Enyd Isolde Madsen

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Personnel FileR-o3.png
Name:Enyd Isolde Madsen
Position:Chief Diplomatic Officer
Species:Human(mixed blood heritage)
Orientation:  Heterosexual
Birthplace:Great Falls, Montana, Earth
Height:5ft 4in / 1.63m
Weight:135lbs / 61kg
Hair:Long, wavy, brunette
Eye color:Green
Played by:Gene Tierney (lookalike)
Writer:Ellen Fitz


Intergalactic Diplomacy



Justice and Social Responsibility

Legacy keeping

Trekking and anything outdoors

Drinking Coffee

Dance and gymnastics


Hoplology and martial arts

Culturally relevant dances, ceremonies, martial arts for any culture encountered


2362 – 2366: Zefram Cochrane High School

2366 – 2370: Fletcher School of Intergalactic Law and Diplomacy (Earth branch)

2370 – 2372: The Metternich School of Diplomacy and Intergalactic Relations (Vulcan branch)

2372 – 2375: Starfleet Officer Candidate School, Commissioned Ensign

Service Record

2375 – 2377: Commissioned Ensign, Diplomatic Corps, Cardassia Prime

2377 – 2379: Lieutenant Junior Grade, Diplomatic Corps, Cardassia Prime

2379 – 2381: Lieutenant, Diplomatic Corps, Vulcan

2381 – 2381: Lieutenant, Diplomatic Corps, Starbase 133

2381 – Present: Lieutenant, Diplomatic Corps, USS Theurgy


2379: Starfleet Distinguished Service Medal

Following Castellan Ghemor’s assassination, Enyd was reassigned to Vulcan with a promotion to Lieutenant and a shiny service medal hidden in her gear. In early 2381, after a sudden transfer to Starbase 133, Rear Admiral Anderson contacted Enyd via a heavily encrypted subspace transmission from Earth. In the transmission, Anderson reassigned Enyd to Theurgy, being both vague and direct in his explanation of the Infested, the recent efforts of the Theurgy to preserve the true Federation, and the need for her presence on the ship for its future success.

With no emotional ties to Earth, as her grandmother died during her time on Cardassia, Enyd gladly accepted the opportunity to move far from the known into the unknown. She transferred from Starbase 133 to the IKS Kajunpak’t, where she was transported to the Theurgy. Soon thereafter, she became an Asst. Chief Diplomatic Officer. Following complications beyond Theurgy's medical means after a terrible flight accident injured Chief Diplomatic Officer Rutherford, Lieutenant Madsen was billeted for the position.


Raised by her grandmother on Yew Valley Farms in Montana (kept in the family since before the Eugenics wars), Enyd was an only child. Her parents served in Starfleet Intelligence and went missing within five years of each other while on classified missions by the time Enyd was thirteen. Both haunted and inspired by the truth of her mixed-blood ancestry, though it would remain classified except to those at certain clearance levels, Enyd grew up with a tenacious interest in intergalactic affairs. Understandably, her grandmother forbade her entrance into Starfleet Intelligence, and so Enyd followed the next logical route: diplomacy.

Graduating at the top of her class from Zefram Cochrane Senior High school, Enyd enrolled at Fletcher School of Intergalactic Law and Diplomacy, Earth branch, and graduated with high distinction in 2370. Immediately following this, and with an eye on eventual service within Starfleet, Enyd attended the Vulcan branch of The Metternich School of Diplomacy and Intergalactic Relations, where she achieved her master’s summa cum laude in 2372. It was then that an old family “friend” of her parents, Rear Admiral Joseph Nerva Anderson, encouraged Enyd to enter the Starfleet Officer Candidate School. She was often at the top of her class during her time in the Officer Candidate School, noted for her straightforward yet innovative problem-solving methods, her somewhat "cowboy" type diplomatic solutions, and her tenacious interest in connecting with other races on their terms. During this time on Vulcan, Enyd met Victor vanVintor, a young engineer of Star Fleet. They began a decades-long letter exchange after bonding during a fun excursion gone awry, eventually becoming engaged despite his assignments on ships and the tether of her studies.

