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Name:F’Rell of the 12th House
Position:Warp Field Engineer & Theorist
Orientation:  Unknown
Birthplace:The T'fanrell Home World
Height:13 feet long (about 4 meters)
Eye color:Silver
Played by:Jennifer Tilly (voice)
Writer:NPC, to be KIA, formerly written by Absinthe
F’Rell enjoys collecting interesting odds and ends for study at a later time.
In addition she enjoys reading, reading practically anything.
Service Record

F’Rell of the 12th House was a Warp Field Engineer & Theorist on the USS Resolve. F’Rell aided in the opposition against the parasites that compromised Starfleet Command in the end of the 24th century.


The life of a T’Fanrell is long and often filled with many complexities. The life of F’Rell of the Twelfth House is no different. As with all things of the T’Fanrell the names the following have been translated from their original language to something more easily understood as names in the languages of humanoids.

She was hatched in the 5th house, in the deep chasm of Kareenith near the great rivers of Kaloonit. She would grow there and spend much of her early life exploring the deep dark places of the vast oceans of her homeworld, with it’s winding undersea rivers and mysterious ancient structures built by the those who came before. She would read often and grew fond of collecting oddities she found in the ancient ruins. Her people would explore these deep ruins only on occasion, not often enough to learn much of them. They only knew of the beings who built them by two names, “Those That Came Before” and “The Gate Weavers.” F’Rell learned from ancient texts of them and learned of their ability to travel among the stars, like some species she could see through the lenses that peered into the heavens above.

When she was old enough, roughly 34 cycles, she began her formal training in her chosen profession. She desired in those days to learn of the machines that allowed Those That Came Before to traverse the vastness of space. She knew that at one time the T’Fanrell too had traveled the stars, but after some great conflict long before the time of even the eldest of her kind’s greatest of grandfathers they had settled on their homeworld, calling it V’Nai, meaning Echo in the ancient tongue of her forefathers. She studied the ancient diagrams and learned the mechanical engineering well, building machines and studying even more.

She would meet the first of her mates then, P’Lell, while she was doing her research in those days. He was a keen mind, able to understand much of the problems she was struggling with and give the insights she was lacking. Though she would later not recall the exact moment of their first bonding, she would recall that he was gentle and kind in those days. That his voice would soothe her troubled mind and she would often go to him at the end of her studies just to hear him read the old poems.

It was only after a few years that she cracked the code and figured out the missing piece, an equation that would change things. This equation, one she was certain had been discovered countless times on countless worlds would allow for a ship to exceed the physical limitations of space, to break the light barrier and warp the cloud of space and time.

She was 56 when she was ready to lay her first clutch of eggs and it was time to chose the house she would do so in. Her culture allowed her to choose any of the 16 houses as her own and lay her eggs in their ancestral hatching grounds. For a time she considered going back to where she was bred and hatched, but in the end, she chose the Twelfth house due to its close relationship with both the archeology groups and the scientific community.

All the while her collection of rare and valuable items grew. She would send some to the various universities of her homeworld for further study, but keep many of the more interesting pieces for herself. Over time her collection grew in both scale and renown. She would often present specific pieces for trade, being seldom disappointed by trade offers presented to her.

It was on one of her expeditions to the ruins in the deep ocean that an intact gate and several large tablets covered in mysterious writing were discovered, though it was no longer functioning. The discovery caused much stir and rather than get involved with the debate as to the meaning of the find she withdrew into her collection and her family.

She would have several clutches of young in the years that followed, though with each new clutch her relationship with P’Lell grew strained. Soon their bond became infeasible and though they would remain close, she ceased production of eggs for a time.

So she spent her time with her children, focusing mainly on them. She would teach them of the life of their world, even as her discovery caused many changes around them. The gate she had found was isolated and soon a group began to demand that it be destroyed, citing ancient legends of the earliest of their kind fighting off “Those That Came Before” and though she thought them foolish, she said nothing on the matter. She knew that time would change things.

When her children grew old enough to begin their formal education she too returned to her science. She was in her mid-eighties then, still young for her kind. Being alone she found herself again returning to that equation she had discovered before. She would refine it, polish it. She began to run simulation after simulation to test it. Before long she would desire to build some sort of craft to actually bring her equation to a reality, but tensions continued to rise. Her people observed strife and turmoil in the galaxy and soon they were closing their planet off, no longer peering up at the night sky in wonder and awe, but instead in fear. They saw as the forces above them waged war. So she waited, and time passed.

She was only a decade past turning a hundred when she published a new paper, a paper on a newer equation, one more refined than any she had worked on before. This would allow for a craft to not only travel faster than the theoretical light barrier, but indeed to cross a second barrier. The drive, if built, would allow a craft to slip into a stream of particles in gravitational and quantum flux, allowing the mass to be reduced even more than even the traditional space warping bubble design. Of course, her work was purely theoretical, she was not more allowed to build a craft than anyone else, but it would be possible for this drive to travel far faster than ever before dreamed.

