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Name:Eun Sae Ji
(Pronunciation: oo n, s ay, gee)
Rank:Chief Petty Officer
Position:Head of Fighter Power & Propulsion
Orientation:  Heterosexual
Birthplace:Seoul, Korea
Height:5ft 5in / 1.65m
Weight:122lbs / 55kg
Eye color:Brown
Played by:Ha Ji Won
Adrenaline rushes
World Taekwondo Federation (WTF) Taekwondo
Eliminating speech-habits
Service Record

Before her death, Eun Sae Ji was Head of Fighter Power & Propulsion on the USS Theurgy in 2381. Ji aided in the opposition against the parasites that compromised Starfleet Command in the end of the 24th century before she died in April of 2381.


Eun Sae was born in Seoul, South Korea to Han Sung Ji and his wife Yoo Joo Ji. She was the youngest out of three children her parents had. Growing up Eun Hye often had issues with her parents often wishing they would pay more attention to her in comparison to her older siblings. This isn’t to say that she felt ignored by her parents they loved her as they did her siblings she just felt that due to the achievements her siblings often received a larger deal of attention was given to them while she as the youngest child was often required to live in their shadow. As she grew older Eun Sae became a bit more rebellious often going against the wishes of her parents in an subliminal cry for attention. Eun Sae would do things such as stay out late and go drinking with her friends rather than focus on her schooling.

It wasn’t until she turned 18 when she finally ceased her rebellious behavior. Due to her constant absences and her general lack of motivation in school Eun Sae failed to graduate from High School on her first attempt and was held back whilst she was forced to watch a large number of her schoolmates move on with their lives. After a loud scolding from her father and a heartfelt talk with her mother Eun Sae took a more serious focus towards her education and graduated at the age of 19 years old. After highschool Eun Sae enlisted into Starfleet as an NCO focusing on a career in aviation. Eun Sae’s service with Starfleet initially began as a shuttle technician a job that for the most part she found dull and repetitious as her duties often simply involved performing routine maintenance and cleaning the shuttles.

As time passed Eun Sae’s experience with small craft caught attention from Fighter Pilot Squadrons on board ships and starbases that she’d served on. Eun Sae exhibited great ability in observation and quick hands being able to swap out the impulse core on a type-9 shuttle within 30 minutes at her fastest. Her ability to work quickly and shut out distractions opened the doors to her service as a Fighter Technician on board Starfleet vessels. Eun Sae served on numerous vessels over the span of two years up until reaching the age of 22. By this point Eun Sae not only performed maintenance on Fighter Squadrons attached to Starfleet vessels she also organized and directed on deck repair teams in their hangars.

Choosing from numerous technicians across Starfleet’s roster Eun Sae was one of the techs chosen to serve upon the USS Theurgy the testbed housing the new prototype fighter the AC-409 Mk III Valkyrie. Eun Sae was ecstatic to have been chosen to work with the new prototype. Once the Theurgy and her crew were branded as deserters and traitors by Starfleet Eun Sae was at first angry and demanded answers. She genuinely believed that Captain Ives was a traitor in the beginning until she was persuaded by others she served with who believed in the cause Captain Ives had stood for in his departure from Starfleet.

During the infection that had overtaken the Theurgy Eun Sae was at first unaware of the infection. Until a member of the Theurgy’s security detail began to flirt heavily with her making suggestive comments towards her. At first Eun Sae merely believed the crewman to be drunk or rude and harshly rejected him. It was then the crewman attempted to force himself upon her a mistake that cost the man a boot to the face and a broken nose from Eun Sae. She soon realized that whatever had overtaken the mind of the crewman that had assaulted her had also begun to infect other members of the crew. Eun Sae during the duration of the infection hid inside a jefferies tube in order to avoid contact with the infected.

During the Ishtar incident Eun Sae found herself in a situation that she could not use her fists to solve. In this instance Eun Sae found herself locked in a sealed compartment with none other than her superior Chief Warrant Officer Sten Covington. Despite her best efforts to fight off the intimate thoughts filtering into her mind there was no ceasing the inevitable. After the incident was resolved there was a period of discomfort between herself and her CO. The discomfort lingered on until an arrangement was made with the USS Harbinger’s COTD and she was transferred over. Although Eun Sae was against the transfer it didn’t take much convincing from Sten to convince her that it was the best option for both of them.

During her service on the Harbinger Eun Sae was almost always uncomfortable having grown accustomed to serving with the Theurgy’s flight deck crew along with it’s squadron pilots. During the attack by the Calamity on Theta Eridani IV Eun Sae helped outfit and prepare the Harbinger’s fighter squadron for combat and was onboard the Harbinger during its separation from the Theurgy after the skirmish with Task Force Acheron. During the Festival of the Moon, Eun Sae was reunited with her original flight crew and had made plans to talk with COTD Covington about a transfer back to the Theurgy. However she was unable to do so before the Harbinger’s crew launched a hostile take over of the Theurgy. During the festival Eun Sae spent the majority of her time strolling around the beach catching up with a few of her friends from the Theurgy’s flight deck crew.

During the takeover Eun Sae was forced to witness as the ship she’d served on for so long was ravaged and raided. After the Calamity ’s final attacked attack on the Valkyries operational again.

Personality Profile

Eun Sae is a bit of a tomboyish girl she is often a bit crass with her interactions with others mainly due to her similar behavior during her youth. Eun Sae is known for her in-your-face type of attitude and her lack of tolerance for underserved criticism. When people have issues with Eun Sae she prefers that they speak their mind openly rather than whisper behind her back. And she holds a great deal of pride in her performance as a tech and as a section head, pride that she is not afraid to defend by throwing a spanner or oil rag at whoever criticizes her work without valid reasoning.

