Sera vers Aldnoah

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Name:Sera vers Aldnoah
Orientation:  Bisexual
Height:176 cm
Weight:57 kg
Hair:Dark Brown
Eye color:Yellow
Played by:Gal Gadot
Writer:Auctor Lucan
Suyo Stick Fighting
Service Record

Sera vers Aldnoah was an explorer visiting Starbase 84 in 2381. After the Battle of Starbase 84, she ended up on the USS Theurgy. Sera aided the opposition against the parasites that compromised Starfleet Command in the end of the 24th century.


Sera was born in the dunes of the Fire Region deserts in a nomadic village called Cruhteo on Câroon. Her father was Corvo vers Aldnoah, a village guard, and her mother was Darzana vers Aldnoah, a livestock handler for the village. Growing up in Cruhteo, Sera was rarely given the opportunity to be a carefree child as most children of other planets might. With her village constantly moving from one end of the Fire Region to the other because of the frequent sandstorms, Sera was required to grow up quickly, learning to survive the harsh conditions that Câroon puts its people through.

Coming of age in these kinds of circumstances taught Sera many skills useful to her as an adult, such as adept survival skills and her ability to fight. From a young age, Sera was expected by her elders to contribute to the village’s survival learning how to find water beneath the sands and learning how to hunt for food. Living in Cruhteo was difficult, even with all of the skills and effort put into preparing for the harsh environment. For many years, Sera wondered why her parents insisted on staying. She often wondered why anyone in their village bothered to stay when there was more to their planet than just desert. Anytime she spoke up to question the village elders on that topic, she was silenced by her parents and told to appreciate what she had.

The answer to just accept her life would never serve to satisfy Sera, especially as life for her village only seemed to get harder as time went on. Water grew increasingly scarce, their livestock were harder to raise, and game to hunt more rare. Through all these hardships it seemed that Câroon’s already harsh treatment of its people continued to worsen. Still, Sera continued to live the life that was expected of her and soon learned to keep her questions to herself. She knew that most of the village would disapprove of her views on their living conditions or ideas about wanting to leave. As the conditions grew worse, the tribe was eventually forced to seek aid in the form of technology. Believing that seeing a city would break her negative views of their lives, Sera’s parents sent her with a group from their village to the nearby city of Kell to purchase provisions and equipment to help keep the village alive.

What her family did not expect however was the city taking the opposite effect on Sera. When she arrived in Kell, Sera was awestruck at what existed beyond the borders of her desert. Câroon from all walks of life came together in Kell all with different stories to tell of their homelands. Of the vast seas of the Water Region to the miles of subterranean cities that stretched beneath the surface of the Earth Region and the villages of the Region of Wind. All of these things only served to fuel Sera’s belief that there was a far better life out in the world for her people. When they returned to Cruhteo, however, her parents were far less thrilled at her views on the city. What they believed would be a well taught lesson for their daughter seemed to have only taught the opposite of what they wanted her to learn.

Sera was forbidden from returning to Kell by her parents as they believed that in time she would come to accept and appreciate the life she already had. But that same night Sera would disappear from Cruhteo along with a few days worth of supplies. It wasn’t long before Sera arrived back in Kell. The moment she returned to the city she quickly went about learning as much as she could about the other three regions of Câroon. Wanting to learn so much about what she’d never even known existed. except in stories and rumors spoken amongst the youth of Cruhteo. After a week of living in Kell, Sera had learned so much about her own planet that she’d never known before. And it wasn’t long until she heard that there was so much more to see and discover.

Sera’s wish to see what was previously unknown to her spurred her to stowaway aboard a departing freighter. Marking the last time Sera would ever see Câroon during the span of her life. Shortly after stowing away aboard the Freighter it wasn’t long before Sera was discovered by the ship’s crew after it had been discovered that someone had been accessing the ship’s replicators during mess hall closing hours. By the time they’d actually caught Sera it was far too late to turn back. The crew was at a loss of what to do with the young Câroon stowaway. But immediately Sera put forth her own option volunteering to work on the ship as long as they did not bring her back home. After some consideration the crew agreed not wishing to make the trip back to Câroon for someone who appeared to be wanting to escape it in the first place.

