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Name:Ehfva Feynri (Federation Standard Translation)
Position:Civilian Support Personnel
Age:92 (considered a Matriarch; approx. 27 – 32 human years)
Orientation:  Pansexual
Birthplace:”Freedom Fire” Nomadic Merchant Vessel
Height:5ft 8in / 1.73m
Weight:140lbs / 64kg
Hair:Vulpinian/feral form: Timber Wolf colorings, Vulcine form: Dark Brown
Eye color:Amber
Played by:Monica Bellucci (female Vulcine) and Michiel Huisman (male Vulcline)
Writer:Ellen Fitz

Blood painting

Tanning and textiles





Wildlife Observation and Hunting

Astronomy and Navigation
2286 – 2307: Okashii Atama “Traditionalist” Clan

2307 - 2330: “Freedom Fire” (Federation Standard Translation) Merchant Clan

2330 - 2331: Kyodai Obi Military Training School

2358 - 2360: Inari Prime Trade School

2360 - 2364: Remedial Federation Distance Learning

2364 - 2368: Undergraduate Studies Federation Distance Learning, Double Major: Archeology and Philosophy

2370 - 2373: Graduate Studies Federation Distance Learning, Emphasis: History
Service Record
2331 - 2357: Ground Forces, infiltration specialist, Kyodai Obi Military Faction 2373 - 2375: VDF, Ground Forces, Marine Division

Ehfva Feynri was onboard the USS Cayuga when it came under attack from the Savi Scion forces. Ehfva, her mate Intelligence Chief Petty Officer Keokuk, and the entire Cayuga crew were held captive by the Savi near the Hobus Star, where most met the same fate as their captain of being recycled by the Scions. Ehfva remained a tormented hostage until a contingency of USS Theurgy crew infiltrated the Scion ship and freed Ehfva and only a handful of others. Now, without her mate, Ehfva petitioned to return with her rescuers to fight in any capacity against the Infested, acting as general civilian support personnel once onboard as she aided in the opposition against the parasites.



Ehfva Feynri was born into a nomadic mercantile clan on a Vulpinian merchant vessel in the Rolor Nebula. Ehfva’s parents followed the same pattern they had established with their ten previous children and left her with her grandparents in a remote colony located in Kyodai Obi, also known as the Giant Belt. This belt of asteroids was similar to the Kuiper Belt in the Sol System and consisted of several Vulpinian colonies loosely confederated into city-states. Ehfva’s grandparents were part of a radical group of colonists living on the farthest colony, Okashii Atama, as the colony was called on Inari Prime. They were so radical they were not even a member of the city-states.

The colonists of Okashii Atama were known for their unconventional beliefs and practices, which made them appear eccentric and best avoided. They preferred to live in their feral form, which they believed was the “true way” of their ancestors. They rejected modern Vulpinian developments and embraced the ancient customs of their quadruped ancestors and the earliest recorded Vulpinians. It was considered inappropriate to shift into the natural Vulpinian state while in public or around people who were not family. Furthermore, it was forbidden to take on the Vulcine form altogether.

Although confined to their personal abodes while in their natural Vulpinian forms, the colonists had ample time to perfect the ancient art and textile methods. As a result, their textiles and arts were considered the purest and most traditional among all the Inari colonies, even in comparison with the mother world. Ehfva, under the intense tutelage of her grandparents, excelled early on in the arts of scrimshaw and blood painting and later developed a talent for blacksmithing. She combined and further developed these skills once she joined the Inari Prime Trade School years later. Ehfva also loved to run and play in her feral form outside her home, quickly learning how to fight and hunt with the rest of the kits of this radical pack. Ehfva was not the only kit left with the grandparents, and the colony as a whole had a demographic leaning towards middle age and higher, with a minority being kits like herself. Though a holistic lifestyle, it was not without its dangers and disappointments, and it was only by keeping to the elders' teachings that the kits learned to survive both on their own and as a pack.

