Wanted Positions in Star Trek: Theurgy

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These are the positions that are available for present members in the sim, but are - however - unavailable for new Applicants.

Newly applying Applicants may only inherit characters on the Available Characters Page, but after three months of active writing, they may apply with a new character, picking from these positions below. For further information about applying for new characters, please consult the Joining the Crew page.

USS Theurgy

If your character is assigned to the titular USS Theurgy, it is recommended that your character has been in stasis since before Episode 01, and only now could be resuscitated after getting the medical attention he/she needed. Your character would then have been injured during the flight from Earth and Starfleet and put into a stasis pod to preserve his/her life.

Here is the list:

Fighter Bay Operations Officers (NCO ranks only)

Information about the Fighter Bay Ops crew on the Theurgy can be found here: Fighter Bay Ops. Check the info, and then look below. The available roles are:

  • Head of Avionics, Sensors & Computer Systems
  • Head of Spaceframe & Structure
  • Spacecraft Inspectors
  • Landing Signal Warrants
  • Weapons Technicians
  • Ordnancemen
  • Mechanics

All these NCO officers report to the Chief of the Deck and his appointed second-in-command among the deck crews.

Counseling Officers

A counselor was a position aboard Starfleet vessels and installations, usually held by a senior Starfleet officer with training in psychology.

By the mid-24th century, starship crews included a counselor, who was responsible for the mental well-being of the crew and civilian staff. The position was considered vital enough that it warranted inclusion in the senior staff of the Federation flagship; in that instance at least, the ship's counselor also had a diplomatic role, advising the captain in First Contact and other situations.

On large starships like the USS Theurgy, counseling was a separate department with a Chief Counselor, Assistant Chief Counselor, Rehabilitation Officers and Morale Officers. The number of commissioned crew determined the need for such an arrangement, where a single person impossibly could preform his or her duties for the sake of a crew as large as the Theurgy’s . As with the Chief Medical Officer, the Chief Counselor has the power to relieve other officers and crewmembers of duty if he or she feels that their patient is suffering from a condition that may hinder their ability to perform their duties effectively.