As time drew on Sera became a valued member of the crew she worked hard for her keep and her almost child-like curiosity when it came to the worlds they visited was endearing to the crew. Sera continued to work aboard the freighter. Sera learned new skills that she would never have known back on Câroon, such as how to operate and maintain a starship and generally just facts about the world that would help her make it by in life. Things such as learning proper control over her temper and what was and wasn’t entirely socially acceptable to what culture as she visited more and more planets. A time would come when eventually the man who owned the Freighter gave up the craft in favor of a new line of work that would bring him closer to his family. Sera was left alone in the galaxy but she was far from helpless. Years of harsh living on Câroon and working to earn her place aboard a freighter traveling around the galaxy served to make Sera into a independent and resourceful young woman.

Left alone Sera was free from the life that her family and friends had so easily resigned themselves to on her homeworld. But having only known two constants in her life left Sera lost with no direction for her life. For a time Sera fought an internal battle with herself with a side that seemed to pull her back to home, back to Câroon. The other side of herself fought back with the insistence that the life she’d lived back on Câroon wasn’t a life at all. It was merely existing with no real direction or purpose, no different from what she was now except with added hardship. Sera resolved to stay on the path she’d chosen and opportunity presented itself to her in the form of an archaeological expedition to an arid desert planet where an ancient civilization was said to have built one of it’s greatest cities.

The man running the expedition was a “collector” of rare and precious relics and artifacts. He was a Ferengi by the name of Paz. Enticed by the idea of visiting a new place and also just as enticed with the idea of exploring some place no one has ever been to before, Sera contacted Paz and volunteered for the expedition. Paz was grateful to scrape together any help he could get and quickly ushered Sera and the group he’d put together to a planet far away from most inhabited planets. Once they arrived Paz instructed the group he’d put together to travel into a region of the planet known as the Sea of Dunes a part of the desert that was near constantly plagued with terrible sandstorms that made approaching the ruins in the center near impossible by air and any attempt to approach by vehicles was plagued by constant engine issues as sand would fill every orifice resulting in malfunctions. Thus making travel by foot the safest method of traveling to the ruins.

The journey was harsh and difficult, but having grown and lived on Câroon where such weather was considered normal, Sera persevered against the weather. The expedition was long and difficult and the loss of some of it’s members was inevitable. Some simply refused to listen to Sera in her attempts to help them and steer them in the right direction. Those that ignored Sera’s council often wandered off into the desert confident in their own abilities of navigation while others wasted their provisions and went mad from desperation. By the time they’d reached their destination only Sera and several others remained out of the two dozen that had originally set out.


When they finally arrived at the ruins the only thing that remained above the sand was what appeared to be a section of a tower that once towered far higher. At the top of a tower a strange light filtered through the windows of the tower. Sera scaled the tower and when she reached the top she was met face to face with what appeared to be a glass orb emitting light and decorated with strange designs with what appeared to be sand swirling about within. Sera took the orb and the moment it left the pedestal it sat upon the sandstorm ended. Sera and the rest of the expedition returned to Paz with the orb who was more than a little bit surprised to see them. Nonetheless Paz paid them all a significant amount for returning with the artifact along with a bit extra for ending the sandstorm surrounding the ruin.

Sera once again found herself at a loss of what to do after she’d been paid for her service and approached Paz again asking if he had more work for her. Paz once again found himself surprised at the fact that Sera seemed so willing to go on another expedition so shortly after surviving the first. Paz from that point on hired Sera on as one of his go-to explorers. And for many years Sera would continue to work for Paz traveling to numerous planets throughout the galaxy discovering new places and retrieving lost artifacts belonging to civilizations and races that were no longer even known of by modern society. Eventually Sera struck out on her own with the sizable amount of money she’d saved up working for Paz purchasing her own ship and venturing on her own adventures.

