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At this juncture Star Trek: Theurgy is not open for new Applicants unless they are willing to take over and edit one of the characters that are available for inheritance.

The reason is that a former Theurgist registered with multiple accounts in order to write a lot more characters than he was entitled to, and that has left us with a surplus of Available Characters that needs inheritance. By taking over an already present character in the unfolding events, however, Applicants will have an easier time to understand the situation in the story and become better acquainted with the community, instead of wasting time and effort on making a character for a sim they might not like.

Non-Applicant members of the sim may create new characters if they are eligible (see below). In that case, they must pick a role in the Wanted Positions list.

Joining Information

"What kind of writers are we looking for at Star Trek: Theurgy?"

We will be looking for good, descriptive and creative writers that can handle English fluently. You should also know enough about the Star Trek Universe to be able to partake in creating intense, interesting storylines together with the other writers. We are a very literate group, with rules that demand a minimum posting requirement of 200 words per post, and with a deadline of 7 days maximum to reply in all the threads you are involved in. The commitment to the story is long-term. We have been running the story actively for years, and we will continue for many years to come. Therefore, we are not interested in casual, brief commitments, but something that will last.

In other words, if you are not a dedicated and prolific writer, who can write long posts and reply to threads within 7 days, you should not apply to join this sim for your own sake as well as the present writers. Also, you should be well versed in proper Forum Writing Etiquette.

Lastly, Star Trek: Theurgy promotes socially progressive views, including all sexualities, identities, male/female/trans artistic nudity, gender equality, civil rights, and multiculturalism. If you have a problem with this, then you should not register.

"What's the nature of the story?"

Star Trek: Theurgy is a detailed, quite dark, story-driven and long-term roleplay and while it has a 18+ rating, it is not some shoe-horned excuse to write Star Trek smut scenes. If that's what you are looking for, you can look elsewhere since you'll be really disappointed.

It is not expected of any of our writers to detail the intimate relations of their characters with others, even if it's allowed. Several writers among us have an aversion to writing graphic sexual scenes, so if that's not what you care for, then that's no problem at all. The story revolves around a ship and a crew in dire straits, against impossible odds, and with a lot of intrigue and mystery to it. We just don't enforce limits on what you care to write, like explicit scenes of violence or intimacy, as long you adhere to our General Rules and all writers consent to the specific scene their characters are in.

In short, this is a serious Star Trek sim, not a dating sim.

"When recruitment opens up again, how do I join the story?"

When recruitment is made, this page should serve quite well for an answer, but it's recommended you contact the GM if you have any questions.

1. Register on the Forum

First, in order to join Star Trek: Theurgy, you need to register on the Forum. To register, you must be 18 years or older. If we find anyone who is younger than that, it will result in an immediate ban in the interests of protecting minors. Upon registration, you verify that you are of age, and at the discretion of the GM, an age verification process will be conducted if there is cause for doubt to your claim. For more information on age restriction, read our General Rules.

When you have read the rules and registered, you should check the Star Trek: Theurgy Canon page and read through the Story Archive.

Feel free to have a look around, and get acquainted with the place.

2. Contact the Game Moderator

When you feel ready, send a PM (personal message) with your character inheritance request via the forum to the Game Moderator, Auctor Lucan. Send the GM your questions first and we take it from there; perhaps you just want to verify if you have the right profile to write with us.

We have Available Characters that are either on active duty, or they have been put into stasis on the Theurgy. If you are a returning member, for example, you may find your character in stasis. You have to contact the GM if you want to use your character again, and should any writer or new applicant wish to inherit them, the GM may allow it depending on what rank and position the character held before being put into stasis. In order for these to be made available, the Chief Medical Officer on the Theurgy must have found a way to treat the lethal injury that the character sustained at some point in the story, but this can easily be arranged for In-Character since the Theurgy came across additional medical supplies quite recently.

When you inherit an available character, the GM will provide all information about what the characters have been up to so far in the story, as well as potential development for them. Please consider how you, as the new writer of the character, have a creative license to change the way s/he is played. We want you to make the character your own, change things as you see fit, and update details on the character page to your heart's content. They merely have to remain the same person in the broader sense, i.e. in terms of name, race, position, rank and images.

3. Joining Application Accepted!

When the character inheritance is approved, and all edits to the character page has been made, the GM will notify you of this and an announcement will be made on our OOC board (Out-of-Character). You will also be given full access to the site. Next, you will be writing your inaugural post in the story, and begin the adventure.

Welcome aboard the Theurgy!

Here are our Mentors!

Given the size of our community, we have a number of friendly writers that are not only experienced with the story and the functions of the forum, but they are also available to write an inaugural thread with your inherited character. This all depends on how many threads the Mentors are already writing, of course, but once you have become a full member it is encouraged that you reach out to these writers on Discord or via PM on the forum so that you can learn the ropes. If the Mentor you contact is temporarily available, they will help you find someone else to write with instead. The GM is also available to help with any questions you might have, and in that case, it is encouraged that you write him a PM on the forum.

