Jaya Thorne

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Personnel FileR-o1.png
Name:Jaya Thorne
Position:Asst. Chief CONN Officer
Species:Human (Denevan Colonist)
Age:Mid 31
Orientation:  Bicurious
Height:5ft 2in / 1.57m
Weight:138lbs / 63kg
Eye color:Brown
Played by:Jenna Coleman
Writer:Nesota Kynnovan
Toy ships (owns a collection of 50 and counting)
Kickboxing (looking to expand into other martial arts)
Dom-Jot and other billiards style games
Card Games (terrible poker face)
August 2357 - Primary School
May 2368 - Receive GED
October 2375 - Enlist for Starfleet training
Service Record
May 2376 - Finished basic training, promoted to Crewman
June 2376 - Accepted posting on Starbase 10 (pilot), promoted to Petty Officer 3rd Class
July 2377 - Promoted to Petty Officer 2nd Class
December 2378 - Accepted posting on Black Opal (pilot)
October 2380 - Promoted to Petty Officer 1st Class
March 2381 - Shanghaied to the USS Theurgy, later promoted to Ensign and Asst. Chief CONN Officer.
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Jaya Thorne was a CONN Officer on the USS Theurgy, previously commissioned to the Black Opal. As of the battle at Starbase 84, she was the designated pilot for the USS Allegiant, the Theurgy's auxiliary scoutship and Captain's yacht, but as of the first encounter with the Savi, she had been promoted to Ensign and Asst. Chief CONN Officer on the Theurgy. Jaya aided in the opposition against the parasites that compromised Starfleet Command in the end of the 24th century.

Background Story

Jaya Thorn was born in 2350 on Deneva. Her mother worked as a geologist and helped locate Denevan Crystal outcroppings & underground growth locations for extraction. Her father worked for Earth Cargo Services doing freighter-line runs. Despite her parents productive tryst and obvious affection for one another, Jaya grew up with very little of influence from father. His runs kept him away for long periods of time, and she guessed that was why her parents never got married. But each time he would come home, he'd bring her a present: a toy ship. She would listen for hours as he told her stories of flying through the sky to deliver his "number one important cargo", or how it feels to break through the atmosphere of a planet, or of dangerous space battles with evil pirates from which he would barely escape. The days when he would be home were among her favorite days of the year and she cherished his stories (and toys) above everything else.

But growing up in basically a single-parent home wasn't easy. Since her mother worked long hours to support their daily life, Jaya spent most of her childhood being watched by her mother's family. While they were always kind to her, she heard their hateful whispers about her father (because they were never quite spoken behind closed doors and children are precocious). It devastated the little girl to know that the man she idolized as her hero could be such an villain in the eyes of her grandma, grandpa, aunts & uncles. So when her father was home for a week (around Jaya's 8th birthday), she decided to sneak aboard his ship and go with him when he left. It took 2 hours for her mother to get a hold of him, and another 20 minutes for him to find Jaya hiding on his ship. The argument that erupted between her mother and father, upon Jaya's safe return home, was the first time she'd ever seen them fight.. and it was bad.

After that, Jaya's father didn't come home anymore. She would write to him, but he never responded back. If it weren't for the toy ships that appeared randomly in her rom , she would have thought he'd either run off or died. But with her father now out of the picture, Jaya's mother slowly began falling apart. Within a year, the woman had lost her job and her home, and so Jaya and her mother moved in with Grandma & Grandpa. Not long after, however, Jaya's mother fell ill and quickly passed. The grief of losing a daughter combined with the resentment they felt towards Jaya's father suddenly made grandma & grandpa's home a dangerous place for the little girl. But with few options on the table, Jaya had to improvise as best as she could.

Jaya's temperamental mood and rough attitude reflected the turbulence she was dealing with at home, but it also chased away most of her school friends. In their place, she started to attract a new crowd of kids. Her new friends helped her cope with the chaos she was dealing with at home and gave her something to look forward to at the end of the day. She was 10 the first time she picked a mark, and she quickly became addicted to the thrill of stealing. From there, the door opened for Jaya into a new world: the world of crime. She learned very quickly that being cute would open up more wallets than being sneaky would. She also learned how to read people and react quickly when things went south. And when all else fails, stealth plus a good distraction always works.

Now, armed with a means of getting money and several loyal friends who helped with her schemes, Jaya felt that her life was finally on the upswing. But after just 2 years of running her gang of friends, she was caught and arrested. Jaya spent the night in a holding cell, waiting for someone to come and get her, but her family was done with her antics. Her grandparents requested that Jaya be sent to a reform school, or some place like it, where "bad kids" like herself could be "fixed". The paperwork was completed that afternoon and the following day, Jaya arrived at her new boarding school. There was no freedom there, and to make matters worse, Jaya wasn't the top dog anymore. Now she was the new kid. But her time there was short. After only 2 months, she got into a fight with another student and she attacked him, and almost killed him. Jaya was officially arrested and sent off to a juvenile detention facility to await trial.

