Sorek Morgan

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Personnel FileW-o2.png
Name:Sorek Morgan
Rank:Lieutenant Junior Grade
Position:Tactical CONN Officer
Species:Human-Romulan Hybrid
Orientation:  Bisexual (not openly)
Birthplace:Science Station 0812, Ipai Sector
Height:6ft 4in / 1.93m
Weight:227lbs / 103kg
Hair:Dark brown
Eye color:Brown-Green
Played by:Dan Jeanotte
Writer:NPC (Available Character)


Low-Gravity Hiking


Historic Weaponry


2372-2375: Starfleet Academy

2375: Tactical CONN Academy

2380-2380: Tactical CONN Training Center Omega (unfinished)

Service Record

2376-2379: Ensign – Lieutenant Junior Grade, Fighter Pilot, USS Jadestone

2379-2380: Lieutenant Junior Grade, Fighter Pilot, USS Thunderchild

2380-2381: Lieutenant Junior Grade, Command Assistant, USS Oneida

Junior Lieutenant Sorek Morgan was a Fighter Pilot who used to serve aboard the USS Thunderchild. In 2380 he was temporarily transferred to the Tactical CONN Training Center Omega in order to participate in the Advanced Fighter Training Course, when a classmate suffered from a psychotic break-down and attacked his fellow Officers as well as the Training Center itself. Following this event, which rendered the Training Center inhabitable, the USS Oneida took in the survivors. Upon meeting the USS Theurgy, Captain Jackson of the Oneida agreed to let Sorek transfer to the Theurgy-class starship in order to fill its ranks of Fighter Pilots.



Born aboard Science Station 0812, located in the Ipai Sector, Sorek was the son of Clancy and Valanna Morgan. Both his parents were scientists who participated in a program which aimed to improve scientific and political relationships between the Romulan Empire and the United Federation of Planets.

Clancy Morgan, a particle physicist who was mainly concerned with the quantum level effects of inter-universe travel on subatomic particles, was a kind and gentle father and husband. Unfortunately, his fascination for particle physics always got the best of him, leading to a reoccurring neglect of his family whenever new scientific discoveries distracted him.

Valanna Morgan specialized in the confusing and not overly rewarding field of space-time interferences. The Romulan woman was not as passionate about her work and rather tended to enjoy life with all it’s ups and downs. Being tied to one man was challenging her lifestyle, but she adapted. Tending for a young son was challenging her even more, but she adapted. But once Clancy started to neglect her more frequently, also failing to educate and care for his son, she was unable to adapt any further.

Five years after Sorek was born, Valanna started to betray her husband with other men. Since the science station was neither big, nor overly crowded or located close to any highly frequented routes, the word quickly spread. The fact, that the beautiful and passionate Romulan woman was fair game was known by everyone soon, and even Sorek – whose understanding of sexual relationships was almost non-existent – noticed that things were changing. While his father was still at the labs when he was sent to bed, his mother had visitors who seemed to be quite close to Valanna.

Sorek started to feel jealous of all those men and since he seldomly saw them in person, he started to suspect that all men were favored over him. With his mother not caring as much about him as before and his father entangling himself more and more into his work, Sorek began to detach himself from his parents and roam the station on his own. Without any children his age, he started to hang out with the younger Officers and Petty Officers whose voices he had not heard in the family quarters so far. He pestered them with his naive questions about space flight, different species and starships. It was only his charming personality and his joking attitude that saved him from being sent off to go play in his room.

The older Sorek became, the more aware he grew about his mother’s infidelities. By the age of thirteen, he knew exactly what was going on. By then, Clancy also learned about the fact that his wife was playing around with a lot of different men. Her promiscuous behavior made him concentrate even more on his work and less on his family. The ever-neglected Sorek had to witness his mother disappearing with men into the parent’s bedroom more and more often, and he could not stand it.

Having learned a lot about the service in Starfleet, he sent out his first application at the age of fourteen, knowing that the chances of getting into the organization at this young age were slim. When the rejection reached him, he started begging Officers who had served in starships to teach him everything they could, which they happily did. Some just because they thought he had the potential, but most because they had a guilty conscience for being a part of what made this young boy so eager to get away from his parental home.

