Alistair Leavitt

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Personnel FileY-o3.png
Name:Alistair Leavitt
Position:Asst. Chief of Operations
Former Temporal Specialist
Orientation:  Bicurious
Birthplace:Khajit Colony
Height:5ft 9in / 1.75m
Weight:165lbs / 75kg
Eye color:Blue
Played by:Christopher Eccleston
Early 22nd-century Drama
Computer Science
Temporal Mechanics
Temporal Mysteries
2361-2366: Computer Sciences Masters Degree, Vuvo University, Tellar Prime
2371-2374: Starfleet Academy
2379: Extended Temporal Mechanics Training
Service Record
2374-2377: Ensign, Operations officer, USS Pioneer
2377-2379: Lieutenant (j.g), Chief of Operations, USS Glowworm
2379-2381: Lieutenant (j.g), Department of Temporal Investigations
2381/2386: Lieutenant, Temporal Specialist, USS Eclipse
2381: Lieutenant, Deputy Chief of Operations, USS Theurgy

Lieutenant Alistair Leavitt was an officer in Starfleet Operations, seconded to the Department of Temporal Investigations in early 2381. After his rescue from a post-apocalyptic alternate timeline, Alistair defected to the USS Theurgy, where he came to serve as Asst. Chief of Operations. Alistair aided in the opposition against the parasites that compromised Starfleet Command towards the end of the 24th century.



Born in 2343 on the remote Khajik Colony, Alistair had a distinctly unremarkable childhood. Khajik was a young and developing colony in the furthest reaches of Federation space, a far cry from the thriving core worlds of Earth, Vulcan and Andoria, or even the booming sectors around Bajor. Alistair grew up like any other child in the colony, with the expectation that he would grow up and be part of the generation that took Khajik into prosperity. Alistair’s talent for programming made him especially valuable, and he spent much of his time as a teenager on the colony’s small orbiting space station.

On the whole, Alistair was content. In school, he learned about the wider galaxy beyond their little colony, and he developed a fascination with time travel in particular. Alistair would lap up stories of time travel, his bemused teachers obligingly asking a nearby starbase to transmit their own records on the topic. While Alistair lived his teenage life, eventually leaving Khajik to attend a prestigious university on Tellar Prime, his fascination with temporal mysteries never faded. At just nineteen years old, he wrote a paper that suggested that the USS Bozeman, a starship that vanished under mysterious circumstances during a battle in 2378, might have encountered a temporal anomaly. Alistair would be vindicated when just a few years later, his theory was confirmed as the USS Enterprise encountered the Bozeman, trapped for nearly a century in a time loop.

Still, it was always just a hobby. Alistair devoted himself to his education, and after graduating, continued his education to achieve a Masters, specialising in logistics software and state-of-the-art quantum computing, as well as bioneural and positronic technology. With the blessing of his family, and with an eye to returning home in a few years with his experience and skills, Alistair took a job at a Tellarite megaproject in a mostly deserted small continent on the Tellarite homeworld. He worked alongside the finest civilian engineers in the Federation as, over the course of several years, they successfully calmed Tellar Prime’s megavolcano, saving the planet from a future cataclysm and opening up an entire continent for life to begin flourishing once more.

It was good work, but Alistair needed more. His years of living on Tellar Prime meant he was much closer to Earth and Starfleet, able to read more about temporal events and meet other people with the same interests as him. In short order, Alistair’s onetime hobby for temporal mechanics became a passion. Unable to simply walk away, Alistair made a decision: he had to embrace what he was so fascinated by, and he wanted to do more good work like the Tellarite megavolcano project. His family, while disappointed, nevertheless supported his subsequent decision to join Starfleet.

