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Personnel FileW-o1.png
Position:Fighter Pilot
Orientation:  Bicurious
Birthplace:Caitia Nova
Height:5ft 5in / 1.65m
Weight:115lbs / 52kg
Hair:Creme Fur / Brown Mane
Eye color:Green/Grey
Played by:Leah Dizon
Writer:Formerly SummerDawn, to be MIA
Outdoor Sports (surfing, skiing, etc)
2374-2378: Starfleet Academy
2378: Advanced Flight School.
Service Record
2378-2381: USS Resolve
2381-Present: USS Theurgy

Ensign K'Ren was a fighter pilot serving aboard the USS Resolve during its odyssey in the Delta Quadrant and upon her return to Federation space in 2381 discovered the conspiracy of alien parasites that compromised Starfleet Command. She then came to serve aboard the USS Theurgy, in the Lone Wolves Squadron. She was later went missing during the shore leave at Qo'noS in April of 2381.

Background Story

The best way to sum of K'Ren's life growing up is 'rough.' She grew up on a failed colony primarily inhabited by Caitians that has been compared to Turkana IV and Nimbus III. To the Caitian's that inhabited it, it was known as P'Roash N'Grin (the forsaken ones).

Early Life

K'Ren and her sister M'Ressa were unplanned side-effects of her mother's profession. All K'Ren knew about her biological father growing up was that he was Human and had been a regular customer of M’Elise's until he was killed by an Orion he owed some debts to. Growing up, K'Ren & M'Ressa moved around a lot as their mother moved with her work. That also meant they had a series of men in their lives, none of whom were any good as father figures, though when one measures a man by how abusive he is to your mother, the bar isn't set all that high. So in many ways it wasn't too surprising that K'Ren & M'Ressa were rebellious teenagers growing up, getting in various scrapes with the law. For her part, K'Ren's acting out was more to please her older sister, the one person in the world she really trusted.

The turning point for K'Ren, and the point where her and M'Ressa's footsteps would diverge, was early in the year K'Ren turned 17. Her and M'Ressa had been getting involved in the drug scene, doing small errands for dealers, that sort of thing, even doing a little themselves from the supply their mother kept around for her own use. That fateful night, K'Ren & M'Ressa decided to try some new drug that was circulating amongst the party crowd's on the planet. What exactly went down that evening K'Ren doesn't recall but she remembered waking up in a holding cell with M'Ressa, charged with the murder of two Orion slave women and their pimp. They were eventually cleared and released but for K'Ren it was a wakeup call that if she didn't change direction, she was going to end up like her mother someday, possibly even dead like her father. The incident however, never even fazed her older sister and K'Ren's decision to turn her life around caused a split between the sisters.

Looking for a way off the planet, and into a more structured life, K'Ren eventually turned towards Starfleet. Scrounging up some money, and stowing away on a freighter, K'Ren made her way to a Federation world with a prominent Starfleet presence, looking for a way to clean up her life and as she called it, 'get honest.' She never made it to the freighter's destination as during a routine cargo scan, the Marine Lieutenant leading the away party found K'Ren stowed away in a cargo bay. That first meeting, and the subsequent discussions she would have with the officer while in detention aboard his ship, guided her decision to enlist in Starfleet.


The next five years would be amongst the hardest for K’Ren as she’d never lived in such a structured and fast paced environment. She’d never expected to end up in the cockpit of a fighter but during her initial intake exams, it was found that she had an aptitude for flying combat aircraft and soon found herself training to fly such craft. Eventually though she made it through, a trained fighter pilot, and half decent combat medic. Her proficiency would earn her a place in the training roster of TacCONN, a top gun of sorts for Federation fighter pilots. The training there would make her academy training look easy by comparison. Amongst the training was the Niagara test which K’Ren tried several times to beat, dying each time. After her third attempt, she stormed into her training squadron commander's office, incensed that she couldn’t pass the test. It was then, after he let her vent, that he calmly explained the test was not a test of skill under fire, but a test of how pilots face a no-win situation they will not survive. Somewhat embarrassed, K’Ren asked if she passed the response to which she was told to take the afternoon off and think about how she felt during the test.

Her first post though would find her aboard an ill-fated vessel, the Resolve. Transferred aboard shortly before the ship disappeared, the next three years would test her as no other experience had. It was during her three years aboard the Resolve that she learned to trust others, to understand they had her back. With the Fighter pilots always on alert it seemed, and running constant sorties, K’Ren was always covering someone’s back and having her covered. She started to get close to her squadron mates, the bond of trust deepening with her peers. One young pilot in particular, Markus, she came to respect and eventually, a relationship formed between them.

That relationship however was shattered when a routine patrol around the Resolve turned into a running firefight. Markus was on the patrol, K’Ren on hot standby. When the call came in, K’Ren launched with the other fighters, getting into space just in time to see Markus’ bird, crippled and in trouble, trying to evade enemy fire. Before she could respond, his craft erupted in a fireball of debris. The enemy was eventually defeated but when K’Ren got back to the ship, she made only a few steps from her craft before she fell to her knees, tears flowing down her face.

