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The following is a list of named non-player characters who served in the Tactical Department during the USS Theurgy’s battles against a corrupt and compromised Starfleet.

Lt Cmdr. Augarath Thenaljpar
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† Lieutenant Commander Augarath Thenaljpar

Lieutenant Commander Augarath Thenaljpar was the Theurgy’s Chief Tactical Officer before his untimely death in January of 2381.

After fleeing Starfleet, the Theurgy was followed by a trio of ships, the Defiant-class USS San Paulo, the Intrepid-class USS Bellerophon and the Rigel-class USS Akagi. During the battle, Augarath Thenaljpar was seriously injured and later died. He was replaced by his subordinate Lieutenant Evoras. He was noteworthy for being the first Naussican to graduate from Starfleet Academy and serve in Starfleet.

Lieutenant Carson

Lieutenant Carson
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Lieutenant Carson was the torpedo section officer serving aboard the USS Theurgy in 2381. He is considered old for his rank, having held it for 18 years at this time as a result of his marginal leadership abilities and utter lack of aptitude as a Bridge Tactical Officer, let alone the potential to be effectively employed as CTO, or even A/CTO. Carson protested Commander Carrigan Trent’s decision to promote Petty Officer First Class Jonas Arisaka to a bridge position prior the raid on Starbase 84, but unlike Arisaka Carson did not hold a current nor recent Bridge Tactical Certification. Furthermore, he is universally disliked by the personnel in his section and in the Tactical department at large due to his poor attitude.

However, he is an expert with torpedo systems and had a hand in the design of the pod systems. However, instead of sharing his experience and knowledge he prefers hoarding it for himself as to make himself utterly indispensable and to maintain his sense of importance to the ship.

Due to his lack of professionalism, falsification of records, lack of leadership aptitudes and blatant disrespect for procedures and lawful orders given to him, he has been removed from his post as torpedo section officer.

Lieutenant Masuda Yukimura

Lt. Masuda Yukimura

Lieutenant Masuda Yukimura was the tactical officer of Black Opal Station and the station’s exceutive officer as well. Described as a soft spoken yet still commanding man, he was far less intimating than his commanding officer Jennifer Dewitt, but to her lasting chagrin, his word was taken a bit more seriously by the personnel at Black Opal. Yukimura quickly advocated surrender once the Theurgy’s boarding parties beamed aboard. He was against using the explosives in Black Opal’s main storage hall to destroy classified technology and data fearing a potential chain reaction the explosions could detonate ordinance or damage life support. Black Opal’s commanding officer, Lieutenant Commander Jennifer Dewitt silenced his protests by rendering him unconscious with a blow to the jaw. He was later restrained by Security Specialist Rivard and evacuated to the Theurgy after Black Opal was briefly boarded by the Romulans.

In the aftermath of what happened at the Black Opal, Yukimura learned the truth of the alien parasites compromising Starfleet Command and joined the Theurgy’s crew compliment as Commander Carrigan Trent's dedicated Electronic Warfare Officer. He served on the Main Bridge of the Theurgy during the Battle of Starbase 84, managing the jamming signal that permeated the entire battlefield around the base and forced most non-Theurgy allied crafts to rely on manual targeting.

After the Theurgy hid in the Azure Nebula for almost three days, the dreadnought split into its three different stardrive sections to flee an attack by the Savi and the Asurians. During this time, Yukimura served as the Tactical Officer on Vector 3, under the command of Lieutenant Commander Natalie Stark, the Commanding Officer and acting captain of the “Stallion”. He was present when the Stallion made contact with the USS Cayuga and helped perpetuate the ruse that Stallion was really the USS Jamestown. (V03)

Lieutentant (JG) Jonas Arisaka

Jonas Arisaka

Lieutenant (junior grade)Jonas Arisaka was a phaser officer serving aboard the USS Theurgy in 2381 before being recruited to serve on the bridge as a relief bridge tactical specialist. He was a Terran male who was born in 2347 in Copernicus City, a settlement on Earth’s moon. Jonas was the second son of Hikaru Arisaka, a civilian weapons engineer employed at the Copernicus Fleet Yards, and Catarina Teller, a team leader within those same shipyards Starfleet acceptance inspection department. Unlike his older brother, Jonas was hardly university material when he completed his basic schooling. However, his lifelong passion for weapons design still led him to Starfleet into the Tactical non-commissioned track as a Phaser Room specialist. A victim of his own ennui, his career stagnated until a superior recommended that he transfer to the USS Theurgy where he could take advantage of the educational resources aboard the sentient carrier and complete his Bridge Tactical Certification, a certification that would prepare him for Starfleet Academy’s Officer’s Candidate School. He managed to earn his Bridge Tactical Certification, but any career plans became irrelevent when the officers and crew discovered the truth about Starfleet Command and fled Federation space.

