Wanted Positions in Star Trek: Theurgy

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These are the positions that are available for present members in the sim, but are - however - unavailable for new Applicants.

Newly applying Applicants may only inherit characters on the Available Characters Page, but after three months of active writing, they may apply with a new character, picking from these positions below. For further information about applying for new characters, please consult the Joining the Crew page.

Black Wolves Squadron

Tactical CONN Fighter Pilot

You could write one of the fighter pilots that will defect to the Theurgy from the USS Dauntless´s fighter squadron in Episode 05. The squadron name is the Black Wolves, but your pilot would either...

A) ...have transferred aboard the Dauntless in the aftermath of the Battle of Starbase 84. S/he transferred aboard from the USS Jadestone, who was sent to help in the relief efforts of the damaged starbase, but was never a part of Task Force Archeron. S/he would be flying a AC-307 Mk II Valkyrie, like the rest of Tactical CONN in Starfleet. Either that, or you go for a more difficult uption, where...

B) ...s/he is flying one of the prototype Valravn fighters, and your character was a part of the classified Valravn Project on Luna Base (see the Valravn page for more information). This latter option requires that you read a lot more than if you opt for a transfer from the Jadestone. Below is a synopsis of events:

When the USS Theurgy allegedly defected to the Romulans in November of 2380, orders came to Luna Base that the twenty prototype Valravn fighters needed to be put into field duty, since the Theurgy's Mk III Valkyries were better than what the rest of Task Force Archeron had in terms of superiority fighters. So, the White Wolves Squadron ceased to be test pilots and were instead commissioned to the USS Orcus, which was supposed to join Task Force Archeron and hunt down the Theurgy.

In late February of 2381, the USS Orcus found the task force adrift, orbiting Theta Eridani IV without means of communication or propulsion. They had been affected by a computer virus, and it was only with the help of the USS Orcus "clean" software that the entire task force could exit orbit and take up the hunt again. Task Force Archeron immediately set a course towards Starbase 84 - meaning to intercept the Theurgy if Captain Ives had decided to put the advanced Theurgy-class starship of in his Romulan masters' hands.

Your character would enter the story after the Battle of Starbase 84, where s/he'd have been transferred aboard the USS Dauntless and went hunting for the Theurgy. The problem is, that s/he needs to defect to the Theurgy for some reason. This defection should be discussed and settled with the GM, and you will be required to read the outcome of the battle, which can be found here: Episode 04: Simulcast, Chapter 07: Cost of Truth.

In order to write a fighter pilot, you should also familiarise yourself with this page: Tactical CONN. The Tactical CONN officer reports to their Element Leader, Flight Leader and Squadron Commanding Officer (SCO).

USS Theurgy

If not willing to write a fighter pilot, and your character was assigned to the titular USS Theurgy, it is recommended that your character has been in stasis since before Episode 01, and only now could be resuscitated after getting the medical attention he/she needed. Your character would then have been injured during the flight from Earth and Starfleet and put into a stasis pod to preserve his/her life.

Here is the list:

Fighter Bay Operations Officers (NCO ranks only)

Information about the Fighter Bay Ops crew on the Theurgy can be found here: Fighter Bay Ops. Check the info, and then look below. The available roles are:

  • Head of Avionics, Sensors & Computer Systems
  • Head of Spaceframe & Structure
  • Spacecraft Inspectors
  • Landing Signal Warrants
  • Weapons Technicians
  • Ordnancemen
  • Mechanics

All these NCO officers report to the Chief of the Deck and his appointed second-in-command among the deck crews.