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The following is a list of named non-player characters who served in the CONN Department during the USS Theurgy’s battles against a corrupt and compromised Starfleet.


Master Chief Petty Officer Mala Kariko

Mala Kariko
image by Sci-Fi Avatars]

Mala Kariko was a Bajoran CONN Officer serving on the USS Theurgy. She was inquisitive and outgoing though a bit on the shy side. Mala could be a bit scatterbrained at times, easily losing things like her PADD's, combadge, etc.

Mala was of average build for her size, all 5ft 2in of it. She grew her (died blonde) hair out to just below her shoulders, letting it fall naturally into place in a clean but messy style. Her face was soft, brown eyes split by a delicate set of ridges along her nose, the trademark feature of her race. She kept herself in shape through regular exercise though her body didn't display much tone or muscle. While she wouldn't win any strength contests she was surprisingly strong for her stature. One distinct difference however was a lack of the traditional Bajoran earring, the earring being symbolic of a belief she did not hold.

She was assigned to the Vector 03 Battle Bridge as part of the Continuance Protocol on the day that the Savi abducted Captain Jien Ives and a number of the Theurgy’s other officers and crew, including Thea. She was at the helm when the Shield encountered the USS Cayuga and remained at her post when the Asurians attacked. (V03)

She traveled with the Savi ship Erudite to the Hobus star to sabotage the enemy Savi and Infested efforts to destroy the Hobus star.

Ensign Ali Louis

Ensign Ali Louis
image by STPMA Free Use Images

Ali Marie Louis was born on Tycho City on Luna in the Sol System and comes from a long line of historic service to Starfleet; her grandfather even having earned the highest honor bestowed upon by Starfleet, the Christopher Pike Medal of Valor, during his own service. It was only natural, that when the time came, she would apply to and be accepted to Starfleet Academy, with a personal flair and preference for piloting and helm control. She graduated near the top of her class in 2381, and as such was given her choice of assignments, selecting the newly commissioned USS Theurgy as her first posting. She has acted as a shuttle pilot during her time aboard Theurgy, and has greater aspirations, though she is unsure if she wishes to transfer to Tactical CONN or continue to learn to fly a full-size ship like Theurgy. As of 2381, she has been romantically linked to Ensign Valryk of the Surgical Team, as was witnessed by Lieutenant Commander Andrew Fisher during a visit to the Stellar Cartography Lab on Deck 15, where she may have also had a spur-of-the-moment romantic encounter with a member of the Tactical CONN department.

Traveled with the Ranger across the RNZ to intercept Romulan cruiser carrying a temporal agent in need of rescue.


† Lieutenant Commander Arron Lynn

Crew RedUni.png

Lieutenant Commander Arron Lynn was the USS Theurgy’s Chief Flight Control Officer before being Killed in Action in January of 2381. Lynn was replaced by Ensign Lawrence O. Lance before he too was Killed in Action.

† Ensign Nizni Perim

Ensign Nizni Perim
Image © Paramount

Ensign Nizni Perim was a flight control officer aboard the USS Theurgy in 2381. An unjoined native of the planet Trill, she had a twin sister in Starfleet and had expected to follow in her footsteps. Instead, she had joined a ship manned by fugitives who had been subject to mental domination at least twice that she knew of.

During the attempted hijacking aboard the Theurgy by Captain Vasser and Commander T’Rena, Perim was assigned to the vector three battle bridge along with fellow ensigns Kenneth Urban and Pavel Viktorovich Yelchin. Perim considered joining Vasser’s supporters, while Urban and Yelchin suggested staying at their posts or retreating to their quarters until a commanding officer was determined. She followed Lieutenant Commander Carrigan Trent when the bionic intelligence analyst took command of the bridge, reporting on the status of flight control systems. She was killed by T’Rena when the Vulcan entered the battle bridge to eliminate Trent and any other resistance.

† Petty Officer Second Class Kalen Jinnai

Petty Officer Kalen Jinnai
Image by [[Doc M.]

Petty Officer Second Class Kalen Jinnai was a Bajoran flight control specialist who served aboard the Harbinger in 2381 and was mentally conditioned by T’Rena to follow the Vulcan’s twisted agenda. He and a number of his shipmates managed to flee the destruction of the Harbinger in an escape pod and touch down on the northern hemisphere of planet EL734 Nova Arctys. When the methane atmosphere of Nova Arctys released a rain of diamond crystals Kalen and Yvette Conway were in EV suits and had taken shelter in a cave. The rest of the survivors of her escape pod perished when the pod was damaged by the mineral downpour. As a last resort, Yvette and Jinnai lit the methane gas of the next storm as a last beacon for aid.

The conflagration was noted by Natalie Stark, ThanIda zh'Wann, Aisha S'Iti, and Doctor Maya who had taken the USS Allegiant on a Search And Rescue mission to recover the Harbinger’s survivors. When Conway and Jinnai were beamed aboard, the sight of zh’Wann, who had previously been taken prisoner aboard the Harbinger, was enough to cause the two castaways to fight their rescuers with all the force their desperation could summon. Jinnai was killed by ThanIda zh'Wann, who was forced to slay him in self-defense.


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