Ehfva lived on Okashii Atama until her early twenties when her parents’ generational merchant ship, the “Freedom Fire,” arrived to drop off a new kit and take Ehfva with them. Despite her reluctance to leave her only parental figures, Ehfva had no choice but to bid farewell to this more straightforward, radical way of living and join the ship’s crew composed of family members and their mates, offspring, and friends. However, she was shocked to discover that the crew, including her family members and strangers, shamelessly walked around in their natural Vulpininan and Vulcine forms. Growing up, she’d been taught to shun the Vulcine form and only relax into her Vulpinian form in the privacy of her home. Now, she was expected to see a variety of forms daily and even transform into these forms as well.

The first few months on the “Freedom Fire” were terrible for Ehfva, and not merely because of the culture shock. She’d been raised without access to modern technology; if a tool was needed while in the Vulpinian form, you made it if it was not already available. Now, she would be expected to adapt to a technologically driven world, always seeking to adopt more advanced technologies to stay ahead of the competition. Not only that, but Ehfva was expected to learn how to do business deals in any of her forms, depending on the desires of the client and needs of the moment.

While Ehfva had always prided herself on being a quick learner and a naturally curious individual, these early months that stretched into the first few years proved quite challenging for the kit. Mercifully, her family did not ridicule her for this massive learning curve. Each of her siblings had gone through a similar one in their own time, and they all spoke of the benefits of having a foot in both worlds. Her parents firmly believed their children were more competent merchants, thanks to their audacious formative years and ability to adapt and overcome challenges quickly. Ehfva took comfort in their belief and persevered despite the continued struggle to comfortably show her Vulpinian or Vulcine form to the rest of the crew beyond her immediate family. With time, she became a competent operative for the merchants and was able to work with different stations on the merchant ship. She was exceptionally skilled at navigating and adept at fighting and hunting in all forms. She was an instinctive scrounger and scavenger.

In 2329, bloody conflict erupted between the Inari Prime and its colonies due to the interference of the Ferengi, who played both sides against each other. Previously, a wise Matriarch had convinced the factions to conduct the centuries-long civil war fighting ceremonially to prevent unnecessary bloodshed. However, the system became chaotic and violent with the Ferengi’s intervention and false information. The “Freedom Fire” mercantile clan, uninterested in getting involved in the war, wanted to remain neutral as both sides needed resources. But, when they learned about an attack on Okashii Atama, leaving few survivors, Ehfva and a few of her unmated siblings rejected their parents’ decision to stay out of the civil war. Ehfva, who had been considered an adult for some years, no longer had to follow her parents’ guidance as closely and decided to join the Kyodai Obi Military.

Ehfva received a year of training in several weapons before being deployed with the Kyodai Obi Military, although calling their group a military was a stretch. Despite having fought several times in the past during trade deals gone wrong, Ehfva was not prepared for the ferocity of the battlefield. Vulpinians, in all their forms, fought against each other using various modern and archaic weapons. The brutality of the fighting was absurd, and only the most cunning and tenacious survived direct encounters. Ehfva gained a reputation among her superiors for her many successful infiltration and assassination missions during the war. Her traditional upbringing gave her and her siblings an advantage over their peers, allowing them to conduct clandestine missions behind enemy lines at a higher success rate. As the youngest sibling to enlist, Ehfva was the closest to receiving the wisdom of the old ways. And combined with her peculiar manner of viewing and approaching the world, she became known as “Ha’tIa,” a reference to the goddess of death from ancient times, due to her ability to deal quick, near painless deaths. While she had no desire to rise in prestige regarding warfare, Ehfva’s newfound prolific accomplishments came at the cost of her youthful innocence.

In 2357, the Ambassador class USS Assurance contacted the Vulpinians to counter the deadly game the Ferengi had been playing. The revelations from this unexpected contact gave Ehfva hope for the first time in many years. The Ferengi’s influence over them was quickly removed, and in time, with Federation mediation, the fighting ended. The Vulpinians were then placed under the protection of the Federation, which granted them independence to rebuild on their own terms while remaining open to Federation colonists. Ehfva decided not to join her family on the “Freedom Fire” to establish new trade partners beyond the nebula during this time. Instead, she enrolled in the Inari Prime Trade School to further her arts and textiles training and use modern technology to assist her skills development. Her grandparents and the radical colony that had been her home were lost in the civil war, and Ehfva hoped to honor their memory and find personal healing from the war by living on the mother world that had once been seen as her enemy.