When Sorek was seventeen, he was finally invited to partake in the assessment process for Starfleet Academy applicants. Setting foot on a Federation starship for the first time, to be taken to a Training Facility and take the test, he swore to himself that he would never go back.

Starfleet Academy

Sorek aced all tests and excelled especially when tested for reflexes, quick problem solving and discipline. His performance only wavered when confronted with female superiors, but not enough to make him unfit for the Academy. When told that he was accepted, Sorek had a hard time to suppress tears of joy and relief.

The time at the Academy was a unique experience for him. He soon realized that he had trouble when interacting with female cadets. It took him the better part of a year to get used to being around this many women at almost all times, but by the middle of the third semester, he had managed to find out how to interact with them in a way, that they would – at least for the most part – like him, thus preventing any hostilities between him and the beauties that could so easily make him feel uncomfortable without even knowing it.

His performance was mostly excellent, although he lacked the guts to prove his skills in commanding fellow officers at this early stage of his education. But what he was missing in this department he more than made up for when it came to simulated small craft flights. Soon after entering the Academy he was flagged to transfer into the demanding hands of Starfleet Astronautical Command to undergo the Tactical CONN module and become a fighter pilot.

Apart from two memorable and quite difficult affairs, Sorek did not join the romantic adventures of his classmates. His focus – sparked by his inability to interact deeply with females – was on acing tests and improving his knowledge.

USS Jadestone

After his successful graduation and completion of the Tactical CONN module, Sorek was transferred to the USS Jadestone, an Akira-class starship, where he was assigned to a Mk II Valkyrie squadron. During his three-year term he learned a lot about fighter tactics and was eager to get as much wisdom out of the more experienced fighter pilots as possible.

He had a great time aboard the Jadestone. Although he still was keeping his private life to himself, he indulged more and more in social interactions. The occasional sit-in in the lounge or a team-based holo-adventure were becoming a more common experience over time. His submissive behavior towards his female crewmates was hidden well by the hybrid and especially in training and combat situations, he managed to not let this particular personality flaw interrupt his performance.

His conduct was impeccable, and it was no big surprise to his superiors, that after three years aboard the Jadestone, Sorek was promoted to Lieutenant Junior Grade prior to his transfer to the USS Thunderchild.

USS Thunderchild

Serving as Element Leader on the Thunderchild directly after his transfer taught Sorek an important lesson about leadership and responsibilities. Upon arrival, he was immediately put in charge of one element, having to act as a superior towards Ensign Nakarra, a beautiful yet unconventional Orion female. Her challenging demeanor and her extraordinarily fit figure made it impossible for Sorek not to fantasize about her in secret. Commanding her in flight simulations and training flights posed a challenge for the young officer. Only his determination and discipline allowed him to set aside his personal affection and the accompanying submissive tendencies and be the superior officer she needed him to be.

After nine months on his new post, his superiors decided to grant him a tour on the newly found Tactical CONN Training Center Omega in order to refine his skills.

Tactical CONN Training Center Omega

The training facility for fighter pilots which was located close to the Paulson-Nebula (left of Starbase 157 in the triangle of the United Federation of Planets, the Romulan Empire and the Klingon Empire). This facility was established by Starfleet Astronautical Command to conduct advanced training, including nebula navigation, close quarters flight maneuvers (using the asteroid belt of a solar system close to the Paulson-Nebula) and deep space survival training among others. The facility itself was located on a rocky class D moon in the Iota Eridani system.

Sorek and his fellow fighter pilots were the third class ever training on this site, which offered advanced holo-decks, custom designed for fighter pilot training, a well-equipped gym, lecture halls and individual accommodation for all Federation species.

During their second week of training, the most promising trainee, a young but overly ambitious Renao who went by the name Jenok ak Talbar, broke down under the pressure he had put himself under over the past years and turned his fighter against his classmates. The absence from his home sphere as well as the constant need to prove to everyone that not all Renao are racist conservatives had worn his psyche out and made him snap in a moment of heightened stress. And although the rest of the training squad tried to reason with him via comms, the young Lieutenant Junior Grade destroyed two friendly fighters on his first attack run alone. The remaining fighter pilots quickly realized that words would not come through and that there were only two possibilities: fight or flight. And flight was certainly not an option, since the Renao was already threatening to blow up the whole training center.

