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Essentially, the Operations Department monitored and controlled the use of all ship systems not ostensibly involved with propulsion, navigation, or combat. The Operations Officer on the bridge often had to coordinate directly with the Chief Engineer to ensure that all of the ship's systems were maintained at optimal performance. When no engineer was on the bridge of a starship or operations center of a space station, the Operations Officer saw to any engineering matters that might arise.

Although the transporter systems were Engineering Department assets, it was the Operations Department that put them to use. With regards to special environmental conditions required for alien crewmembers or visitors, the Operations Officer had to coordinate with the ship's Chief Medical Officer.

The Ops Department head position was in charge of the recreation areas of the ship or station as well, such as the various lounges, recreation rooms, gymnasiums and holodecks.

Fighter Bay Ops

As a specialized division of Ops, the Fighter Bay Ops (FBO) crew spent a whole lot more time with Tactical CONN than the Ops department. They are, however, a ship asset, not a fighter squadron asset. The Tactical CONN department depended on FBO, however, needing the fighters primed and ready to go, and if a pilot would have an issue with the condition of his or her allotted fighter, s/he could take it to the affected FBO crew first. Then, if there is no resolution, s/he would go to the SCO (Squadron Commanding Officer) with the issue. The SCO could first try to talk to the Chief of the Deck about the issue, and if that doesn't yield the results needed, the SCO may go to Chief of Operations, and after that, to the First Officer, and lastly the Captain.

However, Tactical CONN officers are responsible to do things in the Fighter Assault Bay too, which involved the upkeep of the fighters. Tasks mandatory before and after flying, and they are required to do these tasks so that FBO can do their jobs - meaning that the Chief of the Deck can make such demands to the pilots, and if they don't comply, he goes to the SCO, and then to the XO, and lastly the CO.

As for the warp fighters themselves, they are neither Tactical CONN's property nor Fighter Bay Operation's. They are commissioned to a starship or a starbase, and therefore the Commanding Officer of the ship. They are Starfleet's property, where the CO would be responsible for the fighters just as much as the starship and shuttles aboard. Tactical CONN's duty is to fly them, Fighter Bay Operations to make sure they work, just like CONN officers' duty is to fly shuttles, and Ops are to make sure they work.

FBO Organisation

Image: Sten Covington, Chief of the Deck.
Fighter Bay Ops considered of a total of 125 personnel, spread across 3 shifts.
Command & Administration
  • Chief of Deck Operations (COD): Sten Covington
  • Shift Safety Observer (rotating shift duty among all)
  • 6 Spacecraft Inspectors
  • 6 Landing Signal Warrants
Maintenance & Operations
  • Head of Weapons Maintenance & Armaments & Asst. COD: Liam Herrold
    • 18 Weapons Technicians
    • 12 Ordnancemen
  • Head of Fighter Propulsion: Eun Sae Ji
    • 30 Mechanics
  • Head of Avionics, Sensors & Computer Systems: (Nameless NPC)
    • 18 Technicians
  • Head of Spaceframe & Structure: (Nameless NPC)
    • 30 Repairmen

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