The loss of the man she loved caused a profound shift in her personality. She was still the same person in the cockpit but out of her fighter, she was tougher in her demeanor, a hide forming as she sought to protect herself from further hurt. That wasn’t to say she didn’t have relationships with other crew, she had several since his death, she just never got as close to them emotionally as she did Markus. The next year for her became a blur of missions, firefights, and even the odd cat & mouse game, the Resolve usually the mouse, as the ship fought its way back to Starbase 84 and Federation space. Finally touching down on friendly territory for the first time, K'Ren could relax and think about her future, where and what she wanted to do. During the brief respite, she would end up intimately involved with CPO Liam Herrold, her plane's crew chief. That break however would be short lived as the arrival of the USS Theurgy in the sector changed everyone's plans.


And changed it did. It seemed as if in a matter of mere hours, the crew of the Resolve went from being welcomed home as a lost child, to being branded traitors and fired upon, and for an alleged allegiance to a ship she'd never heard of, a cause she never knew existed. Forced to turn on Starfleet, her loyalty was first to her ship, she joined the fight in space around Starbase 84. For her troubles she would find herself almost killed, her fighter's escape pod damgaed, the secondary life support in her suit failing. It was only the timely intervention of the SAR team from the very ship she'd branded in allegiance with, that would save her life, though just barely.

Beamed aboard, the first face she would see would be that of her crew chief, and recent lover, Liam. The next while was a blur as she was transported to sickbay, sedated, and placed under as the doctor's worked to repair her broken body. It felt like a long while but later that day, in the evening, she was released to Liam's care as she'd not been assigned quarters yet.

The next day she would, during her routine post-op checkup, be involved in defending a crewmate from an attack by a group calling themselves "The Devoted of Morali." A somewhat sedated KZinti/Human named Deacon was in sickbay the same time as her and K'Ren came upon the attack. Suduing at least one of the attackers, K'Ren helped Deacon escape his attackers, and gave him refuge in her quarters. Their initial interaction with each other would start off rocky as Caitians had a deep seated dislike for the KZinti, and being called a kzinrett (female kzin) was a strong insult to a Caitian female. It soon became apparent tho, as his sedation wore off, that Deacon was a lot like K'Ren, a half-breed, a child of two worlds, not entirely at home in either.

However, it also became apparent very quickly, in such close proximity to a male of a species more similar to her own then any Cait would admit, that the reason for K'Ren's behaviour the day before with Liam on the flightdeck, was that she was in her season. The season, and the urges that it entailed, would drive her to mate with Deacon even though she'd just met him. Later that evening they would speak, and as KZin & Caitian's had few considerations for courtship rituals, the male and female usually 'just knew', they agreed the feelings and desires were mutual and claimed each other's mateship.

Personality Profile

Growing up on the fringes of Federation society, K’Ren found trust a hard thing to come by and rarely given out. Her academy years would temper that attitude and three years on the Resolve forced her to trust others but still leave her as a very self-reliant person. She tends to be cool towards people she does not know, but opens up a bit towards people once she gets to know them. On the surface K’Ren comes across as a rough & tumble, work hard play hard sort of girl who’s not afraid to take on any challenge and not afraid to use her charms on the opposite sex. The hard exterior however covers and protects a very quiet and soft young women who is deeply hurt by the loss of the one person she truly opened up to and the universe tore from her.

Physical Profile

Being a child of two species, K’Ren inherits some of the better and worse traits of both her parents. She speaks with a slight accent, rolling her R’s, making her sound like she’s purring as she speaks. Her hearing is average for her Caitian heritage but her eyesight, while better in low light, isn’t as acute as normal for humans. She can’t jump as high or as far as a Caitian but she’s also a bit stronger and has better endurance. Like all Caitians she has retractable claws, and like all Caitians, will not use them as weapons except in the direst of circumstances. She goes through a twice annual heat cycle, during which she becomes more amorous and has to either take medication to manage the symptoms or, her preferred choice, find a bedmate willing to ‘assist’ her with the physical symptoms. Outside of the cockpit, K’Ren wears her hair loose, letting it flow down over her shoulders.

Following her abduction by the Savi ( link ) and the 'correction', removing her human genetic code and accelerating her body's transition to fully Caitian, K'Ren has taken a decidedly pure Caitian appearance and body. Her senses and reflexes are now standard for Caitian norms however her adjust has not been entirely complete. The complexity of humanoid neurology made it impossible for her brain to be trained to accept her new body so K'Ren occasionally suffers from what could best be described as sensory overload, her mind trying to cope with the increased sensory inputs, primarily sound and sight.

Following events on Aldea Prime ( link ) K'ren has been returned to her pre-'correction' state.


K’Ren enjoys physical pursuits that require a keen sense of balance, sports like surfing and skiing. In her downtime, K’Ren enjoys reading and playing a small M’Grr’na’n (small woodwind instrument similar to a recorder) her mother gave her at her coming of age ceremony. She enjoys various forms of music, from soft Terran Jazz to the war songs of the Klingon empire.