In 2375, Enyd became a Commissioned Ensign, accepting her first post on the war-ravaged Cardassia. Ensign Enyd Isolde Madsen was part of the Federation cultural exchange program set up to assist in the rebuilding of Cardassia. While at first, her unit worked mainly with the disenfranchised civilians, by 2376, they were assigned to observe, report on, and assist, if necessary, the ‘Reunion Project’ led by Alon Ghemor. Ensign Enyd rose to distinction among her unit as one of the most capable and thorough when dealing with the political instabilities and uncertainties of the time. Much of this success was because of her natural gifts for pragmatic diplomacy, but some could also be attributed to the growing relationship between Enyd and one of Castellan Ghemor’s aides, Javec Praar, a former military officer and the son of a deposed elite.

While they were discrete with the burgeoning romance, reports of both her diplomatic success and the relationship found their way to Rear Admiral Anderson. Because of the sensitive nature of one of her ancestor’s involvement with the Earth-Romulan War, several other intergalactically delicate situations that others of her family were drawn into in the years since, and her parents' direct work with Starfleet Intelligence, Anderson and others like him had always been involved with or close by to the Madsen family. While not exactly friends, Anderson and others like him would not hesitate to pull on the Madsen strings to encourage them to perform off-the-record missions for Starfleet Intelligence whenever necessary. As such, Anderson contacted Enyd and encouraged her to develop an even stronger relationship with Javec Praar, not only for more intel on the Castellan but also because there were loose ties between Javec Praar’s past associates in the military and a growing dissident party called ‘The Directorate.’

By late 2377, Enyd was promoted to Lieutenant Junior Grade for her meritorious work on Cardassia. Her relationship with Javec Praar was solidified to the degree that discussions of marriage began. However, it was also around this time that Anderson’s earlier tip resurfaced, and Enyd noticed abnormal meetings and communique growing in frequency between Javec and his former associates. Enyd began to fear not only for Javec but also for Victor, who, up to this point, had been open to the concept of sharing her with Javec despite his own discomfort with Cardassians from his time in the Dominion War. Without knowing if it was nefarious in nature, as Anderson assumed, or merely circumstantial, Enyd continued with her relationship with Javec and became formally engaged in 2378 while continuing her reconnaissance for Anderson. Eventually, believing that the situation was growing far too complicated and potentially dangerous, Enyd broke off her engagement with Victor and instructed him to stay away from her no matter what. It would not be until years later, when they were reunited on Theurgy, that either of them would gain closure from this break.

In early 2379, Enyd intercepted a missive intended for Javec, which openly discussed the coming assassination of Castellan Ghemor. Before she could relay the information to Anderson or confront Javec about it, Enyd was kidnapped by The Directorate. Held prisoner and subjected to the torture of mind and body for weeks, they told her they’d known about a leak to Starfleet Intelligence and had ferreted out Enyd with the planted communique. To further torment her, they ensured that the assassination of Castellan Ghemor was recorded live so she could see the assassin, her fiancé Javec, deal the killing blow. Her captors waited to kill Enyd until Javec returned to their secret holding some days after the assassination. In the moments before her intended execution, Javec confessed he’d had no choice but to kill Ghemor; he further tried to explain how members of The Directorate had used his father’s past against Javec, potentially blocking his upward movement in the new government, and blackmailing him for information and resources. Then later, how once they had Enyd, they'd used her as leverage against him for the assassination itself. Enyd remained silent in the face of his confession and waited for the assassin's knife to be thrust into her heart. Only it never came. The secret holding exploded into chaos as Starfleet Intelligence and members of the Cardassian government flooded in. Before returning with members of The Directorate, Javec had sent an anonymous tip to Anderson and Starfleet Intelligence on where to find those responsible for Castellan Ghemor’s assassination. This retaliatory attack by Starfleet proved that Anderson was still involved and wasn’t about to abandon Enyd. Javec freed Enyd as the fight between ‘The Directorate’ and their rescuers escalated, but he was stabbed by the knife intended for Enyd. Enyd instinctively slew Javec’s attacker in revenge, then returned to her lover as he quickly bled to death in her arms.

Enyd was awarded the Starfleet Distinguished Service Medal after this event. She was shaking with cold sweat when they pinned it upon her chest and would shake every time she picked it up or had it in line of sight. As soon as she could, Enyd packed it away and refused to acknowledge its existence. She remained on Cardassia long enough for a full debriefing while her body healed from the torture. Although aside from her wrists and ankles, most of the scars were internal, as it is well known that Cardassian torture tactics are more effective from psychological pressure than mere physical. Adept enough at “saving face” to bluff her way through the required psych evaluations following such an event, Enyd existed by routine and automaton answers during this time. When pressed by colleagues and friends for more truthful or genuine answers beyond the expected “right” answer to pass an eval, Enyd continued the façade of neutral control, having no interest in expelling emotional energy to digest the depth of her pain truly. At least not yet. It wasn't until late 2379 that Enyd felt the first glimmer of emotion, relief, when orders finally came through for reassignment to Vulcan.