Despite being once again at the bottom of the pecking order, Jaya wasn't the only newbie, but she was the most popular one. Her con schemes had become popular gossip and everyone wanted to meet the girl behind them. But with fame also came jealously. It only took one trip to the hospital for Jaya to realize that she either had to come out on top, or become a nobody. This time, Jaya chose to be remembered. It took many more fights and trips to the hospital, but she earned her respect. She also earned her GED. When the time came for her release, just after her 18th birthday, she had changed.

Jaya's first priority now was to find her father. He was the only family she had left that might actually care about her and she was tired of being alone. But where to start? She put out feelers using her new connections, and received word back about a place he'd been known to frequent when he was in town. Jaya waited 3 months for his return, but their reunion was bittersweet. She wasn't the same starry-eyed little girl anymore and he no longer had space stories to tell her. The loss of his daughter and beloved a decade prior had changed him. Even so, he would always be her hero, so when he encouraged her to apply to Starfleet and leave Deneva, she didn't know what to think. She made him promise to keep in touch before they went their separate ways, and he promised to get her a job with the freighter-line.

Her father was good to his word, and a week later she was learning the basics of piloting. Within a year, Jaya had become one of the best pilots for Earth Cargo Services. She went on to build quite a reputation for herself over the next 7 years, but she had never quite let go of her checkered past. During one of her longer supply runs, Jaya's ship was attacked by The Orion Syndicate and all their supplies were stolen. The ship was left mostly stranded and the task of limping her along to the nearest friendly star base fell to Jaya. Of course, when they arrived on Starbase 10 requesting repairs and assistance, and spouting a story of an another attack, they caught the ear of Starfleet. One by one, the crew was asked about the attack and everything they remembered. Someone on the starbase must also have done some digging, because after questioning everyone once, Jaya found herself in a second face-to-face with security. They had pulled her ship's logs and made an interesting find: Jaya's ship was attacked by the Syndicate three times more than any other ship with similar routes, and Jaya's ship was generally attacked near the same sections of space. Jaya denied all accusations until she was shown a recording of one of her newer crew members explaining the details behind the "arrangement".

Tired, angry and feeling betrayed, Jaya finally admitted to working with the Syndicate to smuggle supplies elsewhere. But Starfleet seemed more interested in what information she had about the Orion Syndicate than her role in the theft. In return for providing all the information she had about her contacts, the items requested, the drop points and their ships, Jaya was given 3 months probation and a hefty fine instead of jail time. It was a setback, since it cost her the job with Earth Cargo Services, but at least she hadn't been arrested. She spent her 3 months aboard Starbase 10, and when it was up, Starfleet approached her again. Despite her spotty past, she was an acclaimed pilot and she had a knack for learning pertinent information. Since her passion was flying and ECS wouldn't re-hire her, the Starfleet officer recommended she enlist. He didn't sugar-coat the hard path he expected her journey to take, but if she passed her tests and followed the rules, Starfleet would help her stay on the straight and narrow and one day get her flying again.

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It was the second time that someone had suggested Starfleet to her, and she was beginning to think that maybe it wasn't such a bad idea after all. With his help, she enlisted in Starfleet and began her basic training there on the star base. But the strict rules in Starfleet were stifling to Jaya, and it took her 6 months to be promoted to Crewman instead of the usual 4. Once she became a Crewman on Starbase 10, Jaya advanced up to Petty Officer 2nd Class in less than two years. Unfortunately, her penchant for trouble followed her to the starbase. Hoping that a change of scenery would help her, Jaya was sent to the Black Opal as a CONN Officer and designated shuttle pilot for the base's large docking bay. Finally, she had earned her wings. She didn't care that it was only minor workbee transport and docking. She was in that seat, piloting that ship. It was that measure of freedom she'd been longing for these past few years, and Jaya took every available opportunity to fly, even going so far as to take extra shifts just to zoom about in a shuttle or workbee for a few hours. Her fellow enlisted joked about her enthusiasm, but couldn't deny that she had mad skills. And while Jaya openly discussed her piloting experience & the more interesting or dangerous runs she had with ECS, she never really opened up to anyone about the darker moments of her past even though she knew it was a popular gossip subject. When the others started making up nicknames for her (that she hated), Jaya offered up an old favorite: Siren. The fact that it used to be her thief name on Deneva was something she kept to herself. Despite that, her new (old) nickname eventually stuck. But even with all the flying she could take on, Jaya realized quickly that her stationing to the Black Opal wasn't the golden posting that her previous CO had made it out to be. She had been told that at the Black Opal base, her days would be exiting. That no single day would be like the prior one. She was told that the safety of the United Federation of Planets would her entirely in her hands, and that Starfleet only wanted the best to be sent to the that base. And she believed them...

If she had known that her days would primarily be spent cleaning, organizing, filing and maintaining the Fleet's "problem" star base (with only brief stints of flying a shuttle or workbee, she might have been less eager to go. At least now she had a good idea of why she was there, since it seemed that every single person on the base had some kind of service record issue or attitude problem. Which meant that, in essence, the "revered" Black Opal was Starfleet's time-out corner for bad kids.

