David Grayson

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Name:David Grayson
Rank:Lieutenant Commander
Position:Formerly Chief of Security
Orientation:  Heterosexual
Birthplace:Chicago, Earth
Height:6ft 5in / 1.96m
Weight:235lbs / 107kg
Eye color:Blue
Played by:Alexander Skarsgård
Military history
Klingon and Andorian culture
Games involving strategy (chess, go, kal-toh, etc.)
2368-2372: Starfleet Academy, class of 2372
Service Record
2372-2374: Ensign, Armory Officer, USS Thunderchild
2374-2378: Lieutenant JG, Security Officer, USS Bellerophon
2378-2380: Lieutenant, Security Officer, USS Bellerophon
2380-2381: Lieutenant, Security Officer, USS Theurgy
2381: Lt. Commander, Chief of Security, USS Theurgy
Meritorious Service Ribbon
Outstanding Service Ribbon
Starfleet Commendation

Before his death, Lieutenant Commander David Grayson was the Chief Security Officer of the USS Theurgy in 2381. After he was mortally wounded by an attack from the USS Calamity and put into medical stasis pending surgery, he was succeeded by Lieutenant Commander Wenn Cinn - Deputy ThanIda zh'Wann having been Acting CSec during the interim.

He was abducted out of his stasis pod by the Savi, in order to become the sacrifice for an experiment. Corrected and with her powers amplified by the Savi, Eve Jenkins killed him in an Biolab on the Versant. Before his death, David Grayson aided in the opposition against the parasites that compromised Starfleet Command at the end of the 24th century.


David was born into a family of prominent Starfleet officers and well-connected Federation politicians. His father, Paul Grayson, was a Lieutenant Commander in Starfleet, with political aspirations beyond his military career. David's father was very ambitious and would not accept failure in anything. So when Paul discovered that David would be born with a severe neuro-degenerative disorder that would have made it impossible for him to ever have a normal life, Paul took quick action. He knew the kind of scandal it would cause if the son of such a prominent public figure were born broken and sickly.

Since genetic engineering was outlawed in the United Federation of Planets, Paul and his wife, Miranda, left for Ferengi space, where nothing is illegal as long as you have enough money. David's parents hired a very talented, and very discreet, geneticist to help their unborn son. The geneticist offered to do more than that, if the Graysons were willing to pay. Paul, always more concerned with the family's image than anything else, decided that enhancing his son would maximize David's future potential. The geneticist quickly went to work, correcting the flaws in David's genetic code, and then engineering his new genetic structure to enhance David beyond that of a normal human being.

When David was born, he was a very healthy baby--the healthiest his doctor had ever seen. He had a very comfortable childhood; the Graysons were one of Earth's most powerful families, and basically got whatever they wanted whenever they wanted it. Growing up in this kind of atmosphere, combined with his physical and mental superiority, enabled David to develop into a proud and arrogant young man, utterly convinced of his own greatness. At Starfleet Academy, he scored high marks in the areas of strategy and tactics, and decided to pursue a career in Starfleet Security. His first posting was as an armory officer aboard the USS Thunderchild, an Akira-class starship, and in 2373 David got his first taste of combat when the Thunderchild took part in the Battle of Sector 001.

In 2374, David was reassigned to the USS Bellerophon, one of Starfleet's new Intrepid-class starships, where he served throughout the rest of the Dominion War. He was still with the Bellerophon in 2378 when he returned to Earth on leave to visit his family. It was during this visit that David's mother, who unlike her husband couldn't bear lying to her son anymore, told David the truth about his genetic enhancement. She told him how he probably wouldn't have lived to see his tenth birthday if his parents hadn't done something about it. While his mother had meant well by telling him the truth, David was devastated by the revelation. He had always believed that he had earned everything he had accomplished on his own merits, when in fact it was all thanks to his unethical and ambitious father, who had made him into something unnatural. He forgave his mother, who at least had felt guilty enough to tell him the truth, but when David confronted his father about it, things unfolded quite differently. Paul Grayson, who by then had risen to become an admiral at Starfleet Command, was unapologetic about what he had done, so David threatened to tell Starfleet the truth about everything. His father convinced David not to do so, since not only would the scandal end David's career and see both him and his father imprisoned, it would also ruin his mother's life. David agreed to keep quiet for his mother's sake, but he severed all ties with his father on that day, refusing to ever have anything to do with him again.

