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Personnel FileT-o3.png
Name:Izar Bila
Position:Science Officer, Chemist
Species:Bajoran-Cardassian Hybrid
Age:31 (2350)
Orientation:  Asexual (Demisexual)
Birthplace:Adarak, Kendra Province (Bajor)
Height:5ft 11in / 1.8m
Weight:163lbs / 74kg
Hair:Dark, curly hair
Eye color:Dark hazel
Played by:Aidan Turner
Writer:NPC due for stasis
Theoretical physics
Theoretical and applied chemistry
Star evolution
Bajoran religion
Card games
Moonshine innovation
2367-2371: Trill Science Ministry
2371-2373: Starfleet Academy
Service Record
2373-2376: Ensign, Science Officer-Chemistry, USS Thunderchild
2376-2380: Lieutenant Junior Grade Science Officer-Chemistry USS Asterion
2380:  Lieutenant Junior Grade, Asst. Chief Science Office, Chemistry, USS Cayuga
2381:  Lieutenant Junior Grade, Chemistry, USS Theurgy
2381:  Lieutenant, Chemistry, USS Theurgy
2373: Star Cross
2373: Starfleet Award of Valor
2379: Cochrane Medal of Excellence

Izar Bila was a science officer aboard the USS Cayuga. As of March 2381, he served on the USS Theurgy, aiding in the opposition against the parasites that compromised the Starfleet Command at the end of the 24th century.

Unfortunately, he was fatally injured in April of 2381, and put into stasis.


Bila remembered little of his life before the Relliketh refugee camp, possibly a much more comfortable life than most Bajorans, although surrounded by cardassians, one of them being the faded figure of his father. He did remember more clearly his internment in the Relliketh refugee camp, being awakened at midnight and dragged from their beds to the camp by strangers. He also remembered well the shock of the change of life, as well as the rejection that his mere appearance caused in the other inmates and the sudden isolation to which his small family (only he and his mother, Izar Maite) was subjected. But the clearest thing in his mind was his flight to Federation territory shortly after. Together with his mother and about a hundred refugees in a cargo container of a Ferengi ship, lacking the most basic needs, it was a real miracle that they managed to leave the starship alive.

From then on, the diplomatic battle began until they obtained political asylum in the Federation Space, his small family being relocated to Trill Homeworld. Once settled there, Bila's childhood improved ostentatiously, and his past was practically forgotten except for a dislike of closed and poorly ventilated places.

From his earliest childhood, Bila stood out as an intelligent and awake child, interested in the mechanics that made the universe work, and was encouraged by both his mother and his teachers to apply himself seriously in learning about them. Thus, with only seventeen years, he was able to enter the prestigious Trill Science Ministry, graduating with honors in chemistry four years later.

His passage by the university only enlived the curiosity of the young hybrid, reason why that same year he applied for its entrance in the Starfleet, interested in investigating the spatial anomalies and discovered new materials in situ, instead of distanced himself in a laboratory from the stars he loved. Thanks to his previous training, in 2373 he performed his Cadet Cruise at the USS Thunderchild. The Borg attack on the Sun system caught him unexpectedly aboard the Akira-class ship. Thanks to his valour during the attack along with the rest of the crew, he won the Star Cross and the Starfleet Award of Valor, as well as a field promotion to Ensign.

Bila spent the next three years of service on the same starship, participating in the Dominion War. The war was a horrible period for him, being caught in the role of soldier instead of the researcher to he aspired. At first, he was eager to meet other Bajorans, having been raised as one. However that face-to-face meetings with his compatriots faced him with the harsh reality: some Bajorans simply felt pity for him, others simply distrusted him, in both cases for something out of his control: he being what he was. At the end, his unique solace was that it allowed him to get close to his Bajoran roots and aroused his curiosity about the wormhole and the Prophets. Scientist in the deepest his core, he had always considered the legendarium of the religion of his people as a primitive interpretation of computable scientific facts, but when he saw how 2,800 Dominion ships were destroyed in the wormhole, he embraced the faith of his ancestors with zeal.