It was that paper that attracted the interest of a scientific group that aimed for the T’Fanrell to return to space, to observe the galaxy once more. They wanted her skills to build probes that would leave their world and shoot at extreme speeds towards other stars and relay the information back to their homeworld. It was truly a thrilling proposition and she readily agreed and began working on moving her work from theoretical to practical, and there was so much work to do.

She would work with the group tirelessly on the probes, eventually moving from probes to shuttles. She was not one of the first to leave the confines of her homeworld, she preferred to remain in the air with the crew keeping track of things. Her skills were needed to perfect the engineering and mathematical feats to get the shuttles out there as silently as possible.

As it should be noted even during this time it was forbidden to leave V’Nai, forbidden to have contact with any species outside of their own, and yet F’Rell and those she worked with were not just sending probes up, something they were allowed to do, but they had begun to send actual T’Fanrell into the void and bring them back. Their ships were small and stealthy, practically able to get right up next to the behemoths of the super-powered governments around them.

She was nearing a hundred and seventy when things began to change. Suddenly the sky grew more violent than ever before. She watched as alien ships fought each other. They lost two shuttles within weeks of each other and were forced to lie and claim they were probes, disguising the deaths of their colleagues as mere accidents.

The program slowed to a crawl and she grew frustrated. She would often speak with her only close friend in the project, M’Neff, a female who would lend her kind and gentle voice to the storm of F’Rell’s mind. As the project slowed more and more till they were all but forbidden to launch even the smallest of their probes, forced to cut back from shuttle missions to actual probes again, F’Rell would find herself again and again frustrated and returning to M’Neff for some form of comfort. They would bond and she would find some peace in their bonding, only to again be brought back to the harsh reality of her homeworld by another decree of those in charge about something else they were forbidden from doing. Soon they could no longer even bring their probes back, for fear of them drawing the attention of unwanted visitors to their homeworld.

And at last the war above them ended, but the restrictions did not. Again her colleagues and her began to act outside the law. They began to cheat on forms, sending bigger probes and bigger probes. She was unwilling to risk others so she began to go up herself. She would stay in contact the whole time she was away and return before even a full lunar cycle had passed.

This would continue for some time until her shuttle was damaged and she was forced to make an emergency landing on a desolate moon far from her home. Knowing that they would come for her as long as her transponder was active, she sent the disrupt code and killed the transmission. It would look as if the signal had been damaged beyond repair and simply disappeared into the inky darkness. They would have no way to find her and likely think her dead. Which was just as well, given her dwindling power supply she was as good as dead.

Yet fate had a different plan for her. A Starfleet ship picked up the weak power signal of her craft and came to investigate. They found her and brought her aboard their ship. After some misgivings, she agreed to aid them in returning home. She knew then that returning to her own world would be impossible, she had broken the greatest rule ever told to them, she had made contact with outsiders. She had betrayed her family and her species, but she had survived. And she would continue to do so, even as the ship she was on, one she was learned was called the USS Resolve, would struggle to make its way home.

And even as the Resolve found its way home, there was little rest. Conflict found them again as they were forced to make the choice to board a strange vessel on a dangerous mission. F’Rell would make herself useful there too, using her keen skills in warp field theory to aid the crew, all the while keeping the secrets of her true home from the crew, only letting a few details slip now and then.

Personality Profile

To some F’Rell might seem immature or in some cases detached. But this more deals with the concept of being fluid. As with all of her race she views things as fluid and ever changing. She has an obsession with collecting things that she finds interesting. This has resulted in a love of archeology, an activity she spent years of her life on.

She is constantly on the look out for new things to try or new things to learn. To her the universe is full of such wonderful things. She loves to learn and will gladly share everything she has learned about any given subject at the drop of a hat.

F’Rell has no idea how to deal with violence and aggression. In her short time with aliens she has found it to not be as uncommon as some would like to think it is. When confronted with violence it is her first instinct to run and hide, waiting until it is safe to come out again. If confronted she will usually do what it requested of her, for no other reason than to avoid confrontation. The only time she stands her grand is when she feels the safety of others is at stack. At which time she will gladly lay down her life to protect theirs.

Physical Profile


F’Rell is not as long as some members of her race, but at almost 4 meters long she is a sight to behold as she swims through the air, her light blue to almost see through skin dotted with deep purple spots. Her skin is slightly tougher than most of her race as before she left her home world she spent a full year in the deeper water to toughen it up.

If one were to touch it it would be the light and slightly oily skin, not unlike a gelatin with a slightly thicker skin. Though the ability to control the pressure in specific regions means that if she so chooses she could feel like as if she were more deflated, not unlike a slick balloon after it has been inflated and deflated.

Her bright silver eyes drift around her environment, only stopping to look at an individual when she wishes to speak to them. Her long whisker like tendrils vibrate as she speaks, sounding not unlike an electric base guitar being bowed. She has a total of 32 usable tentacle like appendages with which she can interact with the world around her. She does not have any obvious sexual organs and to the untrained eye it is next to impossible to determine what gender she is.