. Sithick was just close enough to one to manage to get to it. As the ship exploded, he was shot into the silent void of space. His pod clipped the ship on its way out and was damaged. Leaking power, he didn’t have the ability to sustain both life support and a distress beacon, so he chose the latter. Shutting down the oxygen and heat of his pod he allowed himself to be frozen and fall into a deep sleep.

When he awoke it was on the Federation ship U.S.S. El Dorado. They had won the battle and the Federation had been the one to search for survivors. The El Dorado was damaged, unable to reach a stable warp over 2.4. As such it would take them months to reach a starbase where Sithick could be transferred back to the Klingons. Sithick offered his assistance to help the engineering team with repairing the ship and after much scrutiny and a few meetings with the ship’s counselor, he was allowed to assist. Sithick worked hard to serve the Chief Engineer of the El Dorado as he had his Klingon masters. Upon the engineer’s recommendation, the Captain granted the Gorn the opportunity to undergo NCO training aboard the U.S.S. El Dorado and a replicated uniform. Normally, Sithick would not have worn more than patchwork pants, but he was told that if he wanted to work aboard a Starfleet vessel, he would at least try to look the part.

Over the months he became familiar with both the Federation chain of command and the systems aboard the ship. It wasn’t without its fair share of missed steps since he was the first of his kind to join, there was plenty of broken equipment and misunderstandings including accidentally destroying some gym equipment after attempting to use too much weight. At first, he had to use a universal translator just to understand the humans but as his NCO training continued, he learned to recognize duty-related terms, and back when he had been a slave, having to take his orders from various masters made it so that eventually he could understand them on his own, and even attempt to vocalize the language. His pronunciation without the translator was slow, guttural, and raspy. He had a hard time with hard consonants, but he proved that he was honest at every turn. While he had a limited vocabulary he had always managed to perform his duties as an engineer and kept a universal translator close at hand just in case he needed to have a more in-depth conversation.

Federation Years

When the El Dorado arrived at the Black Opal, the ship’s actual destination, Sithick did something that would stun the majority of the people in his life from that day to the last. He asked if he could stay within the Federation. He saw something in Starfleet that he had never had the chance to have before, respect.

The ideals of the Federation were nondiscriminatory and after the Dominion War, the Federation wanted every ally possible. He knew he would probably never receive a bridge commission but Sithick was always honest, always open, and always oddly eager to serve, even if he was a slow lumbering monster by most people’s accounts. In the Federation, he could be a part of something important wherein the Badlands and the Empire he would just die on some battlefield.

Lieutenant Commander Jennifer Dewitt and the senior staff at the Black Opal eventually decided to acquiesce the request of the Gorn technician on the basis that he had been introduced to Starfleet training on the USS El Dorado, and that they had the time and possibility to complete his training to become a crewman, the lowest NCO rank. His superior officers were T’sebl Felr and the two Cadets Vitaly Stanimir and Zhong Wu, who often avoided interacting with Sithick directly. While his work stood up to scrutiny it did take a long time for Black Opal to adjust to something as unique as a Gorn among them.

Eventually, given time, Sithick found a place for himself among the engineering staff, even becoming 'friends' with one or two of them. As he worked on helping the Black Opal build new weapons he found that he was in love with his Job. The Black Opal became the first real home he ever had, and he began to regard the asteroid base as his territory, those among its crew became his family even they would never regard him as such. So when the Theurgy attacked it was conflicting for Sithick. It felt wrong to attack anyone wearing a Federation uniform even if they had weapons on stun, and despite his actions as a child soldier, he found himself holding back and attempting not to be noticed when they breached the engineering areas of the Black Opal. He helped a few of his fellow team members try to fend off the invaders but mostly stayed out of the fight till they were ordered to stand down.

When the Romulans came, however, that feeling of obligation to the Federation went out of the window. Suddenly his territory was under attack by a threat he knew could strike back against. When a Romulan killed one of his friends, Sithick moved on him. Considering the location of Gornar was on the other side of Federation space, you could imagine the Romulans' surprise as he was suddenly picked up by a creature he had never seen before. Hoisted into the air by what was best described as an angry reptilian monster who would have been more at home in an old holographic horror novel than wearing a Starfleet uniform. Sithick tore him in half with his claws. It was a reminder that he would not allow people to attack his territory undefended and an action that brought Sithick back to his more barbaric years as a child soldier.

When Sithick was beamed aboard the Theurgy from the Black Opal and forced to watch his home of almost three years be destroyed the reptile wanted to cry. It had been on that base that he had made his first friends, that he had worked hard and earned his first promotion. He had been at home in that place, and he felt more vulnerable as he had to come to terms working alongside yet another crew who would take time to adjust to him being among them.

Personality Profile


Sithick was intimidating to work with. Always Quick to speak his mind, he was blunt and obtrusive. Most have considered him a square peg forcefully shoved into a round hole. His voice was low tuned, and almost guttural when he spoke. He would not tone down any part of himself just so others felt more comfortable, which had meant he had often been alone. He did not shy away from a fight for a good cause and could easily be seen as aggressive, and brutish in nature. He was somewhat territorial as it is his nature but had never unlawfully hurt a member of a Starfleet crew.

Many people would have preconceptions working Sithick, but he remained very open when it came to questions about his story, his race, and his culture, at least what little he remembers of them. He had a deep respect for the chain of command and was no stranger to taking orders. He did not view the Federation as weak like many of the others who reside in or around the empire, but rather viewed it with a deep respect considering that a Starfleet captain saved his life, and gave him a chance to be something different.

Most thought that the Gorn were a dumb, slow race, and while Sithick wasn't fast he was not dumb. The male had spent his entire life working on starships and puzzles, he was experienced in making creative solutions to keep a starship afloat due to working on old birds of prey that belonged to less on a battlefield and more in a museum. Compared to his last job Federation technology was almost easy to work with, everything was streamlined and here were tutorial PADD's describing repairs on almost everything that could go wrong instead of being held together by 23rd-century duct tape and black magic sacrifices as was the joke of the Klingon Empire.

As a lover all information was unknown. Sithick never had a woman advance on him within Federation space, and Understood that any approach he made would probably be unwanted.

Physical Profile

Sithick was a 7'3 tall reptilian. He had claws that consisted of three long fingers and one thumb, and his feet were much the same. There was no type of shoe designed that his claws wouldn't rip through so often his steps were preceded with a ticking noise of his bare claws tapping against the metal ground. He was a slow creature because he had to treat everything with a type of care and gentleness. He had broken enough Federation technology to have learned to treat everything with great restraint.


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