This isn’t to say that Eun Sae is all bad though, Although she is a bit rough around the edges Eun Sae is a very friendly person often greeting people with a smile and willing to help out anyone who might have a need for her talents. She also has a more girlish side that loves to listen to love songs and watch sappy Korean romance dramas. When her more girlish hobbies are brought up Eun Sae is easily embarrassed often noticeable by her cheeks reddening and her head bowing along with her habit of tapping the toes of her boots on the floor.

When angry Eun Sae has a tendency to yell quite a bit often mixing English and Korean together as she yells. She is also quite aggressive often getting quite close to the subjects of her anger and yelling directly in their face. Her tendency to let things get out of hand during her bouts of anger have often caused a fair bit of trouble amongst those she has served with prior. As of late Eun Sae has been working on finding other methods of expressing her anger such as merely glaring or biting her lip.

Unknown to a fair few Eun Sae is claustrophobic and is often terrified of closed spaces. When caught in a closed space Eun Sae’s eyes have a tendency to widen and her breath quickens. She begins to have delusions of the walls closing in upon her and will often begin to grow more panicked the longer she is caught in a closed space. There is a way Eun Sae manages to overcome her fear however and that is by listening to music. While listening to music Eun Sae often focuses more on the music and the task she is doing rather than what is around her allowing her to temporarily escape her fear.

Eun Sae Ji has had a certain degree of admiration for all sorts of aviation ever since she was a child. At a young age her parents would bring her to air shows staged by the Korean Air Force which kindled this interest. Eun Sae is well studied in a wide array of subjects related to aviation. Her most favorite subject being Fighter Craft aviation. She finds fighters to be the shining example of what aviation can accomplish. She admires the maneuverability of fighters and has an almost encyclopedic knowledge of fighter craft dating back all the way to World War II when Monoplanes were first being used in bulk for warfare to now. Eun Sae’s studies and service as a member of Starfleet has given her both book smarts and hands on experience in working with various models of Fighter Craft used by the major powers that currently inhabit the universe.

Eun Sae has an unhealthy addiction to adrenaline. This stems from a streak of rebelliousness in her youth that occurred when her friends had decided to go bungee jumping. Her parents were horrified that something could go wrong and forbid Eun Sae from joining her friends and had even told her to cut ties with them and find new ones. Going against her parents wishes Eun Sae left home to join her friends. In the beginning Eun Sae was horrified and despite the encouragement she received from her friends she came close to backing out. Until one of her male friends pushed her from the platform. Nearly the entire time Eun Sae had been screaming but in her the words her friends used she had been. “Grinning like an idiot.” The entire time

Eun Sae since that point has always had a craving for a good adrenaline rush and does many things to satisfy it. Her favorite methods being simulated mountain climbing on the holodeck along with martial arts movie sims featuring her as the main protagonist.

Since she was 10 years old Eun Hye has studied Taekwondo and has achieved a black belt. For a short time in her teens she also participated in youth division tournaments. Eun Sae’s style of Taekwondo involve launching short fast paced kicks to keep her opponents on a defensive before quickly switching up her stance and and launching kicks from the opposite side with her opposite leg to catch her foes off guard. Her method of fighting is very offensive and is focused more upon using the relentless barrage of attacks to focus her opponent’s mind on one side before switching up her offense to take advantage of the pattern that her foe anticipates.

Taekwondo is very kick oriented but Eun Sae has also learned hand striking and blocks along. Her training in Taekwondo has also given her a great degree of flexibility as required from her teachers

Eun Sae is a fan of music mainly coming from countries in Asia such as Japan, China and Korea. She doesn’t really discriminate among genre but she seems to prefer pop amongst most others. Her favorite artists are singers such as Guo Mei Mei, Sharon Kwan, Ayumi Hamasaki, BoA, Hyuna and Hyun-Bin. It is not rare to find her elbow deep inside of a Valkyrie with a pair of headphones clamped over her ears to drown out the noise around her. She is also known to sing along to a select few songs and is known to actually have quite a pleasant singing voice.

Although Eun Sae seems like a rough and tumble type of girl but surprisingly she is a very devoted fan of K-Dramas and can often be found watching them in her spare time often while hugging a pillow and staring at the screen making squealing noises during particularly cute or romantic moments. Or crying when sad moments surface. Her love for K-Dramas was at one point a secret from the rest of the crew but after numerous times having been caught in her trademark pillow hugging watch position it is more common knowledge now amongst the crew. Some of Eun Sae’s favorite K-Dramas are shows such as Coffee Prince, Angel Eyes and Secret Garden. When asked about them Eun Sae has a tendency to trail on about things that have happened on the show often in an excited manner.

Eun Sae is capable of fluent English but finds that bits of Korean often slip into her speech especially when she is angry or frightened. It is not rare for her to call older pilots “Oppa.” (Older Brother) or “Unni.” (Older Sister) and younger pilots simply as “Dongsaeng.” (Younger Sibling). She also has a tendency to refer to Sten Convington her immediate superior officer as “Ahjussi.” (Mister) a term used to refer to elders in Korea. She also has a habit of saying phrases such as “Aigoo.” (Geez) or “Aish.” (Expression used to display exasperation) when irritated a habit that she has thus far failed at eliminating.

Physical Profile

Eun Sae has multiple scars on her hands and arms from times she’s managed to cut or scratch herself with tools or while working on the inner bits of shuttles or fighters. She also has a tattoo of a the 53rd Air Demonstration Group also known as “The Black Eagles” A Fighter Squadron in Korea famous for their showy flight maneuvers during the Seoul Airshow a show that Eun Sae was able to witness first hand as a child. The Tattoo is on her right shoulder and is often on display as Eun Sae often wears the top half of her jumpsuit around her waist rather than wearing it.



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