At first, Jaya tried being friendly with her crewmen, but since most of them blew her off, she did the same. After a while, she started noticing the singular Gorn on the Opal was always where she went throughout the entire station. Jaya asked around and did some digging, only to discover her worst fear: The Syndicate knew she was the snitch and they had sent someone to 'keep tabs' on her. It wasn't easy at first, but over time Jaya began to expect the Gorn's presence everywhere she went. He followed her like BO on a man who hasn't showered in a month. Her paranoia only worsened when a round of promotions was given out and she found herself ousted from her room. The only choice left was to share the living space with the Gorn. Jaya was none too thrilled with living under the watchful eye of 'big brother', but she made the best of it by continually lowering the temperature and altering the humidity to make the room less tropical. Because of his ridiculous climate needs, Jaya only stayed in her room to sleep (when she wasn't sleeping elsewhere).

After a while, a few of the others on the Opal warmed to Jaya. She was looking forward to her next promotion and had even been on her best behavior, more or less. When she wasn't busy with voluntary workbee shifts and her usual boring duties, Jaya spent her time practicing with the various weapons at their disposal. She familiarized herself with everything she was allowed to use. When the Theurgy arrived and the Romulans boarded the Black Opal, Jaya had been in engineering tinkering with some weapon modifications. She had watched as that Gorn monstrosity ripped a Romulan literally in half, and had shot one of the other ship's crewmen. Jaya defended her base until the last moment, when she found herself beamed up to another ship. There she waited on Commander Dewitt to debrief them on the situation at hand.

After she defected to the USS Theurgy, as of the battle at Starbase 84, she was the designated pilot for the USS Allegiant, the Theurgy's auxiliary scoutship and Captain's yacht, but as of the first encounter with the Savi, she had been promoted to Ensign and Asst. Chief CONN Officer on the USS Theurgy.

Personality Profile


Jaya had trust and abandonment issues stemming from early in her life. She tended to keep people at a distance so she wouldn't risk getting hurt. She also put herself in risky situations just for "the thrill of it". She had never properly dealt with her grief over losing her mother or the pain that her mother's family caused her by abandoning her. While she saw her father as the only family she had left, she was still wary around him. He had changed so much from when she was little, and she still harbored a lot of resentment because he wasn't there for her when she needed him the most. She still admired her father, though, and would do almost anything to make him proud.

Jaya believed that respect was earned, and she was loyal to those who earned hers. She hated snitches, and was still angry at herself for selling out on her Orion Syndicate contacts. She knew that would come back to haunt her in the future. She believed in karma and cosmic justice, despite the religion that her mother's family tried to instil in her. While she did believe in love, she saw no purpose to the institution of marriage. She did, however, recognize that everyone had need for sexual pleasure and she was more than willing to indulge herself if the occasion arose. Jaya preferred men over women for sex, and she's never slept with a non-humanoid (to her knowledge). That being said, she's been noticing her attention wandering to women of late, and she has no qualms about exploring that avenue of pleasure. After all, life is short--especially in Starfleet.

Jaya was a fan of sassy remarks, comebacks and bad puns. She could also be prone to hot-headed behavior and rash decisions when her emotions were running high though. In fact, Jaya hoped to address those perceived personal issues with the available counseling department aboard the Theurgy. Of late, she's been pushing herself to get out of her comfort zone. Staying in one's room started to feel too much like the punishment her family had attempted to use to correct her. You're in an amazing starship fighting the good fight against all comers--why hide in your room like a bitch? She might have been abandoned by her biological family, so she reasoned she should make her own family aboard the only home she recognized-- the Theurgy. You can't change the past, she reasoned, but don't let that past ruin your future.

Physical Profile

Jaya seemed to wear a smirk 24/7. She was also fond of frowns, pouts, grimaces and looks of boredom or disgust. When she did truly smile, however, it could light up a room. Jaya had a terrible poker face, but she knew how to use her expressive face to her advantage in competitions and real life. Standing at 5’2”, she was much smaller than average Starfleet personnel and, due to a combination of her height (or lack thereof) and a haphazard workout routine which consisted mainly of cardio, she managed to maintain a slender physique which only accentuated her modest natural curves. Her shoulder-length hair was a shade of dark auburn and, while on duty, Jaya usually wore it up in a ponytail or a bun. Regardless of how she wore it however, be it loose while off-duty or more professional while on-duty, it always accentuated her eyes, which were a slightly lighter shade of the same colour of brown.

While she was always seen wearing her uniform, Jaya always felt most like herself while she was lounging about her quarters, alone, wearing comfortable clothes; in that particular setting, she most often wore sweatpants or simply pyjama pants combined with either a t-shirt or a tank top underneath a comfortable hoodie.


Interregnum 01-02 S2

Episode 2: Cosmic Imperative