As more species from the Federation started to travel through the Inari system, Ehfva’s youthful curiosity was rekindled. She enrolled in a Federation distance learning program to catch up with centuries of missed knowledge in Federation history, language, culture, and technology. Due to the manner of her formative years of tutelage, Ehfva had long loved history and archeology. As such, when allowed to explore these topics, along with philosophy, at a more in-depth level in her undergraduate and graduate studies, Ehfva happily did so.

Moreover, exposure to different alien forms and species ignited her desire to further her shifting abilities. Ehfva felt no embarrassment or discomfort showing her Vulcine or Vulpinian forms to strangers for the first time, and she was delighted to push her skills further. As such, Ehfva had learned to take on a second-gender Vulcine form when she started her graduate studies via Federation distance learning. An added benefit to this, especially now that she was fully an adult and prone to the hormonal surges of a female Vulpinian, was that she could explore her sexuality in all her forms, both among her own kind and those from the Federation. However, even with all this stretching of her previous norm, Ehfva still preferred to keep things private and subtle in her pursuits, marking her as quite prudish according to Vulpinian culture.

In her male Vulcine form, Ehfva met Keokuk, a former Maquis operative turned Intelligence informant. He’d joined the Maquis after losing his home, Doran V, to the Cardassian Union. However, Keokuk later volunteered to act as a mole for Star Fleet Intelligence among the illegal arms dealers and spy networks in the Inari System due to some of the more radical Maquis tactics. Since the Inari System was considered a protectorate, it was free to allow anyone to come and go, and much to the Federation’s chagrin, that included the Maquis.

Keokuk and Ehfva initially bonded over the unexpected similarities in their upbringing, and this early connection later developed into a strong friendship as they shared their hobbies. Once they reached a deeper level of intimacy, Ehfva felt comfortable enough to reveal all her forms to Keokuk. Being from a Terran tribe that celebrated the many-spirit bodies of their ancestors, Keokuk felt honored to have Ehfva trust him with all her “spirits.” Once Ehfva claimed Keokuk as her mate and he accepted, Keokuk gifted her with a secret name, “Nicoma,” which he often used when they were in private

When Cardassia declared war on the Federation, Keokuk was reabsorbed into Star Fleet ranks as a Chief Petty Officer, leaving Efhva in the Inari System to fight against the Dominion. But Ehfva couldn’t sit idle while her mate fought; soon after his departure, she joined the VDF and was placed in the Marine Division. Some of her squad mates had once been on the opposing side during the Vulpinian civil war and thanked the stars that “Ha’tIa” was on the same side this time. No one had quite expected the straightforward and sometimes odd Vulpinian to be one of the most competent death dealers as an infiltration specialist during the civil war. Now, they counted on her veteran training to see her and her squad mates through as the VDF repelled the Dominion attacks in their own space. Compared to the battles of the civil war, those Ehfva fought during the Dominion War were child’s play. While the Breen and the Cardassians she met face-to-face had offered a new sort of fighting style, she saw none of the same level of brutality as when it’d been kin fighting kin.

During the war, Ehfva and Keokuk tried to meet whenever possible and also tried to stay in touch via vid-streams. The times were dangerous, and there was no certainty that either would survive. Although Ehfva felt lucky to fight against an alien enemy, making it easier for her to confront the ruthlessness of the war, she knew that Keokuk was fighting much fiercer battles in the space outside the Rolar Nebula. By the end of the war, both had their share of nightmares lived through and were grateful to have survived, vowing never to be parted from each other again.

After the Inari System became a part of the Federation, Keokuk and his mate requested a transfer, which was eventually granted. In 2376, they made the USS Cayuga, an Iroquois-class long-range explorer, their new home. Keokuk served as a chief petty officer in the Intelligence division. At the same time, Ehfva volunteered her time in various areas of the ship, such as the mess hall, lounges, library, and hydroponics. She often unofficially helped in the navigational array by filling in for crew members needing a quick break. Life on the ship was simple and peaceful, a welcome change compared to the chaos they experienced during the Dominion War.