Sorek and two other pilots dodged the lunatics second attack run and maneuvered behind the attacker, chasing him while trying their best to disable the Valkyrie fighter and spare the Renao’s life. They managed to damage his impulse drive just enough to render his vessel useless for combat. But the suicidal maniac was not done yet. With the last energy he was able to divert to his thrusters he managed to use the momentum of his Valkyrie to steer it directly towards the main hub of the training center. Sorek managed to warn the personnel, but not everyone was able to evacuate in time. When the fighter crashed into the hull of the base, only a handful of trainees, two assistant trainers and some enlisted personnel had managed to get to safety.

Once the immediate threat was averted, Sorek and his two wingmen returned to base, where they realized that the damage to the facility was leading to wide-spread power failures which affected all rudimentary functions. The highest-ranking assistant trainer, urged by Sorek to get his act together, issued a distress call to Starfleet Astronautical Command, asking for help.

USS Oneida

The USS Oneida, at that time patrolling along the Romulan DMZ, was ordered by Starfleet Command to evacuate the facility and take the remaining personnel in for debriefing. Further decisions about the fate of the survivors would be transmitted after the debriefing was conducted and the site of the tragedy examined.

Captain Jackson followed immediately, saving the lives of Sorek and the others just barely. Once the Security department gathered all the information they could, Jackson transmitted the findings to Starfleet and was instructed to assign the personnel of the training facility as well as the trainees to temporary posts. He was granted full access to their personnel files in order to find out which posts suited them best.

Sorek was assigned to serve alongside the Command crew of the Oneida, since his file stated, that his command skills were present but needed further development. For a few weeks, Sorek followed the Second Officer of the Iroquois-class starship, learning a lot about the ship and its crew. Once Captain Jackson was sure about Sorek’s skills and his mindset, he allowed him to take over the tactical station for simulated skirmishes.

One month after being rescued, Captain Jackson offered him a post in the tactical department aboard the USS Oneida, instead of leaving the ship upon returning to Earth Spacedock. But Sorek respectfully declined, stating that – at least for the time being – his passion was Tactical CONN.

USS Theurgy

When the Oneida joined the Battle of the Houses, coming to aid the Theurgy in its task to save the day for Chancellor Martok, Captain Jackson was willing to help Captain Ives replenish the Theurgy’s ranks. Sorek immediately volunteered to join its Tactical CONN department, knowing full well that Theurgy-class starships were equipped with the best fighters Aerospace Command had to offer.

Personality Profile



Sorek was extroverted, charismatic and easily satisfied in social situations as long as no (strong) woman was present. He was empathic in nature and connected well with people who were in dire, emotional situations (even females, in this particular case). When confronted with women, he tended to take a submissive stance, desperately trying to avoid conflict, while at the same time easily experiencing a crush on the same woman and reacting with controlled jealousy when this female interacted with other males.

Sorek was honest both in work-related situations as well as in private. Dishonesty and treacherous behavior tended to spark aggression and disgust in him.


Sorek did not think much of himself. He believed that his Romulan half is evil, a dark root that was trying to surface every day. He was aware of the fact that not all Romulans were scheming foes, but deep inside he also knew that he could never like any Romulan, at least not those who grew up among other Romulans.

He was convinced, that the United Federation of Planets, despite its sometimes obvious shortfalls and the overwhelming bureaucracy, was the best realization of ideals he has ever learned about. The fact, that those ideals were under a constant, stealthy attack was making him nervous.


Freedom of the individual and loyalty were his strongest values. In general, freedom came first and loyalty second, except when it came to serving Starfleet. In this case, he absolutely agreed for example, that the personal freedom of Starfleet personnel had to stand back if duty called.


Sorek wanted to find love, first and foremost. He knew deep down that he needed a woman in his life and he often dreamed about a relationship that would give him everything he needed. A strong, decisive woman who knew what she wanted and who treated him the way he needed to be treated, which - according to his self-doubts – was not what most men would have desired.

Physical Profile

Sorek was tall and well built. His figure was a sportive one. He had short, dark-brown hair and his ears showed his Romulan genes by being pointy enough to notice. He did not have any tattoos or piercings, but carried a lengthy scar on his chest (about 2 cm thick and 15 cm long). This scar was located just above his left nipple, slightly tilted from the upper left part of his pectoralis major towards the sternum.