Lieutenant Commander Augarath Thenaljpar described Arisaka as “driven, exhibiting great attention to detail, and possessing extremely strong spatial sense.”

After the death of Sjaandin Fedd, and the final battle the with the USS Calamity, Arisaka was one of several enlisted tactical specialists who was given duty shifts on the bridge. He was serving on the bridge during the raid on the Black Opal Facility and the mission to Starbase 84. Prior the raid on Starbase 84, Commander Carrigan Trent made the decision to promote Arisaka to the provisional rank of lieutenant junior grade and appoint him as A/CTO.

Jonas Arisaka was on the main bridge sharing tactical duties with Lieutenant Commander Leon Marquez and Lieutenant Masuda Yukimura when the Theurgy first encountered the The Versant and the Asurian armada. After the Continuance Protocol was activated and the Theurgy’s three different stardrive vectors fled in different directions, Arisaka remained on the vector 01 stardrive section known as the "Helmet" to serve as that section's acting chief tactical officer.

Lieutenant Arisaka was on the bridge acting as the vector 01 stardrive section’s executive officer when the Helmet encountered Task Force Archeron.

During the Theurgy’s battle with the Borg in the Azure Nebula Jonas Arisaka manned the tactical station of the Manta-class Advanced Scout USS Allegiant.

Ensign Jance Davron

Ensign Jance Davron served aboard the USS Cayuga in 2381. Although only a junior officer, it was he who manned the Cayuga’s tactical station during the wounded ship joined Chancellor Martok’s battle with the Borg in the Azure Nebula during the final week of March in 2381.

† Ensign Kenneth Urban

Ensign Kenneth Urban
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Ensign Kenneth Urban was a male human who served aboard the USS Theurgy in 2381. He was born on Earth in the late 2340’s and started his life in Starfleet in the enlisted ranks. He had been a petty officer working in the torpedo room of the USS Hood during the Dominion War. After the war he was promoted and transferred to the USS Enterprise-E. There he impressed his superiors for his cool head under fire during their engagements against the Son'a and the Remans enough to be sent to Officer’s Candidate School at Starfleet Academy and mustanged up to ensign. The Theurgy was his first assignment after OCS, and his last.

During the attempted hijacking aboard the Theurgy by Captain Vasser and Commander T’Rena, Urban was assigned to the vector three battle bridge along with fellow ensigns Nizni Peri and Pavel Viktorovich Yelchin. Urban insisted that the three officers remained a their posts, while Peri and Yelchin considered joining Vasser’s supporters or retreating to their quarters until a commanding officer was determined. He followed Lieutenant Commander Carrigan Trent when the bionic intelligence analyst took command of the bridge, reporting on the status of sensors, shields, and weapon systems. He was killed by T’Rena when the Vulcan entered the battle bridge to eliminate Trent and any other resistance.

Chief Warrant Officer Tarsi sh'Zhan

CWO Tarsi sh'Zhan
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Chief Warrant Officer Tarsi sh'Zhan was an Andorian Shen tactical specialist from a prestigious, and wealthy family on Andoria who had volunteered their services to the military for generations. Tarsi was born on Andoria and lived on the capitol for her first 12 years with her parents and two brothers and raised aboard the USS Nautilus when she was old enough to join her strict and uncompromising Than father, Thorov Zhan, who spared no free time in training his only daughter to be a career warrior and explorer, while her other parents and siblings would fill more traditional roles within Andorian Society. A daring and calculating woman, Tarsi's training made her an expert fighter, favoring an ushaan-tor or dosalnar. Aboard the Hornet, the Resolve, and the Theurgy Tarsi served as a torpedo and ordnance specialist, she was particularly territorial about defending her post from hostiles, intruders or worse, careless crewmen, whom she would colorfully chew out. Tarsi was best described as icy, calm, silent, patient and disciplined but with a passive-aggressive competitive side to her common to her species. One noticable personality trait about Chief Tarsi was her tendency to blurt aloud profanities both in Andorian other languages, including Klingon and even Human 'curse words'.