However, in the year 2381, Ehfva’s life took a dramatic turn. It all started with an encounter with the Borg in the Azure Nebula. Pressed into desperate measures, the Cayuga worked with the Klingons and the USS Theurgy, a renegade Star Fleet ship, to repel the Borg invasion. Ehfva assisted in the sick bay at the battle’s end, later known as the Battle of the Apertures. She had little knowledge of the details regarding the Theurgy crew or even the reasons for their being on the run. Though Keokuk was an officer in Star Fleet, and Ehfva appreciated how the Federation had ended the Ferengi’s subversive influence over her people, that experience had taught her to reserve judgment even when fed an official stance. Ehfva had no opinion on the matter when she learned that some Cayuga crew opted to transfer to Theurgy due to the details still unknown to Ehfva. At the time, Ehfva was more focused on being grateful for having survived against difficult odds once again, with her mate Keokuk still at her side.

It was not much later when the Cayuga was attacked again, this time by unknown vessels of immensely superior technology. The starship was quickly crippled, and the entirety of the ship was taken hostage by the aliens who commanded the technologically superior ships. Ehfva had no notion of whether her mate was still alive or had died trying to fight off the aliens in the bloody deck-by-deck retreat. These aliens possessed a singularly twisted curiosity and subjected each hostage to unique brands of torture best suited to push them past their limits according to their species. The aliens relished determining their differences in pain threshold. Once they discovered Ehfva’s ability to shift, they delighted in figuring out how to play with the neurons of her mind, the chemicals of her body, forcing shifts against her will and exposing each form to a variety of torture tactics established for each form. Hooked up to their monitors and machines, they temporarily robbed Ehfva of her free will to shift and left her feeling violated and vulnerable.

Then, one by one, the hostages began to disappear. When they tossed her into a cold chamber, mercifully free of the machines that’d controlled her shifts, Ehfva found herself alone. Here she remained, awaiting death, too weak to even howl over the presumed loss of her mate, until her door was opened, and there, standing as a silhouette in the doorway, was not one of her tormentors but a Star Fleet officer. Ehfva was rescued that day by members of the USS Theurgy, who’d infiltrated the Savi Scion vessel in search of a way to override their efforts to destroy the Hobus Star and terminate the Romulan system.

Taken aboard their vessel, Ehfva learned that there were precious few survivors found from the ill-fated Cayuga, and her mate was not one of them. Ehfva petitioned the lead officer from among the Theurgy crew to remain with them even once they rendezvoused with the rest of their numbers, wishing to be a part of the fight against the Infested, whom she now knew to blame for part of the madness of the Battle of the Apertures, for her mate’s demise, and her own torment.

Personality Profile

Considered severe and dull by many of her Vulpinian peers, Ehfva carried a certain aura of archaic solemnity about her shoulders as a result of her hyper-traditionalist upbringing and the later violence she survived in both the Vulpinian civil war and the Dominion War. However, far from being firm or tedious, Ehfva merely preferred to show her personality’s more spirited and affectionate side with immediate familial ties or close friends. She similarly demonstrated a youthful energy whenever she spoke about or engaged with her hobbies. She enjoyed teaching and training others in the arts and methods she gleaned from her elders and over the years of her travels and studies.

Always possessing a streak of curiosity and tenacious resilience, Ehfva enjoyed time alone on the hunt or merely observing wildlife and was as comfortable being silent as she was speaking her mind. She preferred to listen first and then speak her mind later. Not exactly a great debater, Ehfva would engage with an individual long enough to determine their viewpoints. If it seemed to her neither of them would be willing to adjust their viewpoints, she would commit to silence, even if it was at an awkward time. And once Ehfva committed to something, she stuck to it to the very end.