Sera continued to travel to uncharted and abandoned planets searching through ruins and collecting artifacts in order to make her living sometimes providing them to Federation historical societies and other times selling them to less reputable sources when a better offer is presented. Recently she has found herself stranded on Starbase 84 after a mishap involving the theft of an artifact from a primitive Class M planet from the indigenous people. The theft was considered a breaking of the Prime Directive. She was able to avoid incarceration by claiming that she was not aware that the planet was inhabited until she had been pursued by the native population. She returned the artifact but has been stuck as Starbase 84 until paperwork regarding the impounding of her ship has gone through the proper channels to get authorization for the ship to be turned back over to her.

Since her temporary residence on Starbase 84 has begun Sera has heard bits and pieces of things going on about the galaxy, one of these things being news of the renegade vessel known as the USS Theurgy. Since her arrival she has also witnessed multiple Starfleet vessels coming in heavily damaged all with their own stories to tell about the ship. Although interesting Sera has for the most part kept herself uninvolved with the current state of Starfleet’s affairs.

Special Notes

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Like most Câroon, Sera shared the ability to control the four basic elements to a certain degree. These elements being Earth, Wind, Fire and Water. As Sera was raised in the Fire Region her ability to manipulate Earth, Wind and Water lacked greatly in comparison to her ability to manipulate fire.

Each Câroon embodied seven zi'naaqs, each one with different names representing the four elements and the more abstract sound, light, and thought. Sera’s zi’naaq was comparable to a passing storm being loud, and intense one moment but calm and relaxed the next. Sera’s ability to manipulate fire was far weaker than what it had once been back on her homeworld. As of March in 2381, Sera’s ability to control her element was reduced to changing the shape of the small flame provided by her lighter.

Sera had one item that she treasured and kept on her person at all times. The item being a shemagh her mother made for her. The item was the only remaining remnant of her past life on Câroon. Sera had it folded up and kept inside one of her pockets, often taking it out when thoughts of home surfaced in her mind. There had been times when she had thought about destroying or simply selling the piece of linen, but each time she had tried, she was unable to let go of the last part of Câroon she has left.

Other Information

Sera owned a ship that she named “the Sabine” the name had no real meaning in her language, having mainly chosen it due to the like of how it sounded. The Sabine was an old prototype for a new class of smaller starships initially designed by Starfleet. Though the design was eventually passed over in favor of other designs and the prototype was stripped down and dumped in a Starfleet boneyard where it was eventually found and sold to Sera. It was not until it was briefly impounded by Starfleet at Starbase 84 and refitted by Melissa Wright that it got its current armament and high end features.

Another thing that Sera invested in was her Câroon exosuit, specifically a red Fire Regioneer suit that she wore when scavenging dig-sites around the Galaxy. She had it linked to the Sabine in the way that she could beam down on a planet, leave the ship on autopilot, and then press a button on her suit to beam back aboard when she was finished.

Sera had two weapons aside from her baton. These two weapons being a Romulan Disruptor pistol that she managed to get through some of her less legal contacts, and a plasma rifle that she bartered from a member of a Terran freighter crew. Both of these were, however, lost when she had to flee Starbase 84 in March of 2381.

Personality Profile

Sera was a friendly individual to those who met her. She often had a smile on her face and was quite social, often enjoying meeting new people. Particularly people of races she’d never met before. Sera was also very inquisitive and wasn’t afraid to satiate her curiosity with numerous questions when she felt someone might have answers to them. Sera was also a bit childish at times, often finding enjoyment from playing small pranks on people just to amuse herself.

Being from the Fire Region, Sera was also known to have a bit of a temper that she inherited from her parents. Although since having left Câroon, Sera has learned to exert better control over her temper. Sera was also a bit impatient, often fidgeting whenever she felt something is taking longer than she’d like it to. One could tell when Sera was in a negative mood by her mannerisms. When angry, Sera had a tendency to storm off to be alone, often being found leaning against some surface with her arms crossed, mumbling profanities under her breath.