If you need help with a first, aka inaugural thread, it is advised that you pay careful attention to what characters the Mentors are writing (see below). If you have an idea for how to start up with your inherited character, and one of the Mentor's characters would be perfect in the scene, then make sure you flesh out the idea for the scene you have in mind when you contact the Mentor. You should also factor this into account before you approach a Mentor: Does the Mentor's character have a reason to interact with your inherited character? Are they in the same Department aboard the Theurgy? In either case, does this have relevance for the scene you have in mind? Here they are!

Mentor Program
Theurgist   Characters Discord Personal Message
Argyros Available Link
Brutus Available Link
Griff Available Link
jreeves1701 Available Link
Juzzie Available Link
Pierce Available Link
Nolan Available Link
Stegro88 Available Link
Swift Available Link

All Mentors earn 5 Story Tokens for writing inaugural threads with new Theurgists, but it's not mandatory that your first thread in the story is with one of the Mentors. Perhaps you already know one of the writers here, or you get to know someone on Discord that you can write with. Either way, the Mentor Program is there to help those who need help starting up.

Do you want to add another character to the story?

Kae 01.png

If you have been an active member of the sim for more than 3 months, and you would like to add another character, you should take a look at the Wanted Positions Page, and then contact the Game Moderator via PM on the forum (not on Discord) and see if you are A) eligible to add another character, B) if your character concept fits the story and C) if s/he can be added at the current juncture in the story. If the story is in the middle of an Episode, this might be difficult depending on the circumstances.

The maximum allowed player characters in Star Trek: Theurgy is 4 (four) characters for all members except the GM, who has to tell the story on many fronts, spread across the whole ship and all its departments. Total number is not counting NPCs, which are available for all writers. There is also a Token Reward on the Story Objectives page to strive for, if you're ambitious. Besides this Token Reward, the only exception to the maximum limit of 4 characters is if the Game Moderator grants specific permission to write a story-specific, temporary NPC in an Episode.

"How do I know if I am eligible to add another character?"

Just like with new characters, additional characters are approved at the behest of the Game Moderator, and they are approved based on writing capacity for each member. These are the criteria for all requests:

  • 3 months must pass between each character addition request or after you joined the sim.
  • The writer should not have a tendency to break the 7 day minimum response time rule (See General Rules)
  • Writing capacity is judged by number of In-Character posts per active days in the sim. (Total posts - OOC posts) / (Total days - Inactive days). A writer is marked as Inactive if s/he leaves the sim and returns at a later time. The resulting number (the writer's Capacity) is an indicator that tells the Game Moderator if the writer has the capacity to write another character. Se the table below:
Capacity # Characters
0 <<<<   >>>> 0,19 1 Character
0,20 <<<<   >>>> 0,29 2 Characters
0,30 <<<<   >>>> 0,39 3 Characters
0,4 <<<<   >>>> ~ 4 Characters

If your Capacity rating is high enough, you reply within 7 days in all your threads, and it is 3 months since you last added a character to the story or joined the sim, you are eligible to add another character. The Game Moderator can quickly tell if your Capacity rating is high enough since he has a spreadsheet that can easily crunch the numbers for you.

"I am eligible, and the character can be added to the story! What happens next?"

Just like with new characters, here are the steps:

  1. You pitch a character concept for the GM initially, without filling out an entire character sheet. This is really important. You pitch a character concept for the GM initially. Again, without filling out an entire character sheet. Since your character idea might be rejected, you should not waste your time writing up a character entirely. Instead, you should just describe what you have in mind in terms of a character concept. Things worth mentioning at this stage are:
    - Name and species
    - Personality and traits
    - Position from the Wanted Positions page you apply for
    - In-Character ambitions, short term and long term
    - Out-of-Character ambitions for the character, short term and long term
    - Upbringing and education
    - Defining character flaws
    - What faceclaim you have in mind for the character
  2. If the concept is approved, the Game Moderator will then send you a character template to fill out, and you PM the filled out template to the GM for a first review. The template is not made available here because the character concept should be discussed with the Game Moderator first, before any further time and effort is spent on creating a character.
  3. When the PM with the filled out template has been reviewed, you will be sent feedback and a link to a wiki form, where you create a draft page for the character in our wiki database, using the template and implementing the feedback.
  4. When you have filled out the form (remember that you need to be logged into the wiki!), and you've generated the draft page, you PM the hyperlink to the Game Moderator for a final review.
  5. When is approved, after some rounds of edits, the application will be processed, and the character added to the sim.
  6. The Game Moderator announces the character in the Main OOC thread on the forum.

Congratulations on your new character!