Life at the Academy required a severe adjustment, but Alistair persevered, forging a life for himself. Much like everyone else on Earth, Alistair would watch the climactic Battle of Sector 001 with apprehension as the Borg cube approached, only for it to finally succumb to the combined firepower of the Federation fleet within sight of Earth itself. He saw the sensor readings after the cube’s destruction; the small spherical escape craft, the chroniton readings, the USS Enterprise’s pursuit and subsequent return. Even before the news was announced, Alistair had already guessed what had happened; the Borg had tried to change Earth’s history, only for the crew of the Enterprise to stop them.

Alistair graduated in the middle of his class to Operations, being assigned to the Intrepid-class USS Pioneer in 2374, and was immediately thrown into the brutal crucible of the Dominion War. He spent most of the conflict behind a console, save for a couple of ground missions and a boarding action where he was forced to pick up a phaser. The experience, where Alistair saw friends die, saw his girlfriend mutilated in battle and ended up killing enemy soldiers in return proved a sobering experience. The man who emerged from the Dominion War in 2375 was different to the one who had graduated from the Academy; much older, much more sober, less naive.

Alistair didn’t forget his dream, however. Every year, he filed a request for a transfer to the Department of Temporal Investigations, only for it to be rejected with a note that Alistair required more experience. Finally in 2379, however, Alistair’s application was approved, and he was given special training. The Department of Temporal Investigations was a civilian agency within the Federation government but it employed a sizeable contingent of qualified Starfleet personnel as well. Alistair spent two years in a DTI facility on Vulcan, learning the job and doing the menial work, such as interviewing time travellers, assisting temporal refugees and cataloguing temporal incidents.

In 2381, Alistair was given his first assignment in the field. He was sent to the Nova-class USS Eclipse, which had been assigned to investigate a temporal anomaly discovered by the USS Prometheus. The mission lasted over a month involving careful study of the anomaly, only for the unexpected to happen; the anomaly suddenly expanded, swallowing up the tiny starship. By the time the crew of the Eclipse regained their wits, they realised what had happened, but before they could turn the ship and travel back through the anomaly, it dissipated.

The Eclipse had time travelled five years into the future and was now stranded with no way to return to their own time. With no other options available, the Eclipse sent out a distress call to Starfleet, only for there to be no response. Baffled, the crew of the Eclipse set a course for the nearest Federation world, only to find the unthinkable had happened; it had been completely assimilated by the Borg. They went to another world, then another, then another, the true scale of the horror becoming apparent. Emergency broadcasts from the few surviving subspace beacons painted the full picture; Earth, along with most of the Federation and its allies, had fallen to the Borg. A new contagion, Niga, was spreading across the galaxy, ravaging entire civilisations. The end of the Federation, and indeed all civilization in the known galaxy, had come.

The crew of the Eclipse salvaged what supplies they could and spent the next two weeks dodging the enemy, hoping to find survivors somewhere, anywhere, hiding from the enemy by camouflaging their warp signature and avoiding the pervasive Niga contagion as best they could. Only one tiny hope remained: over subspace, the Eclipse crew detected a weak broadcast, declaring that what was left of the Federation and other empires still held out at Bajor, Cardassia and a handful of other nearby worlds. The ragged remnants of Starfleet and its allies waited at Deep Space Nine, shepherding the last refugees to the Gamma Quadrant, ready to collapse the wormhole when the time came.

Nevertheless, the Eclipse encountered yet more worrying signs; Betazed was devastated not by Borg weapons, but by Starfleet photon torpedoes. They encountered a wrecked Starfleet ship with no apparent organic crew, armed with horrific weapons that no Federation starship was ever supposed to be equipped with: isolytic mines that could devastate subspace itself, a thalaron array that could annihilate life on an entire world, Starfleet AI’s with no morality subroutines of any sort.

Still, there was no choice. Desperate, the Eclipse set out to cross Borg-infested space to the safety of Deep Space Nine, but they would never make it. En route, the Eclipse gained the unwelcome attention of an assimilated Galaxy-class starship that had once been the USS Cygnus, almost unrecognisable in its new form. The Eclipse crew were horrified to be hailed by the ship’s former captain, Alice Leroux, assimilated but still inexplicably conscious, twisted and evil.