Sera, although she tried her best to keep it hidden often, felt a sense of longing, one that never seemed to disappear. This longing was to return to her homeworld Câroon, one that no matter how much she tried to, she could never rid herself of. This longing had led to Sera growing to hate her former home, as she feels that because of it, she could never be truly happy. But at the same time, the wish to return to her home, to feel Câroon’s soil beneath her feet again, it showed that she still to some degree misseed and loves her home as much as she might deny it.

Part of Sera’s wish to return to Câroon also involved the wish to see her parents, having not seen them in many years since she’d left her home. She often found herself worrying about them and wishing to see them. Though she refused to do so as she believed that if she even set a foot back on Câroon, she’d never be able to leave. Sera, when she had time, sent holo-messages back to Câroon, hoping that somehow her parents would get them. Thus far, though, most of her messages had gone unanswered, which only added to the pain of being away from home.

Sera’s wishes to return to Câroon could lead to intense changes in her emotional behavior. Thoughts of Câroon could spark sudden random bouts of anger or depression from Sera which could throw her zi’naaq off balance. Sera had learned to control these outbursts of emotion to an extent, shortening the lengths of these emotional rises to a span of an hour in order to prevent negative effects to her health due to them.

Since leaving Câroon, Sera had had a very involved interest in exploration. She loved to see new places, learning about the people who lived there, the history and culture. This was mainly due to the isolation of living on Câroon for so many years during her youth. Sera also loved traveling to new places for one other reason. That reason being that the excitement and happiness she felt upon finding a new place seemed to make the ever existing pain of leaving Câroon disappear just for a little bit.

Sera was trained in the art of Suyo stick fighting, Soyu being a weapon-based martial art taught by many throughout the Fire Region. Suyo was taught to Sera by her father when she was very young and though she did not practice it as much as she used to, the teachings and concepts were never lost to her. Tradionally, Suyo was fought using a 26 inch wooden fighting stick. The style focused on quick vicious attacks on vital points important to mobility. Also the practitioner's own personal speed and mobility were of equal important. The main concept was to quickly strike out at an opponent and quickly withdraw or dodge any counterattacks. The style also utilized submission holds and takedowns using the weapon as well. Sera did not own a traditional Suyo fighting stick but instead used a 26” expandable baton made from steel heat treated alloys.

Sera had taken up meditation in order to reign in the temper that she was born with. Through meditation Sera sought to gain better control over her emotions and her temper in order to prevent any outbursts of violence that would occur as a result. Sera also utilized meditation as a way of relaxing and relieving stress as well as an effective way of passing time.

Sera was an avid reader enjoying a diverse selection of genres such as romance and action novels. Sera found Earth literature to be the most enjoyable, as she saw their literature as a bit more creative and diverse than literature back on Câroon. She credited this to the lack of emotional restraint that humans seemed to be able to invest into their writing in comparison to Câroon authors who often could not truly understand the intense emotions felt by their characters without risk to their own well being.

Sera was a skilled and talented cook, being able to cook a variety of different foods from different cultures. Sera enjoyed cooking as it gave her mind something to focus on and because she generally just liked food. She enjoyed tasting food from different cultures and races and learning how to make it. She would eat food from a replicator, but in her own personal opinion, nothing was better than a meal that you made yourself.

Physical Profile

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Sera’s body was mainly comprised of lean muscle concealed within a slender female form. She had long brown hair that she either let hang freely around her shoulders or she could tie it back into a ponytail in order to keep it out of her eyes. Her eyes were a vibrant yellow color that seemed to embody the temperament inherited from her Fire Region blood. Sera, like most Câroon who reach maturity, received her gadd which took the appearance of flames tattooed on the back of her hands and most of her forearms.

In casual settings, Sera often didn't really have much preference between Terran clothing and Câroon clothing. She seemed to have a preference for any kind of clothing that was loose and had less coverage over the body, often preferring clothing that is sleeveless and breathed well.