Part of her heritage originated on Vulcan, hence her choice of pursuing her post-graduate studies at the Vulcan branch of The Metternich School of Diplomacy and Intergalactic Relations; the relief Enyd felt at her reassignment gradually turned to frustration within the first few days of her posting. While there was initial comfort in being back among those she’d known during her past studies, Enyd was daily confronted with the naivety and innocence she’d once had in the answers they gave to questions or the suggestions they made to solve problems. Compounding this frustration was the growing retroactive paranoia. Could Anderson have intervened sooner, preventing Javec’s death or the Castellan’s assassination? Had there been clues she’d just not seen or overlooked out of a misguided desire to protect Javec? Knowing the details of her family history, had Anderson himself pulled strings again to get her this assignment, not out of a desire to reconnect Enyd with distant family history but to prepare her for another ill-fated mission?


Her frustration compounding the effects of the paranoia, Enyd’s capabilities at work quickly depreciated. Within two months of her arrival, they put Enyd on report for misconduct when she violently lashed out at a visiting Tellarite official, purposefully misunderstanding his compliment via argumentative statement as an insult. Though she had never been given to overly imbibing in all her years of work or studies, Enyd was again put on report for drunken disorderliness by the fifth month of her arrival after she began a clumsy rendition of an Orion slave girl dance on the table of one of her least favorite colleagues. In quick succession, her normally healthy physique grew gaunt, her hair fell out in clumps, and the whites of her eyes turned jaundiced. It did not take a counselor or a doctor to diagnose Enyd as having post-traumatic stress and struggles with grief, but it did take such a specialist to prescribe a solution to her heightening hell.

Vulcans are known for many things, and one thing they are known for especially is keeping close ties with clan history through written analogs or direct contact with the katras of their ancestors. Though Enyd’s blood ties to her Vulcan ancestry were minimal by this point, that did not stop a member of her ancestor’s clan from finding her. The timing proved especially impeccable, even for a Vulcan, as by the time V’Lani made contact with Enyd, she’d been temporarily relieved of duty. While at first Enyd seemed more incensed by V’Lani’s intrusive approach, the repeated offer to connect Enyd with the Vulcan part of her heritage eventually won Enyd over. It was not every day she was allowed to accompany an Unbonded Vulcan woman who served the High Priestess of the Halls of Ancient Thought to Mount Seleya itself. V’Lani, her distant clanswoman, encouraged Enyd to use her “earned” off-duty time to travel to the Halls to see if Enyd could contact one of the katras of her ancestors.

With nothing to lose and potentially nothing but a terrible sunburn and dehydration headaches to gain, Enyd traveled with V’lani to the T’Karath Sanctuary. From here, Enyd was given the startling instruction to travel through the Forge and onto Mount Seleya alone. Then, if she made it to the stone steps that led to the Halls, Enyd was to finish the journey barefoot, traveling up a thousand steps to a plateau. A narrow bridge over a deep, volcanic river lay at the far end of the plateau. On the other side of the bridge, best crossed during the day for fear of being knocked into the chasm beneath by the nighttime gales, was a pavilion surrounded by ghostly trees and stone monoliths under which Enyd was to wait. If she made it that far, the High Priestess would know and would be carried down the mountain on a palanquin to meet Enyd. All this, of course, would come to pass if she truly wanted to pursue this journey and survived the trek.

Enyd had never been so close to the possibility of encountering this portion of her heritage. For the first time since the anguish of Cardassia, Enyd felt more curiosity than pain at the prospect of living another day. She chose the journey and set out alone. Though given more provisions than would have normally been given to a Vulcan seeking kolinahr or one on the kahs-wan trial, Enyd still struggled against the immense heat and unforgiving elements of the Forge. After escaping a wild sehlat on one day, she fought against a young le-matya on another, only to be “saved” from its poisoned claws by the timely arrival of a sand fire storm that drove both of them apart and into the caves. Pinned down by the storm for days, Enyd had to cut her rations in half to make it to Mount Seleya, and even then, there was no guarantee the High Priestess would replenish her supplies or offer aid.