Chief Tarsi was affectionately named the Breen-Rayth when she and other officers were sent in to assist against a Breen-held planetoid where she and other officers rescued an occupied Federation research facility; during this encounter, Tarsi gut-punched a Breen General with her Ushaan-Tor after Hornet had used a salvo of tetryon particles to disable the Breen weaponry from orbit. She served with distinction and bravery during USS Resolve's 3-year voyage home and aided in the struggle against the hostile parasites.

Warrant Officer Fraz Hirrentz

Warrant Officer Hirrentz was made the acting torpedo section officer after the Battle of Starbase 84, after Theurgy's command team deemed his predecessor to be woefully unequal to the task and as relieved of those duties.

He was a professional and dedicated member of the Tactical department and while his section officer had not seen fit to see him properly trained, he took it upon himself to fully familiarize himself with his duties and further trained his own subordinates.

Master Chief Petty Officer Klex Sonden

MCPO Klex Sonden
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MCPO Klex Sonden (or simply Klex) was a Denobulan tactical noncommissioned officer serving in Starfleet with a background in Security. Klex transferred to Tactical when he was offered both a promotion and a transfer to the USS Hornet when First Contact had been made with the Jem'Hadar when the USS Odyssey was destroyed in December of 2370. Klex was born on on the single-continent Denobulan homeworld and served in the Denobulan Infanty as a constable for almost two decades before enlisting in Starfleet. Klex fostered a patient and methodical approach to his career in law enforcement, but tended to be a warm and compassionate figure to his shipmates and friends. Like many Denobulans, Klex had a cheerful and optimistic nature, and a large extended family with three wives and at least 12 children whom he kept in touch with but rarely saw. Despite this, Klex was a hardened close quarters fighter and proved himself against Jem'Hadar and their allies both in space and up close. After the war, Klex remained with his fellow shipmates, whom he now considered his honorary family during their transfer to the USS Resolve in 2376 as a phaser array specialist after the conclusion of the Federation Alliance, having mastered the art of phaser array targeting, either for destroy or disable. Klex remains a trusted mentor to his shipmates, and even some officers.

After the destruction of the USS Resolve at Starbase 84 in March of 2381, MCPO Klex Sonden and his shipmates joined the crew of the USS Theurgy where he was assigned to the dreadnought's Tactical department. On the day the Devoted attempted to take over the Theurgy he was assigned to ordinance disposal where he recovered an unexploded photon torpedo from Jefferies Tube 213166AA.

During the Theurgy’s battle with the Borg in the Azure Nebula Master Chief Sonden was injected with Borg nanoprobes and was in danger of assimilation. Fortunately his Denobulan immune system allowed him to resist assimilation long enough to receive treatment. He was subjected to the painful exposure of over one hundred strontium units of omicron particles in order to destroy the nanoprobes in his body.

Senior Chief Petty Officer Verguy Cam

SCPO Verguy Cam
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Senior Chief Petty Officer Verguy Cam from Andoria was a gunnery chief serving aboard the USS Theurgy in 2381. His previous assignment had been at Starbase 133 and he had been a supervisor for the team that had updated 133’s shields after the Dominion War. His assignment before that had been manning the phaser room of the USS Kurmari. He had earned his Bridge Tactical Certification prior to being assigned to the Theurgy and had experience in close quarters combat. William O'Connell described him as a shooter who was capable of taking the phaser off the stun setting if he had to.

In March of 2381 Senior Chief Cam was part of the team that beamed into Starbase 84’s reactor room in order to take over the station. While injured, he survived the mission and returned to the Theurgy. He was released from sickbay and returned to active duty the next day.

Two days after the mission to Starbase 84, he was filling in on the Vector 03 battle bridge at the CONN before being relived by Master Chief Officer Mala Kariko during the Theurgy’s first encounter with the Savi.