David returned to his career a different man, humbled and embarrassed. When before he would set out to conquer each day on his path to future greatness, he now held back, unsure of himself. How could he know for certain that the decisions he made were his own, and not influenced by the genetic tampering he had been subjected to in the womb? His captain grew concerned for David, and felt that maybe a change of scenery would help fix whatever had happened to him. David was then reassigned to the USS Theurgy, a newly constructed prototype carrier that was part of the task force dispatched to Romulan space to negotiate for peace. It was believed that David's experience in Romulan territory with the Bellerophon in 2375 would prove useful.

The mission was a failure, unfortunately, and the Theurgy returned to Earth. While the rest of the crew spread out across the planet on shore leave, David took the opportunity to visit his mother. During his visit, Miranda Grayson tried to convince David to speak with his father again. She told him that Paul had begun acting strange lately, almost as if he were a completely different person. Miranda believed it was because of the falling-out between her husband and son, and hoped that a reconciliation might fix things. But David was still angry with his father, and refused to see him.

David returned to the Theurgy, anxious to leave, and was among the crewmembers who discovered transmissions within Starfleet Command that revealed many of its most powerful officers had been replaced by imposters as part of some grand conspiracy. David was shocked when he learned that his father was among the officers who had been impersonated. During the Theurgy’s flight from the (now hostile) Federation, David's superior Officer - Wenn Cinn - was killed in battle. It was thought that Lieutenant ThanIda zh'Wann would succeed him, but after zh'Wann suffered a panic attack during the battle, which placed not only her but also several crewmembers in danger, David stepped up and took control of the situation, saving not only Ida but several others as well. When the dust settled, Captain Ives chose to promote David over Ida, giving him the rank of lieutenant commander and making David the Theurgy’s new Chief Security Officer.

His promotion was short lived when the Theurgy encountered the USS Calamity, a starship from a dark future where the Theurgy’s mission failed and the sentient parasites had taken over the Federation. The Calamity projected its sentient artificial intelligence aboard in the form of a hardlight hologram known as "Cala". Grayson was incapacited in the Theurgy’s upper shuttle bay protecting Rihen Neyah from the hostile hologram. The severity of his injury, a particle beam shot in the chest was sufficient that Dr. Lucan cin Nicander ordered him to be placed in a cold sleep capsule where he would remain in stasis until it became possible for Commander Grayson to be treated.

Personality Profile

A few years ago, David was a proud, arrogant, vainglorious young man who thought the rest of the world was just there for him to do with as he pleased. Following his recent revelation, however, he finally learned some humility, knowing that everything he'd accomplished in his life is only because he has been given unnatural gifts that he did not earn. Being the closest thing to human perfection does things to a man's psyche, however; David knew that he was more physically capable than other humans, and he showed little fear when stepping into potentially deadly situations. If anything, he'd rather shoulder that responsibility himself instead of sending someone else in, because he'd rather not risk their lives. David sometimes underestimated the capabilities of most humans, who to him seemed rather frail and weak and require protection from stronger beings such as himself.

With his interest in security and law enforcement, David valued the rule of law and order, and did not enjoy chaos. He always strived to maintain control over whatever situation he finds himself in; he didn't like being helpless. David also enjoyeddrawing and writing poetry, and found both hobbies relaxing. Whenever he visited a new world, he would visit the planet's surface and draw a sketch of the landscape to add to his notebook if given the opportunity.

David had been interested in military history and tactics, and read every word ever written by great strategists and philosophers like Sun Tzu, Miyamoto Musashi, Kahless, and Lor'Vela. He was a skilled martial artist and practiced multiple forms, and he was proficient with both energy weapons and many bladed weapons, such as the Terran katana, the Klingon bat'leth, and the Andorian ushaan-tor.

Physical Profile

David was exceptionally tall for a human and powerfully built, yet moved with the grace and agility of a Terran panther. Thanks to his genetic enhancements, he was in peak physical condition and could outperform any normal human in nearly any physical competition. His eyesight, cardiovascular efficiency, immune system, hearing, and sense of smell were all well above human norms, and his strength was on par with that of a Vulcan. His body also produced fewer fatigue poisons, meaning his muscles could endure more punishment and he does not become tired as quickly as normal humans do. However, David's metabolism burned four times faster than a normal human's, which meant his required daily caloric intake was much higher and he had to eat several meals a day to sustain himself. Also, when he did become fatigued, he required more sleep than a normal human might under similar circumstances.