When she finally made it to the stone steps, Enyd felt as if the Forge had sapped every bit of her emotional energy from her, and yet here she stood on the verge of the next trial. If she turned back now, she could make it to the Sanctuary with what provisions she had left if she further rationed them. But, Enyd took off her shoes, her skin almost immediately blistering from the heat of the steps, and began her upwards journey. She had to crawl the last hundred steps to the top and rested in a dazed fashion once she reached the plateau. It was night when she roused again; shivering from the abrupt change of temperature and dizzy from pain and dehydration, she stumbled across the plateau. She reached the chasm almost without realizing it and would’ve walked into the darkness of a falling death if she hadn’t lashed out and caught hold of the cliff’s edge at the last second.

Clinging desperately to the sharp rock, Enyd had no strength to pull herself up. She had to sacrifice the last of her gear and supplies to the volcanic river below. Freed from the burden, Enyd heaved back to the flat earth above her. The suns were not yet over the mountain’s peak, but in the early morning dawn, when Enyd lifted her head, she could see the pavilion V’lani had spoken of across the chasm. Though the winds were dying as the suns began their fight against them, they still ravaged the open area between the cliffs. Resolute, Enyd crawled her way to the bridge and shamelessly crawled across it, stopping every now and again to hold tight to the stones when an especially nasty gust blew past, threatening to topple her. Her body was broken, her mind vacant of all emotion or thought beyond “At last.” Enyd fell into the middle of the pavilion on the other side. Before she lost consciousness once more, she heard the distant sound of bells and knew it to be the High Priestess coming on her palanquin. Enyd’s sun-cracked lips drew into a smile before she knew no more.

When Enyd came to again, she was on a biobed in a private medical room. Finding her conscious, a Vulcan medical assistant quickly informed Enyd she was in the hospital at ShiKahr, having been brought there by Healers from Mount Seleya. He left her alone for but a moment before V’Lani came in. The Unbonded Vulcan congratulated Enyd on surviving her ordeals before handing her a PADD. Though Enyd’s eyes were still undergoing treatment from the intense exposure in the Forge, she could see well enough to feel anger, grudging appreciation, and amusement by the time she finished watching the pre-recorded communique. In the video, none other than Anderson himself admitted to an unforgivable delay in his reaction to intel on Cardassia, which could have saved either Ghemor or Javec or perhaps even both. He also introduced V’lani as both his personal aide, her true distant relation, and his olive branch of peace between them. It had been V’Lani’s idea to suggest the pilgrimage as an avenue for Enyd to heal, though it had been Anderson who’d first approached the Vulcan woman with the question. Unorthodox, of course, but then again, Anderson reminded her, Enyd was descended from a long line of unorthodox individuals, and he owed it to her parents and her family legacy to not back down from doing whatever was necessary to see her back on her feet and fit for duty again.

With a wry smile, pained of course, Enyd handed the PADD back to V’lani. The woman reassured Enyd that she genuinely was of distant relation, and Enyd believed her. She also agreed with the woman’s unvoiced sentiment that there could have been no other way for someone like Enyd to successfully find the other side of grief. Enyd also could appreciate the calculated measures Anderson had taken to see her through this ordeal. He’d allowed her the opportunity to die or survive and gave her the very thing necessary for getting her head out of her ass and back on the reality that life still happened even after death.

Once she was deemed fit for duty, Enyd returned to her post and, through her tireless efforts and dedication, made it seem as if those early months had been a test for her superiors and not the other way around. Her record was expunged of all negative marks as a result of her exemplary work in the time that followed her encounter in The Forge. While Enyd never encountered a katra nor did she remember meeting the High Priestess at Mount Seleya, she spent time with V’Lani and other members of her clan and developed a greater affinity for this portion of her heritage. Though her youthful ideals of trust and peace had been darkened by the events of Cardassia, and residual pain or paranoia would exert untimely influence on occasion, the Forge had burned away any self-pity that might’ve remained from surviving such a tragedy.

Enyd served with distinction on Vulcan until 2381, often being recommended for a promotion by her superior officers, when she was suddenly transferred to Starbase 133. Enyd knew Anderson was behind the transfer without questioning and waited until he contacted her for further orders. She didn’t have to wait long.

Personality Profile


Enyd possessed an abiding interest in and passion for the art and craft of diplomacy and intergalactic relations though her application of said diplomacy was always with a pragmatic mind. She demonstrated a wry analytical temperament with near eidetic memory, writing well and quickly while being fluent and concise. Enyd ensured meticulous attention to detail and was a tough and effective negotiator that demonstrated good listening skills that tuned into nonverbal cues and culturally unique aspects of communication. Tenacious to a fault, Enyd possessed both physical and mental stamina and was unafraid to speak her opinion to power or protest when shortcuts were made. She possessed high levels of resilience and resourcefulness with a heavy leaning towards “cowboy diplomacy" with creative problem-solving skills.