As she aged, she learned to admit she was wrong and seek atonement if necessary. That being said, Ehfva was not one to back down from a challenge and, in fact, almost preferred it when things were not immediately easy, regardless of the circumstances. Favoring cooperative work to competitive work, Ehfva was not given to excessive violence or aggression and merely fell back on more violent training when it became necessary. However, with violence, Ehfva was efficient and effective if it was necessary, never relishing in the kill or glorifying the process.

In the aftermath of losing her mate to the Savi Scions and the torture they put her through, Ehfva regressed to once more feeling discomfort in either her male or female Vulcine form and, knowing she could not operate among the Theurgy crew in her feral form, likewise struggled to feel entirely comfortable in her natural Vulpinian form.

Physical Profile

Ehfva’s formative years were primarily spent in her feral form, with a few embarrassing involuntary shifts into her natural Vulpinian form. Ehfva was quite comfortable in this form and adept at fighting and hunting in it. As a feral, Ehfva’s body had approximately the same proportions as the extinct Terran epicyon haydeni, and she retained the same timber wolf markings and coloration.

In her natural Vulpinian form, Ehfva resembled an anthropomorphic timber wolf with an athletic build and toned musculature. Ehfva was no different from the other females of the species who, like their quadruped ancestors, had three rows of mammaries, with the largest pair at the top and decreasing in size as they went down the abdomen. One marketable difference for Ehfva was that her top set of mammaries had always been considered larger than average. In contrast, her second and third pairs had been considered underdeveloped, a point which she’d found more a nuisance than a boon until she hit her adult years and began intermingling with other species who found the larger size an attractive feature. In contrast, many among the Vulpinians had thought her a nursing Matriach far earlier than was physically possible.

Once Ehfva integrated into the nomadic merchant clan and, later, after significant exposure to alien species, Ehfva grew adept at not only shifting into her female Vulcine (Tertiary) form and minimizing to near non-existence her second and third row of mammaries but also proved skillful at taking on a second gender form. In her female form, Ehfva was of average human female height and weight, retaining an athletic form with an ample bust, with thick dark that hung past her shoulders and which she preferred to leave loose. In her male form, she was the same height and weight, again with an athletic form, though she shortened her wavy hair to ear-length and covered her face, chest, and stomach with a moderate by human standards amount of body hair.

Ehfva had a preference for wearing organic clothing, which she made herself. However, since she was rescued without personal items, she had to settle for synthetic clothing offered by Theurgy’s replication system. Though synthetic, she wore fitted leather-like tops and trousers and opted for linen and cotton-like looks when wearing earth-toned skirts or dresses for formal occasions. As a former member of the merchant clan, Ehfva enjoyed wearing hooded capes when out in the elements as they helped shield her features and added an air of mystery that often proved helpful in trade deals.

Special Notes

Keokuk gave Ehfva a private name, which was a common custom among his tribe. He called her Nicoma, which roughly translated to “we stand together” or “I do as I promise.”

When a Vulpinian changes its form from its natural, furred state to a non-furred state, it takes about 5 minutes of focused effort. However, changing back from a non-furred state to their natural, furred form only takes 1 minute and requires no effort. If they try to rush the transformation, they can do it in 5 to 15 seconds, but it requires considerable effort, similar to running a 100-meter to a quarter-mile sprint. Shifting from their natural to feral form is relatively easy and can be done mid-action. However, a Vulpinian cannot change directly from one non-furred form to another. They must return to their natural, furred state before taking a different, non-furred form.

Regarding the suffering that Ehfva experienced at the hands of the Savi Scions, she preferred to change into her male form when she was pressured to do so, believing it looked more aggressive and would be less likely to be seen as a target. However, as time passed, and she healed and gained trust in her friends, Ehfva also learned to embrace the transformation into her female Vulcine form.


Ehfva had some romantic experiences with fellow traders while on the “Freedom Fire” and a few more during her distance learning years. She had experienced the sensation of mating in each of her forms by the time she met her mate, Keokuk.

Keokuk, her human male mate, was a Chief Petty Officer in Intelligence. He was murdered by the Savi Scions; they never had any kits, though Ehfva was, by that time, entering her Matriarch years and at the prime age to begin a pack.

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