Completely outclassed, the Eclipse nevertheless put up a good fight, the captain using innovative tactics to survive far longer than they should’ve, even managing to damage the Borg-controlled Cygnus. Inevitably, however, the Eclipse was boarded, most of the crew killed or assimilated, and Alistair himself was one of the few survivors, fighting desperately to retain control of the ruined bridge. Alice Leroux herself beamed onto the Eclipse bridge, displaying abilities far beyond any normal Borg drone, sadistically torturing each crewmen in turn, all weapons completely useless against her.

Alistair was caught completely by surprise when he was beamed away in the middle of the nightmare, just before the monster could begin to torture him as well. Alistair materialised in the sickbay of another vessel, the Federation timeship USS Relativity, along with two other survivors, both of them severely injured and half assimilated. The Relativity had only just reached the Eclipse in time to perform its primary role: return the temporal refugees to their own time. Alistair was briefed by the Relativity crew about the Infested, the unstable timelines and the ongoing quest of the USS Theurgy back in 2381. Captain Ducane, suffering from the early stage of temporal psychosis, asked Alistair to join the Theurgy crew, to warn them of a new threat that had emerged, and to do whatever was necessary to destroy the Infested and save the Federation. Ducane reasoned that since Alistair had to be returned to his own time, and given the very limited foreknowledge he held about the future compared to Junior Lieutenant Sarresh Morali, Alistair did not have to undergo the MEM treatment that the former Ash'reem did.

Having encountered and survived one of the Infested once already, Alistair knew the truth of their claims, and ignoring his own fresh trauma, he accepted. Thus the Relativity transported him through time, back to 2381, to Qo’nos...and to the USS Theurgy.

Personality Profile

Alistair was a wry individual by nature, often smiling, frequently self-deprecating. His awkwardness and social unease stemmed from a fundamental lack of self-esteem, despite his numerous accomplishments. Lacking assertiveness, Alistair struggled to project authority, often yielding to others unless absolutely necessary.

A gentle soul by nature, Alistair was slow to anger or violence of any sort, and he felt loss keenly. Nevertheless, despite what he believed, Alistair proved to be extremely resilient to trauma and hardship. His optimism and faith in Federation ideals remained ironclad, even after witnessing the horrors of the alternate future.

Socially Alistair made friends easily and enjoyed romantic relationships, but his perpetual awkwardness, uneasiness and workaholic mentality meant that he struggled with commitment. By the time he defected to the renegade USS Theurgy, Alistair had experienced only one long-term relationship in his life, often too devoted to his work for anything else to take priority.

Physical Profile

Alistair was a short and unassuming man for much of his life, neither particularly good-looking or unattractive. He only maintained basic physical fitness for most of his career, having little interest in sports or physical activities. During his time training to join the Department of Temporal Investigations, however, with the encouragement of a fellow officer, Alistair shaved his head and reluctantly took to regular and intense exercise. Alistair redoubled his efforts after arriving in the future aboard the Eclipse, knowing that improving his fitness could save his life in the trials and battles to come. By the time Alistair joined the USS Theurgy, he had developed a powerful physique in a short space of time, in better shape than he had ever been. Much to his surprise, Alistair began to enjoy pushing his body to the limit.

Special Notes

Alistair, as an officer formerly seconded to the Department of Temporal Investigations, had extensive temporal training and education as well as an enduring fascination with time travel. He also had experience of computer programming in various areas, from programming to artificial intelligence, alongside all the typical expertise expected of a Starfleet Operations officer.

Despite his considerable combat experience, Alistair was a poor fighter and had inadequate training for any sort of personal combat, whether armed or unarmed. Only sheer dumb luck allowed him to survive his many battles. During his time at Qo'nos, however, Alistair was given supplementary hand-to-hand combat training by fellow crewmember XamotZark zh’Ptrell, giving him at least some hope in combat situations.

Onboard the Theurgy, Alistair's quarters were located on Deck 14, on Vector 01.