Even with recent events, Enyd still tenaciously clung to the concept of hope overcoming all odds though she used to have an almost naïve belief in justice and truth. Connected to a long-lasting family legacy on Earth and with ties to both Vulcan and Romulus, Enyd displayed a strong sense of legacy, or how where one came from should influence where they go, and they are the summation of all that came before them, the starting point of so many that will come after.

Also, in connection to her family background and her parents' work, Enyd felt a strong sense of social responsibility and an innate need to pursue justice. Professionally, she desired to rise through the ranks and eventually become an ambassador, serving the true value and ethics of the Federation. Personally, Enyd wanted to be free of the hauntings of her time on Cardassia and to no longer feel like an intermittent black hole was swirling in her sternum, to truly live again while she worked to preserve history and ensure a strong future legacy.

Enyd bonded quickly with those around her, able to forge strong loyalty and genuine kinship beyond bloodlines. Ever curious and displaying a tenacious sense of wonderment mixed with a tendency to prepare for the worst, Enyd rarely met someone she could not befriend or communicate with on some level. She was proud of her mixed heritage, though discrete about the details. Though she still had episodes of anxiety in connection to the events on Cardassia, Enyd, for the most part, was quick-witted, truthful, fun-loving, and open-minded.

A "company woman" in that if given a mission, Enyd would do whatever was necessary to ensure mission success; Enyd kept herself on top of all necessary qualifications for her work in Star Fleet and operated with the assumption that all her peers would do likewise. She was known for using relationships for diplomatic purposes, believing the end justified the means. Enyd was aware that her quick thinking and pragmatic problem-solving could be off-putting to others and often sought to utilize the resources of a "room" of people than punch through a problem on her own.

Physical Profile

Brunette, wide green eyes, pale skin, marginally pointed ears, svelte build. Enyd walked with a smooth, graceful gait of controlled movements left over from years as a gymnast. She maintained her physique through dance, intermittent fasting, trekking, and other outdoor activities, and meditative martial art moves gained from her time on Vulcan. Enyd spoke with a Mid-Atlantic Earth accent with a wide, sophisticated vocabulary but could code-switch to match the crowd she was in. Fairly adept at picking up the accents of those around her and, with certain languages, primarily Earth-based, could sound fairly native. Scars remained on her wrists and ankles from the metal manacles used during her torture on Cardassia. Preferring to wear her long hair in old Earth styles, pinned up in loose buns, braided, or free with the sides pinned back, when allowed and when on shore leave or allowed civilian clothing, also preferred old Earth-style clothing of natural colors and soft texture, though never revealing, especially of the cleavage or midriff area, as her sense of modesty came from being raised by her grandmother. Enyd knew that with the right clothing or circumstances and with the right type of alien, her gender and looks could be used as an asset to ingratiate diplomatic ties further.


Active Theurgy Writers Only

Special Notes

Fluent Languages: Federation Standard, Cardassian, Vulcan, old Earth Languages (French, German, Mandarin)

Basic Comprehension Languages: Andorian, Tellerite

Strong affinity for the cultures and histories of Vulcan and Romulan peoples because of her own mixed ancestry. Quick curiosity for any others encountered who were of hybrid natures such as herself.

Personal Quarters: Deck 10 | Vector 02 (near observation lounge)