His conversion helped him partly to endure the rigors of the war, but in spite of everything he felt that his participation in the conflict didn't help to the daily struggles of the citizens. This led him to sympathize with the Maquis, innocent victims of both sides from his perspective. Unable to leave the Starfleet, but wanting to help them within his means, he was supplying them with information about starships positions, supply convoys and operations against them for years. When the Maquis were eliminated, Bila suffered terribly, feeling that he could have prevented their dissolution in some way. At the same time, suspicions began to arise about his collaboration with them, which led to his request to change his post position.

That way, at the end of the war, and having seen with his own eyes the other side of the conflict with the destruction of Cardassia Prime, he had consumed any desire that could remain in him to participate in any armed warfare, so that he requested his transfer to a scientific vessel, the USS Asterion, where he spent the following years mapping the Helaspont Nebula. The relative proximity of the nebula to Bajor and the Badlands allowed him to keep in touch with the few survivors of the rebel group. During this time, as a parallel project, he improved the starship's spectrographic sensors for the detection of sub-quantum anomalies, which earned him the Cochrane Medal of Excellence in 2379.

The following year he was offered a scientific position in one of the new ships of the Iroquois class, the USS Cayuga. Seeing the opportunity of being part of the crew of a starship of distant exploration, Bila accepted the position without hesitation, excited by the new scientific challenges that he could face. Unfortunately, just a year later the ship was compromised by a Borg attack, leaving the hybrid and the rest of the crew in an uncertain situation.

Personality Profile

Bila spoke with a soft and calm tone, trying to maintain a pleasant and relaxed work environment. Pacifist to the core after Dominion War, he avoided any kind of direct conflict and that usually made him look weak or meek. In fact, Bila only stood up them when his principles or his investigation were compromised, moments in which he showed a surprising tenacity.

Since the stigma of being of Cardassian heritage was something he was reminded of each day, Izar had a tendency to try to belong and be apprecciated in groups and teams he worked in. Therefore, he had a tendency to make jokes and try to put people at ease, and thus compensating for and overcoming the biased opinions of the people around him.

Methodical in his work and his approach to others, he tried to profile the personality and intentions of the people around him before interracting with them, seeking to avoid negative interactions and showing himself in the most pleasant way possible, which sometimes ended with him being addressed as deceptive or a liar.

Having dealt with self-loathing and a poor self-image for most of his youth, he found a kind of peace of mind after he embraced his faith, and as he began to do this he saw himself as a bridge between his two cultures, refusing to turn his back to either of them. However, since he had spend most of his live as a Bajoran, he had the need to come into contact with his Cardassian ancestry, so he actively sought anyone who could teach him about it.

Although he proclaimed that this was due to his interest in improving the image of the Cardassians, it was a way of hiding his sense of uprooting and his need to belong to a group or, if possible, to both. This went so far that he often refused to see the negative traits of either of his two nations and tried to justify them in the most positive way possible.

Having dealt from morbid curiosity to grief when he met people, he valued sincere friendships and treasured them with zeal. In spite of everything, he tried to please everyone but he trusted very few, having acted covertly for years and dealing with disapproval most of his life.

Physical Profile

From afar, Bila could be easily be confused with a full Cardassian, but when someone observed him closely it was easy to deduce his mixed bloodline. He possessed a ligh-gray skin, ridged shapes around his eyes and the infamous Cardassian spoon. However, this features were somehow slightly more subtled than in a full Cardassian, he barely possessed the typical neck ridges (having instead a soft scale lines in the sides of his neck and collar bone), he had a typical Bajoran nose and an uncommon curly hair. He reinforced his hybrid appearance by leaving a sparse beard, rare among Cardassians, and wearing a Bajoran earring, inheritance from his mother. His civilian clothes were an eclectic mix of Bajoran and Trill garments, which increased the oddness of appearance.



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