Season Two


  • Day 01 [1000 hrs. The Federation Embassy] Supplemental: Enyd meets an old friend and goes up against a new enemy.
  • Day 02 [1800 hrs. (Assuredly NOT) Romancing the Romulan] Supplemental: Enyd makes a fool of herself while lusting after an enigmatic Romulan.
  • Day 03 [1355 hrs. Decoding to Distraction] Supplemental: Enyd gets her first taste of pleasure with teasing a certain time traveler.
  • Day 03 [1930 hrs. I Wanna Rock-n-Roll All Nite...] Supplemental: Enyd goes dancing, plays wingman, and breaks a heel.
  • Day 04 [1157 hrs. Living Out Loud] Supplemental: Enyd bonds with XamotZark zh’Ptrell through dance, violence, and drink.
  • Day 04 [2230 hrs. Enemies of the Empire] Supplemental: Enyd gets herself kidnapped, shot, and rescued by a new frenemy.
  • Day 05 [ 0945 hrs. Furry Fists of Diplomacy] Supplemental: Enyd unconventionally solves a diplomatic situation much to the chagrin of her colleague L'Nari and the amusement of Samala.
  • Day 05 [1800 hrs. A Most Cordial Excuse to Celebrate Life] Supplemental: Enyd and Victor are able to put the past behind them as they embark on a new future.
  • Day 06 [1700 hrs. The Dance] Supplemental: Enyd gets her ass handed to her on a platter by Frank Arnold but is all the happier for it.
  • Da7 07 [1400 hrs. If I'm Gonna Beat Ya, let me teach ya] Supplemental: Enyd gets some much-needed pointers on the finer nuances of pugilism from Frank Arnold.
  • Day 07 [0345 hrs. Mountain Mayhem with Madsen] Supplemental: Enyd tries to go on a simple excursion with Drauc T'Laus that ends with nudity and injury.
  • Day 07 [18:30 hrs. Red Herring] Supplemental: Enyd helps a crewmember solve a terrible mystery.
  • Day 09 [0755 hrs. Welcome to Caaaaasssaaaa Diplomatico!] Supplemental: Enyd advertises her cowboy diplomacy to her colleagues during conference room upgrades.
  • Day 09 [1035 Just a Morning Cuppa] Supplemental: Enyd bonds with a colleague, Foval.
  • Day 09 [1945 Mayhem over Mai Tais] Supplemental: Enyd bonds with a colleague, Faye Danvers.
  • Day 09 [2222 hrs. 50 Shades of Garbage] Supplemental: Enyd bonds with a Via Wix over literal bondage.
  • Day 10 [1326 Chaos in the Clouds of Qo'Nos] Supplemental: Enyd makes a new friend in Callax while surviving a wee bit of chaos.
  • Day 10 [1945 hrs. Today Is a Good Day To...Laugh!?] Supplemental: Enyd is given a fascinating taste of Klingon comedy with Alistair Leavitt.
  • Day 11 [ 0900 hrs. Steamy Tales to Trade] Supplemental: Enyd confesses her confusion to Drauc and is left with an ultimatum.
  • Day 11 [ 2000 hrs. Starlight, Starbright] Supplemental: Enyd bonds with a new friend over a shared love of exploration.
  • Day 12 [1157 hrs Maybe This Time It Will Be Perfectly Marvelous] Supplemental: Enyd tries to attend a historical tour with Mia Dunne and Amanda Ashby but ends up dancing for Orions.
  • Day 12 [1615 hrs Fighting Fashionistas of the Gloamin] Supplemental: Enyd confesses to Zark all her romantic angst regarding Drauc and Alistair while also coming to terms with the depth of their friendship.
  • Day 13 [0600 hrs Chaos Rising in the Morning] Supplemental: Enyd demonstrates her chaos-magnet ways to a new friend.
  • Day 13 [0800 hrs. Intricacies of Delegation] Supplemental: Enyd is informed by Captain Ives that she is now the Chief Diplomatic Officer.
  • Day 13 [1210 hrs. Awkwardness Abounds] Supplemental: Enyd and Alistair are able to move through the aftermath of their chaotic date and start a tentative journey of finding out what fate has in store for them.
  • Day 15 [0745 hrs Teamwork Makes the Dreamwork] Supplemental: Enyd calls the department together to work through the loss of the previous CDO and establish new norms if necessary.
  • Day 15 [1727 hrs An Rousing Experience of Klingon Culinary Confusion] Supplemental: Enyd tries to organize a relaxing tour that goes horribly wrong.
  • Day 16 [1713 hrs Chaotics Interruptus] Supplemental: Enyd and a new friend, Kino, find themselves in the crosshairs of an Orion sniper.
  • Day 17 [0425 hrs Thick Skull, Soft Heart] Supplemental: As Enyd physically and emotionally processes the ups and downs of her recent life, she makes a friend in a similar situation.
  • Day 21 [2200 hrs Letters from Home] Supplemental: Enyd composes a letter to her ranch foreman and aunt regarding her present status on the ship.


  • PROLOGUE [D01|0900 Edge of Chaos] Supplemental: Enyd and her fellow senior officers meet with the captain to determine the next course of action.
  • PRO:S [D01|0645 Bonjour mes amis! Service de chambre!] Supplemental: Enyd and Alistair are given quite the traditional room service by Zark.

Director's Cut